January 22nd, 2010

From the Soul to the Song

The Final three Kiss Mini-shots

Title: Lazy Afternoon Kisses
Author: kat_elric
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kibum/Eunhyuk
Summary: What better use for an afternoon then some R&R, Reading and Recreation.
Disclaimer: I don't own them but the universe is mine.

Lazy Afternoon Kisses

Title: The Why of Kisses
Author: kat_elric
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kangin/Leeteuk
Summary: Kangin conteplates why he loves kissing Leeteuk, and Leeteuk is less then thrilled at his recent DUI.
Disclaimer: I don't own them.

AN: This is no harm meant against Kangin. He did what he did and served his punishment. This is just my take on how Leeteuk may have reacted behind closed doors.

The Why of Kisses

Title: Betting on Kisses
Author: kat_elric
Rating: PG
Pairing: Henry/Yesung, Henry/Ryeowook
Summary: The question is: who will get Henry's first kiss?
Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Betting on Kisses

You and Me * CH2 * QMi

Title: You and Me
Author: setsuna_k 
MiQ (side HanChul, YeWook)
Rating: PG - 13
Genre: AU, Romance, Comedy
Disclaimer: I own nothing! NOTHING, I TELL YOU!

Florist Zhou Mi likes the boy who passes by his workplace. Heechul is his insane manager who pokes fun about his interest. And Eeteuk and Yesung are a duo of gossipers helping Zhou Mi to his interest... well, maybe?

And the boy who passes by at the flower shop happens to be allergic to flowers... and flower boys. Problem and hilarity, stage left!

The Tough Life of Cho Kyuhyun Series [ 2/13 part 2]

 Title: The Tough Life of Cho Kyuhyun [2/13]
Author: X_sujuaddict_X
Pairing: KyuMin (main, one-sided love), Hanchul (Flirt buddies), Yewook (Sex buddies) and Eunhae (Partners in mischief)
Rating: PG-13 
Season 1 Episode 2: Something Developing
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior or, obviously, Hongik University but I do own the story and plot! 
Episode Summary: Kyuhyun survived the first week at the Hongik University, he’s now very good friends with Sungmin, Donghae is getting into trouble, Ryeowook is getting more and more frisky with Yesung, Kyuhyun meets The Flirt Team, Heechul and Hangeng and Kyuhyun has something important to tell Ryeowook who just won’t listen. 
Notes: TV Show Style
Warnings: In this episode: 1 sex scene
A/N: WAY more to come! This is only the beginning!  Also, This series is very americanized! Sorry it that upsets people! : C
Previously: S1Ep.2 Part 1

*Kyuhyun meets the Flirt Team: Heechul and Hangeng
Heechul: (smacking the other’s arm)
No, you don’t say it like that! You only say it like that if you want to scare the girl away! Now, say it like this, “Would you like to get a cup of coffee with me after school?” You never tell a girl that you’d like to take her for coffee after you two visit your TB diagnosed grandmother! What’s a matter with you? There’s such thing as making stuff up! 
Well, if she saw me taking care of my Grandma, then she’ll see and think I’m a caring, sincere person, unlike you! What would you say? 
Heechul: (putting his hand upon Hangeng’s arm)
First off, I wouldn’t say, let’s get coffee after we take care of my grandma who has TB! Second, I wouldn’t ask any girl out. You know I don’t like girls! Third, how many times to do I have to tell you that I love you and ONLY you? 
*Kyuhyun asks Sungmin if he’s gay and Sungmin thinks that Kyuhyun is jealous of this "Straightest guy" win.

Hell no! I was voted the straightest guy in my third year class. Hangeng came in second. 

Ah, come on Kyu. Cheer up. You’ll top me someday. You’ll be voted and named the Straightest King of your class and I’ll be under you along with Hangeng. 
*Donghae and Eunhyuk play a prank on four science nerds.

Eunhyuk: (smirking, holding the string) 
Too late. 
(He pulls the string straightening it out making the science nerds crash down the stairs. Kyuhyun looks up the stairs to see parts of the miniature Enterprise scattered on the landing.) 
Donghae: (smacking Kyuhyun’s shoulder) 
See ya! 
(He and Eunhyuk jumped the last six stairs and then ran away disappearing around the corner; Kyuhyun hearing their laughter echo through the hall.)

*Kyuhyun hears Ryeowook’s voice in a classroom near by. 

(Kyuhyun looked up when he heard Ryeowook’s voice coming from a classroom. He pats the ‘leader’ of the nerds on the back, smiling, and then leaves following Ryeowook’s voice, which to his ears was pretty loud, louder than he had ever heard it before. 
When Kyuhyun walked into the classroom where Ryeowook’s voice was coming from, he gasped, frozen in his tracks…)
Collapse )
YeWook - pouty

It's Just A Little Crush

Title: It's Just A Little Crush
Pairing: Ryeowook/Nicole (KARA)
Rating: G
Word count: 992
Summary: Ryeowook has a crush. Nicole misunderstands. Kibum sees all. Short little pointless fluffy ficlet.

A/N: So I've been wanting to write Ryeowook/Nicole for a while since seeing this, and this is the result. For hoyah and shiryu_yugure.

Her name is Nicole, she's in Ryeowook's social psychology class, and she's the girl Ryeowook's been secretly staring at for a month's worth of lectures and has never had the courage to approach. )

[Fic] Cheering up Kangin

Title: Cheering up Kangin
Characters: Sungmin and Kangin 
Pairing: KangMin friendship
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: ~2350
Genre: Drama, h/c
Disclaimers: Don't own a thing
Summary: Kangin has been a bit down lately and Sungmin decides that enough is enough.
Warning: Kangin's hiatus
A/N: I found the beginning of this fic on my work computer. I had totally forgotten all about it. Thank you Sheena for giving me the courage to post it. ^_^

Sungmin parked his car and made sure that everything was in order. It was late, and he was a bit hesitant on going up to the door. He took a quick look at his watch. 11.37PM. He yawned and grabbed the bag he had prepared. Sungmin could see some light through a couple of the windows so he knew at least one or two persons should be awake.

how will it end?

