February 25th, 2010


Something About Books And Not Judging (3/3)

Title: Something About Books And Not Juding
Rating: PG
Pairing: YeWook
Summary: Ryeowook couldn't be mean and say no, especially with everyone looking at him. Ryeowook finds himself in an awkward predicament.

This is the third and final installment of this fic. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you like this update.
Thank you to all you who have kept with it and read.

Comments are loved.
Thank you

The sting of jealousy hung over me like a black cloud

Here are the others if you missed them -

Part one- It's not that I know everything it's just the class don't know anything

Part two- I will win his heart

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I See You (2/3)

Title : I See You (2/3)
Character: Eeteuk, Kangin, Siwon, Yesung
Pairing: Kangteuk, Kangsung, (past) Kangin/Jessica
Disclaimer: All the members belong to themselves and SME
Rating : R
Genre: AU! / Angst / Romance
Word count: 2965
Warning: Unbetaed! Crappy writing -_-
Summary: He want to protect Jungsu forever,but is it possible? They said nothing is last forever…

Fly here
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(no subject)

Chapter: 3/?

Pairings: Secret~ (in this chapter: EunHae & mentions of other)

Rating: Everything from PG to NC-17 (this chapter: PG-13)

Summary: When three completely different men, all with their own hidden secrets and desires, meets up at a place none of them would really like to be, what happens?

Chapter three this way~
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drabbles, batch one

I was in the sudden mood to write drabbles this morning, and asked a friend to give me a one word prompt. From there, I started taking prompts from a few other friends, and ended up with these few. This is only one batch, as I'm quite enjoying writing these. With two exceptions, these are all done with the first pairing that came to mind once the prompt was given.

They range from G-R, so be warned~

The SuJu drabbles are 2-4~
-qmi:G-Sometimes, things are better than video games
-hanchul:G-Snow keeps them connected
-hanchul:G-Hankyung comes bearing gifts

drabbles under here~
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requested by:genma4600

a/n:this is requested by GENMA4600!!!i hope you enjoy it!!this is my first smutt fic this year!!!2010!!!hahaha xD so please read and comment!!!!i may be a bit rusty  so forgive me...but nonetheless,ENJOY!!!hehhe

link: bigboyvictory.livejournal.com/4616.html

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Royalty's Expectations and Revelations (14/14) - THE END

Title: Royalty’s Expectations and Revelations (14/14) *sequel to Revenge on Royalty*
Rating: PG – 13
Pairings: Hanchul, Sibum, Eunhae, Kyumin, Kangteuk, Henry/OC
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Adventure, Gender Switch
Summary: Wanting to have a child, Heechul decided to go to a witch doctor. Apparently, to bear a child, he must have a womb. Heechul didn’t even listen to the witch doctor when he was explaining and ended up turning into a girl without knowing about fact. Because of the new discovery of that kind of power, an idea comes to a certain family member who has been kept in hiding. This person in royalty appears with thought of revenge, bringing despair along with her as she destroys each and every one of them, one by one.

(Bery good like Dada and Papa!)
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What my life would have been like... (2/?)

Title: What my life would have been like... (2/?)
Author: sexy_pengwin
Genre: AU (sorta...), high school (definitely), humor (can't help it), romance (probably)
Rating: PG-PG13 (mostly for language later on and some themes)
friendship!HanChul (pretty much guaranteed more later) friendship!HanMi (and again, maybe more later one)
This chapter: Kyumin. If you count it as that. (MENTIONED ONLY!) Also Yewook and possible Kangteuk if you want to look at it that way. Oh, and Eunhae, but again only if you want to look at it that way (for the time being at least) Heechul is mentioned... Ah yes, and Henry will be in here, but in person, not mentioned.
Summary: Hangeng wonders what would have happened had he not signed up for SM. He soon finds out when he wakes up back in China, 16 again. His family moves to Korea, where he finds that in life, there are certain people that will be there no matter what. Like Heechul. Oh joy.
Disclaimer: Nope! I wish....
A/N: Finally up! Hope it turned out well....
Chapter 2

And for those who haven't read it...
Chapter 1
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[fic] Unexpected Sight

Title: Unexpected Sight
Fandom: RPF: Super Junior and DBSK
Characters: EunHyuk, HeeChul
Prompt: 067: Touch
Word Count: 316
Rating: G
Summary: EunHyuk catches HeeChul with a hot girl.
Author's Notes: Yes, another universe. I think we've lost our minds. Coclaimed (although not really) with skyangelfics, so hopefully a decent idea of this universe is clear by the time we're done.
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Puppy Love [10/?]

Title: Puppy Love
Disclaimer: I do not own any members, they belong to themselves and SMentertainment.
Pairing(s): !main EunHae, !main KiHae, !main KyuMin, !main Qmi, !main EunYeon (other implied pairings)
Parts: 10/?
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Romance
Rating: PG - PG13
Summary: Eunhyuk and Sungmin have been having a long distance relationship for quite a while, and it's been going quite fine until Eunhyuk surprisingly shows up at Sungmin's school as the new 'transfer' student.
WarningNot betaed.

