May 19th, 2010

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[fic] Stuck In The Middle

Title: Stuck In The Middle
Rating: R-ish mainly, NC-17 at some point
Pairing(s): Shihan, Kangteuk, Yewook, Kihae (If you squint)
Warnings: Violence and blood to a certain extent, AU, Vampires, Werewolves, Character Death.
Summary: Hankyung is a transfer student in Korea for his final year of High School, after his roommate Siwon introduces him to his friends, and he befriends people of his own, he soon finds himself stuck in the middle of a conflict between two races that have been at each others throats for centuries.
Part: 19 of ?

Part 19.

Previous Parts: [1] || [2] || [3] || [4] || [5] || [6] || [7] || [8] || [9] || [10] || [11] || [12] || [13] || [14] || [15] || [16] || [17] || [18]
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Artemis fowl


Welcome to Sujunistic ^^
this is a short silly webcomic I doing in my free time. I got the inspiration from Azumanga so I'll try to draw short stories in a few panels trying to be as 'Sujunistic' as possible.

What is Sujunistic? Sujunistic is a adjetive. If you're to much 'Super Junior' so you're Sujunistic. And to be Sujunistic is the art of be random, silly, sexy and dork at the same time.

Ok, here We go, this is the first:

Sujunistic Lesson 1:


Basic Information:
Tittle: Sujunistic
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor
Pairings: everybody.
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That's All You Need To Smile Again

Title:  That's All You Need To Smile Again

Pair: Hyukjae / Donghae

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior. ^_^

Summary:  Hyukjae is homesick and Donghae cheers him up.

Author's Note: This is for magyk_carousel 's Marine Day Contest. Please join too, it's fun. ^^ ♥ Another magical!au. ^^ 

Comments are ♥♥♥.

Thanks sboizi (unni...)for being such a dear and beta-ing this for me.

“I want some snow.” )

Haemin Drabbles

I Wanna Hold Your Hand/xrosepetalsx/Haemin/G/Donghae discovers what it means to hold someone’s hand/105 words

First Meeting
/xrosepetalsx/Haemin/G/Four year old Sungmin finds himself extremely shy at the prospect of meeting his new neighbors/489 words

Park Meetings /xrosepetalsx/Haemin/G/Sungmin meet’s Donghae for the first time at the park when he’s nine years old/616 words

First Kisses and Hand Holding/xrosepetalsx/Haemin/Pg-13/Sungmin never expected his first kiss to be with Donghae… /272 words
Pierre the sparklecock

Howl | SiTeuk | NC-17

Siwon/Jungsu (Super Junior)
NC-17 (Violence, Dubcon, swearing)
1716 words (One-shot)
A/N: Tenses may be funny. Inspired by Florence + The Machine.

How they meet and fall into lust first, love last, is inconsequential but unforgettable. Thrown together. Siwon says by God's will and Jungsu agrees but not as whole heartedly as Siwon might. He takes it to heart, and Siwon's heart is worn on his sleeve. Bright and beating. Jungsu, once he has it, can't bear to break it. Trusts that Siwon will be as gentle with his own even though it's tucked away and kept bound tight.

Some lovers are just doomed to tear each other apart.

And more from the little fic!meme full of crack.

Future Porn!AU
Yuuya(SID), Kyuhyun, Kangin
He could not quite look away just yet. This new fandangled 'get yourself into the action' advanced 3D, real flesh, play doll technology he'd had installed was just.. just...

Death Fic
Leeteuk, Yuuya(SID), Zhou Mi, Yesung
R (Death)
Leeteuk was a nurse in paediatrics during the day. Clumsy with glazed over wide eyes, something most of the other staff quickly dismissed as stupidity and it suited him fine. Who would ever think to consider Jungsu, bumbling, kind and sweet as anything more... Sinister.

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What Are Troubling The Magnaes Chapter Twelve

Title: What are troubling the Magnaes
Author: 15SujuBerries
Chapter: 12/?
Pairing: Leeteuk x Hyunjae, YeWook, KyuMin, HanChul, HaeHyuk others will be mentioned.
Rating: PG-13 > NC-17
Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff, Angst(?), Drama(?), Smut
Disclaimer: I only own this fic and Hyunjae.
Warning: If you do not like Yaoi (BoyxBoy) do not read and there may be possible smut later in the story also.
A/N: This is my very first attempt on writing a fanfic.
Summary: Hyunjae is the new magnae of Super Junior. Kangin+Heechul=Trouble?