[Fic] The World I Know - 2/8

Title: The World I Know
Author: Coley Merrin
Rating: R overall (language, sexual situations)
Pairings: Kibum/Donghae, Tablo/Eunhyuk, Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun
Genre: AU. Angst/smut/fluff, Romance.
Summary: As the forest world’s protective barriers fail, the two remaining animal spirits must protect the men who have come to save them, or face certain death. And the spirit of the tiger is forced return to the forest, or risk losing his mate forever.

This is the third and final in a series after The Life I Live (QMi) and The Air I Breathe (SiHan, QMi) Both installments can be found here in my writing archive.

Part One

Part Two - “That’s crazy,” Kyuhyun argued. “I don’t date men. I mean, no offense, I’m sure you’re a handsome guy and all, but I’m not into that.”

Secret Love - Chapter 5 [HaeHyuk/EunHae]

Title : Secret Love
Author : Maiki_Rashu (watashi ^^)
Chapters : 5/??
Pairing : Hyukjae (EunHyuk) / Donghae
Summary : Hyukjae is a young teacher and meets Donghae during vacation. But when second semester starts Hyukjae discovers he's in charge of a new student. (I still suck at summaries)
Rating : NC-17 (language and sex)
Genre : Romance, Alternative Universe, Smut

Read Fic Here
Hanchul alley

100 Years; update

Title: 100 Years
Pairings: main: Hanchul; minors: Eunhae, Kangtuek, Kyumin, Yewook
Length: 1/?
Rating:Pg-13- NC-17 (maybe..) 
Summary:We all have secrets;some worse than others. Some try to create walls around themselves to hide the truth. But what happens when an accident occurs, that changes everything. (Will try to come up with a better summarry later.)

Past chapters: Prologue

New chapters:Chapter 1

Infinite {sungyeol; get out}

(no subject)

Title: fingertips (22/23)
Fandom: Super Junior (AU, !mutant)
Pairing: central Hankyung/Heechul, Siwon/Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Kibum/Donghae, Yehsung/Ryeowook, Kangin/Eeteuk
Word count: 4,113
Rating: PG-13
Summary: At the Soo Man Academy for Gifted Individuals, those with mutant powers are taught how to control their gifts. Hankyung has come to learn to control something he doesn't consider a gift, but rather a curse, and he wants nothing else from the school, certainly not friendship, but then, his life has never gone how he wanted it.

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 / part 8 / part 9 / part 10 / part 11 / part 12 / part 13 / part 14 / part 15 / part 16 / part 17 / part 18 / part 19 / part 20 / part 21 / part 22

S♥Yoong Drabble Series [Drabbles 5 to 10]

My Super Yoong (Super Junior&YoonA project), "YoonA and her 13(+2) boyfriends"~ The idea is to post one drabble/oneshot per bond. The first 5 can be found here, so here is the next batch of 5:

Title: Encrypted (decrypted)
Bond: Shindong&YoonA, platonic YoonDong (implied YoonHae)
Rating: G
Word Count: 327
Summary: Shindong thinks that one can tell the most about someone, from their cooking.

Title: Devil (angel)
Bond: Sungmin&YoonA, platonic MinYoong (contains SunSun and implied YoonHae)
Rating: G
Word Count: 720
Summary: “Alright, you’re going to tell me what’s going on, and you’re going to tell me now. What did I do?”

Title: Ambiguity (subconsciously)
Bond: Eunhyuk x YoonA, ambiguous YoonHyuk
Rating: G
Word Count: 996
Summary: A Thursday 18th at four o’clock in the afternoon found Lee Hyukjae and Im Yoon Ah sitting together with their backs resting against the cold wall and (something) nothing to do at all.

Title: Meeting (comes in handy)
Bond: ZhouMi & YoonA, platonic YoonMi (+others implied)
Rating: G
Word Count: 336
Summary: When ZhouMi meets YoonA for the first time he already knows her very well, for more than one reason.

Title: What they see (what we do)
Pairing: Donghae x YoonA, YoonHae
Rating: G
Word Count: 401
Summary: He knows how to be close to her without really being close at all.

melody of our hearts - henwook series [updated Jan. 22]

title: melody of our hearts (series)
pairing: HenWook, [girl!Ryeowook],
Other Characters: Yabu [HSJ], Victoria[f(x)], Chinen[HSJ], yamada [HSJ], hangeng, sungmin and Heechul
subject: Romance, friendship, fluff, cross-over, medical drama
rating: PG
summary: There lies in the bottom of our hearts, a melody that connects us to a significant someone.

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5/ part 6 / part 7 *new*

a/n: working on Sibum special.. but can't update sooner since i have to attend to my thesis..
Hold Me

Double Post: It Was Only Ever You & He Loves Me Most!

Title: It Was Only Ever You
Rating: PG
Genre: drabble!Romance, Fluff!
Pairings: HAEHYUK.
Warnings: After sex scene. XD broken!Kihae
Summary: Donghae fell in love.

It Was Only Ever You

Title: He Loves Me Most!
Rating: G
Genre: Crack, Romance
Pairings: OT13, Yewon, Eunhae
Summary: So who does Yesung love more?

He Loves Me Most!

A/N: He Loves Me Most for [info]xloveysx as part of my Drabble Request Meme!