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a sequel & a drabble

Title: Another Chance
Author: code_ai
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Rating: G
Genre: Romance
Summary: Leaving Kyuhyun has got Zhou Mi's heart shattered into little pieces.
Disclaimer: Do not own people.
A/N: No beta.. Sequel to Deciding to Move On. Not sure what to make of this.. m(_ _)m

“Am I dreaming? Am I really so far gone and I'm imagining that you’re here?” 


Title: Stick With U (237 words)
Author: code_ai
Pairing: Siwon/Yesung
Rating: G
Genre: Romance
Summary: ♫ Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick with you ♫
Disclaimer: Do not own people.
A/N: No beta..

♫ Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick with you ♫

Die With Me (6/?)

Title: Die With Me (6/?)
Pairing: various, in this chap: hanhae, kyuhan
Summary: It is a city of despair and hopelessness, where people struggle to live to the next day, only to question, why they are even trying so hard, when death is possibly a sanctuary…
At the heart of the underground, a small group of people have banded together, in order to survive and help others, waiting for an opportunity to fight to regain the world they loved and lost.
Genre: Horror, Action, Smut
Rating: R/NC-17

Previous Chapters:
Prologue , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

As Kyuhyun slumps over, Hankyung stares at the dart and quickly swivels around, blocking the unconscious boy from his attacker, his eyes widening in shock at who it is. “You!”


Love, Sin and Fate chapter 18

Title : Love, Sin and Fate

Chapter : 18/?

Pairing : Mainly Hanchul, Hankyung/OC, Kangteuk, Eunhae, Sibum, Yunjae, more will be up

Genre : Angst, romance, drama

Rating : PG-13

Summary : Is this love a sin? To love you, to always see you smile, to be your comfort, it's my happiness. I know, my love is wrong... but it's'a love that I can't avoid. To be able to love you, with all my heart, I would never regret it. Eventhough you have a lover... eventhough you are my brother...

Warning : Incest!

Poster by : [info]pinkdaisuki 
by Pinkdaisuki

Chapter 18
art; preraphaelites
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Fanfiction; Coffee Break; Final Chapter

Coffee Break
A feel good story of love and life surrounding the workers at a coffee shop.
Kangteuk, Hanchul, Kihae, various others | PG-13


Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven| Eight | Nine | Ten| Eleven | Twelve |Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen and Epilogue

a/n: Oh my god allow me to freak out because this is the final chapter and i actually finished it after all ;___;. A huge thank you to jennchii and thundersquall for listening to me complain for the past forever while i finished this. Thank you for your support everyone! It really helped lots.

If You Can't Stand The Heat - Recipe 14

Title: If You Can't Stand The Heat
Group: Super Junior
Pairing(s): it's complicated
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: profanity
Genre: AU, humor, romance
Summary: Kibum and Siwon are the hosts of a brand new cooking show. Kibum is the one with the real talent, but as their popularity skyrockets, it's Siwon who gets all of the attention. But Kibum's not the jealous type.... Right?

Previous Chapters: here


Recipe 14

Attack of the Flower Boys 2 [Chapter 6]

Title: Attack of the Flower Boys 2
Chapter: 6/15
Genre: movie!verse, romance, humour
Rating: PG
Pairings: Eunhae, Kangteuk, Sihan
Summary: A sequel to the movie, in which Eunhyuk is a fanboy, Panda gets a new name, Siwon’s real attacker is investigated, and the boys re-evaluate why it is they do the things they do.
A/N: this is based on the Super Junior movie, Attack of the Flower Boys, continuing from the end after Donghae gets hit, involving all members of SJ.

Exams are over, and I can post fic again! Sorry that this chapter is short compared to the rest, but I wanted to get something out by today.

Junsu would never understand how anyone could have given up on their greatest passion just like that.

The Moment [15/17]

Title: The Moment [15/17]
Rating: R, PG-13
Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst.
Summary: Henry just wants to figure out what true love is. With 3 men running after him, he never knows whats going to happen. But after a strong abuse from fellow band mates, Henry is afraid to admit the truth hiding in himself, and to the others. Now that Henry is back home can he ever admit to his parents about his hectic life he's been having back in Korea? Afraid of what might happen Henry turns to someone he never thought he would. How this this story play out as Henry tries to find himself.
Couples: YeHen, broken!HenHae, EunHae, various ninja couples >>

A/N: I'd like to say I'm sorry for never updating my fanfictions. RL just caught up to me so I really apologize for everything. Just to let you know this fic should be complete in no more than 2 weeks. As usual thank you for your support and enjoy!

tiny-tiny update D:
Previous Parts
Yesung - Sorry Sorry

It started with a Kiss (3/?)

