March 20th, 2010

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[fic] Home is Where the Heart Lies - Oneshot - PG13

Title: Home is Where the Heart Lies
Author: akita_ino
Length: Oneshot
Wordcount: 1.265
Pairings: Kyuhyun / Sungmin; Kyuhyun / Zhou Mi
Rating: PG13
Warnings: angst

Summary: Korea is all about Sungmin and in China all he concentrates on is Zhou Mi. But one time he utters the wong name and suddenly both relationships blend together and Kyuhyun, although being torn, knows he can never chose between them.

Disclaimer: I own nobody mentioned in this fic and claim nothing to be true. I don’t intend to make money with this and I probably will not get any, not even some charity cookies.

Notes: This is actually more a Pre-Drabble to another Oneshot with the same theme I'm working on right now. The story is different, the ending will also be different, but I had this finished already and wanted to post it. The actual oneshot will be longer and I will post it up in the next two days I think. Enjoy!

Home is Where the Heart Lies

the spins

Title:The SPiNs: Characters and Chapter 1
Pairing: Fictional+Onew, Jongkey, Fictional+Kyuhyun
Rating: G
Summary: Three girls must escape from the clutches of the Amy-minions they encounter on their journey around the world. Their efforts are supported by SuJu members and SHINee.
Notes: Based on some idea my friends and I came up with during Lunch ;D The original idea was of the three main characters as Yoshis and Amy-minions as Bowsers. Lol! We’re seriously messed up, I know.

["Jasmine noona is scary."]

Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy

Title: Sexy Naughty Bitchy
Pairing: YeWook, KyuMin, SiChul
Genre: SMUT...yeah smutty smutty...
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The boys aren't mine...only the fic
Summary: Super Show 2, where Ryeowook got sexier, Sungmin plays naughty and Heechul is getting bitchy.

"I'm pretty sure we've all been fucked and been fucking."

a/n: thanks to xopinkkyuminox for TRYING to B.I me for writing smut. keke...yeah you helped. xD
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When Minho Steps In Pt. 2

Title : When Minho Steps In
Author : vivalahyuk
Pairing : Donghae/Eunhyuk; slight Minho/Eunhyuk
Rating : PG

Hyukjae closed his eyes and felt something was not right inside him. He lost his balance and fell down on the floor with a loud thud.
“Hyung, are you okay?” Minho rapidly drew Hyukjae’s body closer and shook him.
“Can’t..drink..anymore Minho-ah..” Hyukjae mumbled, feeling his head was about to explode. Couldn’t stand it any longer Hyukjae collapsed in Minho’s arms.

[Part 1]
[Part 2]
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[fic] Stuck In The Middle

OMG Rapid Update Much? This is quick! Especially for me! I've been to hospital AND done coursework...and Managed to do this :D

Title: Stuck In The Middle
Rating: R-ish mainly, NC-17 at some point
Pairing(s): Shihan, Kangteuk, Yewook, Kihae (If you squint)
Warnings: Violence and blood to a certain extent, AU, Vampires, Werewolves, Character Death.
Summary: Hankyung is a transfer student in Korea for his final year of High School, after his roommate Siwon introduces him to his friends, and he befriends people of his own, he soon finds himself stuck in the middle of a conflict between two races that have been at each others throats for centuries.
Part: 4 of ?

Part 4.

Previous Parts: [1] || [2] || [3]
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Lie to Protect [4/?]

Title: Lie To Protect
Pairing: Eunhae
Chapter: 4/?
Genre: drama, bit of fail comedy
Rating: PG?
Summary: Donghae is the son of a powerful emperor, and his life is in danger as he received a death threat. He is obliged to move out of his palace and enter the world of peasants just to be kept in a low profile. During his stay in a poor village, he meets Eunhyuk and learns many things he didn’t know, and one of those things was love.
A/N: I’m so sorry for not updating. I had a pretty hard exams week, and I was literally dying of boredom and about to surrender, but then a A+ cheered me up xD and then I had to attend a wedding, so for the last time, SORRY! oh! and yes, this fic is weird, let's just say that it's a mix of ancient times with modern day xD
I know where Donghae is…

'You're such a prick'

Title: 'You're Such a Prick'
Author: Azora_S
Pairing: Donghae x Eunhyuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff? Fail at life.

