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Title: (silly) love story
Author: Kenny (prpldrkrse )
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Henry
Rating: G (I guess)
Genre: fluff? romance? idek :|
Summary: it all started from a 'fated' meeting in a watch store.
a/n: for kingdra  :D i'm sorry if this is not that good and that i took a long time to finish this. i was a bit stuck when doing this.
a/n2: un-betaed. feel free to point out any grammar mistakes. read the last author's note under the story :D

oneshot - sweet love (hanchul)

Title : Sweet love
pairing : hanchul
rating : pg-13
genre : FULAFFUUU >__< a bit angst, and LOTS OF romance ^^
disclaimer : like usual. just the story and character, I don't have their body.

summary : heechul is hankyung's boyfriend who love to cheat around. despite their  4 years relationships, heechul still hasn't change at all. one day, hankyung witnessed heechul in his cheating session. with the thought of hankyung will return to him, he has to swallow his pain in waiting since hankyung isn't come back...
but, would it be? hankyung isn't a person who left without explanation. he loved heechul more than his love for himself..

A/N : this is more of flashback story before the scene of "the father of sungmin's baby "happen. the story before hanchul married and waiting for their baby. so it has some similarity with the character from it ^^.
so in the end, these oneshots is a split story from one plot. I hope you all can enjoy this >__<

“heechullie…” the soft call make him turn his head in anticipation. His heart began to skip beats faster more than he could realize. When his eyes locked gaze with the last person he want to met that day, he can’t help but stiff in his place. The hurting stare, the pain of betrayed. Heechul can’t find his voice to speak, at least give him some explanation. It just easy if his brain could work properly, he only need to say, ‘hankyungie, this is just a game, I’m still yours..’, but it was too late.

sexual frustration, let me show you it / chapter IV

Sexual frustration, let me show you it / chapter IV
NC-17; Leeteuk/Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun/Sungmin; crack!smut
The maknae wants leader-sshi, who very desperately needs to get laid. Sungmin does not approve, and hatches a Very Cunning Plan.
I have a feeling songbird7 is going to kill me for this chapter (don't leave me for Ryeowook!). I'm not that happy with this, I feel like I didn't do Sungmin justice in this part.

chapter I

chapter II

chapter III

chapter IV; take control

They Want it, and 'it' is Called Love [HyukHae]

Title: They Want it, and 'it' is Called Love
Author: convicted_eyes 
Pairing: Donghae/Eunhyuk
Genre: AU. Smut. Fluff.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Public sex.
Summary: Hyukjae has something to finally admit to Donghae over ice-cream.
Authors note: The last instalment of the 'EunHae Wants it' series (besides the Leeteuk spin off). Everyone has been so nice and supportive of this short series and it's made me so happy. I really thought I was going to finish the Leeteuk spin off first but I got inspired for this and it is. I keep saying 'Leeteuk spin off soon' but when ever I say that I end up staring at the page for about half an hour before deciding to try something else. But seriously I will get that out ASAP. I hope you guys enjoy this, and I hope it's not fail! I didn't want to disappoint you guys after you liked the other three so much.
Thank you to everyone who's read, commented and enjoyed this fic.
As I promised aidenfishy it's top!hyuk! I hope you like it <3
Archive is here!

And here's the other three if you missed them:
Donghae Wants it
Hyukjae Wants it too
They Want it

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Scarlet Night Series update

Phase Twelve: Mutual Suffering
pairing: Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun; Sungmin/Taeyeon; Kibum/OC; more?
words: 7026
rate: PG13
genre: Drama
“Ignore him, he’s just bored,” Zhou Mi stated,

Phase Thirteen: A Step Forward
Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun; Sungmin/Taeyeon; Kibum/OC; more?
words: 6725
rate: PG13
genre: Drama
“Damn vampire, you better appreciate this.”
Collapse )
hae cutie

