June 23rd, 2010


A Bittersweet Twist of Life update

Title: A Bittersweet Twist of Life (Chapter Six)

Pairings: main! Sungmin/ Kyuhyun, Leeteuk/ Kangin, Donghae/ Eunhyuk, Ryeowook/ Yesung (and some other ninja pairings) if you squint

Genre: drama, romance, fluff, high school! AU. Angsty???? Uhm.. don’t like angst ^^

Rating: PG??

Summary: Sungmin lost his first love because of DEATH and that made him took a big step back away from LOVE. But after a few years Sungmin met a man who looks like his first love, A man that made his heart beat again, Cho Kyuhyun.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but, I own the plot, the fangirling idea and some other crazy stuffs.

"I love Lee Sungmin..."

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 : part 1 / 4 : part 2 / 5


[fanfic] Tweets and Turns

Title: Tweets and Turns
Author: myong_hae /kiirohana_16 
Pairing/s: henhae + (secret!)
Genre: Angst
Words: 869
Summary: It’s basically a summary of henry and mostly hae’s tweets and some recent news and some of my assumptions, a.k.a. how I felt it would have went down in our miracle fic world~

A/N: It’s not much… I haven’t written for almost a year… this is all coley_merrin ’s fault… no I don’t know her… but after reading her fic series For Always, I just got the urge to write something; even if it’s so short. Here I thought I could never write again… my uncontinued series will never be continued… I tried... and failed. I’ve tried at least thrice in continueing them these past few months but failed. I can safely say this will be my last fic I guess :p

leunah23  shout out lang! wahahahhaha


Besides. he can just keep thinking of Donghae's cute attempt at English consisting of "Call me"s, "Miss You"s and "Love you man!"s in his messages to him

The Mysterious Case of Possible OCD (Or Hormones)

Title: The Mysterious Case of OCD (Or Hormones)
Focus: sort of bandfic-ish, Eunhyuk/Donghae, Sungmin/Kyuhyun
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Donghae likes to touch his mouth. Maybe it's OCD, maybe it's something completely different.
Word count: ~1470

A/N: for catskilt because together, we solve EunHae mysteries! And because she got me to write this, even though I thought it would just be a drabble—and then it just expanded like a balloon to what it is now.

“We have a Donghae problem?” )
; you are my my my sunrise

untitled & the fifth element


KyuWook | 450 words | G | angsty fluff

He’s always the one to worry about everything.


title: The Fifth Element
pairing: KyuhyunxDonghae, KyuhyunxHeechul, KyuhyunxRyeowook, KyuhyunxSungmin, KyuhyunxZhouMi (in alphabetical order, so read to find out the eventual one xD)
rating: R (not sure about this, but let's just make this safe)
genre: AU. fluff. angst. romance. drama. piece of life?
summary: In which Cho Kyuhyun tries to find the reason for his existence.

His very first kiss with his first love tasted so sweet, just like the cookies he had on the day they met, but he just knew he had to let it go.

Neorouge* Oekkaki

100 suju challenge- 2 fics

#44. Rejection [Eunhyuk/Eunhyuk]

Fandom/Pairing: Super Junior- onesided!Eunhae, Kihae

Length: One-shot

Rating: G

Genre: Angst

Summary: A small cut, but deep, and fatal combined with all the other small cuts you’ve accumulated over time. Because you’re too stupid to avoid getting scratched. Because you never learn your lesson.

"Yea. Sad things" )

A/N: I fail at angst. I’m sorry if this is badly written, I’m not sure where I was going with it…


#98. Soothing (WC)[Kyuhyun/Sungmin]

Fandom/Pairing: Super Junior- Kyumin

Length: One-shot

Rating: G

Genre: Fluff, AU

Summary: Kyuhyun’s voice is beautiful, and Sungmin isn’t the only one who thinks so.

"He kicked me" ) 

A/N: Usually, I wouldn’t write M-preg unless I have a solid idea on how the baby is conceived. But I though, hey, it’s just a shortie anyways, and so here it is. It feels weird writing M-preg without a reason =P The Lightning Thief because I love Percy Jackson to bits and it’s my favourite series evvvveeeerrr~~

When You're Gone

Title: When You're Gone
Theme: Regrets, WC
Pairing: Siwon/Hankyung/Kibum
Rating: Light R for language
Summary: You don't know what you have until it's gone. Kibum learns this the hard way as he and Siwon sit in an apartment where once three lived, two remain. Inspired by this amazing story that I'll hopefully be on par with some day.

