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Title: Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
Fandom: Super Junior
Rating: PG to NC-17
Pairing: Shimin (for now~!)
Summary: "Siwon nodded, his mouth suddenly dry,"
A/N: Um, the length... it's uh... not much ^^" But things that needed to happen, happened. And that's gotta count for something! Points if you can guess who the new character is! Warnings still apply for general human scuminess and probably squick/language/violence. ALSO: This fic is a bit of a side project and I will TRY to update it weekly, but Confessions Arc takes priority, and after that "Did I Shave My Legs for This". But if it makes you feel any better, I've got half of the sequel done :P

Previous Chapters:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9*New!*

The Tough Life of Cho Kyuhyun Series [ 5/7 part 1]

Title: The Tough Life of Cho Kyuhyun Series [5/7]
Author: X_sujuaddict_X
Pairing: KyuMin (Main), Hanchul (Flirt buddies), Yewook (Sex buddies) and Eunhae (Partners in mischief)
Ft. Characters: (In this episode) Sunny, Yoona, Jessica and Seohyun of SNSD and Wooyoung, Junho and Nichkhun of 2PM
Rating: R
Warning: 2 sex scenes
Season 1 Episode 5: Things Made Perfect
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior or Hongik University but I do own the story and plot! 
Episode Summary: Kyuhyun, a fool he thinks he is, missed his chance once again; he goes to Yoona for help, Ryeowook is pretty fed up with Yesung; Yesung tries to resolve things as best he can but keeps getting interrupted, Heechul can’t stand Jessica and Donghae can’t stand Eunhyuk’s new friend.
Notes: TV Show Style
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Taemin Knees

Art is Where Fantasy Comes Alive

Title: Art is Where Fantasy Comes Alive
Characters: Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Zhou Mi
Pairing: Qmimin
Length: One shot
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Femslash, smut, bucket o' fail.
Summary: Dating couple Sungmin and Zhou Mi have finally made it into college. It's all fun and games until their studio art instructor brings in a nude model. Now it's a party.

Beta'd by: the beta-biters (Diane and Jisun) and title by Clarey Clare Clarissa~

I love how, Meike and I were the ones in charge of this little Qmimin day.....and I'm LATE. T_T

Nice knockers!

Baking Cake Drabbles [Eunhae]

Title: Baking Cake Drabbles [Eunhae]
Author: xrosepetalsx
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Eunhae [Eunhyuk/Donghae]
Characters: Eunhyuk, Donghae
Summary: Donghae’s green eyed monster keeps him from being with Eunhyuk when he gets home from China, but Eunhyuk finds him later. There as a brother, though both feel so much more.
Disclaimer: I do not own.
Warning: Angstish fluff (Do realize angstish usually equates to wistful/sad thinking in my book.)

Baking Cake Drabbles Archive
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Of Marriage and Broken Heart : Chapter 6

 Pairing : Eunhyuk,Donghae[Eunhae] & Donghae,Kibum [Kihae]

Length : 6/?

Rated : G or maybe PG13

Genres : Romances,Angst & Fluff.

Warning : I am kinda sucks at English.Forgive me T_T


Disclaimer: I owned the fanfic but not the boys =/

Summary : Donghae,a son of a famous bussines man in Seoul were force to marry Hyukjae,another son of another bussines man in Seoul when he already have a lover,Kibum.They got married and their marriage live started.Hyukjae,in the other hands start to fall in love with him but hides all his feeling because of Kibum.What will happen?Are they going to be a true soulmate or got divorce? *Uhhhh.I am really sucks at summary.SORRY!! T_T *


The Sunset to my Sunrise

Title: The Sunset to my Sunrise
Pairing: Kyuhae (Kyuhyun & Donghae)
Author: seungigi
Rating: PG-13 (to be safe)
Genre: Angst/fluff, drabble
Words: Around 500-600
Summary: The colors of the sky bled into each other as fragile heartbeats pulsed together. The sunrise, the beginning, and the sunset, the finality that they needed.
A/N: I have forgotten how their dorms are arranged and if they have windows or not so let's just say that you don't know either :D There's more symbolism than I expected...

( It was strange, it was different, but it was stunning all the same. )

Babysitting is Impossible [Chapter One]

Title: Babysitting is Impossible
Author: belicax and missi_mimi
Parts: 1/?
Pairing: Yewon
Genre: Fluff, drama, romance
Rating: R
Summary: Siwon needs no babysitter but he can't seem to let go of his latest 'sitter.'

A/N: We wanted to take a break from the drama and angst? Idk, I'm just tired of the 'intense' atmosphere of our other story. D:

"This isn't what babysitters do!" Yesung whined in unease.
matt ryan

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Title: Appetizer

Author: keyla_yeppo 

Pairing: Kyuhyun/Yoochun (don’t even ask!), veryninja! Yunjae and ZhouRy

Genre: Smut

Rating: definite NC-17

Disclaimer: I own the plot but not the boys. If someone wants to give them to me as a present, I won’t refuse ;)

Summary: Kyuhyun and Yoochun forgot to order the appetizer for their dinner and their main course was taking so long to arrive. They decided to take the appetizer issue into their own hands.

Warning: unbeta-ed. Well, only by Microsoft Word

(right this way, please..)






Hello everyone! I thought that I would post a link to a birthday ficlet I wrote! I hope everyone enjoys and thank you!

"Countdown" (A Series of Eeteuk Centered Drabbles and Ficlets)
By: Miracle Shining

PAIRING: TeukHae, HanTeuk, HanTeukHae
RATING: G to NC-17 (Band!verse and AU!verse)
GENRE: Friendship, Romance, Angst, Smut,
LEGAL JUNK: Not mine or there would be FAR more HanHae action.
WARNINGS: May contain Sexual Situations

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written as a belated birthday present for shihan_ai. I hope you like it! =^^=

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{superjunior} heechul - the cat's watchi

a drabble and a story.

