March 21st, 2010

Eunhae love forever and always

HaeHyuk One-shot: Valentine's Day

Title: Valentine's Day
Length: One-shot / 3,158
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Pairing: Donghae / Eunhyuk
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Hyukjae receives an anonymous letter on Valentine's Day (how original this synopsis is... >_>).

I really wanted to write this for Valentine's Day, but when it actually came around I had writer's block...But it's too fun a prompt to let go, so it's belated. ^^; I had so much fun writing it.  Please read and enjoy! ^ ^ /

Akamaru, Kiba

No Reason

Title: No Reason
Author: justfrancy
Rating: NC-17
Paring(s): KyuHae (KyuhyunxDonghae), slightly KyuWook (KyuhyunxRyeowook)
Characters: KH, DH, RW, SW, Henry, HK (SJM)
Summary:  Ryeowook broke up with Kyuhyun and Donghae is winding his chance (?). Someone who wants to come up with a better summary? x]
Disclaimer: None :[

A/N: This is my first One-Shot here. so, take care of me :]

“I am sorry, Kyuhyun. Like that I can't let you go.” “I don't want to be here, hyung. I love Ryeowook, I won't try anything with-” The older man turned him around as his lips met his lover's. Kyuhyun was shocked, but... something inside him was longing for much more than a kiss.
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and it looks like a family / drabble serie / heechul-centric.

Title: and it looks like a family
Author: suzukisan 
Fandom/Pairing: Super Junior. Heechul/Everyone.
Chapters: 01/14 - HeeChul's POV.
Rating: PG - PG13 (for HeeChul's bad mouth?).
Chapter's Summary: And even with my leg hurting like the fucking hell, all I needed to truly smile that week was a bear-hug from him and a whisper of everything will be alright, hyung.
Disclaimer: Don't matter how much I dream, they're not mine.
Notes: This will be a Drabble Serie, where, in each chapter, HeeChul will give his first impression and thoughts about each member of Super Junior. For this first chapter, HeeChul/DongHae. There'll be mentions of romance, I guess, but mostly all the drabbles will be focused on friendship. English is not my first language and I suck at it and I don't have a beta, so, I'm sorry for any mistake I made here. ;_; Hope you all enjoy it, anyway.

and then, my almost death.

Delicate [One-Shot]

Title: Delicate

Genre: Romance
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yesung thinks Ryeowook is much too delicate and fragile.
Disclaimer: I own nothing^^ except the fanfic^^

Inspired by: This picture. Wookie looks like such a girl in this, Yesung is like so manly, gazing at Wookie like that…..I couldn’t help myself.

"“Why do you always carry me around like I’m a glass vase? It’s getting annoying, hyung.”

[smut]Try Something A Little Different -Yewon

Title: [smut] Try Something A Little Different -Yewon
Author: jhengchie
Pairing: YeWon
Genre: Smut,
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yesung loves being on top, and Ryeowook is his perfect partner, but when Kyuhyun got bored and decided to have fun, Heechul gladly lend Siwon to help him out.

Warning: Smut and swearing..

A/N: Sequel to a fic I made months ago. I already made the Henwook and qmimin smuts for this fic and now I really want to do the Yewon version.

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Title: Show me the game.
Genre: Romance/Smut
Pairing: Haehyuk
Rating: PG-15 ( I tried something, forgive me if it's the most bad story you ever read!)
Author: peachysuju 
Disclaimer: I own nothing more than a smile in picture from my sweet couple.
Length: A long one-shot with a plot even if it's a smut fic.
Summary: Always a story based on secret.
Beta: pokky4ever 

Show me the game

Let You Go (Let You Fly) - KyuHae

Let You Go (Let You Fly)
Author : Dian-chan
Rating : PG-13
Genre : AU , fluffy angst, bffery *or whatever you want to presume lol*
Character : Kyuhyun & Donghae, KyuHae <3
Warning : Un-betaed, poor grammar (I’m having a hiatus too long, I’m afraid to ask my usual beta T^T), character death
A/N : I have the idea since forever. And finally I could write them ^^
Summary : Kyuhyun can see wings. People can’t. It’s a curse.

“You have pretty wings.”


title: Sunday Morning
pairing: Kyuwook, Eunhae & Kangteuk {if you reallllly squint}
rating: PG, to be safe.
summary: Ryeowook likes Sunday mornings and it's all because of one thing..or person in this case.
notes:This story is for wookiescookie because she wanted another kyuwook story after i wrote broken!kyuwook in Midnight Walks. ;________; i hope this makes it up ! LOVE YOU BB ! <3

Ryeowook knew he liked Sunday mornings.

title: Fallen
pairing: Kimin {Kibum/Sungmin}
theme: 022. Diamonds
rating: PG
summary: Sungmin's head over heels in love.
notes: Another story I conjured up at like, midnight yesterday. I was on a roll yesterday...and I decided to post this up. 8D WARNING: FAILED!FLUFF INVOLVED. kinda-sorta a drabble..but not really. ;____;

Kim Kibum was walking towards him, shirt hanging over his shoulder with a toothy grin on his tanned face. Sungmin felt his pulse quicken just by the sight of a shirtless Kibum. He mentally slapped himself and pinched his arm to make sure this wasn't a dream. After numerous slaps and pinches, he finally reached the conclusion that it certainly was not a silly dream.

title: Days, Months, Years
pairing: Eeteuk/Eeteuk, Kangteuk
theme: 059. Calendar
rating: PG
summary: Leeteuk is starting to feel lonely and feels like he's going to burst if he doesn't get what he wants.
notes: The last story from my writing spree. 8D It's angsty and this makes me realize that I like angst stories. |:<

We all know that what we do could be the complete opposite of what we want to do, no matter how hard we try sometimes.

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100 SuperJunior Fanfic Challenge Archive ! (:
{superjunior} heechul - the cat&#39;s watchi

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Title: from the kpop scene and back: a conversation online.
Pairings: None, in particular.
Warnings: Nothing much, just a little bit of harmless swearing. but minor swearing. This is put up on SHINee fictions too, so if you find it there, it's not because i copied it, it's because my other friend is putting it up there too.
Characters: Almost all the SuJu members, various SHINee members, SNSD members & others to look out for :D
Summary: What happens in the Super Junior dorms and SHINee dorms? Is everything really as it seems on the outside? Let's take a look by looking at what is considered a "normal day" at these dorms. CRACK!FIC, please don't read it if you're fainthearted. Will be split up into several parts, I will update everyday.
CREDITS TO: Stanleee@SFI & m_inlove , who were part of the entire thing. amazing work we did, you guys :D

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I Missed You Not

Title: I Missed You Not
Author: kamenajin
Pairing: Haehyuk/Eunhae
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters are mine... p.s. the writer is delusional
Summary: "Did you miss me Hyukkie? Donghae asks.
A/N: Willingly or accidental reading, I hope you'll like it. First time posting here, please spare me.

“It was just three months Hae. Of course I didn’t miss you.” Eunhyuk said plainly. )