April 3rd, 2010

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Title: Wonderland
Pairing: Haehyuk
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Eunhyuk, a normal every day boy, suddenly enters a room that has been unopened for years. There, he stays and lives in a world full of witches and wizards.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4


100 SuJu Fic Chalenge

Title: Fever [No. 083]
Pairing: hyukgeng
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Eunhyuk has a fever and Donghae is not around, so it's Hangeng's turn to step in.

"YOU ARE SUCH A GIRL!" He hit Hangeng playfully.

Title: Eunhyuk's Secret Collection [No. 084]
Pairing: Kyuhyuk
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Eunhyuk has a secret collection and Kyuhyun's the first to find out.

"KYUHYUN!" Eunhyuk screamed, running out the room. "What are you doing here? It's 3 in the morning!"
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Somebody To Love

Title: Somebody To Love
Length: One Shot
Pairings: Broken! KiHae/EunHae/KyuMin (If you squint)
Genre: Romance, Angst?
Rating: PG13.
Warnings: Character death.
Summary: His death, Donghae couldn't accept it, it broke his heart, shattered it to a million pieces. And Eunhyuk hated seeing him like this. He loved him, and would do anything, for his dongsaeng, anything. The only was to make him happy was to make him fall in love with someone else, that someone else, was going to be him.
A/N: FINALLY, i've found time to write a fic. Comments would be many much loved. Enjoy!~ <3

He sealed the deal with a kiss
Siwon - Reason

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Title: Stuck In The Middle
Rating: R-ish mainly, NC-17 at some point
Pairing(s): Shihan, Kangteuk, Yewook, Kihae (If you squint)
Warnings: Violence and blood to a certain extent, AU, Vampires, Werewolves, Character Death.
Summary: Hankyung is a transfer student in Korea for his final year of High School, after his roommate Siwon introduces him to his friends, and he befriends people of his own, he soon finds himself stuck in the middle of a conflict between two races that have been at each others throats for centuries.
Part: 12 of ?

Part 12.

Previous Parts: [1] || [2] || [3] || [4] || [5] || [6] || [7] || [8] || [9] || [10] || [11]
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top biases unite!

It's Not Over [3/?]

Title: It's Not Over [3/?]
Pairing: OT15
Genre: Angst, Drama
Rating: PG-13 (for that lil bit of swearing)
Summary: Kibum's segregation from the group. Kangin's absence. Hankyung's contract termination was the final stroke. Super Junior was now falling apart.
A/N: The boys aren't mine, if they were none of these rubbish would be happening now.

Chapter One
Chapter Two

{Years in the industry had taught him that sometimes, you had to choose the lesser of two evils.}

[FanFic] The Fourth

Title: The Fourth
Rating: PG(?) G(?) 
Pairings: Kibum x Donghae (KiHae) 
A/N : i dont know if this makes sense...i think i had something else in mind and it came out differently~~
Dedicated to : [info]yaoi_loverz  (sorry if it was soo late! ) 
Summary : Kibum never ever remembers their anniversary...what's so different this year?

Click here please :  http://maxism12.livejournal.com/4771.html#cutid1
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Lights. Camera. Action. Part 1, drifting away, random qmi drabbles 2

Title: Lights. Camera. Action. Part 1
Pairing: Ninja!Kangteuk, Ninja!QMi, ft. Ryeowook, Henry, Yesung, and others as Mario characters
Rating: G
Summary: Director (aka the author) decides to put on a play.
["And why did I have to be Toad?"]

Title: Drifting Away [Angst One-Shot]
Pairing: QMi *Girl!Kyu, Girl!Donghae, Girl!Shindong, Girl!Ryeowook*
Rating: G
Summary: Kyuhyun reminisces. [Based on real life. :D Mine, anyway.]
[The smile Kyuhyun had on her face froze, and all the hope inside of her faded into despair.]

Title: Random QMi Drabbles 2
Pairing: QMi, Ninja!Eunhae
Rating: PG; Suggestiveness :P
Summary: BEAST and bathroom woes.
["Yoseob's hot in this music video."]
Siwon UNF

100 Super Junior Fic Challenge

Just one today ^^

Title: 095. Drowning
Pairing: YeWook
Rating/Genre: R/Angsty smut
Summary: "I'm a replacement, nothing more than second best to you- a settlement you make do with when you can't be with him. I'm nothing more than your toy, your play thing and I won't act as if I don't like it because I do."
Warnings: Sex and language

I could feed carnal desires but not those of my heart.