A/N: Tried a different style of writing. Dunno if I'm very good at it, and it didn't quite turn out how I wanted. But hey, if people enjoy it...

Kibum never was good at long goodbyes.
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{(Part 1/4)} The Present Time is Distorted Black - Kyuhae

Title: The Present Time is Distorted Black
Author: Akilei
Pairings: Kyuhae
This chapter only: Hanchul
Future chapters: Kisung, Kangteuk, Minwook
Chapters: 1/4
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Suspense
Summary: Kyuhyun works for the government, but what happens when his targets are killed before he can do his job?
Warning: Character death
Disclaimer: I do not own.
Note: For fadingpetal 
Note2: Aiden is Donghae's English name.

(Okay, wait, no. I couldn't really care less about what Kyuhyun thinks about this Aiden character. All you have to really know for this story is that he exists. Now, moving on to the important stuff...)
long hair taemin

Yaoi Mansion (Chapter 14)

Title: Yaoi Mansion (Chapter 14)

Chapters: 14/?

Fandom:DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang, Shinee, FT island, 2PM, 2AM

Pairing:There will be many pairings but the main ones are probably: (Yunjae, Yoosu)DBSK, (Eunhae, Sichul, KangTeuk,Yebum)Suju,(GTop)bigbang,(OnKey, JongTae)Shinee, (JongKi, MinBinJin)FT Island.

Disclaimer: I dont own anyone!!!!!!!

Genre:Crack, Fluff, School life, Smut

Rating:R, NC 17 (warnings: Swearing, boy x boy sex)

Summary: Donghae finds out that he just moved across the street to the five most popular boys of his new school. These boys are top memebers of the hottest club in school and their house is known as the Yaoi Mansion.




Chapter 14 )

Can I Plug My Solution Into Your Equation? (1/?)

Title: Can I Plug My Solution Into Your Equation? (1/?)
Pairing: KyuHan. Shihan.
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Crack
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Major AU. High school. Extreme Stupidity and Crack.
Summary: Second year student Cho Kyuhyun, school nerd and closet pervert, currently at war with his face, had fallen for the Captain of the Dance Team. Too bad he’s already dating Choi Siwon.
A/N:: First Multi-Chapter fic! Relatively short chapter.

“Oh, pervert boy, you’re here.”

if we were heroes... part one of two

If we were heroes... (1 of 2) written by supergeol 
Summary: AU!bandfic. Jungsu misses his childhood friends; fifteen years without a memory of his parents, he was happily adopted and lives in the city, where for nine years, he's missed his friends from the orphanage. In an attempt for a reunion, he's spent a year, trying to find everyone. Only one short of a complete circle, the twelve meet to go outdoors and find themselves spilling their deepest secrets around a campfire. angst/romance, pg-13. 2 612 words.
Pairings: everything; donghae/eunhyuk, kyuhyun/sungmin, leeteuk/kangin, yeshung/ryeowook, hankyung/heechul/siwon, donghae/sungmin/eunhyuk, kibum/donghae, eunhyuk/sungmin, etc.
Author's Note: I really wanted to try writing crack again 'cause writing Heat Vision was a lot of fun, but I ended up writing angst, most likely 'cause I'm craving to do some character depth, and the story plot popped out of my mind, so I decided to see where this would go. Of course it's a sad story, but I really enjoyed writing it. I hope the same goes when it's read~

He had fifteen years worth of memories with all of them from the beginning, back in the orphanage, where completely unrelated kids became each other's makeshift family, all tied with the gruesome reality that they were abandoned.

Dreams [5/?]

Title: Dreams [5/?]
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst
Pairing: guy!Eunhyuk and girl!Donghae
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, only the plot, sadly... :)
Summary: It was a story of a girl who gave up on everything, and everyone gave up on her. He came along and changed all that. But could they be together with her in that state, and in a society where what they had was considered disgusting?

*continues right where it left off -_-

Spot for grace_uni because she wanted another girl!Hae fic :)

ChangKyuMinHo SM Town

[fic] Our Dystopia - oneshot- NC17

Title: Our Dystopia
Author: akita_ino
Length: oneshot
Wordcount: 12.000
Pairings: Siwon / Hangeng, side pairing
Rating: NC17
Warnings: AU, angst, prostitution, drug use, violence, character death

Summary: A tank lit the night with his roaring fire, Hangeng saw the soldiers running around it, tearing open every door and house, killing whoever they found, taking whatever they could. Politics said this was to ensure peace, but what Hangeng saw was the deep hole of more violence and hate. There was no end to it.

