October 19th, 2010


Of Missing Hyukjae and Stupid Misunderstanding | PG-13

Title: [Part 4] Of Missing Hyukjae and Stupid Misunderstanding
Author: 6purplegiraffes
Pairing / Character(s): Haehyuk, Ninja!Kyumin, Ninja!Kangin, Ninja!Ryeowook
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own both Donghae and Eunhyuk in my sleep
Summary: A story of a stalker who barges his way into Hyukjae's life
A/N: A short update! Please pardon my grammar, sentence structure and poor vocabs. English is not my native language.

It has been a little over a year..

Feel free to drop comments and constructive criticisms ^^
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Phoenix (Prologue)

Title: Phoenix, Prologue (Gravity verse, KiHae arc)
Genre: Growing Wings AU, fantasy.
Pairing: Kihae as the main, qmi, yewook, simin, kangteuk, hanchul
Rating: NC-17 for this part, this is probably going to be a trend
Summary: Donghae is determined to destroy Kibum, but he doesn't seem to understand that you can't play with fire like this and not risk being devastated in return. And by the time he realizes this, it's too late.

And so it begins *cue dramatic music* The kihae arc we have all been waiting for~ honestly I haven't been writing much so I have decided the only thing to get me writing is SERIOUS PRESSURE :| I think I will post this every other week, with the SHINee arc getting posted in the weeks inbetween, if that makes sense.

Also just as a warning this whole arc ended up a lot darker than I thought. A lot darker.

(Some may say what Kibum has was the worst, some may see it as bad, but whatever it is, it's mine now, and I'm not giving it up)

Add a Colorful Feather(Hanchul) 4/5

Title: Add a Colorful Feather(Hanchul) 4/5
Pairing: Hanchul, Yewook, Eunhae
Genre: Romance, AU!College
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Eunhyuk, Yesung and Hankyung are talented, smart, worthy of the scholarships they receive to SMU, Korea's number one performing arts school. Once, inside they quickly become accepted and given the title of Golden Boys. But, the Golden Boys have competition-Led by Lee Donghae, F3 (yes F3) the school's richest (and snobbiest) trio, tries to show the Golden Boys who really runs the school. Little did F3 know that they would be the ones falling to their knees before the Golden Boys.
Notes: I added the links to the Yewook and the Eunhae story that came before Hanchul.

Click for Hanchul 4/5

Click for Hanchul 3/5 Click for Hanchul 2/5 Click here for Hanchul 1/5

Add a Colorful Feather (Yewook)
Yewook Chapter 5 Yewook Chapter 4 Yewook Chapter 3 Yewook Chapter 2 Yewook Chapter 1

Add a Colorful Feather (Eunhae)
Eunhae chapter 1 Eunhae Chapter 2 Eunhae Chapter 3 Eunhae Chapter 4 Eunhae chapter 5

Not So Classic Leader? That's Our Kyuhyun

 Title: Not So Classic Leader? That's Our Kyuhyun
Character: Super Junior and SHINee. Kyuhyun-centric
Pairing: None actually. Well if you insist, there are 2Hyun (Kyuhyun/Jonghyun), HeeTeuk, HanWook, HeeWook (not what you think it is), KangTeuk, Jongyu (Jonghyun/Onew) and all of them are ninja! muahaha
Rating: PG-13
Words: +/- 3420 words
Genre: Crack, totally crack, like a 3420 words full of crack.
Disclaimer: Not me, lucky SME.
Summary: SM's boybands' Leaders have their own Leader's Manual. Kyuhyun found the manual. And sorry, he didn't like it at all.
Warning: Character abuse, language, also warning for my bad grammar
Note: Based on me and my friend's weird talk about how it'd be if Kyuhyun was a leader. ANYWAY IF YOU'RE A SHAWOL, OR A TWO-TIMER ELF & SHAWOL, DON'T FORGET TO READ THE NOTE AT THE BOTTOM, OKAY? OKAAAY? ^0^

"Who's the fool telling a maknae about the sacred Leader's Manual??"

Either Side Of Midnight (Chapter 6) & Day Late Friend (Prologue)

Title: Either Side Of Midnight (Chapter Six)
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyuhyun's life has been perfect . What could go wrong? He has a perfect voice, perfect face, perfect band. Until Sungmin comes into his life.

Chapter One Chapter TwoChapter ThreeChapter Four Chapter FIve
Now that we are roommates Sungmin, I'd appreciate it if you keep your gay shits out of my room!


Title: Day Late Friend (Prologue)
Pairing: EunHae
Rating: PG
Summary: Donghae was heartless.Even that Eunhyuk knew. But when his best friend asks him for a huge favour, what else could Eunhyuk do, especially when his personal life gets entangled with it.
A/N : HEH how could i ever resist writing an eunhae (:

"I'm sorry. My boyfriend and I had some business to take care of," and encircled his arm around my thin waist.


Title: Play
Rating: G
Pairing: Kids!KyuMin, Kids!MiMin
Genre: Fluff, AU
Disclaimer: I own all of them in my imagination ^o^
Summary: Sungmin is Kyuhyun’s best friend...everything is fine until a Chinese little boy takes Sungmin’s attention away. Sungmin is 7 years old, Kyuhyun is 5 years old, Zhou Mi is 2,5 years old.
Warning: My bad English
Dedication: Belated (very very very late) birthday fic for ryan87ogawa :)

Let's play
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All Hallow's Eve

Title: All Hallow's Eve
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Author: arcee_b33
Genre: NC-17
Warning: Smut, toys, role playing
Summary: “My my my ... what a big cock you have here sailor”, HyukJae teased
Notes: Finally I write a HaeHyuk fic!! I know it’s really strange but I found it really hard to write something about DongHae because he’s not really my favorite member in Super Junior, so as much as I like reading stories about him dominating Hyuk, I couldn’t write a proper HaeHyuk. But now I have finally make one, YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Happy Haloween People!! (I hope this one is not too smutty!)