( Chapter 1 ) ( Chapter 2 ) ( Chapter 3 ) ( Chapter 4 )
Chapter 5 ) ( Chapter 6 ) ( Chapter 7 ) ( Chapter 8 )
( Chapter 9 )

"You know, you've been hurting a few people, Hyuk." )

Office Harassment ( You know you love it ) [Chapter 1]

Title: Office Harassment ( You know you love it )
Pairing: Sungmin X Male!Reader
Author: x_kitty_kitty_x
Length: 1/?
Genre: Reader-insert AU
Rating: PG-13 for suggestiveness and molesting.
WARNING: MALE!READER ( Make sure you read this first )
Summary: You, a normal average guy who graduated university with top marks gets a job at a huge enterprise, Lee cooperates. Your boss? Lee Sungmin.
What would happen next? Office Harassment? You wish...

Why are you breaking out in cold sweat? Good question.

Updates: fan fic prizes

 batch 2 of the fanfic prizes: who guessed my ninja pairings

1. for mad_goth_freak 

Title: α meets Ζ <<<<<
Author: jhengchie
Pairing: Sibum, with YunJae (DBSK) and all the obvious SJ pairings [girls! Kibum, Jaejoong, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Heechul, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk]
Genre: Romance, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  party with the α - males can lead to something really hot....


2. for mara_ciro 
Title: We’re just friends  <<<<
Author: jhengchie 
Pairing: Eunhae, with Yewook, KyuMin, Taeyeon Yoona
Genre: Romance, humor
Rating: PG-15
Summary: When will they realize that they are more than friends?

A/N: last batch of fic prizes.. thank you for waiting and i do hope that these will meet your expectations..

Here's to waiting it out for blue skies

Title: Here's to waiting it out for blue skies
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13

a/n: This is the third part to A Hotel Bed, so I recommend you read the first two parts if you haven’t yet. I’m indicating the genre this time to avoid confusion but it ends kind of happy so… Comments and/ or critique is appreciated.

You wish to stay asleep, in a dream land you create in your mind and only your desires and hopes are fulfilled subconsciously. But you can’t dream forever, even if you tried.

hello, Seoul

hello, Seoul
Hankyung/Donghae, Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun
R, sex, romance
Accidents happen, like when you bump into a pretty stranger and end up in their arms.
(2743 words)

A/N: This is a prompt that I snagged from my lovely Monica's (tarmenel ) personal challenge. And I realized this weekend that I can't seem to write anything under 1000 words lately, because everything else I'm doing is nowhere near done. I'll have to work on that.

just like that. don’t get caught, i’m dangerous. )
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Heechul VS. Super Junior

Title: Heechul VS. Super Junior
Pairing: Heechul/Everyone, Heechul/?, ninja!pairings (well not too ninja)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Crack
Summary: Heechul decides to torture his members by testing out fanfics.
Disclaimer: Not real. I made it up. The boys belong to themselves and SM.
Author’s notes: My first crack fanfic, I hope its funny enough. If you liked it, please let me know. If you hated it, please be gentle.

HaeBum ♥ KiHae

Two Updates

Title: Forbidden Love
Cast: (Main)HaeMin, (Minor)EunTeuk, Jung Jessica, &+ Fictional
Rating: PG - NC17
Genre | Warning: Action, Romance, Comedy, Drama | Language, Violence, Smut (later chapters)
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior.
Summary: Angel and Vampire, forbidden to love. But what happens when the Angel falls in love with the Vampire? Well the love be returned before it's too late? And if so, can their love really exist and a world where they aren't accepted and are complete opposites.
Previous Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four

“If you lay a single hand on him I will kill you.” He growled, his eyes darkening immensely.

Title: When Fate Makes A Mistake
Cast: (Main)KyuBum, (Minor)HaeMin, &+ Hwang Tiffany
Rating: PG - NC17
Genre | Warning: Romance, Comedy, Drama | Smut (later chapters)
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior.
Summary: Before the birthd of their children, the Kims and the Chos arranged a marriage between them. What they didn't anticipate was the Kim child being born a boy rather than a girl. Now eighteen years later, they are still arranged to be married but neither of them know. To make matters worse Kibum and Kyuhyun can't stand one another. on Kyuhyun's eighteenth birthday it is revealed to them about the marriage and neither are happy about it. But at their parents request they live with one another. Can these two set aside years of conflict? Will there ever be love? Or did fate make a mistake?
Previous Chapter: One
He couldn’t believe it when he found himself thinking about Kibum. Yeah sure the guy was attractive to say the least. Actually he was very attractive. But he didn’t think that way about him. Right?

My FanFiction Masterlist
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[8 things Super Junior Gave Sungmin]

Title: Courage, Reliability, Sincerity, Friendship, Knowledge, Hope, Love, Light
Pairing: Sungmin-centric; Kyumin, broken!Kangmin, hinted KiHae, hinted SiKyuMin; (Yesung, Kangin, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kibum, Siwon, Kyuhyun cameo)
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Angst, slight!Bandfic
Rating: PG-13 (very minor implied sex)
Summary: Eight things that the Super Junior members have given to Sungmin, all of which are very meaningful to the "pinkprince".

Courage; Reliability; Sincerity; Friendship; Knowledge; Hope; Love; Light )

A/N: KUDOS to people who can figure out where I got this idea from. <333333 Comments make me smile.