Best Friend: Chapter update

Title:: Best Friend (Chapter)
Pairings:: KiHae(main), mention of EunHae(fail), ninja! KangTeuk, ninja! KyuMin, ninja! SiChul, Ninja! HenWook, ninja!YunJae, little mention of EunYeon(broken).
Genre::drama, romance, fluff
Rating:: PG-13
Disclaimer:: I don’t own them.. or maybe I do (gets mobbed by their fans seconds later)
Summary:: Kibum's in love with Donghae. Donghae's in love with Eunhyuk. Just how would they end up together?(I know how lame the summary is. Have you figured out I hate giving summaries??)

chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 part A (new)
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Title: Portaits/Pictures

Author: leunah23

Length: One shot (3 parts)

Genre: Romance,Fluff, Crack-ish, AU

Rating: PG

Pairing: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook


A/N: for genichirou_nei  for being the awesome person that she is making posters for everyone!!!*hugs* forgiinnnzz …because ur creation was awesome…I just hope you’ll share it with the rest of the world.


Summary: He sucked at taking portraits while the other can make them flawlessly. Will Kyuhyun be more than just a part of the landscape? Or will Ryeowook be more than just a random guy who took pictures of the park that doesn’t even change?


Kyuhyun gawked when he was caught staring and he felt the coke went up his nostrils. It hurts like hell but he just can’t move because he thought Ryeowook might still be looking.

Goofy face

Twisted Fairytales

Title: Twisted Fairytales
Length: drabbles
Rating: PG/PG-13
Genre: crack, fluff, humor, romance
Pairings: KangTeuk & SiHan
Disclaimer: The titles are adapted from fairytales but I do own the fics.
A/N: Scroll down for the Super Junior drabbles.

Summary: A real life adaptation and so-called parody of the infamous fairytales, Snow White & Little Mermaid.

(4th Story: Kangteuk's Snow White & 5th Story: Sihan's Little Mermaid)
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Petting a Boy - Chapter 1

Title: Petting a Boy - Chapter 1

Status: Chaptered

Rating: PG (for now)

Word Count: [HyukHae Version]= 3,239; [HaeHyuk Version]= 3,290

Pairing: HyukJae X DongHae

Summary: Donghae 16 year old boy that suddenly freeloading Hyukjae, after stalking Hyuk to Seoul.


Hi! I’m new here! I’m updating my series after full hiatus. Would you like to read? ^__^


Read the prologue?

Petting a Boy - Chapter 1 [HyukHae Version]

Petting a Boy - Chapter 1 [HaeHyuk Version]

one-shot: from the beginning (but there's no end)

Title: From the Beginning (but there's no end)
Pairing: Kibum/Hyukjae
Genre: angst, gen
Rating: PG-13
WC: ~2000

Summary: From trainees to now, Hyukjae and Kibum have always liked each other. But there's always the test of time, and Kibum fades som

A/N: for themadcheshire oh_hesitate thundersquall who support Kihyuk \o//
rarepair is rare. under-appreciatedpair is under-appreciated 8D

The first time they meet it's not exactly good impressions, but more of awkward handshakes and introductions that Kibum doesn't really care for. )
Laughing Yesung

Missing Chances (Ch. 7)

Title: Missing Chances
Chapter: 7/?
Pairing: Yesung/Hangeng(eventually)Many side pairings
Rating: PG
Genre: VERY AU High School, Romance, Humor, mild angst, and um many more
own no one -sobs-
Summary: Yesung likes Ryeowook, Kyuhyun likes Ryeowook. So to make sure Kyuhyun gets time and attention from Ryeowook, Kyuhyun makes it so Yesung has to help the new transfer student who just happens to be the nice looking Chinese Hangeng.

(A/N There is a surprise at the end of this chapter ^__^ well a couple surprises please check them out)

Chapter 7

Previous Chapters
Character Information (This is New)
Challenge Archive

Hyukjae Knows


Title: Hyukjae Knows

Author: king_anchovy

Length: Series

Genre: Crack, Fluff,Juicy gossip

Rating: PG

Pairing: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook

A/N:  This is fiction. Thanks for all those who read my first entry. Credits to genichirou_nei  for making this poster.I love u bb!

