May 23rd, 2010

Into Pieces [HaeHyuk/EunHae Oneshot]

Title : Into Pieces
Author : Maiki_Rashu (watashi ^^)
Chapters : Oneshot (I warn you guys it's long)
Pairing : Hyukjae (EunHyuk) / Donghae
Focus : Donghae
Summary : Donghae's a boring first year college student used to living a boring life. But that's not because he thinks that his life will always be like that it will actually be.
Rating : N-17
Genre : Smut, Romance, Alternative Universe
Disclaimer : Everything is mine from the plot to all the grammar/spelling mistakes. But not the guys...

A/N : Sorry for the weird ending and that big fail.
Spot for [info]mkeay 

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A Perfect World.

A Perfect World.
Author: blueicecreamxo  
Pairing(s): Kisung, implied Yesung/X
Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own.
Summary: In a perfect world there was only you, him, and the love you both shared that burned as brightly as the sun.
Crappy Continuation to: Crying in the Rain and Just Today
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Siwon UNF

Do I Love You? (Yes I do)

Title: Do I Love You? (Yes I Do) Oneshot
Pairing: KyuMin (mentioned HyukMin)
Rating/Genre: PG/Angst

Summary: Kyuhyun met him in the fall, by the next fall, Kyuhyun was in love with him and by that spring he had left. That was the day Kyuhyun's heart stopped beating and Kyuhyun saw no point to his existence, not any more, not without him.

Do I love you? Yes I do


Howl (2/?)

Title: Howl (2/?)
Pairing: Kyuhae
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: If I owned the boys, then i wouldn't need to write fanfiction...hehe
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun is a member of SJ Securities, the nation's premiere private bodyguard and security company. Lee Donghae is an international model and playboy with a secret. After his latest assignment, Kyuhyun is ready to take a break. But Donghae has other ideas...

Chapter 2
heemin is bff

As close as a million miles away (one-shot)

Title: As close as a million miles away
Genre: A little bit of everything
Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul
Rating: PG
Warnings: Names of the characters aren't explicit enough. Might experience confusion along the way. XD
Word Count: 1,188 words.
Summary: It was then Heechul thought, "he should have treated him better"
A/N: At last, my first update after that imposed hiatus is here. As promised, this Hanchul is for [info]imalda hope you like it hunn! ^^ My first HanChul as well! ^^ I kind of feel something is lacking with this again, or maybe it is just that my writing isn't effective anymore... T_T Anyways, constructive comments are very highly appreciated.. :D Tell me what I lacked and what I should focus more... or if I should continue writing despite my sucky pieces. O_O OMG I AM NERVOUS BECAUSE I THINK IT ISN'T GOOD. T________T

Click for the fic~ :3
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Club Toxic [1/3], NC-17 | 5 554 words
Summary: Kim Kibum is entranced into a sinful side of the world by Club Toxic, the hottest club in town, where he blindly believes will give him the freedom he's desperately seeking. But he ends up falling in love with someone he can never have.
Pairings: Kibum x Sungmin, Kyuhyun x Sungmin, Yesung x Kangin, Hankyung x Heechul, past Leeteuk x Kangin
Other characters: Eunhyuk, Shindong, Donghae, Siwon

So since this is such a long story, I was wondering if I'd cut it up into several or just a couple parts. In the end I decided it'd be best to cut it in thirds, so here goes the first part out of three. For gween_taiyou.

Where else are people supposed to go to live the way they want to? Where else can people feel free to do whatever they wanted without people watching, judging or taking it personally? Where's the perfect place anyone anyone could go to just to have that wonderful taste of freedom?

Unlocked the post! Sorry about that!
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What Are Troubling The Magnaes Chapter 15

Title: What Are Troubling The Magnaes
Author: 15SujuBerries
Chapter: 15/?
Pairing: Leeteuk x Hyunjae (Main), YeWook, KyuMin, HanChul, HaeHyuk, Zhoury, YunJae others will be mentioned.
Rating: PG-13 >> NC-17
Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff, Angst(?), Drama(?), Smut
Disclaimer: I only own this fic and Hyunjae.
Warning: If you do not like Yaoi (BoyxBoy) do not read.
A/N: This is my very first attempt on writing a fanfic.
Summary: Hyunjae is the new magnae of Super Junior. Kangin+Heechul=Trouble?