Author: heartl0ck 
Title: It started with a Kiss (3/?)
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluffy, Drama
Main Pairings: yewon, kangteuk, one-sided!yehae
Characters: eunhyuk,  sungmin, hankyung, heechul
Warning: girl!yesung, girl!eunhyuk, girl!sungmin, more cameo characters coming at later chapters
Disclaimer: This is a parody to ISWAK, therefore plot may be similar. But I would have (some) changes to the original plot.
Author's notes: I hope this is not a bad ISWAK-parody fic. Please don't bash me for doing this fic badly  (: 

Summary: Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Donghae were worried about Yesung because they heard the news of the flood, will they find out she's living with Siwon? (fail summary omg)

First Kiss
Second Kiss


“Even Yesung wants to move into someone’s house, it would be Choi Siwon’s, not yours.”  )
YeWook - we make a heart

Of Connections, Coincidences, and Everything Beyond

Title: Of Connections, Coincidences, and Everything Beyond
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 5,671
Summary: When Jongwoon meets Ryeowook, he can’t shake off the feeling of déjà vu he gets whenever they’re together.

A/N: Second fic written for Team Canon in the kpop_olymfics. This has been slightly edited, just bits and pieces to change where the wording is awkward.

He needs to figure out just where he’s met Ryeowook before. It’s like a little itch in the back of his mind, one that won’t go away. )
ChangKyuMinHo SM Town

[fic] Kink Streak: A Form of Punishment - oneshot - NC17

Title: Kink Streak: A Form of Punishment
Author: akita_ino
Length: oneshot
Wordcount: 11.111
Pairings: Kyuhyun / Zhou Mi / Siwon / Hangeng
Rating: NC17
Warnings: kink! foursome

Summary: Zhou Mi was laughing and drinking and being the little puppy he not only was in Hangeng’s presence, clinging to Kyuhyun’s arm and laughing at Siwon’s jokes. Kyuhyun hated the Chinese man for sneaking into his life like that, now someone he couldn’t let go anymore when at the beginning he had tried his best to not get too close to the other.

Disclaimer: I own nobody mentioned in this fic and claim nothing to be true. I don’t intend to make money with this and I probably will not get any, not even some charity cookies.

Notes: a request I did for craiglockdhart
this time it's a foursome! SiMi and HanKyu are a first for me, but it was a lot of fun~ An yet again this piece turned out huge for something that I wanted to write as a PWP, but well, there is plot there now, so enjoy it! ^^

Will be locked in several days due to content!

Kink Streak: A Form of Punishment

Stumbling Whip (Donghae/Ryeowook)

Title: Stumbling Whip
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Donghae/Ryeowook
Summary: When he'd stumbled for the fourth time on stage, Donghae took Ryeowook by the wrist and roughly dragged him through the dorms and into his room, slamming the door shut behind them.
Warning: Whipping, non-con?, drabble-ish length
Notes: I'm in a crack pairing mood me thinks. I've NEVER written this sort of kink before, but a friend threw the prompt at me and I had to oblige *ded*

Read more... )

(no subject)

Title: Leeteuk and flying
Rating/Warning: pg-13/ Use of the F-bomb
Parings: none
Word Count: Word says 1,330
Disclaimer because people seem to think ts needed: Last time I checked I owned myself and no one else
Summary: No summary. No plot. Pure crack! I made my best friend cry she laughed so hard xD

I should be finnishing my chaptered fic... but Inspiration hit me ant 2 in the morning and [info]l_toxicated said I should write crack. Sorry for any mistakes I blame the public school system for not teaching proper grammar and spelling when I was there.

I don't wanna give It away ^^ 
Neorouge* Oekkaki

Song Meme + 100 Suju challange

Song Meme

Fandom/Pairing: Super Junior- Kyumin
Length: 10 drabbles
Rating: G to PG-13- Rating beside titles
Genre: Various- Genre beside titles

(Song Meme)

A/N: I tried…. It’s so fail! The song meme is hard! I didn’t think I’d finish a lot of them…

#20. Glow [Donghae/Kibum]

Fandom/Pairing: Super Junior- Kihae

Length: One-shot

Rating: PG-13

Genre:  Romance, Supernatural!AU, Angst-ish

Summary: Kibum remembers Donghae from when he was younger- he just didn’t know it that at the point.