Please read comment and enjoy~ ^^V

Dance Studio

Title: Dance Studio
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Nuh-uh. Just the fic.
Summary: Eunhyuk went in the dance studio and found a sleeping Donghae on the floor.
Warning: Character Death srry again.^^

"I'm not gonna stop dancing...unless you dance with me, Hae."

a/n: ok...its not about the kyuwook drought. i thought of this when i was trying to sleep because of dismenorrhea and then my stupid brother keeps on dribbling the basketball...ball. -.- ouch..pain =^.^=
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Your Timing and Mine [drabble]

Title: Your Timing and Mine
Author: blueai  (fever440 )
Word Count: 520
Pairing: Qmi
Rating: G
Summary: Zhoumi has something that he REALLY wants to tell Kyuhyun.
A/N: I wrote this little drabble a while ago (around Christmas?) as a filler gift for the Secret ELF event at SJ-World.net. The event was a lot of fun although I think I went partially blind from the 100-200 gifts I checked, downloaded, made thumbnails for, and organized...but yeah fun :D
Being the horrible procrastinator that I am all the time, I wrote this really last minute cause we really needed a gift...I'm afraid I don't remember who I wrote this for but...it's nothing amazing. Kinda cute I guess?

Link (click!): ( Zhoumi giggled in a way that no man should ever giggle and then winked at Kyuhyun as he said, 'I have a secret.' )

updates!!!!!! lots and lots..

Title: a place in my heart
Author: jhengchie 
Pairing: Hanchul, Eunhae, Hyukchul, Hanhae [girl! Donghae and HEechul]
Genre: friendship, angst , fluff
Rating: PG-13
Type: Multi-chaptered
Summary: Heechul wants everything but couldn't get any since Donghae unknowingly had them.
Warning: Character death, violence
A/N: i don't know if anyone remembered this.. anyway.. update.. made it more fluff than angst right now.. but i'll retain the original plot...

*~* prologue
*~* part 1
*~* part 2
*~* part 3 - NEWLY ADDED


Title: When SUJU meets JE
Author: jhengchie
Pairing: various
Subject: crossover!, fail!, band!
Genre: Friendship, romance, fluff, crack[?]
Rating: PG-13 [just to be a little safe]
Type: multi chaptered but each chapter can stand alone
Summary: Super Junior will have a concert with some JE talents for the Japan-Korea friendship festival in Tokyo Dome. What happens behind the scenes?
A/N: about similarities between suju and JE.. as observed by me and my sisters ^_^ and part sequel to when Suju meets Arashi.

Bi Rain? NAh-ah! It's Koyama - Super Junior with Arashi and Koyama [NEWS]
qmimin meets Ohmiya - Ninomiya nad Sungmin conversation and  couple's Anniversary
hentaro [a hamster's wails] - henwook and Chiitaro
Takahae and Hikahyuk - Eunhae with the rest of HSJ
itaDaikiMAsuda - Shindong conversation with MAsuda and Daiki
Rappers' wrapper - kibum, eunhyuk, leeteuk, shindong, donghae, heechul with Sho and Koki
Weird is just plain weird: I see fairies and aliens  - Yesung, Donghae, Ueda and Shige
Maknae - all groups' maknaes featuring Henry's Violin
riida... umma... - leaders and eldest
Music and Lyrics - Ryeowook and Ueda [compositions ^^:] *newly added*


title: Angel’s Sacrifice - Kangteuk

Author: jhengchie

Pairing: Main: Kangteuk

Other Characters: Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Leeteuk, kangin

subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff

rating: PG

summary: Kangin is a sport jock, very popular but very unhappy. He is surrounded by lots of girls but all he wanted is someone who will truly love him for Him and not because he is popular. When and angel by the name of Leeteuk came to help him with his matters of the heart, he finally saw the green light until an accident changed everything.

A/n: This is part of the Angel’s sacrifice – Henwook. I just wanted to add the Kangteuk part, and if I’m in the mood, maybe I’ll also do the eunhae series ^_^

~*~ part 1 - NEWLY ADDED
~*~ part 2 - NEWLY ADDED


i will be posting the  fanfic prizes for 15 verses  as soon as i finish them ^^; there were very interesting prompts ^^;

My Queen- HaeHyuk

Title: My Queen [1/1]
Author: ryuutsuki
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Fandom: Super Junior
Rated: NC-17
Genre: Romance
Comment: For mcts051129, who gave me the idea of Queen/Master!Hyuk and Servant!Hae ♥ Actually, I've been given two different prompts to choose from but she did mention I could combine the two as well 8D So yesss~ that's what I did. Although...I'm not sure what the setting should be so...sorry, if you get confused. ^^; I'm also trying a different rating for this story this time even though this is technically my third time writing NC-17. I haven't written this high a rating in a long while and I'm getting nervous D: Hope you like this story!

Oh...and also...mcts051129 told me it was Hyukkie's birthday today (well...where she is, it's the 4th but where I am, it's still the 3rd, you know?) O_O HOMG!!! How could I forget?!!!
Synopsis: The first time Donghae was brought to the palace, he thought it would be hell to serve under royalty. How wrong he was.

