January 31st, 2010

When I say 'You Taste Like Ice-Cream'... [QMi]

Title: When I say 'You Taste Like Ice-Cream' (I Really Mean I Wouldn't Want Anyone Else)
Author: convicted_eyes 
Pairing: QMi. Slight HanChul. Ninja!EunHae
Genre: Au!Highschool, fluff
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some kissing. Some slight sexual stuff. Non explicit.
Disclaimer: Gotta catch 'em all! don't own.
Summary: Kyuhyun's friends and Zhou Mi's friends finally all meet. Some surprises follow. (Summary fail).
Authors note: Kind of the sequel to Just Because I'm Nerdy (Doesn't Mean I Can't fall Head over Heels for you) and part of the 'That's What I go to School for' series which can be found at my archive here! You don't need to read the others to understand this, and I've left a little promise of what I'm working on next in the series, it's pretty obvious, but I'm sure you guys will be pleased ^_^

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Siwon UNF

Pumpkin Soup Update

Part 10~

Title: Pumpkin Soup:
Part 10 of ..?

Pairing(s): Pairs go according to part, so in this part we have: QMi, HenWook, SiHan and mild KangMin

Rating: R (cross dressing, language and mild violence)

Summary: Han Geng was the prime suspect of the murder of police officer, Kim Kibum. After a year incarcerated, he has been freed due to lack of evidence.
Meanwhile, Sungmin is starting life again, as Lee Sungson - a girl, but this wasn't his choice.
Why does Han Geng want Sungmin dead so badly?

"I did it. It's my fault. I killed them."

And the masterlist for those of you that missed anything ^^:
Pumpkin Soup: Masterlist

Please read, comment and enjoy ^^v
Heechul Heebum OTP

I'm a Loner

Title: “I’m a Loner”  

Author: lpgranger

Beta: lil_aqua_chic

Fandom: Super Junior

Pairings: Heebum-centric (as in the cat), Heechul/Hankyung, ninja!Kangin/Eeteuk

Word Count: 1,560

Rating: PG

Summary: Heechul and Eeteuk are sent off to America to promote their upcoming US debut.

Warnings: death!fic Yeah, I think you know who.  D:


This story is somewhat based off of my real life experience, which makes it seem AU at times.

It’s dedicated to the girls of M13, you know who you are, that helped me through the difficult time. Thank you.

CNBlue’s lyrics fit pretty well with what I was feeling at the time, hence the title.




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Yunho Weary

fic: Of Angels and Demons

Series: Of Angels and Demons
Length: Multiple snippets
Author: M_K Yujji
Rating: pg-13 for content
Genre: angst, au, fantasy
Pairing/Characters: DBSK, Super Junior, MinHo, mentioned HanChul, ShiChul
Warnings: RPS, AU
Disclaimer: Though real people are used as characters, this fic bears no resemblance to Real Life and these people are not owned by me.

Comments/Notes: This is a serious of snippets, each from the pov of a different character, that fit together to form a universe. Also, I recognize that several members of Suju and DBSK have two names - stage names and real names. As this is an AU, I felt that it was acceptable to simply pick the name I learned each one as and just go with it.

Summary: In a world of angels and demons, only chaos is certain.

Changmin | Hangeng | Kangin

fic dump. i feel obnoxious.

Title; Confection Perfection
Fandom/Pairing; Heechul/Siwon, not-so-ninja Hanry
Rating; G
Summary; Heechul is hard to take care of, Siwon decides on a Wednesday morning.
A/N; Okay, as much as I adore SiChul, I must say that I did them NO JUSTICE in the first half of this. The second half is much better, and it contains Hanry. Because honestly, writing something without Hankyung is really difficult. I know I've done it, but it's so hard for me. BIAS. IT'S HUGE.
Word Count; 619

Heechul brings drama in countless situations, even if it’s unintentional. )