I looked through my closet then found it so I turned around, but before I reached the door; my face hit someone’s chest.
“Hyunjae, do you want punishment again??” He moved his face closer to mine.
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Eunhae - What The Hell Just Happened? - 5/?

Title: What the Hell Just Happened?
Pairing: Eunhae
Rating: PG (for swearing)
Disclaimer: I wish I owned them. But I don't.
Summary: Eunhyuk stays out late for a night of drinking and ends up unconscious. But when he wakes up, the world isn't the same as it was. He's got a new ability and whether it's for better or for worse is yet to be determined. Will Eunhyuk be able to cope with this ability? And will he be able to use it to his advantage?

Collapse )

Chapter Five: Games of the Drunken Sort

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(no subject)

Author: tremmy_chii
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone, anything, except for this fanfic :3
Word Count: 812 in all. Aha. AHAHAHA. *Face palms*
Fuh-luff. Fluff. More fluff. Even more fluff.

1. / Eunhae / G / 399/ It's drawing time in kindergarten...but Hyukjae doesn't really know what to draw and give.
2. / Eunhae / G / 163/ "If you love it, why don't you marry it?
3. / Eunhae / G / 109/ "If you love me so much, why don't you marry me?"
4. / Eunhae / G / 303/ Donghae has his life planned out perfectly...except he hasn't met "her" yet.
5. / Eunhae / G / (34 <- LOL) / Eunhyuk is the President of the United States.

I fail at links. So they're just gonna be all here.
KyuMin; Love

Blood+Lust: Chapter Fourteen

Title: Blood+Lust (16/17)
Chapter: Fourteen - What the Eyes See and the Heart Understands
Pairing: KyuMin, HaeHyuk, HanChul, KangTeuk, YeWook, QMi
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Genderswitch, vampires
Summary: How could one handsome stranger have such a drastic affect on you her life? How was it that her world of secrets and a scarred past could link to his world of blood and lust?

“I’m not denying you that which you desire. In fact, my love, I am being generous beyond belief.”

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Rumours and Roses (Prologue)

Title: Rumours and Roses
Chapter: Prologue
Pairing: mainly kyumin, none now....but many to come
Rating: pg
Summary: Kuhyun is one of the most popular guys in school, until a romour gets out and the entire school turns on him. That isexcept for the new kid who loves pink.
A.N./ : my first suju fic....and yeah, I suck at summaries =(, comment please?  ^.^
Warnings: character death
Next: (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (ch. 3(ch. 4) (ch.5) (ch. 6

“Out of my class!” the teacher had lost patience with her student “and don’t bother coming in here without your councillor’s note!”The boy smirked and got up, he stretched a sliver of skin peaked out and a few girls sitting on the side giggled, he winked at them (earning more giggles) and then slung his bag over his shoulders. He looked up at the teacher and smiled as if he had done nothing wrong.

“Okay teach. Try not miss me too much...” the boy walked out of the class room smiling victoriously as laughs and the teacher’s shouts of stop laughing and who wants to follow him echoed behind him in the empty hallway.

That was just too easy. Miss Lee was definitely the right choice to annoy. He walked into the guidance office and then to the receptionist desk. He leaned on the desk and gave the woman sitting behind it his best you-know-you-want-me smile, which was impressive to say the least, and would have worked on more than half of the girls in school. The receptionist gave the boy an annoyed look before punching in a few digits on the phone.

“Good morning Mr. Choi, your reform case is here should I send him in?” she waited a few seconds before putting the phone down. “Go in” the young boy walked into the councillor’s room. The guidance councillor looked up from his desk which placed a plaque on it with black letters.


“Good morning” he said to the younger, who was entering the room, who sat down on the chairs at the side of the room and threw his legs on one of the arms, not bothering to greet the man in front of him. He kept his bag on his lap as he searched for something in it. Seeing that he wasn’t going to be greeted back Siwon continued, “Got kicked out of class?”