Donghae sighed to himself in misery.

The Tough Life of Cho Kyuhyun Series [SEASON 2 EPISODE 5 Part 1B]

Title: The Tough Life of Cho Kyuhyun Series [5/7]
Author: X_sujuaddict_X
Pairings: QMiMin, Henwook, Yewook, Eunhae, and Hanchul
Ft. Pairings: KhunYoung (and Chansung-2PM), and KyuSaeng (SS501)
Ft. characters: Yoona, Sunny, Seohyun, and Jessica (SNSD)
Rating: PG13
Season 2 Episode 5: Many Barriers 
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior, SNSD, 2PM, SS501 but I do own the storyline!

Season 2 Episode 5: Part 1B --->

one-shot: sleep walk, we talk

Title: Sleep Walk, We Talk
Pairing: Siwon/Hyukjae (Sihyuk)
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-13
WC: ~1800

Summary: Hyukjae wakes to find Siwon draped all over him.

For Hyukjae's birthday, and Siwon's too because it's 3 days after Hyukjae. I love these two so much AAAND FOR THEIR BIRTHDAYS I DID A PIMP POST FOR SIHYUK SO PLEASE TAKE A LOOK :D Thank you very kamsa~~

The first time Hyukjae wakes with Siwon draped all over him it is unexplainable. )

KRY fic!

Title: One KRY

Rating: Crack, slight Smut PG-13
Couple: KRY
Summary: Yesung hates Kyuhyun that stole everything from him.. His fame, his part in singing, and his love's attention.. Kim Ryeowook..

A/N: I made this while I'm envying Japanese ELF that will have KRY special concert on August 1st *sigh*. I wrote the story in 3 point of views, so do comment it ^^; (wonder if this style is better than usual one *w*) *hugs*

[Fiction] Pull My Strings 5 - Kibum/Donghae (bffimagine)

Title: Pull My Strings
Author: Sabrina, [info]bffimagine
Part: 5
Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Kibum/Donghae
Request information: For [info]music_loner, who requested: kihae---anything really. Angst and dark twisted plots, with the higher ratings if it needs to go there. Cute and cuddly (really cute moments) in angst.
Summary: The puppet's mouth moves like a good little toy is supposed to, and the ventriloquist's voice takes the stead of the marionette's----his eyes are begging for help but his lips wrap around the puppeteer's every word.
Warnings: Abuse, graphic non-consensual sexual situations (rape), angst, violence, coarse language
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys. If I did, everyone would know about it.

Then he saw black and the noise stopped.

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Title: Coffee and Strawberries pt. 2
Rating/Warning: g or pg not good with rating.../ I think Its gonna get fluffy and maybe some fail!drama In later
Parings: EunMi, Mentions HanChul, and HaeMin
Word Count: Word says 1,134
Disclaimer because people seem to think ts needed: Last time I checked I owned myself and no one else
Summary: Zhou Mi works In a coffee shop and thinks life Is getting boring until Yesung brings his friend Eunhyuk to the coffee shop one night. (Not the best summary)

Sorry for any mistakes It sounded better in my head... I'm starting to think It's going to be more that three chapters like I originally thought :D Tell me what you think!

Click here for part two!! )
teuk: skin

under the rain (eunhyuk/donghae)

Under the rain
AU, romance, angst; PG-13
Warnings: Femslash, genderswitch.
Notes: For catskilt because I promised her a sequel to Replacements to which I am too lazy have no inspiration for. ): Also for ruo_qi because she loves Hyukhae and is an awesome friend.
Inspired by Beautiful - Donghae. Lyrics taken from here.

Hyukjae releases Donghae in a breath, liquid sliding down her cheeks - she isn't sure if it's the rain. She gives Donghae a stricken look of panic and something else entirely, looks down at her shaking fingers and the slowly dampening material of her shirt.
little butterfly girl

Magical Maladies

Magical Maladies
Eunhyuk/Siwon, Kibum/Donghae, Yesung/Ryeowook, Hangeng/Heechul (and everyone else)
3,680 words
G; AU; Crack!fic
Summary: Eunhyuk turns 16 and gets thrown out of his house. With a sword in hand, he goes on a quest to seek his fortune, making friends and mayhem along the way.

("You’re sixteen now, and it's time to seek your fortune,” Eeteuk said firmly but a little sadly. “Don’t come back here anymore.")

the birthday kids ★/ oneshot.

Title : The Birthday Kids
Fandom/Pairing : Lee Eun Hyuk/NG
Rating : PG
Summary : Two best friends share the same birthday - and a lot more.
Author's Note : I share a birthday with Eun Hyuk and it's just about the coolest ever. I wrote this because we were made for each other and because I needed to write him something anyway and this way I'll get at least one good thing for my birthday, haha.

( "I don’t need both you and Si Won to get all biblical on me." )
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