October 18th, 2010

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2 short oneshots >.>

 It usually came as no surprise to Leeteuk whenever he'd stumble across Ryeowook crying. It was commonly for something stupid, anyway.
Genre: romance/slash, humor, crack, fluff
Rating: G
Pair/Char: Wookteuk
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Till Death Do Us Part
Summary: Kyuhyun visits the graveyard.
romance/slash, death, necrophilia o.e
Rating: PG-13 for necrophilia... >.>
Char/Pair: Kyuhyun/Yesung
The night is dark, warm in September. ) 

Deathly Afraid of Butterflies

Prompt : Kangin - Zhoumi - Deathly Afraid of Butterflies.
Pairing: friendship Kangin-Zhoumi, hint of KangTeuk
Rating:PG-15, for themes that involve death.
Genre: Hurt, family/friendship,comedy.

Summary: Kangin is afraid of butterflies, has been ever since he was little. Zhoumi finds him one
day and finds out exactly why the bravest member was afraid of a small insect.

Petting Hyukkie
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Nae~Tweet~Sarang (My Tweet Love) Tweet 3

Title: Nae~Tweet~Sarang (My Tweet Love)
Pairings: HaeHyuk
Others: KyuMin and U-Kiss
Chapters: 3/?
Genre: Romance, Fluff, AU
Rating: G
Warnings: lack of vocabulary, wrong usage of words and grammar mistakes. and this might suck.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of them except Monkey-Anchovy and Fishy. ♥
Summary: What happen if the one you're following replies your tweet back?


Tweet 3

When Its Tomorrow (Blue Tomorrow)

title: when its tomorrow
pairing: hanchul/sichul,kyumin, kangteuk, eunhae, yewook
rating: im guessing PG? but contained implied sex.. im soo not good in determining rating..
notes: this fic is not new, rather my first that i ever wrote and posted.. yeah, im reminiscing
warning: definitely not fluff, emo-ish
disclaimer yes!! yes!! i OWN them!! muahaha... (no, i dont..)

heechul was up at 3am in the morning

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Fic: Underneath it all

Fic: Underneath it all
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yeung-centric, squint to spot ninja!KangSung Kangteuk
Genre: Angst
A/N: A series of drabbles (sorta like a list) about Yesung. I know I should be updating the next part of 'You, Me & Herbie' , but I promise that I will post that one next so please don't kill me?
Summary: There are just things about Yesung that people don't get... And the things they do.

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the Snarky and the Best

Tittle : the Snarky and the Best
Pairing : Main: Kyumi
Side pairing: Hanchul, Simin, friendship! Eunhae
Rating : PG
Genre : Drama, romance, slightly angst but with happy ending
Summary : Kyuhyun is an impolite and ungrateful brat, but the kind hearted Zhou Mi dates him and is so willingly does anything for Kyuhyun. Zhou Mi’s friends are all against this relationship and they do anything to separate them. When the most unexpected thing happens and Zhou Mi explains everything, they just realized about their mistakes that they had already done.

a/n : This is my first KyuMi, please be kind and do comment ^^. Oyeah, the order of age here is different with the reality.

Heechul and his friends only watched when Zhou Mi, Sungmin, and Siwon were desperately trying to break Kyuhyun’s door. Before Hangeng could ask anything, the door suddenly cracked. Without wasting any time anymore, Zhou Mi rushed inside. That was when they all heard Zhou Mi’s high pitched shriek.

Secret Love 2/2

title: Secret Love 2/2
pairing: EunHae,slight Kyumin;fictional characters Park In-Young & Kim Ji-Jul
genre:Fluff??, Romance
rating: PG-13
summary:What if you love your bestfriend and he loves you back, the two of you didn't know. (Sorry for the lame summary)
disclamer: I own the plot but not the boys ^^

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Hyukkie! You're Mine!♥

Title: Hyukkie! You're Mine!
Author: chu_loves_hyuk
Pairing: EunHae!kids ; implied Little Siwon
Genre: Romance; Fluff
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Little Donghae and Little Siwon both like Little Eunhyuk so they decided to play Hide and Seek.
A/N:This is for hellokeroro because she requested for this^^ Hope ye lurved this bb~ ;33

This is the next sequel for Hyukkie! Spell LOVE! ♥ and Hyukkie! I Know How!♥

"Hyukkie! You're Mine!"