“Mhmm” the boy muttered still searching in his bag. Aha there it is! He pulled out a cherry flavoured lollipop out of the bag and then tore and tossed the cover on to the floor before sticking it into his mouth.

“You did it on purpose didn’t you?” Siwon asked even though it was more if a statement than anything. The boy kept silent that question didn’t need to be answered anyway, it wasn’t the first time he had come to Siwon for help. What would it look like if one of the most popular guys in school was caught going to talk to the councillor to whine about his feelings. Siwon put his glasses on the desk and leaned on his chair.  “So what brings you here?” he asked.  It took a while before the boy answered.

“I think I like someone” he said from all the boys in school Siwon had thought he would have been the last person to be nervous about something like this.

“So you’re afraid to ask her out?... I'm sure she’d say yes.” Siwon hoped for eye contact but the boy kept staring at the floor.

“That’s the problem...”

“What?” the boy looked up at Siwon, his face expression unreadable.

“It’s not a she...”  

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My Dreaded Bodyguard (3/?) pt. B

My dreaded bodyguard (3/?) pt. B
Pairing: Hanchul, Kichul
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Romance, Drama
Rating: PG
Summary: As required by celebrities, they have bodyguards. Even if they don’t bring their bodyguard everywhere, they still have one. However, this one celebrity hates having bodyguards. So far, he’s been able to make all the bodyguards assigned to him quit. However, he couldn’t make this certain one leave.

(I hate you because I am attracted to you)

Nothing Impossible (DOUBLE UPDATE)

Name: Nothing Impossible
Author: belicax 
Pairing: YeWon
Rating: PG - 13
Gender: Romance, angst, drama, historical
Disclaimer:I don't own them!
Summary: XIX Century. JongWoon is a wealthy man and Siwon is a rude, poor man. Will they ever learn how to fit in each others world?

Dear Mother

Name: Nothing Impossible
Author: belicax 
Pairing: YeWon
Rating: PG - 15
Gender: Romance, angst, drama, historical
Disclaimer:I don't own them!
Summary: XIX Century. JongWoon is a wealthy man and Siwon is a rude, poor man. Will they ever learn how to fit in each others world?


Vulnerable (6/?)

Title: Vulnerable (6/?)
Pairings: Kind of Zhou Mi centric, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Siwon/Hankyung, Donghae/Eunhyuk, Hankyung/Heechul
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:  2, 252
Summary: In this era, vampires are servants to the Hunter's Association, and they live in secret from the human world. But when a half-blood reveals a dark secret, betrayal and chaos erupts. Will the vampires fight back against their masters? (I honestly cannot write summaries, so please just read the fic and make one for yourself ^^)
A/N: This chapter took me a LONG time to write, sorry guys~
Exams are coming and I don't have as much time. I hope you all haven't forgotten about this series! :D
For all of you that' have read Vampire Knight, you'll notice that one of the scenes in here is really similar to the one in the manga. XD
As always,comments will be ♥

(Chapter 1) / (Chapter 2) / (Chapter 3) / (Chapter 4) / (Chapter 5) / (Chapter 6)

From the end of Chapter 5
“Not quite.” Hankyung says, a slight uneasiness evident in his voice, “There’s nothing to ‘figure out’, actually.”
“Then…” Zhou Mi leans in, waiting for an answer.
“Let’s just say I haven’t exactly been honest about certain things…”

“It could be true!” Donghae defends, “For all we know, this Hankyung in front of us could be an alien of some sort!”  )

Shatter Series update

Shatter Series 
Over two years ago was when they all met. Over a year ago was when they were approached for one final mission. Now, one year after the conclusion of the Succession series, Seoul is robbed of its peace once more as Agency members and gangsters alike are being targeted.
Death and murder, lies and trechery - no one in Seoul is safe. The Surrender trilogy comes full circle as everyone goes back to the beginning to re-evaluate everything they know, everyone they know.
This time, it's not just another mission. This time, no one can be trusted.

