March 27th, 2010

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Various One-shots and Drabbles (Mostly QMi)

Title: Love Attack
Author: Cazzy/xxprincesscazxx
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Category: Fluff
Rating: 15 (for nudity but that's it)
Summary: [School AU] There’s snow falling, and Kyuhyun would much rather be inside, warm, but Zhou Mi has always liked snow, and as he’s older he gets to pick what they do. But it’s a bad idea to be outside during a snowstorm…
A/N: This was my secret santa fic for quickable, I just didn't get around to posting it until now...I hope you like it. :) Originally posted here.

“Kui Xian! Let’s build a snowman!”

Title: Various Drabbles/Short Stories
Author: Cazzy/xxprincesscazxx
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Everyone, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Leeteuk
Category: Crack, Bandfic

In which Kyuhyun Scares Ryeowook (Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, guest appearance by Ryeowook) [PG]

In which Kyuhyun has a Boy-Crush on Leeteuk (Kyuhyun/Super Junior, Kyuhyun/Leeteuk) [G]

In which Leeteuk is Doomed (Kyuhyun/Leeteuk) [PG-13]

In which Chinese is Sexy (Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi) [PG-13]

In which Kyuhyun Realises that Super Junior has Turned him Gay (Kyuhyun/Super Junior, hinted Kyuhyun/Sungmin and Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi) [R (for mentions of sexual situations)]
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[EunHae Drabble]I dream

Title: I dream
Author: labymiro@winters18
Rating: PG
Pairing: HaeEun/HaeHyuk
Disclaimer: I’m deprived of a lot of things and that includes SJ.
Word count: 744
Summary: The future that Lee Donghae used to dream of, the future that Lee Donghae dreams, the future that Lee Donghae gets, told in 2nd person POV.

The meaning of the word ‘home’ never changes for you throughout the years

Blood+Lust: Chapter Thirteen

Title: Blood+Lust
Chapter: Thirteen – Four Letter Word
Pairing(s): KyuMin (main), HanChul, HaeHyuk, YeWook, QMi, HenMin
Rating: R
Warnings: Genderswitch, Vampires, AU!
Summary: How could one handsome stranger have such a drastic affect on her life? How was it that her world of secrets and a scarred past could link with his world of blood and lust?

( Chapter Thirteen )

( Master List )
sungmin - pink ♥.

HanChul— Why Did It Have To Be Me?

Title: Why Did It Have To Be Me?
Author: iheartsungmin
Pairing: HanChul; little mentions of KiChul, KiMin, HeeWook, HanHyuk, HeeHae & EunHae  
Rating: M to some degree; there isn't really a smut scene, though ._.
Summary: Shy, nerdy Hannie + Smexxy, bold Heenim = great sex  loving couple ^^
Warning: It's un-beta'd..and a fail T_T

Oh God..he brought me to a club..

Comments would be awesome~~ 
thanks for reading ^^


{KRYLI'♥; sisters}

Fault [one-shot]

Title: Fault [one-shot]
Pairing: Hanchul
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Hankyung can cook delicious Beijing Fried Rice. Heechul can't. And he is going to do something about that.
Disclaimer: I do not own them. Everything written is purely fictional and based on my wild imagination.
A/N: This is my first time posting here. I'm still a beginner, so please forgive me.

( Oh, how much he loved that guy. )
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[FIC] I got you

Title: I got you
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer:None of this belong to me. I only own the plot.
Summary: Hyukjae think Donghae is perfect but the other is giving him his own term of perfection. A sequel to Perfect to me
A/N: Especially to leona_green & hyukhae4ever . A part of Donghae 'Sweet and Sorrow' rally,which you can read it here.

He thought silently, only for him to know, well maybe not after all seeing Donghae's grin giving him the vibe that he know more than Hyukjae know.

Laughing Yesung

Missing Chances

Title: Missing Chances
Pairing: Many. Main is Yesung/Hangeng(eventually)
Rating: PG
Genre: VERY AU High school, Romance, Humor, mild angst,many more
Disclaimer: own no one -sobs-
Notes: please read the A/N before the chapter i know its long but its going to be the only one really
Summary: Yesung likes Ryeowook, Kyuhyun likes Ryeowook. So to make sure Kyuhyun gets time and attention from Ryeowook, Kyuhyun makes it so Yesung has to help the new transfer student, who just happens to be the nice looking Chinese Hangeng.

Chapter 1

(no subject)

Title: Locker Love
Author: Kenny (prpldrkrse )
Beta-reader: mangalover93 <3333
Characters: Kyuhyun, girl!Donghae, Kibum, girl!Sungmin, Zhou Mi
Rating: G (I guess)
Genre: Highschool!AU, drama, romance(?)
Summary: it's a normal school day, apart from the fact that Kyuhyun got a card from an unknown person in his locker.
p.s: I suggest you to read the author's note first :)

OPPA: Whites day confession

Title: OPPA: Whites day confession (2/2)
Length: chaptered
Pairings: Kyuhyun/Seohyun
Genre: fluff, romance, angst, dorkyness, AU!HS
Rating: G
Summary: Story continues from the valentine story of the magnae couple.. well the first part wasn't really all happy ever after.. Actually it was but it was a little open ended and so with Kyu's confusing feelings., there wasn't much of a closure.. anyway., hopefully they would find their romance during whites day!

Oppa Whites day confession

Valentinces day hangover

A Blip in the Life of Super Junior 1/?