Summary: Finally married, Donghae and Eunhyuk start to live the life of newlyweds. - But what will happen if Donghae's friends or flirty bartenders stop their path? Well they just go down. Evilly.
Jaejoong, DBSK

Just Like That- HaeHyuk

Title: Just Like That [1/1]
Author: ryuutsuki/xredlotusx
Pairing: HaeHyuk, hinted broken!MinHyuk
Fandom: Super Junior
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance-ish /Semi-Drama
Comment: Well...I was listening to Super Junior's "Monster" and I had this urge to write something. A songfic, specifically but I don't think the lyrics from this song suit well with my I decided to use "It's You". This is my first ever songfic. I hope you like ^^
Synopsis: [AU] From the first time my eyes met yours, I knew you were the one for me. Just like that.

It's only you.
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[Update] Joker Au Chocolat Chapter 21

 Title: Joker Au Chocolat
Author: AkiLei
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG-13
Subject: Ryou (Outside Character)~ Main Characters:
 Super Junior: Kibum, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Donghae, Hankyung - Subject to changes/additions
 Fahrenheit: Arron
 Outside Characters: Sunhi
Length: 17/? chapters
Summary: Ryou (from my other fic, Himitsu Star) falls from a four-story building, and finds herself in a different world.
Disclaimer: I do not own any copyrighted material
Authors Note: Kind of based off of Alice in Wonderland. This is a sequel to Himitsu Star, but you don't have to read it to understand this story. ^^  Please read and review (Plus, point out typos? XDD Sorry, I'm just really OCD about my grammar)!  

Eh, Short chapter.. TT.TT

 : : Chapter 1 : : Chapter 2 : : Chapter 3 : : Chapter 4 : : Chapter 5 : : Chapter 6 : : Chapter 7 : : Chapter 8 : : Chapter 9 : : Chapter 10 : : Chapter 11 : : Chapter 12 : : Chapter 13 : : Chapter 14 : : Chapter 15 : : Chapter 16 : : Chapter 17 : : Chapter 18 : : Chapter 19 : : Chapter 20 : : Chapter 21 ; ; 

Sorry For The Late Update :((

Title: Don't Play With My Heart
Status: On-going
Pairing: Kyuhyun && girl!Sungmin
Sub-pairings: Yesung && girl!Ryeowook, Eunhyuk && girl!Donghae
Genre: Romance, Comedy, AU - (Angst may appear at the middle part of the story)
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the pairings nor do I own any of the Super Junior members. If I did, I would have never written this fic.
Summary(do I have to?): Sungmin and her brother, Eunhyuk, has just moved to a new school. She wants a peaceful high school life but her plan is being hindered by Cho Kyuhyun, a player. Could she survive high school life with a jerk like Kyu?


Chapter 1:I Fell Over A Sleepyhead
Chapter 2: I Hate My Partner
Chapter 3: When I'm Bored
Chapter 4: Rampage Inside The Classroom
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Three's Company (2/?) & a drabble

Title: Three's Company
Part: 2 of ?
Pairing:(s) HanHae/SiHae/SiHan
Rating: R (and maybe NC-17 for later chapters)
Summary: Siwon's new in town and making friends with people in the city is hard for a guy who grew up on a farm so when Donghae takes an instant attraction to him, Siwon feels lucky. However, when Siwon meets Donghae's older brother, Hankyung, everything isn't as it seems, just what sort of realtionship do the brothers have?

A/U: Incest and other things

Jealous; strange how a word doesn't mean much but when you apply it to your life, it changes everything."

Part 1: HERE


Title: Pass The Salt, Please
Pairing(s): HanKyu
Rating/Genre: PG-13 for language/angst (ish)

Summary: "I might be leaving, but I'm not leaving you. I'm not leaving anyone... I'm not leaving the other members, I'm not leaving the fans. I'll just be across the pond; it's not that far."

"Could you ask Han Geng-gege to pass the salt please, Zhou Mi?"