Summary: Lee Hyukjae discovered MIRACLE  and the Kyuwook community on Livejournal (while the rest of the band thrives on Twitter) because he needed to tell something that’s bothering him so much.


Entry no. 2 now posted!!!

                I started to question if it was just the lighting or maybe I was just really imagining…seeing things. But really….I swear to my dead toenails’ grave that I saw him mouthing Kyuhyun’s neck and maybe I did see a bit of tongue involved.


Live long and nerd

Suju Assassin, Chapter 2

Title: Suju Assassin

Genre: Action. Allegory. Crack.

Pairing: Ninja pairings. SiHanChul, KangTeuk, various others if you squint and sort of turn your head to the side. It’s like one of those optical illusions you used to get in the newspaper: if you can’t see it, I can only promise it’s there.

Rating: PG-13 for violence.

Summary: A Ninja Assassin Parody and a Super Junior Satire. Hankyung escapes the oppressive rule of the Ozunu clan of Ninjas, his brothers slowly but surely following him into exile. It is not necessary for you to suffer through Ninja Assassin to read this.

Chapter 2

100 suju fic challenge... fics.

Title: Dares and Eternal Maknaes are Evil [096. "I like you. I like you. I like you."]
Pairing: QMi
Rating: G
Summary: Kyuhyun doesn't like backing down on dares, but he's starting to have second thoughts about agreeing in the first place...
Notes: I wrote this long ago, but then I think I posted this on the wrong place. o-O
["You noticed I've been using new conditioner, haven't you?"]

Title: No Assistance Required [093. Bubble baths]
Pairing: QMi
Rating: G
Summary: Zhou Mi loves everything about bubble baths.
["Ew! Kui Xian! My virgin eyes!"]

Title: Physically and Emotionally; Sequel to "Two Boys Equals One Confused Henry" [100. Regrets]
Pairing: HenMi; YeRy [Girl!Henry]
Rating: PG
Summary: Both of the boys get injuries in the same day.
[Unrequited love was terrible. And yet it was beautiful.]
First One: Two Boys Equals One Confused Henry

[FanFic] An Almost Sex Talk!

Title: An Almost Sex Talk

Rating: PG- 15 [Just To Be On The Safer Side]

Pairing: Zhou Mi & Yoochun [Weird pairing? I know! A Hot pairing? Oh YEAH!!]

Summary: It was an almost sex talk…

A/N: I felt like writing something with Yoochun and Zhou Mi together…this is the best could come up with…sorry for the fail. But I promise if you all comment I will improve!

Also, this is assuming that Zhou Mi has good Korean and Yoochun would actually call Ryeowook all the to China without realizing it! DongBangSuju Fan! <3

Way To Mi-Chun Love -->

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Night and Day: Night — Chapter Fifteen

Title: Night and Day - Night
Authors: yeonah and svtstarlight
Chapter: 15/?
Genre: Angst/drama/fluff (yes, there is some fluff in there somewhere LOL)
Rating: PG-13

Summary: The stories of two vampire/human couples. Part 1, 'Night', deals with Kyuhyun and Yesung's story.

Kyuhyun and Yesung meet by accident late one night/early one morning and as Kyuhyun's attraction to the young human grows, so does their relationship. If it's not one thing, then it's another...both Yesung and Kyuhyun suffer, with Sungmin witnessing everything. (and you guessed it...another evil cliffie ^.^;;;)

And they all fall down....