Warning: This series contains character death

Sequel series to [Surrender Series] & [Succession Series]

Past chapters: [Salutation] [Solemnity]

pairings: Yesung/Sungmin, Shiwon/Donghae, Eeteuk/Kangin
rating: PG13
genre: Drama
words: 7175
sneak: “You know better than I that not all crimes are so black and white.”

Collapse )v

[two-shot] Writing my own love story

Title: [two-shot] Writing my own love story
Author: jhengchie 
Pairing: Yoonhae [yoona x donghae], with Henwook [girl!Ryeowook], Nickhun, sooyoung, kyumin
Genre: Romance, fluff, with a little smut [very little!], angst
Rating: PG-13
Warning: fail!rape
Summary: Yoona wanted a perfect love story but didn’t expect the ending.

a/n: requested by mayshy  . Sorry it took so long but I hope this is ok.. ^^;
this will be my first yoonhae fic, so please be kind… comments are dearly appreciated
the fic was long so i have to divide it into 2..

(part 1) (part 2)


#7 S.E.O.U.L

Title:  S.E.O.U.L
Rating:  G
Fandom: Super Junior/SNSD
Pairings:  Donghae/Sooyoung
Summary:  Dance with me.'
A/N: Based off the S.E.O.U.L MV. I was so sad when everybody coupled up except Donghae and Sooyoung. They didn't even meet! So I had to write my own haha. I am so sad that I had to write my dear Sungmin with Jessica haha. I think this is kinda choppy though :S

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Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust Chapter 11

Title: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Pairing: HenMi, KyuMin, HyukHae, SiBum . YeWook(Main!), but not just yet :)
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and innuendos (The sexual kind.)
Genre: AU, Romance, Comedy , sadly I have to add angst! :(
Disclaimer: FIRST FANFIC! YAYS! Of course I own them… >.>
Notes: AMEN TO SPELLCHECK! Please read, comment and Critique! Remember, I can’t find out where you live and beat you up. I think. Maybe if you let me know your name, age and address… ^-^
Summary: Kim Ryeowook was always small for his age, but what happens when he suddenly finds out that he is actually a ‘Fixie’ and is abandoned at a school where everyone might possibly hate him?
(Pssh, Summary skills? What summary skills?)

Anyone remember this?


Glitter=Bad porn?

Candylicious Pt. 1 (EunHae)

Title: Candylicious Pt. 1
Pairing: Eunhyuk x Donghae
Rating: G
Warnings: Absolute fluff sugary goodness. This is mostly just an intro, rating may increase in future parts. AU.
Length: 3120 words
Summary: Eunhyuk is an exhausted college student working part time in a mall shoe store. Donghae works in the newly opened candy store right across the way.

The sugary sweet smell constantly wafting out from the door which was forever left propped open was enough to make him queasy, and the bright splashes of color only made it worse.

(no subject)

Title: Devil's Plan
Pairing: HaeHyuk, KiHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The tables have turned. Eunhyuk, now an angel, seeks revenge on Donghae. But deep inside he still loves him. On the other hand, a misunderstood Donghae searches for his 'angel' turned devil. Once they meet, only once obstacle stands between them: Kibum.

"I didn't know you knew.. Eunhyuk..." Donghae's voice cracked in the end of his sentence.


Title: Save The Last Dance For Me
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: R
Summary: It's prom night and Donghae wants it too be memorable. But the only problem is, he has no one to go with. Heechul, his best friend, solves his problem by dressing up Eunhyuk , Donghae's enemy, as a girl. Then things started to go downhill since then.

"What? That your gonna join the wonder girl's clique?" Donghae quirked an eyebrow.


Perfect Super Junior Member | HaeHyuk | G | Donghae is the perfect Super Junior member


I Wanna Be Like You | SiHyuk | G | Siwon wants to be like Eunhyuk

"I just wanna be like you."

No More Starcraft | KyuHyuk | G | Kyuhyun doesn't play starcraft anymore.

"Why did you stop playing starcraft?"

Heartbeats | HaeHyuk | R | Eunhyuk and Donghae are taking a bath together.

"I love you, too, Hae."
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