Title; Tiny Death
Fandom/Pairing; Donghae/Henry, Han Geng (because he can't keep himself out of anything I write)
Rating; PG-13 for mentions of death
Summary; Donghae shares the wisdom that Henry didn't know he had.
A/N; … Yay HenHae :D
Word Count; 1544

be a new person )

Title; replay, replay, replay
Fandom/Pairing; Tiffany/Taemin, if you squint you get Hankyung/Taemin
Rating; PG
Summary; you leave her stuck in a field where her skin is gold, and her arms reach upwards.
A/N; I place the blame on my biases for Taemin and Tiffany, and the fact that I think (don't quote me on this) that Taemin is Tiff's favorite SHINee member. And oh hey, Hankyung snuck into this one, too. One of my personal favorites that I've written.
Word Count; 1782
you leave her stuck in a photograph, in your memory. )

Title; the way he wants (or doesn't)
Fandom/Pairing; Leeteuk/Yesung
Rating; NC-17
Summary; He doesn't want you, and you're damn sure of that.
A/N; Placing the blame/inspiration on tarmenel  <3 & thanks again for being my beta readerrr. Much much love ^_^
Word Count; 963


he's fierce, you think. )

Title; Twisted Logic
Fandom/Pairing; Donghae/Siwon
SJ100FC Theme; #43, Washing Machines
Rating; NC-17? (yeah, i think so)
Summary; Donghae's a good boy, and Siwon's an exceptionally good boy.
A/N; I wrote something else at first, but that didn't work. So I wrote this. I kinda like it, but I probably shouldn't do any more smut today. My brain's gonna wear out, haha.
Word Count; 664


stay logical, boys. )

// … something went wrong the first time i posted. i think i fixed it now.

[Fic] An Old Man's Memories

Title: An Old Man's Memories
Characters: Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Super Junior
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: ~ R
Wordcount: ~7900
Genre: Drama, h/c
Disclaimers: I don't own anything,'Us against the world' belongs to its creators and Westlife
Summary: You have a tradition. Once every year you take a day to youself and reminisce about your past. You miss all of your friends and family but you especially miss him.
Warning: Death fic, but the ending is sappy. :)

You stop walking and take a deep breath. You decide to rest for a while and let your heard beating heart calm down. Sometimes it is hard to remember that you are no longer as young as you used to be. You continue to walk, watching the beautiful scenery around you. It is spring. A new beginning, a time for hope.

; you are my my my sunrise

Fic Dump :)

Whatever It Takes
KyuWook | G | 1000+ words | prompt : cheesy one liners | for leunah23 
Kyuhyun forgets their first anniversary and Ryeowook is upset. Kyuhyun begs for forgiveness and Ryeowook comes up with something, a little unexpected ;D
Warning : major cheesiness, kk~

In all honesty, Kyuhyun wants to shout ‘For God’s sake, Wookie, of all things, why that??’ but he knows better than to make thing worse than it already is, so he swallows the words down his throat.


.when it snows, i'll think of you.
KyuHae | G | 500 words | for genisaurion

And did you know, Donghae, that now I hate this snow I used to adore so much, because now all it brings is more and more scars to my already wounded heart?

Models Aren't Gay, Right? [Part 3]

Genre: Smut, Romance
Pairing: KyuWook and other suju pairings
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 (one smut scene)
Summary: Sapphire Blue Star Academy is the top modeling agency in Seoul, South Korea. Children are chosen to train at the academy until their status level is high enough to participate in the Seoul Emerald Stone Runway competition. If the models make it past that, then they will be eligible to partake in the Golden Dragon Asia Runway. When Ryeowook and his friends are invited, they meet many obstacles in the way. One surprising things the boys learned was......most models are gay. Pfft......what a lie.........or so Ryeowook thought......
Disclaimer: They're mine! *2 seconds later gets arrested* I don't own them, SM does.

<3333333 My dearies! I'm so sorry for not updating sooner! I've been editing a KyuWook Story! I'm kind of dedicating this to kuro_vyn and kyu_wook_min! i love you unnis! thank you for supporting me all the way! Comments are always loved!