Title: Gravity
Type: Oneshot
Rating: PG
Pairing: Various friendship pairings
Genre: Varies from light fluff to light angst
Warnings: None!
Notes: Happy belated birthday Kyuhyun & kat_elric !
Summary: Gravity is what keeps us standing and not falling. It keeps us upright, it keeps us standing tall. Gravity means different things to different people. Whatever keeps them strong, happy, sane or comforted is also known as Gravity. Each member has something close to their hearts, something that keeps them going.
This is about 4 to 6 lines about each member and something close to their hearts.

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Title: Sushi
Type: Oneshot
Rating: G
Pairing: No pairings; sungmin-centric
Genre: Varies from light fluff to light angst
Warnings: None!
Notes: This was a fic written for m_inlove ! her prompt was sushi (: i hope it didn't disappoint you too much, hun! i couldn't think of anything :P
Summary: Sushi was his favourite food. It was no wonder why that was so.

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that was really sort of bad. i couldn't think of anything that i could write and just went with prompts. i'm a better commenter on stories that an actual writer, honestly. the first story has alot of crosses between past and present making tenses quite messed up. but alright, it was ok attempt, i guess?

China Roses

Title: China Roses

Pairings: HanWon, KangMin, KyuHae, JongKey and OnTae (if you squint like I do.)

Rate: M (16+)

Genre: Romance

Summary: Just the thought of a possible fail made him worry over the fact of going back to China, full lugage and empty eyes, having to bend his head down and take his mother’s apologetic words and his father’s ‘I told you so’. But having to face him would be the worse.

A/N: OH, man. I tought I wouldn't be able to post this chapter today (damn you, rain!)! I wanna thank my uhnee asrail  for the patience and for being my beta (you know ILUSFM and I'm sorry for today!) and myself for not giving up! I'm not entirely happy with this chapter (I'm never happy with anything I write so... yeah, you get the picture) and he is long like hell, bu-ut there are some funny moments. English is not my first language so, sorry for the mistakes. Also my prologue was an in media res (starting in the middle of the action) thing, so what's there is what happens in one of the finals chapters, the first chapter is where the story beggins (explaining just in case someone gets lost). The music I used in this chapter is Change by F.I.R and the title is from a folk song (yeah, no one cares, shut up already!). Comments are <3!

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Royalty's Expectations and Revelations (11/14) part A

Title: Royalty’s Expectations and Revelations (11/?) pt. A *sequel to Revenge on Royalty*
Rating: PG – 13
Pairings: Hanchul, Sibum, Kyumin, Hochul
Warning: Cursing
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Adventure, Gender Switch, Action

Summary: Wanting to have a child, Heechul decided to go to a witch doctor. Apparently, to bear a child, he must have a womb. Heechul didn’t even listen to the witch doctor when he was explaining and ended up turning into a girl without knowing about fact. Because of the new discovery of that kind of power, an idea comes to a certain family member who has been kept in hiding. This person in royalty appears with thought of revenge, bringing despair along with her as she destroys each and every one of them, one by one.

(Stop him! He's just going to hurt him!)
From the Soul to the Song

From the Soul to the Song - Verse Twenty Seven

Title: From the Soul to the Song
Author: kat_elric
Chapters: 27/?
Rating: R
Genre: AU, fantasy, romance, action/adventure
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Heechul/Hankyung, Donghae/Kibum/Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun/?, Kangin/Leeteuk, Yesung/Ryeowook
Summary: If performances, concerts, show recordings, radio shows, and practices weren’t enough, an invisible force sees fit to add yet another thing to their work load. It seems as though Earth itself has decided that Super Junior needs to be the latest to join the fight to defend it. If they thought that Heechul was dangerous as he was, they had no idea what could happen when he found he could wield fire.
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior, however all of the ideas contained within this story are purely my own and belong to me.

Verse Twenty Seven


Character Information

one thing.

Title; what if we could be
Fandom/Pairing; Heechul/Donghae friendship (?)
SJ100FC Theme; #14, Home
Rating; PG-15, for drugs and offensive language
Summary; Three years in New York. It hasn't been bad. It's been good, sort of.
A/N; This is a rewrite of the theme I wrote for them a few months ago. It was nagging me in the back of my brain, and then I finally took the initiative to start the rewrite because I love this pairing oh so much. They're more like just friends here, though.
Word Count; 1157


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School Mascot 4

Title: School Mascot (temporary working title)
Chapter: 4
Genre(this chapter): Romance, CollegeAU, fluff
Rating: G(this chapter only)
Characters: SUJU, SNSD, f(x), more (upcoming chapters)
Pairings: main!Kyuhyun/Seohyun, more
Summary: Super Generation Het series fanfic in a college setting
A/N: First attempt in a series fic., plese love it.. comments?? Genre and rating should vary in different chapters.. planned G-NC17/R..

Chapter 4: “Just make sure you don’t bring him to the arcade!” Kangin called from behind them.

Chapter 3
Chapter 2
chapter 1

The perfection of imperfection

Title: The perfection of imperfection
Pairing: YeWon
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance
Disclaimer: Fantasy is: I own them. Reality is: Lee Soo Monster does.
Summary: Yesung is always faced with the fact that he is a fail and barely has any self-confidence. Therefore he loves perfect things. And to him, there is nothing as perfect as Siwon. But would Siwon love him, a fail at life?
A/N: Unbeta-ed. I decided to dedicate this to my lovely Re, who is an amazing person. So belicax  my dear, this is for you.

The perfection of imperfection )