Multiple Updates

Late Night Song
Genre: Romance, School AU, SMUT
Pairing: Hangeng/Victoria
Length: Two to Three Parts
Rating: PG to R; PG For This Part
Summary: Hangeng finds Victoria in the 224 Practice Room.
Part 1

May I Be Excused?
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Pairing: Kibum/Donghae Kihae/Haebum Either Way
Length: Oneshot
Raiting: G
Summary: Kibum wants to say sorry. Donghae only wanted to go to the bathroom.
All but one student named Kim Kibum.

(no subject)

Title: ??? (idk)
Pairings: Donghae-centric,then Eunhae (girl!Donghae, guy!Eunhyuk), more to come :)
Characters: Super Junior, Big Bang, 2PM, 2NE1, SNSD, SHINee, some random fictional Americans here and there.
Summary: Donghae has to move to Korea because her mom got a really great high position job at a company in Seoul. She's the everyday chill, popular, and famous girl in Southern California. But she has to leave it all behind and find a new life in Korea. And along the way to making herself big there, she might meet someone.....
Rating(s): PG-13 now...higher ratings later
Genre: Crack, romance, angst, smut (maybe???? idk).
*I'll be working with ryeowook4ever sometimes :)

Umma, we are moving to Korea?!
Yesung - Sorry Sorry

Of Pastels and Possessiveness

Author: heartl0ck   
Title: Of Pastels and Possessiveness
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff  
Pairings: Kisung, Yewon
Disclaimer: Yesung is mine, and hiding in my closet now, well if you believe.
Notes: CHIBI – Kibum, Siwon and Jongwoon. Summary is kinda bad, so as the title. =S
Summary: Siwon always pick on the little kid who draws very well. Most of all, he doesn’t want to share someone with anybody else.


He wouldn't be snatching his crayons again, would he? )

You Were Meant To Be Mine 6

Title: You Were Meant To Be Mine chapter 6
Pairing: Kyu/girl!Min
Rating: nc-17
Genre: Romance Angst
Warning: Gender switch, smut, mpreg
Summary: Kyuhyun were to marry Sungmin. The latter’s father already made their engagement official, and Kyuhyun is just too glad at how things suddenly turned according to his liking. But will he be still happy when Sungmin does everything to keep the wedding from happening? How far will Kyuhyun go to make Sungmin fall for him?
Disclaimer: I don’t own them (sadly). But the story is mine.

CHAPTER 1 http://megmil12.livejournal.com/1726.html
CHAPTER 2 http://megmil12.livejournal.com/1852.html
CHAPTER 3 http://megmil12.livejournal.com/2074.html
CHAPTER 4 http://megmil12.livejournal.com/2401.html
CHAPTER 5 http://megmil12.livejournal.com/2693.html
CHAPTER 6 http://megmil12.livejournal.com/2816.html

How To Take The Pain Away... [Part 17]

Title : How To Take The Pain Away...

Author : [info]whipcream_soda a.k.a. ME!

Pairing : Broken!KiSung [Kibum/Yesung] , YeWon [Siwon/Yesung]

Genre : Fluff??

Rating : PG-13

Summary : It's time for Kangin's Mission. What wouls Siwon have to deal with...

Other Parts : Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7 ,
Part 8, Part 9 , Part 10 , Part 11 , Part 12 , Part 13, Part 14, Part 15 , Part 16

E-P-I-T-A-P-H (Kyumin) - Chapter 33[update]

Title: Epitaph
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Yesung/Ryeowook
Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The boys are not mine, just the fic^^
Summary: Sungmin pretends from being Kyuhyun's fiancee, to his his sister, then back from being his fiancee...then his wife?