I always thought you'd be shorter )


A/N: I have no clue where this came from. I wanted to write fantasy though ^^ Some of the scenes in this fic were hard to describe so I apologize for the crappy wording in advance :P There’s something with Kihae + Water that I really like. I don’t know why, maybe it’s ‘cause of Donghae. Ah, and I’m sorry about the ending, I mean I could have made Hae come back- I was thinking about it- but I thought it would ruin the beauty of it all.

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Dark Arts, Rising

Dark Arts, Rising

Title: Dark Arts, Rising
Rating: PG-13, Action/Suspense/AU
Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul; minor: Kangin/Leeteuk, Kibum/Donghae, Yehsung/Ryeowook, Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Summary: Harry Potter AU. Slytherin faces off against Gryffindor on the Quidditch pitch.
Status: Part 8. Read Part 1, Part 2, Filler 1, Part 3, Part 4, Filler 2, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7.

Key promptly elbows him out of the way and reclaims his position as the game’s official live reporter. “And the Gryffindor seeker is heading towards the snitch, but he’s just too far away! FLY FASTER YOU AIRBORNE FLOBBERWORM!” )

(no subject)

Title: Can I Plug My Solution Into Your Equation? (3/?)
Pairing: Kyuhan. Shihan.
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Crack
Rating: PG-13 for now.
Warning: Major AU. High school. Extreme Stupidity and Crack.
Summary: Second year student Cho Kyuhyun, school nerd and closet pervert, currently at war with his face, had fallen for the Captain of the Dance Team. Too bad he’s already dating Choi Siwon.
A/N: My first multi-chapter fic!

“Ah, Pervert Boy. What would you like today?”
stock | anticipated red

Dark Kisses

Title: Dark Kisses
Author: 15SujuBerries
Chapter: 1/?
Pairings: (Main!) YeWon, HanChul, HaeHyuk, HanChul, other pairings will be mentioned.
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU, Romance, Humor, Fluff, Some Angst, Drama(?), Smut, Supernatural, Dark
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys... Or do I? Lol, just kidding XD *Dies*
A/N: I thought of Kingdom Hearts (Game) then Organization XIII so why not make the Super Junior-ish version of it XD
Summary: Yesung can’t remember the events that happened before he was three when his parents died... In an orphanage he creates a strong bond with a boy who ends up leaving when he turns nine... Present time: Yesung and his best friend get kidnapped by two mysterious men in white cloaks... What do the Organization XIII and the Alliance want?

“Yesung, I lo-- I want to stay here with you too...”
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Title:Lime in a lime [3/?]
Rating: PG 13
Pairing: Yemin, Yesung/Sungmin, 2Sung
Warning: Sexual suggestions, overuse of dialogue (this chapter...implications of a bondage kink)
Summary: One day I found a "lime" in a literal Lime. Two...miniature people?? I suspect aliens. Very horny aliens at that. Now, how to hide them from my very perverted best friend...
Notes: Yay? Please read and comment~

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Omo! Did I just hear a groan? I hope that evil Yesung is in pain! I mean, I hope he's okay!
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Puppy Love [15/?]

Title: Puppy Love
Disclaimer: I do not own any members, they belong to themselves and SMentertainment.
Pairing(s): !main EunHae, !main KyuMin, !main Qmi, !main KiYeon?, !main SungYeon?(other implied pairings)
Parts: 15/?
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Romance
Rating: PG13
Summary: Eunhyuk and Sungmin have been having a long distance relationship for quite a while, and it's been going quite fine until Eunhyuk surprisingly shows up at Sungmin's school as the new 'transfer' student.
WarningNot betaed.

( Chapter 01 ) ( Chapter 02 ) ( Chapter 03 ) ( Chapter 04 )
Chapter 05 ) ( Chapter 06 ) ( Chapter 07 ) ( Chapter 08 )
( Chapter 09 ) ( Chapter 10 ) ( Chapter 11 ) ( Chapter 12 )
( Chapter 13 ) ( Chapter 14 )
"Nothing, HyukJae. Just... can you stay with me?" )

Do Me A Favour

Title: Do Me A Favour

Pairing:  Heechul with various members, EunHae

Genre:  Crack-ish , Little bit smutty

Rating: PG-13 for implied sex

Warnings: Heavily implied sex and masturbation at the beginning

Summary: Heechul is campaigning for women’s rights, and he wants everyone’s help. Luckily for him, he’s very persuasive.