“H-hyung! S-stop...!”
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Drabbles: QMi, TeukChul

Title: I want something I can't have
Pairing: QMi
Rating: G
Words: 277
Summary: Prompt generator, Zhoumi talks to Kyuhyun, subtly.
Warning: It's short.

ZhouMi manages a genuine smile and playfully shoves KyuHyun’s side.

Title: Blow
Pairing: TeukChul my guilty pleasure
Rating: R
Words: 506
Summary: Prompt generator, lol Kim HeeChul is the best.
Warning: This is just trying to write smut. It's really messy and all over the place.

You are the best, Kim HeeChul.
ryeowook acts cute

2 Fics for ya

Title: Choosing Starcraft over him
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk, implied! Donghae/Eunhyuk
Genre: Smut, Jealousy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kyuhyun ignores Hyukjae and chose Starcraft instead of him. Whatever the reason, Hyukjae hates the treatment he’s getting right now.
A/N: Requested by 1001faith .

Title: Even If
Pairing: Siwon/Donghae, friendship! Eunhyuk/Donghae, ninja! Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Warning: UN-BETAed
Rating: PG 13
Summary: The possibility of two beings reunited once more even though it’s of different time.

The Stolen Hour (1/3)

Title: The Stolen Hour
Chapter: 01/03
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: KiHyuk (main), bad people X hyuk
Genre: AU, set in Hour Of The Mice AU world
Warning: non-con, NC-17, gore
Summary: 2 years after the ending of Hour Of the Mice, KiBum came home one day and found that HyukJae was missing. Does that mean KiBum’s past is back to haunt him?
Notes: I found this:
And I can’t sleep thinking about the dogs there ... I can’t help any of those poor dogs, I guess letting Hyukkie and KiBum rescued one of them in this story would help me to ease my mind (TIIIIIIIIINY bit! Okay??) so I imagined the dog would be something big, KiBum-ish, and then I named her Samantha.
I hope you like this one and please say something if you read this chapter! Comments are very much appreciated!!

Chapter 1 here!!

Hee Chul's Superheroes! ★/ chapter one.

Title : Hee Chul's Superheroes!
Fandom/Pairing : Kim Hee Chul/Choi Si Won, Lee Dong Hae/Ham Eun Jung, Kim Hyo Yeon/Lee Joon, Kim Hyo Yeon/Jung Yun Ho, Lee Joon/Yang Seung Ho, Park Ye Eun/Yang Seung Ho, Lee Chae Rin/Choi Seung Hyun, Nich Khun Horvejkul/Jo Kwon, Ham Eun Jung/Lee Jin Ki
Rating : PG-13 - for now, at least.
Summary : Kim Hee Chul decides to form a mega band with fourteen of the coolest kpop-ers ever. Chaos ensues.
Author's Note : Sorry it took me so long to update this! I was lacking ideas. But I've finally got some ideas. And the there was the fact that I was busy with school and work. And now I have summer break and I'm no long as sick! So yes! Updates! I really hope you like this. The chapter is longg, too. For me at least.

( "Hee Chul's pretty weird, though. I mean, his superheroes? What, are we all going to wear capes in each performance?" )

Fic Dump... A lot. ._.

Title: Made Of Win, For The Win
Pairing: None, actually.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The separate and random lives of random people.
A/N: hahaha. I got this from lawlollawl.  XD

"I am too old to get funky." Leeteuk said.


Title: Assassin's Creeds
Pairing: None
Rating: R
Summary: Henry thinks that he’s an assassin, but is he really? Missions are given, scientists are sneaky, butts are felt, and balls are chopped. 

"HEY YOU GUYS!" Donghae suddenly entered "Those eggs tasted mighty fiiine."


Title: Devil's Plan
Pairing: HaeHyuk, KiHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The tables have turned. Eunhyuk, now an angel, seeks revenge on Donghae. But deep inside he still loves him. On the other hand, a misunderstood Donghae searches for his 'angel' turned devil. Once they meet, only once obstacle stands between them: Kibum.

Aiden blushed and hid behind Eunhyuk's leg.


Title: Save The Last Dance For Me [1/?]
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: R
Summary: It's prom night and Donghae wants it too be memorable. But the only problem is, he has no one to go with. Heechul, his best friend, solves his problem by dressing up Eunhyuk , Donghae's enemy, as a girl. Then things started to go downhill since then.