Please read, comment and enjoy ^^v

The 8 Roles of Hankyung in Super Junior

Title: The 8 Roles of Hankyung in Super Junior
Author: ringdingdong_jy
Pairing: bandfic
Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 for one scene? ^^)
Status: One-shot done
Genre: Angst
Summary: Hangeng is plays 8 different roles in Super Junior, now that he is gone, what will happen?
Disclaimer: I only own the plot not the characters :D

Title: The Perfect Imperfection
Author: ringdingdong_jy
Pairing: kyumin
Rating: PG-16 (character death)
Status: One-shot done
Genre: Angst
Summary:kyuhyun, a scientist is madly in love with the perfection of sungmin. but what happenes when an expriment goes out of hand?
Disclaimer: I only own the plot not the characters :D


Title: Gaming
Author: xrosepetalsx
Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: Kyuwook (Kyuhyun/Ryeowook), Kihae
Characters: Super Junior
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun spends the majority of his lunch and morning in the school library with Kim Kibum doing homework he doesn’t want to do at home. There, he finds his crush has taken to watching him.
Disclaimer: I do not own.
Warning: Fluff
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 Title: Donghae's Responsibilities
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Chapter: 1/?
 A/N: This is not my story, its my friend's. It's her first time writing and she's not sure whether to write a chapter 2 and needs a confidence boost so yeah guys, comments please! 

Puppy Love

Title: Couldn't Have It Any Other Way
Pairing KyuhyunxOC and RyeowookxOC
Rating: PG?
 A/N: I'm not gonna continue 10 Out Of 10 anymore but i am still using the same characters except now Haneul and Key is Ryeowook and Su-Yeon 

Run Devil Devil Run Run~

Title: Couldn't Have It Any Other Way
Pairing: Kyumin And slight Yewook
Rating: PG
A/N: Pretty sure nobody is gonna read the OC version so here you go. Inspired by the seats in the air bus plane >w< 

Round And Round

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Hiding Love (6/8) pt. A

Hiding Love - (6/8) pt. A
Rating: PG – 13
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Angst
Pairing: Donghae/Eunhyuk , Hankyung/Heechul

Summary: Being one of the most wanted burglars around, Donghae lives a life of luxury. He grew up in a family of burglars and the thrill of doing the crime just thrills him. He doesn’t hurt anyone or steal from anyone, he just steals from museums to add those objects to his exquisite collection of treasures that started growing even before his birth. However, his actual job is a s a dance instructor for this dance company and one day, a new dancer named Eunhyuk joined the company. The chase for the burglar continues but Donghae still manages to live a normal life. However, Eunhyuk started to notice some very weird and suspicious things about Donghae.

As for Hankyung, how hard is it to date a celebrity?

This is a nationwide case already! We have a Chinese inspector going after you! )


blondes cause more trouble

blondes cause more trouble
Kibum/Kyuhyun, implied Hankyung/Victoria (because I can)
Kyuhyun seems to like making his hyungs want to pull their hair out.
(878 words)

A/N: Okay, so this is kind of stupid…but I had a blasty-blast writing it. No offense to blondes, but it was the only title I could think of! For the SJ 100 Fics Challenge, theme #42, Suits.

stop callin’, stop callin’ - I don’t wanna think anymore… )


SJ100FC archive :D
teukie / smile


Title: Telephone
Pairing: Yunjae, Yoosu, Henwook. Ninja! Kangteuk, Hanchul.
Rating: PG-15. or something like that. Its lady gaga's video this fic's based on after all.
Type: Long oneshot

Summary: Yunho meant it when he told Jaejoong that no one would bother him. And when Jaejoong's upset and bothered by people making prank calls to him, Yunho calls up his trusty friend to assist him in getting rid of the people that dared to bother his Jaejoong. Leeteuk enters, along with his group of skilled murderers, Super Junior.

A/N: The fanfic original idea didn't turn out to be this. It was actually on how Jaejoong was annoyed with random people calling him, instead of the person that he wanted to hear from. But somehow it turned out to be this... -tilts head curiously-

Credits: [info]nautisch  for coming up w the original idea/plot. Lady Gaga & Beyonce for the video on their newest hit, Telephone.

 "We're at a diner's. Ryeowook's intending for mass homicide by poisoning." )