January 29th, 2010

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[02] Of Kingdoms and Mistaken Identities

Title: Of Kingdoms and Mistaken Identities [AU]
02/?? ( 1400+ words)
main!Henry/Donghae; ninja!Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; ninja!Siwon/Yesung; ninja!Eunhyuk/Sungmin
something to do with hae being some evil dark ruler and falls in love with henry?? or the other way around is ok too.
Rating: PG ; fail attempt at humor and ninja skills of some sort?
Donghae finally found the person he has been waiting for, but their meeting has somehow triggered something unexpected. 
requested by azenzensation_0 .
No beta. Plus!!! This is a universe where boy love is LOVE.. and how they get kids.. I leave to your imagination. Ages are tinkered with and I guess the world is a bit skewed? ;o; and oh, this is my first time attempting an AU this detailed, so there are bound to be mistakes. If you find any, please point them out so I can edit. m(_ _)m

Prologue Chapter 01

Chapter 02 - “Henli!” Yesung’s voice screeched from somewhere behind the moaning boy. “What are you doing! You are not supposed to molest visitors! I thought you were waiting for someone special!” Yesung ranted, face red from a mixture of frustration and embarrassment at his charge’s actions.

do the impossible see the invisible
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Super Junior 21 short drabbles; various pairings.

This is a writing meme I filled out, 21 drabbles around 30+ words each.
Pairing: Various, some non-romantic.
Rating: PG - R
Warning: genderswapping, dark themes, character's death.
Notes: It's quite experimental and, hopefully, I didn't get them too wrong. it's hard to work with a word limit. This is my first time writing suju, so I would appreciate constructive criticism to improve.

21 drabbles; various prompts

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Author: soju_drip (moi)
Pairing: SiWook [Siwon/Ryeowook]
Genre: Smut!
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 3,005
Warning: Kinda kinky, bit rough~

Plot: "Never trust a bitch once you've made them jealous" Siwon learns the truth in this whilst Ryeowook learns to never underestimate strength!

A/N: To all SiWook fans I am sorry it took me so long!! >< I literally got half way and then "stuff" happened, like it always does. Anyway LJ has been giving me some serious problems so if there are any mistakes BLAME LJ!! 

Story here: soju-drip.livejournal.com/3169.html
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At World's End | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG-13 | angst/crack
A Mafia Organization drop-out, a vulnerable childhood friend, and everything in between

Summary: Out of frustration, a professional murderer, Lucius, flees from a Mafia Organization to live a life on his own. Tired of all the sins he had done, he chooses a last victim to murder before he commits suicide to wrap things up.But the victim he chooses is apparently his long lost childhood friend, now already a young woman of his age who is already dying because of a serious illness.

Will murder and death be the only resolution to end the pain and misery of living?

A tale of despair, mashed with bits of complicated romance and several cracktastic moments.

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Title: Snow
Donghae/Eunhyuk, ninja! Hanchul, Henwook, KyuMi
Word Count: 1, 804
Rating: PG
Summary: The first time Donghae ever saw snow, he met a strange boy, now that he’s all grown up, what are the chances of them meeting again?
A/N: My first Eunhae fic! I really love this pairing but I’ve never written about them. It was snowing outside when I was writing this. I hope you don’t find it too weird. ^^
I'm almost done the Kyuhan and the Hanchul fics! 
Comments are

“You know you’re not supposed to eat the snow of the first snowfall.” Eunhyuk came out beside him, “It’s poisonous.” )

fic dump

Because I Love You
PG, drabble
less than 300 words

Kyuhyun misses when "I love you" used to leave him in love.

Saving Private Sungmin, and then some
various pairings (including, but not limited to, kangteuk, eunhae, sihanchul, henbum, qmi, and kyucraft)
PG13, crack, random humor

Sungmin is discovered to have a rare mutation that would make all of his offspring geniuses, physically beautiful, and nearly immortal. His sperm becomes the most valuable substance on earth, and it's up to the rest of Super Junior to protect him from the crazies at all costs.
Sungminnie Chubbie

CSI meets SVU

Title: CSI meets SVU
Author: pcd_intraining
Genre/Rating: crack, mentions of smut, a bit of fluff, character death/M15+ (Only because i write descriptive and because someone dies DX)
Pairings/Characters: Various/Super Junior and DBSK
Summary: A killer is loose in Seoul. When a young boy is raped and murdered then dumped in a small alley, Special Victims Unit (SVU) Jung Yunho calls old friend Kim Heechul from CSI (Crime Scene Investigators). The case looks like a clear SVU one, so why has CSI been called in? Will Heechul and his team and Yunho and his team find the killer before more lives are lost?