PS: don’t worry I still write KiHyuk in the future this is just a bit of change ...

Puppy love, Fishy love

Title: Puppy love, Fishy love

Author: Hakyurie ( hannahhuong)

Pairing: EunHae, hint!HanChul, SiBum, KangTeuk and KyuMin.

Genre: fluff, crack, angst.

Rating: PG-13, NC-17 for later

Warning: Unbeta-ed!

Forgive me with grammar mistakes and lack of vocabulary, English is not my first language >.<

Disclaimer: If only fish cans climb tree like monkey, then all of them are mine TT^TT

Summary: Does he get attract to the guy just because of the puppies? Or because of his uneasy heart?

A love story that begins with an abandoned puppy.

Part 2: Pinky promise

Killer, Liar, Lover Chapter II

Title: Killer, Liar, Lover.
Genre: Angst, dark, romance, AU.
Rating: PG-13
WARNING: Language, gore, bloody scenes, mentions of rape.
Pairing: Hanchul and more pairings in the future.
Summary: Will he do anything and everything for his freedom? He doubts when he met him...
A/Nshin_ah_mi && followurdestiny : New chapter :D

"I'll give you your morphine, is it okay?" Heechul heard a soft and gentle voice emitted by the male.

The Diary of a Lost Fan Boy- Chapter 7

Title: The Diary of a Lost Fanboy- Chapter 7
Author: myllwookie
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: G
Summary (whole story): Hi everyone! My name is Kim Ryeowook and I’ am a lost fan boy.My life has been a roller coaster ride since he came into my life. So are you ready? Welcome to my world.

Summary (this chapter): Ryeowook was excited to go home and was waiting for a phone call! He even got himself hurt multiple times just waiting for the call or the message! When Ryeowook was about to go to sleep, he heard the revelation of Cho Kyuhyun which will change his life forever! The last part of this fic is the highlight!

Link: Chapter 7

For the other chapters, the links are in the sidebar of my journal!

Please leave comments!
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SilverMan and Minnie

Title: SilverMan and Minnie
Kyuhyun/Sungmin (KyuMin, top!Kyu, bottom!Min) and Hyukjae/Donghae (HyukHae, top!Hyuk, Bottom!Hae)
One Shot
Author: aidenfishy
Veryyyy rated NC-17
Romance, Fluffy,
Summary: Sungmin had a chat with a guy on the internet named SilverMan. Something changed when Kyuhyun know about it. In the other part, SilverMan got a surprise from drunken, brown hair, cute chocolate eyes man.
Warning: Language, Sexual contents.
Just own the fic *sobs*

SilverMan and Minnie

Moon Struck

Title: Moon Struck
Rating: PG-13 (as of right now)
Pairing: SiHae
Side Pairings: KangTeuk, HanChul, Ninja!HenWook. Slight HanHae
Summary: When Siwon left the church that night he never expected to be attacked and wake up three days later in a stranger's house. He never expected to be informed that he was now a werewolf. But it happened, and now his life is upside down. The moon is calling....
Notes: AU, contains werewolves, vampires, magic, the whole deal. Also my first fic ever XD. also, I'm playing a bit fast and loose with the ages of the boys. its a bit difficult not to when your dealing with werewolves that can live for almost forever.

Prologue,Chapter 1,Chapter 2,
Chapter 3,Chapter 4

New Chapter
Chapter 5
Petting Hyukkie
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I Hate To Be You (When You Don’t Love Me Anymore)

Title: I Hate To Be You
Pairings: EunHae
Others: SJ members and Park Eun Hye, maybe other characters to come. (dunno)
Chapters: 2/?
Genre: Angst, Romance, AU
Rating: PG
Warnings: Grammar mistakes, wrong usage of words. And this might suck.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of them except Monkey-Anchovy and Fishy. ♥
Summary: Eunhyuk loves Donghae and only him. He was super happy when Donghae seems to feel the same way too. But everything seems to fall apart when Donghae suddenly left him behind. His life becomes a mess and the wound Donghae gave him is still not healing because it's been waiting for one and only one person who will heal the wound and kissed the pain away. Will he come back and alter the past? Or, stay a coward and leave his love all behind?

Author’s Note: This is for vmaknae10  ’s request. I hope you like it! ii'm not sure about this chap..
vmaknae10  , i think this fic is going to be a long one.. is that okay with you?

i will appreciate your comments and suggestion so please do so.. ^^ ♥


When Dreaming Gets Drastic

Play Me Backwards (4/?)

Title: Play Me Backwards (Chapter 4/?)
Author: Lainny, Sjhime, Sungminnie69
Pairing: Kyumin, HaeHyuk, other sj couples
Rating: PG-13 for now [NC-17] later
Genre: Angst, Romance
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior (but I wish i did), I do own the story
Summery: Kyuhyun and Sungmin are best friends. But what happens  when they each start seeing other people and their feelings for each other grow deeper? We can't judge things by the way they are seen. We need to learn to look beneathe the surace and see what some of us try to hide. Friendship always gives way to love.