A/N: Very short fic I randomly thought up to cover for the time it's taking to write my longer fics

At my journal:

{Sorry to the mods, my text is being awkward. I put it on 'smaller', hope it's okay ^^;}

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Henry Violin

(no subject)

Title: Tri-Angle

Pairing: YeWook/OT3 YeWookMin/RyeoMin

Type: Chaptered 2/??

Rating: G

Warning: -

Summary: Yesung's possessive side to Ryeowook can do much damage...

Disclaimer: All characters mentioned are not owned, just claimed^^

Collapse )

(Chapter 1)

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Silver Chains - 1 & 2

Title: Silver Chains
Rating: R (not quite, but just to be safe.)
Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Mystery (Can't keep my fingers from typing this stuff)
Characters: Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun has a very unique profession. With an uncommon powerful weapon he regulates what homeland security can not.

Collapse )

Collapse )

Where Warmth Rests

Summary: If all he needs is warmth, Kyuhyun knows where to find it. He knows where to find Yesung, through every one of their encounters.


Genre: romance/slash, fluff, light humor tossed in there

Rating: G

A/N: for db5kprom15e  , and a spot for yuefeng  just because :3
For a request on inksandblots  , a kpop/jrock fanfiction request community ^^ (JOIN!)

((within these arms))
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(no subject)

Hey, I'm back~ In case no one got the memo, this is ricecakestar , simply on a new journal (heartshaker ).

What I've brought with me isn't much, but here you go anyway~ Two drabbles I actually wrote a little while ago, but hadn't got the chance to post here :)

Both drabbles were written for my beloved unnie, Carey (renichifreak )

Runaway Romance/Angst/Fantasy PG – Youngsaeng/Yehsung
Music (Ares - Camui M.S. Gackt)

he smiles, his toes curling in the wet sand )

With You Until The World Ends – Romance/Angst PG – Yehsung/Hyukjae
Music (
Wrong Number – One Way)

he smiles beautifully )

a different point of view

Title: A different point of view

Pairing: Henry-centric with henwook, and the rest of super junior

Genre: angst, fluff, friendship, romance

Rating: PG-13

Summary: When the world sees all the fame and glitters, Henry tells the world a different story…

A/N:  this is for all the hardships and trials Super Junior has gone through… and belated happy birthday Wookie^^.. welcome back baby kyu.. I missed you^^ I still don't know how many parts this will have..

[part 1]

In Order To Protect, I Must Lie [SEQUEL]

Title: In Order To Protect, I Must Lie
Author: saranghyuk
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, Sungmin/Kyuhyun, Yesung/Ryeowook, Eeteuk/Kangin, Heechul/Hankyung (squint for Kibum/Henry)
Chapter: 8/8
Genre: Romance, a tiny bit of angst, tiny bits of crack scattered
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Eunhyuk belongs to Donghae, who unfortunately does not belong to me. There! I said it!
Summary: Eunhyuk and Sungmin are in a steady relationship. But one day Sungmin goes missing, and Eunhyuk loses his memories. Donghae decides to take care of Eunhyuk, but only without the truth.
A/N: First chaptered fic in a long long time. Please be nice TT;;

Previous Chapters: Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8

SEQUEL - A click away!

It's been so long... =)))

Title: Save The Last Dance For Me
Pairing: HaeHyuk, Slight Hanchul
Rating: R
Summary: It's prom night and Donghae wants it too be memorable. But the only problem is, he has no one to go with. Heechul, his best friend,
solves his problem by dressing up Eunhyuk , Donghae's enemy, as a girl. Then things started to go downhill since then.

"You seriously should get away from him. He's mine." She growled at him. "Mine."
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SM Boarding School - chapter 13

Title: SM Boarding School
Author: tewki
Paring: Eunhyuk/Donghae (maybe other side parings but I don't wanna spoil~)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: School life, romance, humor, maybe a little angst
Chapters: 13/? 
Summary: He stared at that big banner, hanging over the gate entarance, and read SM Boarding School. The banner itself scared him and he inspected the school area carefully before starting to dig in his handbag.
Warnings: Swearing, mention of sex and sensuality.
And probably some grammar/spelling errors. English is not my native language ^_^
Disclaimer: YES, THEY'RE ALL MINE! These boys does not belong to me.

Previously chapters: || 01 || 02 || 03 || 04 || 05 part 1 || 05 part 2 ||  06 || 07 || 08 || 09 || 10 || 11 ||11.5 (smut) || 12 ||