That's it. Work it! Bunny Wookie! Turn you head lik- yes! That's good! Hold it right there!"

Crazy Love (4/?)

Title: Crazy Love (4/?)
Rating: PG-13 for language
Pairing: Shihan / EunHae
Genre: fail!Angst, Romance
Shiwon was sent to a mental facility to deal with some personal problems, with his parents and friends all doubting him. could a fellow patient finally gain his trust and love?

A/N: comment please :)

* * * * *

What’s the point of making us re-lived our worst nightmare over and over again )

Enjoy <33

Castle in the Sky 4/?

Title: Castle in the Sky 1/?
Pairings: Kihae, Sihan, Kangteuk, Henwook, others
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Steampunk
Summary: Donghae has been able to see the Castle in the Sky for as long as he can remember. The only problem is that no one believes him because there is no sky and the only people with castles killed his family. Living from job to job, Donghae’s life changes when he meets someone who has also seen the castle, and they set out together to find it.

One ~ Two ~ Three ~

Kibum tried to forget them, but Donghae’s faced loomed in front of him like some sort of evil omen that wasn’t evil and made Kibum want to stare.


Title: pencil (a.k.a Donghae's Journey For a Good Mom, second chapter)
Author: Kenny (prpldrkrse) and Abiella
Pairing: Donghae/Taemin (as father/son), Heechul/Taemin (mother/son)
Rating: G (I guess)
Genre: CRACK --attempting to, at least
Summary: Taemin forgot to bring something which is really important (according to Donghae, it is)

(prologue)|| (chapter 1)

“How could you say that it’s not important?!”
Jun Bros

Why? (another SiHan angst by miangel)

Title: Why?
Author: miangel
Pairings: SiHan
Genre: Angst
Rating: NC-17 (implications of sex, slightly graphic)
Disclaimer: SiHan is my OTP. This is my story.
Summary: He sought out an answer he could never find…and it left them both with nothing but tears and no goodbyes….

A/N: Seriously, don't kill me. I love SiHan, but I can't seem to stop writing angst about them....

And for my and Ze Z-chic's other fics, check out our newly made Masterlist!

Experience Part 1/2

Title: Experience
Pairings: Hankyung/Kyuhyun, Side: Donghae/Kibum
Word Count: Roughly 2000
Rating: PG for now
Summary: To be better at something, one must experience, Kyuhyun learns to experience his art when a new model for class drops in one day.
A/N: I think that this fic is actually really similar to Kai (Mawaru_berry)'s Sketch Me. i originally wasn't gong to finish this but she was like "No, finish it." So here it is ^^
i actually had this "innocent" image of Hankyung in my mind at first but i guess he turned otherwise.
Anyways... enjoy! Comments are always  <3

Because LJ won't let me post the entire thing, i have to post it in two parts again. *Sigh*
Part 2 will come up tomorrow because i'm very tired right now and pissed at the fact that i have to split this into two parts. D:<



“Dance? No way.” Kyuhyun shakes his head. “The last time I went dancing with you I got kicked out by the owner because he thought I was having a seizure.”  )
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At World's End [Prologue II - Leeteuk]

At World's End | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG-13 | angst/crack
A Mafia Organization drop-out, a vulnerable childhood friend

Out of frustration, a professional murderer, Lucius, flees from a Mafia Organization to live a life on his own. Tired of all the sins he had done, he chooses a last victim to murder before he commits suicide to wrap things up.But the victim he chooses is apparently his long lost childhood friend, now already a young woman of his age who is already dying because of a serious illness.Will murder and death be the only resolution to end the pain and misery of living?

A tale of despair, mashed with bits of complicated romance and several cracktastic moments.