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH, YOU DESPICABLE PIG!" Heechul shouted as Hangeng chuckled at his temper.


Title: Eunhyuk Should Not Have Twitter
Paring: HaeHyuk
Rating: G
Summary: Eunhyuk shouldn't have made a twitter account.

"Aww... Hae." Eunhyuk smiled. "You don't need to." Eunhyuk pinched his cheeks.


Title: Hyoyeon And Eunhyuk?
Pairing: HyoHyuk, HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Hyoyeon admits he likes a certain 'male idol' and everyone thinks it's Eunhyuk. And a certain 'someone' is jealous

"You sure are easily jealous." Eunhyuk said.
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E-P-I-T-A-P-H (Kyumin) [Ch. 13]

Title: Epitaph
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Yesung/Ryeowook
With: SNSD Seohyun, Jessica and Tiffany
Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The boys are not min, just the fic^^
Summary: Sungmin pretends from being Kyuhyun's fiancee, to his sister then back to being his fiancee...then his wife?

Chapter List

"Hey useless youngest CEO in the world."

a/n: sorry took sooo long~ my laptop broke so i wasn't able to upd8 until my dad came home and I borrowed his laptop =)
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Eunhae - What The Hell Just Happened? - 4/?

Title: What the Hell Just Happened?
Pairing: Eunhae
Rating: PG (for swearing)
Disclaimer: I wish I owned them. But I don't.
Summary: Eunhyuk stays out late for a night of drinking and ends up unconscious. But when he wakes up, the world isn't the same as it was. He's got a new ability and whether it's for better or for worse is yet to be determined. Will Eunhyuk be able to cope with this ability? And will he be able to use it to his advantage?

Collapse )

Chapter Four: If the Fins Fit
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caught waiting & gotta make me crazy & in the still of the night

title: caught waiting
rating: g
pairing: kyuhyun/ryeowook/yesung
length: 124
notes: another one that was sitting and waiting to be posted. for this prompt.

he always has to think about the fucking consequences


title: gotta make me crazy
rating: nc17
pairing: kyuhyun/ryeowook/yesung
length: 2975
notes: jfc this thing took forever. started at the beginning of april and just finished editing. i am pleased with it? :)

Yesung is kind of a needy fuck at the best of times


title: in the still of the night
rating: r
pairing: hyukjae/siwon
length: 525
notes: more anon writing that i don't remember the prompt for, now cleaned up and typo-free. yay, smut!

I think you're worse than Donghae at lying still.
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Choices [Prologue]

Title: Choices
Pairing(s): Kisung/Yewon
Parts: Prologue/?
Genre: Drama, Fluff, light!Smut, Romance, Angst
Rating: R
Summary: Yesung leaves home and decides to move in with his boyfriend, Kibum. He doesn't count on meeting someone at Kibum's house that makes his heart thump erratically. Feelings of attraction aren't forbidden if they're kept hidden, right?

Normally, mornings pissed Kim Kibum off.

Trust Me, I'm The Magnae!

Title: Trust Me, I'm The Magnae
Author: soju_drip
Word Count: 1,600

Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: NC17

Warning! Kinks = Gag/Restriction

Summary: Kyuhyun's eye literally twitches when ever Sungmin opens that pretty mouth to spout such babble... he has the dark, leather solution in his hand, but how does he suggest it? Our magnae gets a little manipulative~

A spin off of "Annoying, But Worth It" = the 2nd part of the tentacle series, but can be read on its own.

A/N: kink writing virgin, expect fail.

fic here :


Title: How Do I Show My Love?
Author: soju_drip
Pairing: HaeWook fail!Donghae

Rating: PG13 (swearing)
Genre: romance/fluff

Summary: Donghae fails, many people think he just isn't all that bright. But his love for another burns bright as the sun and he wants to show it! Maybe for a bit he can not muck things up?... unlikely 

fic here:
Is it hot? Issss it?
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Title: Double-click
Pairing: Shihan
Rating: PG
Summary: Hangeng wasn’t a flowers and candy type of guy
Disclaimer: Not mine don't sue


Title: MMS
Pairing: Blohyuk
Rating: PG
Summary: Soapy hands are not conducive to taking camera phone pictures
Disclaimer: Not mine don't sue