Disclaimer: I own nobody mentioned in this fic and claim nothing to be true. I don’t intend to make money with this and I probably will not get any, not even some charity cookies.

Notes: Another request I started yesterday and was able to finish today. this is for lady_mizera
It turned out longer than I wanted to at first, but I don't think anyone will complain about that xD haha
be warned though, it's a dark fic and even though nothing is addressed very detailed, there is prostitution and drug abuse mentioned. it's war out there, so be prepared!

Will be locked in several days due to content!

Our Dystopia


Title: When You Love Your Friend
Status: Chapter 6/?
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, Kibum/Donghae, Eunhyuk/Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Sungmin. Yesung/Ryeowook, Heechul/Hangeng
Fandom: Super Junior, SNSD
Rating: PG
Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae are friends for forever and for everything, it’s said when they were seven, and also when they’re seventeen, but what will happen when they become twentyseven?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Chapter 6 : Kyuhyun glanced to what his girlfriend saw with that shocked expression and he saw Donghae, the person who became Sungmin’s big fear nowaday. He also shocked but he prefer not to show it, not when he knew that Sungmin was stiff beside him.


[Fiction] Pull My Strings 7 - Kibum/Donghae (bffimagine)

Title: Pull My Strings
Author: Sabrina, bffimagine
Part: 7
Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Kibum/Donghae
Request information: For jennchii, who requested: kihae---anything really. Angst and dark twisted plots, with the higher ratings if it needs to go there. Cute and cuddly (really cute moments) in angst.
Summary: The puppet's mouth moves like a good little toy is supposed to, and the ventriloquist's voice takes the stead of the marionette's----his eyes are begging for help but his lips wrap around the puppeteer's every word.
Warnings: Abuse, graphic non-consensual sexual situations (rape), angst, violence, coarse language
A/N: Hmm. *raises eyebrow at self* Hope you like it, jennchii!
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys. If I did, everyone would know about it.

...but it feels like the fallen strings have turned to chains and they weigh him down.
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2 Drabbles

Title:Pressure to Pleasure
Pairing:Minor!YeHan, past!Haehyuk
Rating:PG-13 for mention of drugs
Warning:Mentioned death
Summary:When Yesung is offered something, he can't refuse.
"Do you think you can kiss me now?"

Title:If Only...
Summary:Siwon loves his prince and Yesung loves his soldier, but they can never be together.
"I love you. I don't want you to marry someone else. I want you to marry me. I want you to stay by my side."

Angel of Death - Chapters 11-22

Title: Angel of Death
Pairing: Kyuhyun, OC
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun has been sent back to the living world for a span of one year to carry out his mission to bring his target to her death. But what happens when the angel of death sent to take a person's life ends up falling for the victim instead?

Author's Note: Yet another batch update, because I was pretty lazy to post them up on LJ after writing them :P

Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Side Story
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22

Previous chapters can be found here
Flower Heart

Loving You Chapter One

Pairings: Kyumin, Eunmin. Read on to find out the other pairings ^^.

Ratings: Romance. Mature. Angst (not as much as my prequel) R overall

Summary: If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be. 

Sequel to; Forgive me for loving you. I strongly suggest reading the prequel first.

Loving You Chapter One.
how will it end?

[Fic] Black Satin - 6/14

Title: Black Satin
Author: Coley Merrin
Rating: R
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun
Genre: AU, Romance
Warning: crossdressing

Summary: Out of work, Kyuhyun's last ditch effort lands him a curious roommate - and a job he never expected.

Chapter One * Chapter Two * Chapter Three * Chapter Four * Chapter Five


Chapter Six - “This is why you don’t want to go out with me? Does he know what you do?”
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[Chaptered] To Love

Title: To Love
Pairing: a bit Kyuhyun-centric, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Eunhyuk/Donghae, other pairings
Genre: romance, angst
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun is a man who grew up in poverty. Lee Sungmin is a man who grew up not knowing poverty. Cho Kyuhyun never knew what love and kindness are. Lee Sungmin is a man who never believed in the existence of love and kindness. But everything changed when their worlds collide.
Notes:This fic will probably be done in several parts and I’ve totally invented the setting of the story to fit the plotline. It’s not a definite place and the timeline is also not definite but it’s probably much similar to medieval times with lots of modifications.
Disclaimer: If I own them, I’d probably have them act this out in a mini-drama? T_T Sadly, I don’t own.