Will I ever figure out the ending?
Will you figure out the ending before i finish writing it?
Who is the murderer?
And why did I decide to make Sungmin's hair pink?

All these mysteries and more. After every post I shall restate the evidence, the people introduced and what they do, the crime scene and also all evidence collected in the chapter just to help people!! =D and then after I introduced everyone I'll put a character list and what they do!!

(A/N: YAY ZHOU MI!!!) 


CSI meets SVU: Chapter Six
Jun Bros

Reaching Half-time (by miangel)

Title: Reaching Half-time
Author: miangel
Genre: Angst (with a touch of crack and fluff courtesy of QMi)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: If I owned SME, I would not slave my stars and push them to resign out of the dreams they worked so hard to fulfill
Summary: When questions and uncertainties begin to cloud your feelings, when the effort of maintaining a relationship only puts strain upon it, when you can no longer understand what your heart wants, maybe a break is the best solution....

A/N: The angst-master is back! *evil cackle* Yeah, this is angsty SiHan. I have another one in store too which I'll probably post tomorrow after I've wrapped up the ending. And I have a bunch of crack QMi to finish (I can't write angst for those two, I don't know why...). So hopefully, I'll be able to recollect my inspiration and get more fics up....

Comments? Criticism?


Language ★/ prologue.

Title : Language
Fandom/Pairing : Cho Kyu Hyun/Han Geng
Rating : R
Summary : Accidents happen and sometimes all we are left with is our words.
Author's Note : This is going to be a short story that I'm writing for my friend's (mawaru_berry) birthday. It's not until Feb., but I got this idea and I wanted to start it now and have it finished by then. I hope that you'll enjoy it.

( "I don't think I can ever let you go." )
From the Soul to the Song

From the Soul to the Song - Verse Twenty Five

Title: From the Soul to The Song
Author: kat_elric
Chapters: 25/?
Rating: R
Genre: AU, fantasy, romance, action/adventure
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Heechul/Hankyung, Donghae/Kibum/Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun/?, Kangin/Leeteuk, Yesung/Ryeowook
Summary: If performances, concerts, show recordings, radio shows, and practices weren’t enough, an invisible force sees fit to add yet another thing to their work load. It seems as though Earth itself has decided that Super Junior needs to be the latest to join the fight to defend it. If they thought that Heechul was dangerous as he was, they had no idea what could happen when he found he could wield fire.
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior, however all of the ideas contained within this story are purely my own and belong to me.

Verse Twenty Five


Character Information
Sandeul :P

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Title: In Debt [3/?]
Pairing: Yesung x Kangin, Kyuhyun x girl~Sungmin, broken Ryeowook x Yesung,
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU (mafia~ish), dark[ish] elements, genderswitch
Summary: The five day grace period is up, Kyuhyun has a second meeting with Yesung that ends up leaving both men surprised. Tempers flare when Heechul pisses off Hankyung, resurfacing the scars from the past.
A/N: Prompted by [info]pinefir!! *hugs her* If only I had her ideas, then I would seriously end up writing all day and night and forget my studies. I'm GOING TO SHOOT CHUUUU. *rawr* Comment or no, I thank you for reading. *bows*


Stalker; Chapter 9

Title: Stalker (Chapter 9)

Genre: school life?, angst

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Eunhyuk POV, main = EunHae

Summary: Who is it? Who hurt Eunhyuk's mother? What is wrong with Sungmin? FIND OUT IN THIS INSTALLMENT OF.....STALKER.

A/N: Italics = Thoughts

( ) = Narrating
Bold and italics = Flashbacks

Chapter 9
Chapter 8
Chapter 7 (Part 2)
Chapter 7 (Part 1)
Chapter 6
Chapter 5
Chapter 4
Chapter 3
Chapter 2
Chapter 1

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Title: China Roses

Pairings: HanWon, KangMin, KyuHae, JongKey and OnTae (if you squint like I do.)

Rate: M (16+)


Summary: So, yeah, he basically pushed the one he really loved away because that son of a bitch knowned as Zhou Mi traped him, but it was a honest mistake!

A/N: It goes like this – me and Kim (asrail) were working in our fanfic when she started planning and writting a side project. I’m a very lazy person and she wanted me to continue a fanfic that will take too long, so she convinced me to do a side project as well and this is what happened. Since I always wanted to do a Shakespeare work inspired, I’ve decided to do it now. For those who have read Much Ado About Nothing, you will recognize some situations – but is not a copy, is just inspired by. English is not my first language. I’ve warned you! To finish this outrageous long note, enjoy and comments are love!

(Ps: Super Junior is not mine, even though I would love to own Sungmin!)

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