Title: A Blip in the Life of Super Junior
Pairing: Ninja pairings
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea and the plot.
Summary: Things like this should not happen early in the morning. Someone has made an astonishing discovery. Chaos ensues and Park Jungsu must figure out how to make everything right again before word gets out that his band, Super Junior, have started turning into animals.

A Blip In The Life of Super Junior
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Sandeul :P


Title: Acting
Pairing: Kangmin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, romance, mentions of sex
Summary: Intimate Note made Sungmin dissect his relationship with Kangin. Maybe they weren't as close as he thought.
A/N: Drabble, done during an incoherent state of mind. I needed to write something, anything, so this was bad. I don't care, I just needed to write. Comments are <3'd.

If this was an act, it didn’t matter because I fell for him both in and out of his role.  )
Sungminnie Chubbie

CSI meets SVU: Chapter Eight

Title: CSI meets SVU
Author: pcd_intraining
Genre/Rating: crack, mentions of smut, a bit of fluff, character death/M15+ (Only because I write descriptive and because someone dies DX)
Pairings/Characters: Various (It's kinda obvious from the beginning)/Super Junior and DBSK
Summary: A killer is loose in Seoul. When a young boy is raped and murdered then dumped in a small alley, Special Victims Unit (SVU) Jung Yunho calls old friends Kim Heechul from CSI (Crime Scene Investigators). The case looks like a clear SVU case, so why has CSI been called in? Will Heechul and his team and Yunho and his team find the killer before more lives are lost?

Will I ever figure out the ending?
Will you figure out the end before I finish writing it?
Who is the murderer?
And why did I decide to make Sungmin’s hair pink?

All these mysteries and more. After every post I shall restate the evidence, the people introduced and what they do, the crime scene and also all evidence collected in the chapter just to help people!! =D and then after I introduced everyone I’ll put a character list and what they do!

Chapter Eight
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Title: Heechurella
Genre: Fairy Tale, Romance, Smut, Drama
Main Pairing: HanChul
Side Pairings: KyuMin, YeWook, EunHae
Other Characters: Kangin ,Teukie,Shindong ,Kibummie,Henry,Zhou Mi
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Like the title, its adopted from Cinderella but its a 21st Century Super Junior Version.
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THEM!

Chapter List
"You know...even a beast doesn't bite the hands that feeds it."

a/n: i miss this place! okay, sorry! its not my fault they confiscated  my laptop! seriously, going home by midnight isn't that bad right??? RIGHT??? ^.^
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top biases unite!

/It's not over [1/?]

Title: It's Not Over [1/?]
Pairing: OT15
Genre: Angst, Drama
Rating: PG-13 (for that lil bit of swearing)
Summary: Kibum's segregation from the group. Kangin's absence. Hankyung's contract termination was the final stroke. Super Junior was now falling apart.
A/N: The boys aren't mine, if they were none of these rubbish would be happening now.

Anger was simply a mask Heechul retreated behind everytime something screwed itself up.
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(no subject)

Title: The Study Game
Author: pinksharpii
Pairing: Henwook
Rating: NC-17
Length: oneshot; part one of a two-part mini-series Games
Summary: Henry and Ryeowook have a test tomorrow on World War II. Studying proves to be ineffective until Ryeowook proposes they play a game.
A/N: I relearned a few things while writing this. It was kind of nice.
For their outfits, I kind of pictured their Super Girl MV clothes. Please keep those in mind, minus their pretty shoes though.
omg. My first non-Eunhae fic (besides Baengsin). This is a special moment.

Lie to Protect [5/?]

Title: Lie To Protect
Pairing: Eunhae
Chapter: 5/?
Genre: drama, bit of fail comedy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Donghae is the son of a powerful emperor, and his life is in danger as he received a death threat. He is obliged to move out of his palace and enter the world of peasants just to be kept in a low profile. During his stay in a poor village, he meets Eunhyuk and learns many things he didn’t know, and one of those things was love.
A/N: Finally chapter 5 :D let’s see how many people will be shocked >.>

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ME? Falling in love with this guy! Impossible... or perhaps not... (Chapter 8)


: ME? Falling in love with this guy! Impossible... or perhaps not...
Author : ime_fr but u can call me ime ^^
Lengh : chaptered (it'll be a bit long, I don't know since I'm writing with the feeling but what i'm sure it's a long story since i have many ideas maybe around 30 chapters)
Characters : Heechul, Sungmin, Joohee (fic girl) yunho, Eunhyoung (fic girl), yoochun, Soyoun (fic girl), junsu, hankyung, ryeowook, and please CLICK ON THE FOREWORDS to have the characters' details cause it's important to the story.
Genre : comedy, romance
Pairing : it's a normal fic so you'll know the pairing if you'll read the story...
Rating : everybody can read it since I don't write rated scenes lol I'll focus on the characters' personalities and problems ^^ so i think it'll be PG-13
Summary : Joohee is the normal average girl but just a meeting was sufficient to change her life.

Chapter 8

and here the Forewords  for the new readers

strange dreams about you

title: strange dreams about you
pairings: kyumin
rating: PG????
summary: Kyuhyun is a leader of a school gangster. one day, he meets a new student who always appears in his dreams. now, how could he win this new guy's heart when this guy certainly is an innocent boy who hates violence so much, the world where kyuhyun lives in (suck at summary)
notes: I will love it if you shower me with comments, heheheh

Kyuhyun opened his eyes warily. It’s only dream.