March 7th, 2010

Office Harassment ( You know you love it ) [Chapter 7]

Title: Office Harassment ( You know you love it )
Pairing: Kyuhyun X Male!Reader and NINJA Sungmin X Male!reader.
Author: x_kitty_kitty_x
Length: 7/?
Genre: Reader-insert AU
Rating: R for the entire thing.
WARNING: MALE!READER ( Make sure you read this first )
Summary: You, a normal average guy who graduated university with top marks gets a job at a huge enterprise, Lee cooperates. Your boss? Lee Sungmin.
What would happen next? Office Harassment? You wish...
It's more than that...

Finally able to finish Chapter 7 ( whewww~ [wipes sweat] ) after my beta ( sunnix3 ) left for her holiday.

[sobs in happiness]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3A
Chapter 3B
Chapter 3C
Chapter 3D
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Chapter 7
lee ji-ah

High and Dry

Title: High and Dry ½

One of Two-Shot
Pairing: main! YeWon; minor! HanYe; ninja! Other members
Rating: PG-13
Genre: angst and crack (an attempt to combine the two), AU! *where boyXboy relationship is normal
Disclaimer: I own the feelings and this fic but…when will I own them?
Warning: I don’t know how this fic goes from just me wanting to write something to this – so…but I hope you like it ^^

(here it is)
zhou mi

Exchange Buddies - Update - Ch. 2

Title: Exchange Buddies
Pairing: eventual!HanChul, maybe others
Rating: PG
Summary: Han Geng's the new, awkward exchange student at school, and thanks to his smart mouth, Kim Heechul, the 'cool kid' is his "Exchange Buddy", practically gluing the boys together all the time. [ God, I suck at summaries. Better than it sounds. . .I think =w= ]
Previous Parts Ch. 1

Ch. 2 - "Ballet?" Heechul's nose crinkled. "Does that make you. . .a sissy boy?"

Spaces of My Fingers

Title: Spaces of My Fingers

Summary: Yesung wonders why the are spaces between your fingers.

Pairing: Yesung / Ryeowook

Rating: PG - 13

Author's Note: YAY. This is one of the fics that I lost along with my flash drive... DD: YAY. I found a copy. ^_^ Okay. Moving on. I saw my classmate's planner, and one of the weeks had this quote: The reason God put spaces in between your fingers was so that another person's hands could fill them in. It inspired me to write this. YAY. LOL. Anyway. Comments will always be loved. ♥♥

Dedication: for kpoppin  : because she advertised my poll for me. ♥ ILYSM, Maxy. ♥

Spot: for kpoppin and tremmy_chii because she thinks that I will block her. :D

Umma, why do fingers have spaces in between them?


Fic Dump: 2 One-Shots and 1 Two-Shot

Title: Costume Party

Genre: Smut
Pairing: Yewook
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Pure PWP. Gawd im so ashamed.....
Warnings:'s sure you can imagine^^
FYI: Okay, i don know y i wrote thiz....

Dedicated to thundersquall. Sheena im so sory but this is terrible compared to yourz....gawd....*sobs* But I am really reaaally missing your YeWook Fics^^

Oh Yesung. Not yet. Not until I've had my fun....and that won't be over for a while.

Title: Was, Is, and Never Will Be

Genre: Idk. There's implied smut, but nothing too graphic.
Pairing: Kyuhyun/girl!Ryeowook
Rating: R
Summary: Kyuhyun is a man-whore. Ryeowook doesn't seem to mind.
FYI: I have no idea what prompted me to do this.....*glomps*. i know the title sounds angsty, but this fic is FAR from angst....hahaha XD

Kyuhyun is a man-wore. Ryeowook doesn't seem to mind.

Title: The Key and Lock [Two-Shot]

Genre: Romance, Angst if you squint, Mild Smut
Pairing: MAIN: KyuWook, minor!Eunhae, slight!ShiMin, slight!Hanchul
Rating: R - NC-17
Summary: Friendship is easy, simple, a wonderful thing in life. But taking the next couple steps seems to have you tripping and falling hard.
FYI: I don know why I wrote this....
Warnings'll figure it out. *cough cough cough* SMUT Implications

Dedicated To: To my oppa kyu_wook_min. To my loving, wonderful, supporting unni kuro_vyn. To my awesome unni kyulyn. To my other awesome unni that claims she can't write smut but OH YES SHE CAN kpoppin. And for my wonderful dongsaeng k19a2i8m1

Love you all!

The Key and Lock: Part 1

The Key and Lock: Part 2
YeWook - pouty

Needs And Wants

Title: Needs And Wants
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1,833
Summary: Yesung really, really likes Ryeowook dressed up as a girl. Inspired by Ryeowook in Chu, and by this picture.
WARNINGS: Crossdressing, rimming

A/N: For remixied, taengoo, kayevelyn, oppaaarrr, and all those people who have been bugging me for crossdressing porn, you know who you are. >_> Don't blame me if this blows.