[Fic] Leader's order (1/4)

Title: Leader's order (1/4)
Characters: Kangin, Yesung, Leeteuk, Hangeng, Kibum
Pairing: HanChul, YeWook
Rating: PG-13-R
Wordcount: ~2730
Genre: Vampire AU, drama
Disclaimers: I don't own anything,
Summary: When your leader gives you an order you can only obey, but still in Kangin's opinion his love life is something which Leeteuk shouldn' t stick his nose in and when things seems to settle down a hated 'blood brother' comes to town and stirs up trouble and painful old memories for most of the gang.
Warning: Vampires, werewolves, angst, humour  
A/N: A very belated Birthday fic for [info]lametortoise , she gave me two prompts, one was vampire and the other was a pairing which will be kept a secret for now. ;P

Leeteuk looked thoughtfully at his long-time friend and brother and made a decision.

“Kangin, I think it’s about time you find yourself a companion.” Leeteuk said in the most reasonably voice he possessed, and if he used some of his powers to calm and sooth his friend, well no one needed to know about that.

key neck

Drabbles Collection: itunes meme

Title: Drabbles Collection: itunes meme
Pairings: JongKey, G-Ri, G-TOP, KyuMin, JaeMin, OnTae, KiMin, YeWook
Rating: G-R
Genres: all

a/n: I know I'm like 1,000 years late on this, but I wanted to try. Some of the drabbles are complete fail, while I actually like others. I will leave it up to you to figure out which ones don't suck. haha.
Also, I included a youtube link to listen to the songs (if they had them on youtube...I have some weird shit on my ipod). I know you probably don't want to listen to my random ass music, but I really recommend listening to the songs to get more of a feel for the stories. But you obviously don't have to.


To the Drabbles...

[series] Chatmates ♥ special - eunhae summer wedding and [drabble] strike 3

title: Chatmates ♥ special
pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, Kyumin, EunHae, Sibum, HenChie [Henry and Christine], Rei and Minji, Tiff and Hyungjun, Tee and Wooyoung.
Special guest: Ddangkkoma for the yewook series
subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff
rating: PG, NC-17 for the smut
summary: What happened after chatmates?
a/n: sorry took so long to update.. but there.. (hope you still remember them)

Yewook [a]
Yewook [b]
Yewook [c]
Hanchul [a]
Hanchul [b]
Hanchul [c]
Hanchul [d]
Henchie and Wootee [a]
Henchie and WooTee [b]
Eunhae smut
Kyumin proposal
sibum prewedding party [a]
sibum prewedding party [b]
sibum wedding 
Eunhae Wedding Shower - with Tiff read0write
Eunhae Wedding - NEWLY ADDED


title: [drabble] strike 3

Author: jhengchie 

Pairing: Kangteuk [girl!Teukie]

subject: Romance, angst
rating: PG-13

summary: Three times he tried to propose, three times he was rejected but on the fourth one? Can his luck change?

a/n: This is for teukiesarang  for correctly guessing Ryeowook in 15 verses. Sorry it took so long.


2 more fics for the prizes and one request.. hope you guys can wait for them
Kangin&#39;s wheezy laugh


Title: Forgiven
Pairing: KangSung/ 2woon
Rating: NC17
Summary: Yesung had noticed the difference, he couldn’t understand why everything had changed. Why couldn’t everything be back the way it was
Warning!: Okay there is a warning for this, I don’t really wanna give it away why I am infact warning people about this. But please just take heed if you decided to read this fic.

I am not really good at writing like this , so if it is a complete fail I apologise. Please comment and enjoy.
Thank you

He just wanted it to feel like it used to feel.

Xie Xie
minion :o

Eat Me

Title: Eat Me
Pairing: Zhou Mi/ Kyuhyun - QMI
Rating: PG (beware of ninja innuendos but it's nothing serious)
Genre: Fluff?, FAIL!crack
Disclaimer: I only own the plot...
Summary: Zhou Mi just wants to get out of the rain and quite frankly, he doesn't really care how big Kyuhyun's candy bar was or how tasty it was.

"It was a king sized candy bar."

A/N: First post. If I did something wrong, tell me.