Chapter List

Sungmin turns around while biting his lip. This was one of the times he doesn’t know if he liked the rain or not. It was raining when his father died in an accident. It was raining when their mother also passed away. It was raining when he first met Kyuhyun. And it’s also raining when he left him. He kept the thoughts to himself as he slowly walked away, confident that Kyuhyun won’t be following him.

here @ geliestyle 

a/n: okay so, i ended up having to end it with the next chapter. i already finished it, i only have to post it. ^^

Expecting something really special + Breakfast and Musicals

  Title: Expecting something really special
Pairing: Eunhae, ninja
Genre: friendship, romance, angst
Rating: PG
Summary: birthdays are special and guess what DOnghae was expecting for his birthday^^
A/N : my anniversary fic^^ inspired by oneway Chance’s twitpic including Henry and Donghae^^ don’t ask why it is angst hahahaha


Title: breakfast and musicals…
Pairing: KyuHenYeWook (OT4) + Ddangkoma
Genre: fluff
Rating: G
Type: Drabble
Summary: Ryeowook’s special breakfast is only given to those who will be starring in a musical
A/N : just a random fluff that crossed my mind…


Title: [drabble] welcome to the world wide web
Pairing: Henwook, kyuwook, yewook
Subject: Romance, angst, fluff,
Rating: PG
Summary: you think they don’t care but truth is, they are watching your every move.. or tweet

a/n: Re-up due to server error, some parts were deleted.  i edited it. 

愛してる, I Love You♥ Chapter 7

Title: してる I Love You♥
Length: Chaptered
Previous Chapters: (prolouge) (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6)
Pairing: kyumin(main!), eunhae, kangteuk, hanchul, yewook, possibly others...
Genre: Romance, Angst, Humor, Fluff
Rated: PG-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Simmary: Kyuhyun sees a strange person walking in the rain.  His clothes are ripped, his hair is a mess, he has no umbrella or jacket, and looks totally lost.  Kyuhyun takes him in and promises to look after him.

"Happy Birthday!"
Infinite {sungyeol; get out}

(no subject)

Title: High Technology (17/20)
Fandom: Super Junior (AU, !cyberpunk)
Pairing: Siwon/Sungmin, Hankyung/Heechul, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Kangin/Eeteuk, Kibum/Donghae, Yehsung/Ryeowook, Henry/Amber, Jonghyun/Key
Word count: 4,782
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The micro-chips let the government keep tabs on your every move; the video cameras let the government know when they need to start paying attention. Get rid of the chip in the back of your brain and you can slip under the radar, and do whatever the hell you like. It's not like they're the bad guys, but it's not like they're the good guys, either.

chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | chapter 6 | chapter 7 | chapter 8 | chapter 9 | chapter 10 | chapter 11 | chapter 12 | chapter 13 | chapter 14 | chapter 15 | chapter 16 | chapter 17
better get to work

Animalistic kindergarten! (oneshot)

Title: Animalistic Kindergarten!
Pairing: Kind of bandfic in this (OT15), but it does have ninjapairs!
Genre: Crack, fluff. Yeah.
Rating: PG-13
Author: Melody (fluentinpoison)
A/N: Kind of a follow up to this so you should read that first. It's less insane that way :/

(He winced at the really creepy image the three of them made. The long-suffering husband, the bickering wife and the annoying mix between an infant and a teenager for a kid.)
Taec touch body
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046.Stuffed Animals,Kangin/Eunhyuk for the suju 100 fic challange

Title: The stuffed animals know.
Pairing: KangHyuk [KangIn/EunHyuk]
Author: ehxsm 
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
Genere: Smut
Warnings: incest, rape, abuse, some swearing, 10 years age difference
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Having had a sexual attraction to his younger brother for quite some time now, KangIn decides to take the matter into his own hands when his parents goes to a party for the night.

Comments are LOVED <3

The master list
Goofy face

[FIC] Kisses & Nuzzles

Title: Kisses & Nuzzles
Author: shye_rin  
Length: drabble
Rating: PG-13
Genre: fluff, romance
Warnings: smooching, implied sex
Pairing: Haehyuk
Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the fic.

Summary: Something that Donghae enjoys doing, apart from that one thing of course.

But there’s one thing I love doing more than this though.....writing_scarlet