June 22nd, 2010

As Funny As a Popsicle Joke (3/?)

Title: As Funny As a Popsicle Joke (3/?)
Pairing: HaeMin, HyukMin, KyuMin, KyuMinHyukHae
Rating: R
Summary: Sungmin’s happy with his live-in boyfriend, Donghae. That is until his current beau meets the past loves of Sungmin’s life: Hyukjae and Kyuhyun. The three spend a night bonding in front of Sungmin’s television, where they make it clear that they’re all in love with the same man and will do anything to get him.

Revolving doors – irony, Sungmin thought bitterly. It was going to bite him in the ass sooner or later. He started toward them, hesitantly.

Previous Chapters: One | Two

Give Me Hell {Prologue}

Title: Give Me Hell
Characters: Heechul, Siwon, Hankyung, probably all 13 SuJu members
Genre: Thriller, dark, romance, betrayal, and anything that I can come up with
Rating: M (violence and mature scenes)

A/N: i’m updating this prologue first because i don’t want you guys to think that i’m on hiatus T___T mianhe for the long absence. I’ll try my best to update the first chapter sooner.


You’ll have a perfect funeral, but with only us, no family members, as the others before you did.

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Those Meddling Kids! [G-rated, Chap 5]

Title: Those Meddling Kids! (Chapter 5)
Featuring: KiBum, ChangMin, EunHyuk, RyeoWook, DongHae
Pairings: KiBum [Super Junior] x ChangMin [DBSK]; EunHyuk x RyeoWook
Rating: I’m pretty sure it’s still G, but sex and porn are mentioned very briefly.
Genre: General, a bit of romance, a bit of psych-horror in the future chapters.
Author's Notes: [at the end of the chapter]
Summary: Where EunHyuk and RyeoWook do... stuff.
Word Count: 2,930

Chapter 1 - Where KiBum and ChangMin assess certain SuJu members for a specific mission.
Chapter 2 - Where KiBum plants the seeds of his ideas.
Chapter 3 - Where KiBum proves that he really shouldn’t mess with intelligent people.
Chapter 4 - Where a lot of conversation takes place. Seriously.

Chapter 5: "When we get home, I advise avoiding JaeJoong-hyung’s cooking at all costs." Also, EunHyuk and RyeoWook do... stuff.

Super Junior Goes Jungle Trekking?

Title: Super Junior Goes Jungle Trekking?
Pairings/Characters: Super Junior family (including Henry & Zhou Mi), SHINee
Rating: G
Genre: Humour
Type: One-shot
Summary: The Super Junior family decides to go to a waterfall on their day off... and ended up doing jungle trekking instead.

Author's Notes: Things like these are fun to write. :)

(They looked at each other wearily, and then took a big gulp as they turned to face the group to tell them the ominous news.)

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Title: Hearts of Gold and Silver
Chapter:2- Mapping our Chaos
Rating: PG-PG13
Genre: AU, Angst, Romance, Adventure
Pairings: Hanchul {main}, many minor pairings (Sungwon, Kangteuk, Qmi, Henwook, etc)
Disclamer: I don't claim Super Junior at all. The plot was inspired by Kingdom Hearts so there may be similarities. I'm not getting any profit for this, just hoping others enjoy. Not claiming any credit for Suju or what was in Kingdom Hearts
Heechul and Hangeng grew up dreaming of adventure and a life beyond their small village in Seoul. But when the opportunity rises, it is laced with darkness and evil. Heechul is lost in the chaos. Hangeng is determined to bring him back while Siwon is determined to follow Hangeng to the grave. But as darkness consumes each dimension, one by one, the world may become smaller than they originally thought.

“No.” He said more harshly than he meant to. “Nothing’s out there Heechul. This is a stupid map drawn by stupid children and you’re stupid enough to believe it. There’s nothing out there Heechul. Just stupid ink on a worn piece of paper.”

[SuJu] - celebration

[Drabbles] Prompts

Title: [Drabbles] Prompts
Pairing: Various
Genre: Various
Rating: PG-13
Author's notes: Had completed this awhile ago but forgot to post it up><. Quite a number of HanHae becos they're my bias XD and lots of Hankyung becoz I miss him T_T

Characters: Kibum/Donghae [crack]

Characters: Hankyung/Donghae [crack/fluff]

Characters: Leeteuk++ [angst]

Characters: Hankyung/Heechul [fluff]

Characters: Eunhyuk/Sungmin [dark]

Characters: Kyuhyun/Hankyung/Donghae [crack]

Characters: Hankyung/Donghae [suggestive]

ChangKyuMinHo SM Town

[fic] Kink Streak: Sinful Side - oneshot - NC17

Title: Kink Streak: Sinful Side
Author: akita_ino
Length: oneshot
Wordcount: 2.779
Pairings: Kyuhyun / Ryeowook
Rating: NC17
Warnings: kink! bondage, rimmming

Summary: He does have a lustful, sinful side, he just refuses to show it.

Disclaimer: I own nobody mentioned in this fic and claim nothing to be true. I don’t intend to make money with this and I probably will not get any, not even some charity cookies.

Notes: Finally the fullfillment of another request from my kink!streak request post some weeks back. I was so busy I couldn't work on them properly, but finally I finished the next one! this is for sapphiresjblue and I wonder if she(?) still remmbers even doing the request xD
anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this little kink!adventure of mine!

Will be locked in several days due to content!