Yesung doesn't think he's ever gotten hard so quickly in his life, standing backstage watching Ryeowook sway and pop his hips to Chu. )
Yunho Weary

3 fics: Of Angels and Demons - Taebin, Lexy, Zhou Mi

Title: Of Angels and Demons
Series: Of Angels and Demons
Author: M_K Yujji
Rating: pg-13 for content
Genre: au, fantasy
Characters/Pairing: DBSK, Super Junior, 1TYM, Lexy, Yoseob
Warnings: RPS
Disclaimer: Though real people are used as characters, this fic bears no resemblance to Real Life and these people are not owned by me.

Comments/Notes: Please refer to the Cast List (which has been updated with pretty much everyone you've seen up to this point) for help with who's who.

Previous: Changmin | Hangeng | Kangin | Yesung | Heechul | Eunhyuk


Current Chapters:
Taebin: Separation brings salvation.

Lexy: Some days just aren't worth the trouble.

Zhou Mi: Being human isn't easy...


Title: Sungmin in Wonderland
Genre: Fairy Tale LOL, Adventure, Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sungmin-Alice|Kyuhyun-Cheshire Cat|Ryeowook-Rabbit|Kangin-King of Hearts|Leeteuk-Queen of Hearts|Eunhyuk-mouse|Hankyung-Mad Hatter|Heechul-The Duchess|Shindong-the Duchess' baby|Donghae-Caterpillar|Knave of Heart-Siwon|March Hare-Kibum|Yesung-Dormouse|
Summary: This is an adaptation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

"Siwon was accused by the Mad Hatter Hankyung stealing Duchess Heechul from him.
While on trial, Mouse Hyukkie sudennly accused Caterpillar Donghae of molesting him."

a/n: i was bored. i decided to post all three fics at the same time(epitaph,heechurella and genie for jacquejacque ) so it'll take 1 whole week, and blame me for being lazy -.-

Just Friends?: 1/5

Title: Just Friends?

Pairing: MinBum

Length: 1/5

Shim Changmin, Kim Kibum, Kim Taehee, Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Park Yoochun & Kim Junsu.

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kibum visits his boyfriend, Changmin, in his house. However, an unexpected guest arrives - Changmin's mom. (This is MinBum's story, a side one to Boy Meets Boy ft. YunJae & You and I ft. YooSu)

Just Friends?: 1/5 )

Hug (oneshot)

Title: Hug
Pairing: HanRy (Hangeng/Henry)
Author: plastikxteukie
Length: one shot
Genre: its the offspring of angst/flluff
Rating: R?
WARNING: this is utter fail I'm sorry! un-beta'd
Summary: To Hangeng there was only one person that he could describe as a ‘hug’
Notes: i'm so sorry for it being this late but happy birthday mawaru_berry

To him a hug is

Julie's birthday fic.

Title: Julie's birthday fic
Genre: Fluff. :)
Pairing: KyuMin, hinted!SiHanChul, friendship!EunHae, implied!KangTeuk
Rating: I think this will go G. XD
Warnings: Un-betaed. Too lazy. Please help meeeee.
Word Count: 2,086
Prompt: lovingmydubu (Jess niece) -- diabetes <3
Summary: Kyuhyun was never the one who liked sweet stuff. Sungmin, on the other hand, is on the extreme opposite of the said meter. How did they meet halfway then?
A/N: This is ... well ... I don't know. xD A birthday fic for my amazing niece named Julie who promised to talk to me more this year but I haven't seen in MSN ever since. XD I love you Julie!!! Hope I could talk to you soon! :) I know this isn't as good as your fics but hope you can deal with it! XDDDDD <33333 - Auntie Mei~

Sorry for being title-less XD

Hiding Love (4/?) pt. B

Hiding Love (4/?) pt B
Rating: PG – 13
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
Pairing: Donghae/Eunhyuk, Hankyung/Heechul
Summary: Being one of the most wanted burglars around, Donghae lives a life of luxury. He grew up in a family of burglars and the thrill of doing the crime just thrills him. He doesn’t hurt anyone or steal from anyone, he just steals from museums to add those objects to his exquisite collection of treasures that started growing even before his birth. However, his actual job is a s a dance instructor for this dance company and one day, a new dancer named Eunhyuk joined the company. The chase for the burglar continues but Donghae still manages to live a normal life. However, Eunhyuk started to notice some very weird and suspicious things about Donghae.

(He saw my face)

Office Harassment ( You know you love it ) [Chapter 8]

Title: Office Harassment ( You know you love it )
Pairing: Kyuhyun X Male!Reader and NINJA Sungmin X Male!reader.
Author: x_kitty_kitty_x
Length: 8/?
Genre: Reader-insert AU
Rating: R for the entire thing.
WARNING: MALE!READER ( Make sure you read this first )
Summary: You, a normal average guy who graduated university with top marks gets a job at a huge enterprise, Lee cooperates. Your boss? Lee Sungmin.
What would happen next? Office Harassment? You wish...
It's more than that...