Part 1

A Bittersweet Twist of Life Update.....

Title: A Bittersweet Twist of Life (Chapter Seven)

main! Sungmin/ Kyuhyun, Leeteuk/ Kangin, Donghae/ Eunhyuk, Ryeowook/ Yesung (and some other ninja pairings) if you squint

drama, romance, fluff, high school! AU. Angsty???? Uhm.. don’t like angst ^^

Rating: PG??

Summary: Sungmin lost his first love because of DEATH and that made him took a big step back away from LOVE. But after a few years Sungmin met a man who looks like his first love, A man that made his heart beat again, Cho Kyuhyun.

I don’t own the boys, but, I own the plot, the fangirling idea and some other crazy stuffs.

I think Teukie’s right. It is time to forget about the past and start to move on. thanks, Cho Kyuhyun

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 : part 1 / 4 : part 2 / 5 / 6

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On My Side Chapter 6/?

Title: On My Side
Author: ilove9and23
Pairing/Characters: Main: KyuMin(Kyuhyun,Sungmin),Sunny,EunHae(Eunhyuk,Donghae),
(broken KyuHae), other couples will appear.
Chapters: 6/?
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff
Summary: Kyuhyun was Sungmin's bestfriend since he was eleven (Kyu being nine). Everything
seemed to fall out of place when Sungmin goes to College.

He was staring as if he wanted to eat him and in a swift move, Kyuhyun grabbed Sungmin's waist to get him closer, closing the gap as he claimed Sungmin's lips.
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Of Regrets and Confusion.

Regret (will only cause unnecessary pain)
096. Writer's Choice.

Author: blueicecreamxo
Pairing(s): Siwon
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own.
Summary: A dying man's final regrets.
Archive HERE.


Confusion (is all that's left in the world)
097. Writer's Choice.

Pairing(s): Yesung/?
Genre: Angst?
Rating: PG-13 (Just in case)
Summary: What exactly are you doing?

army of donghae

Victory!--Well, Almost

Title: Victory!--Well, Almost
Pairing: somehow KyuChul is here, it’s like Where is Waldo. Hard to spot, but really, it’s right in front of you. >.> no actually it’s just right in front of you, you won’t have to strain yourself looking for it.
Rating: PG
Genre: comedy
Summary: In which Siwon wins, and because of that, so does South Korea. And this was, obviously, Heechul’s plan from the beginning.
Notes: [info]astormisbrewing and I watched South Korea vs Nigeria in the FIFA World Cup yesterday…and there were men wearing horse and monkey masks in the Korea-side stands…and this is what happened because of that. :D

“Right, gotta go! Hey, Kyuhyunnie, did you see that? Ya—hey, get your hand out of my shirt, I’m trying to cheer here!” The phone cut off and Siwon was left to pout with the knowledge that Kyuhyun was once again enjoying skinship with Heechul hyung while Siwon was left in a crowd full of screaming fans and body odor. Lots of it.

Blood Game(One-shot)

Title: Blood Game
Pairings: Qmi, Hanhae, brotherly!qmihanhaechul
Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 3652 woeifajs SO MUCH WRITING IN ONE WEEK
Disclaimer: I won them at an auction! just kidding.
Warnings: Violence, vague-ish sex, minor character death.
Synopsis: The government's assassinations had to be covered up somehow, and so the world begins a game.
A/N: OKAY I PROMSIE TO START ON THE PIRATE FIC OKAY. THIS IS JUST... YEA. I GOT THE IDEA FROM THIS PHOTOMANIP I DID. (i should have been doing my homework instead of this ;o;)

It was just the government's game. )
Yesung - Sorry Sorry

Forget, Lose, Accept and Love - Accept

Author: heartl0ck 
Title: Forget, Lose, Accept and Love - Accept
Rating: PG
Genre: slight!Angst, Romance, Fluff, Drama 
Pairings: kyusung, broken!yewon
Characters: gir!Sungmin, kangteuk, kibum
Disclaimer: i don't know what to write for disclaimers =P I so much want to own the boys but heck it.
Author's notes: Short-series fic. Drama now. [=
Backtracking: Prologue | Forget| Lose


( "Can we be together?" )

[FAN ART] Heechul aaand Hanchul

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