Kink Streak: Sinful Side


Title: Inertia
Focus: Ryeowook, some Hankyung/Ryeowook and Yesung/Ryeowook, and random Eunhyuk/Donghae moments
Rating: PG
Summary: A set of Ryeowook birthdays, AU fic.
Word count: ~1240

A/N: so I'm halfway between stabbing myself and kind of smiling at this fic. First of all, I'm a day late in my own time, two in the fabulous timezone of Kim Ryeowook. Started this over twice :| it is much very different now. Happy belated bday, Wook :)

A sassy little bundle of energy. )

[drabble] Hating You (Eeteuk/Heechul)

Title: Hating You
Raiting: PG-13
Pairing: Eeteuk/Heechul
Summary: Hating you is easier.
Notes: Heechul 2POV. Drabble. I'm starting to think this pairing is sort of hot. Have Bonamana performances to blame. Now that I read this over again, it could even pass as kangteuk, but I did write this with Heechul in mind, soo....
Anyway, I won't keep you from reading any longer.

On to the fail...)

Can I Plug My Solution Into Your Equation? [Prologue]

Title: Can I Plug My Solution Into Your Equation?
Pairing: KyuHan. ShiHan
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Crack.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: AU. High School Setting.
Summary: Second year student Cho Kyuhyun, school nerd and closet pervert, currently at war with his face, had hopelessly fallen for the Captain of the Dance Team. Too bad he’s already dating Choi Siwon.
Warnings: Major AU. High school.
A/N: First Multi-Chapter fic!

“You’re not a pervert, are you?”

Hotel Rooms

Title: Hotel rooms [Secret messages series]
Pairings: QMi
Rating: NC-17
Genre: smut, romance
Summary: Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi sneaks around with their relationship, doing whatever it takes just to have some time together.
Disclaimer: They belong to me their parents
A/N: Well, we all know that these two have something serious going on, since they've been seen several times leaving together from random hotels..
Inspired by this: pic and this: pic

Zhou Mi giggles as you trace your fingers slowly at the hem of his boxer shorts
Sandeul :P

Good to be Bad [1/2]

Title: Good to be Bad [1/2]
Pairing: MinWook, KiMin, Kangmin
Genre: Romance, Smut, Dark
Rating: R/NC-17 for all 3
Summary: Sometimes, it's good to be bad, it gets you exactly what you want, who you want, where you want them, how you want them. Most importantly, why you want them.
A/N: Can be linked (originally intended to be linked), can be read as stand-alones, but preferably reading them collectively furthers characterization. Orginally intended to consist of 6 separate drabbles, these three can be considered the first parts of the other three. Beginning three sentences and titles are inspired from a Cantonese song "Good to be Bad" by GEM Tang. Comments are very much appreciated, thank you!! <3

MinWook: You'll stay with me, right? )

KiMin: The calm and quiet Kibum, begging? )

KangMin: Kangin-ah, don’t leave me... )

army of donghae

Blood Brothers Chapter 11 and KyuChul Ficlets

Title: Blood Brothers Chapter 11
: KyuTeukChul (yeah, you read that correctly), one-sided HanChul, some YeWook, Eunhae, other pairings will appear later. The story also focuses on the bond between Heechul, Zhou Mi, and Hankyung as blood brothers.
Rating: M for violence and mature scenes
Chapter Rating: PG-13
Genre: Action, suspense, romance, thriller
Disclaimer: fanfiction…speaks for itself. As much as I would love to own them, owning a human being is kind of morally and ethically wrong, so let’s not go there.
Summary: Revenge is a bittersweet fruit. Once you have taken a bite, the taste never leaves. It lingers in the throat, under the tongue, on every taste bud. Kim Heechul became used to the taste long ago.

Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6 / Chapter 7 / Chapter 8 / Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11

So, for the challenge between [info]astormisbrewing and I, my theme for today was 'the pitiful things that ex lovers do'. While I was writing, several version emerged and so, this post is three different stories in one, all dealing with KyuChul and breakups...because one fic just wasn't enough. Enjoy!

The Pitiful Lives of Ex-Lovers and the Pitiful Things They Do

Nothing Too Special

Title: Nothing Too Special
Pairing: Donghae/Kibum
Rating: R
Word count: 3,649
Summary: In which Kibum doesn’t care, and Donghae cares too much.
A/N: Written for Team Canon on the kpop_olymfics competition. Thank you so much to [info]meiface for beta-ing, you are a sweetheart! Thanks to my team too, you guys have been nothing short of amazing. ♥

Love? That isn't even in the equation. Donghae knows that all too well. )
top biases unite!

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glorious ming

Zero:Zero (2/2)

Title : Zero:Zero
Pairing : KyuMin
Length : Two-Shots
Genre : Romance/Angst
Rating : PG-13
Warning : Character Death

Summary : Like the past years again Kyuhyun forgot about their anniversaries, but after this years he will never ever be able to forget the date.

Zero:Zero (1/2)

“I will love you forever, here I seal my love and my wish with this eternal kiss of mine. Lee Sungmin, you’re the man who forever stand in my heart..”

If You Can't Stand The Heat - Recipe 13

Title: If You Can't Stand The Heat
Pairing(s): it's complicated
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: profanity
Genre: AU, humor, romance
Summary: Kibum and Siwon are the hosts of a brand new cooking show. Kibum is the one with the real talent, but as their popularity skyrockets, it's Siwon who gets all of the attention. But Kibum's not the jealous type.... Right?

Previous Chapters: here


Recipe 13