Notes: My beta ( sunnix3 ) still isn't back yet. T_T

The plot develops!!
Sungmin won't be rid off easily, he'll come back in the next few chapters or so

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3A
Chapter 3B
Chapter 3C
Chapter 3D
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Chapter 8
L Lulu baby ;A;

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Title: Spring (Drabble)
Author: tremmy_chii
Pairing: Eunhae
Ratings: G
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone, anything, except for this fanfic :3

Down that road of invisible rocks and nature's footprints lives a couple so in love, it only grow greater each day.

Word Count: Hah, exactly 900.
akihikaru  - Because she was my Nazi and was the first to read this. XD And corrected some things. ANDDDD BECAUSE I LOVE HER 8D So she needs to be mentioned somewhere o_______o 
tees2mai  - Because I remember promising you something and - and ;_______; *Sighs* I never gave you that one drabble. LOL (We got distant. GOOD LUCK IN COLLEGE :3 )

Link: Here

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SM Boarding School - chapter 10

Title: SM Boarding School
Author: tewki
Paring: Eunhyuk/Donghae (maybe other side parings but I don't wanna spoil~)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: School life, romance, humor, maybe a little angst
Chapters: 10/? 
Summary: He stared at that big banner, hanging over the gate entarance, and read SM Boarding School. The banner itself scared him and he inspected the school area carefully before starting to dig in his handbag.
Warnings: Swearing, mention of sex and sensuality.
And probably some grammar/spelling errors. English is not my native language ^_^
Disclaimer: YES, THEY'RE ALL MINE! These boys does not belong to me.


Previously chapters: || 01 || 02 || 03 || 04 || 05 part 1 || 05 part 2 ||  06 || 07 || 08 || 09 ||


Let's be in-laws {chapter 5}

Genre: Crack and fluff/romance, angst?
Rating: PG (for now)
Pairing: Eunhae, Sichul, Kangteuk
Warning: fem!Teuk, un-betaed, grammar mistakes
Summary: Two best-friends are planning to be family but something unexpected will come their way
A/N: Sorry, it's been too long since my last post -_- I hope this chapter repays my lateness ^^ Like always, comments are REALLY <3

geng turn

Broken Promise

Hey, it's me again. I bring you another sihan fic :D

Title : Broken Promise
Pairing : Siwon x Hangeng
Genre : angst
Words : 7.520 -> It’s geting longer than I expected (o_O)
Warning : character death
Rating : PG-13
Summary : He promised to be with Han Geng. He promised him forever. But he is the one who broke it.
Disclaimer : I wish I own them, but sadly I don’t :/

Please bear my mistake in grammar or anything.

The one I want is a promise that we will be together forever

An ELF's Love Pt 3

Title: An ELF's Love Pt 3
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Eunhyuk[guy], Donghae[girl]
Rating: PG13
Summary: I didn't realize it had gone quiet since there were too many things going through my head. To many feelings going through my body. But as soon as I felt the quietness I knew who had spoken to me. This was deja vu all over again.

009. Coffee

title: coffee
pairing: eunhyuk/donghae {EUNHAE!}
warnings: fail!fluff and some grammar issues since i did this at 11PM. ;___;
rating: PG, like always.
summary: the adventures of donghae and their addiction to coffee.
notes: I did this over a period of a week or so, so I kinda rushed this? So excuse my lameness and illogical analogies/corny lines. (; {part of 100SUJUFANFICCHALLENGE!}

You're like the sun and I'm the moon, without you, I can't shine in the night," he said, letting the words slip off his tongue and into my ears.

100 SUJU Fanfic Archive!
Kyuhyun - Super Junior
  • xgaho

Love Struck

Title: Love Struck
Chapter: 5/?
Rating: PG to PG-13 Genre: Fluff, Romance, Crack, Fem-Slash
Pairing: Kyumin[main] Hanchul, Kangteuk, Sibum, Eunhae
Warning: This is a Fem-Slash fic. Yes that means some are girls. If you don't like this genre then I'd advise you not to read this fic. Oh well your loss :)
Summery: With Valentines day around the corner, new love is springing around, and couples celebrate.

"Min, you have less than 20 minutes until we have to leave, and if you don't get up now, you'll be looking a hot mess and we'll all be ignoring you as if we don't know you."
WooGyu - Infinite

Unseen - Chapter 3

Title: Unseen
Author: cariad_82
Chapter: 3/?
Rating: PG - NC-17
Genre: AU, fantasy, romance, vampire
Fandom: Super Junior & DBSK
Pairings: Yunho/Jeajoong (main), others to come
Summary: The last vampires are fighting for the fate of the world.

Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior or DBSK. The original plot to this fic belongs to J.R. Ward

Previous Chapters: [01] | [02]

Yunho's lips moved slightly in a sarcastic way as he watched the humans in front of him almost tripping over one another in their attempt to get out of his way. He could smell their terror and yet there was also some kind of morbid desire emitting from everyone in the room.