Prologue I - Kangin

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When Suju meets JE - update

Title: When SUJU meets JE
Author: jhengchie
Pairing: various
Subject: crossover!, fail!, band!
Genre: Friendship, romance, fluff, crack[?]
Rating: PG-13 [just to be a little safe]
Type: multi chaptered but each chapter can stand alone
Summary: Super Junior will have a concert with some JE talents for the Japan-Korea friendship festival in Tokyo Dome. What happens behind the scenes?
A/N: about similarities between suju and JE.. as observed by me and my sisters ^_^ and part sequel to when Suju meets Arashi.

Bi Rain? NAh-ah! It's Koyama - Super Junior with Arashi and Koyama [NEWS]
qmimin meets Ohmiya - Ninomiya nad Sungmin conversation and  couple's Anniversary
hentaro [a hamster's wails] - henwook and Chiitaro
Takahae and Hikahyuk - Eunhae with the rest of HSJ
itaDaikiMAsuda - Shindong conversation with MAsuda and Daiki
Rappers' wrapper - kibum, eunhyuk, leeteuk, shindong, donghae, heechul with Sho and Koki
Weird is just plain weird: I see fairies and aliens  - Yesung, Donghae, Ueda and Shige
Maknae - all groups' maknaes featuring Henry's Violin *newly added*

if you find other similarities with other JE and SJ, comment me ok ^_^

SuJu's one-shot love story

Title: SuJu’s one-shot love story
Author: [info]youandme_94 
Characters: Super Junior (Heechul’s chapter)
Chapter: 05/13 – PART A
Summary: A ‘one-member-per-chapter’ fanfic, where Super Junior members’ story is explained.

 Looking for past chapters?


{Chapter one – Hankyung}:{Chapter two – Siwon}:{Chapter three - Yesung}:{Chapter four - Kyuhyun}

 AN: Heechul’s chapter ended up to be too long, so I made two parts. You probably won’t get what’s happening in this chapter but once you’ve read part b, hopefully, you’ll get it. Part B will be posted, probably tomorrow. It’s the first day of school tomorrow, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to have time to post part b but I’ll try.
Why do I make it sound like I have a lot of readers when I really don’t? Anyways, I’ll leave you with Heechul. (:


{Heechul's chapter - part a}

eunhyuk [this is what sex is]

When I Fall - Chapter 3/6

When I Fall (3/6) - Tablo/Eunhyuk (Daniel/Hyukjae)
Romance/Comedy (coffeehouse!au), PG13

Summary: After three years of college, Hyukjae decided to take a year off to "find himself." It wasn't long before he started questioning what it was he really wanted to find.

Chapter 1 / 2 /

Chapter 3 - ( Sungmin didn’t even flinch at the question, continuing his perusal through the latest edition of Wine Enthusiast. )

Blood+Lust: Chapter Eleven

Title: Blood+Lust
Chapter: Eleven - An Object to Crave
Pairing(s): KyuMin, HanChul (a smudge of SiHan), HaeHyuk, (minor KangTeuk), past!Qmi
Rating: R
Warning: Genderswitch, Vampire
Summary: She stared up, knowing that she was close to meeting death in the eye when she saw the most beautiful man ever. Beautiful even with teeth that were coming near her exposed neck, beautiful even with angry red eyes, simply...
Beta’d: kpoppin 

Chapter Eleven

gd work it

Crossover Twoshot. --- BB and SuJu

I swear there will be more of SuJu in the 2nd part. =)

Title: No heart beat
Pairing: none yet (well, hints of them)
Fandom: Big Bang, Super Junior
Genre: mostly crack
Rating: PG-13 for some swearing
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but I wish I did.
Summary: Jiyong doesn't know how to fall in love.
Word count: 1536 (approx)
Notes: Unbeta-ed. I believe there will be only two parts to this, hopefully not 3. X_X

Also, I quoted a song called 'Hurricane' and will continue to quote it in the next part; it's not heartbeat by 2pm.

If his heart couldn’t be shaken, if it couldn’t be awoken, if it continued to refuse entrance to anyone who wasn’t blood-related—he would have to wait for it to slowly freeze over. And if such a tedious task meant to lie below the fridge for the rest of his days, he would.

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