January 18th, 2010

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[Kyuhyun~Yesung || SJDC Ep 5]

Title: In Debt
Pairing: Yesung x ???, Yesung x Kangin
Rating: PG-15 (mature themes, swear words)
Genre: AU, dark[ish] elements... I don't know...
Summary: Yesung takes on Kangin's debt for him, and he's on the brink of breaking when the collector pays him a visit, leaving both of them confused.
A/N: Prompted by pinefir !!! <33 Her~ 


Title: Super Junior Day Care
Episode: 5/?
Kids present [this episode]: Ryeowook, Yesung, Sungmin [Yewook+Ryeomin] (cameo Chul, Hae, Kangin, Hyuk)
Kids present [in the daycare]: RYEOWOOK, Leeteuk, Kangin, Yesung, Heechul, Donghae, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Shindong
Rating: G
Genre: AU! Daycare, Children (age 3-5ish)
A/N: Episode five e e e!! Wookie, aka Wookster, aka Wheeywook joins the daycare. Comments are <3'd. Wheeywook was wayyy too fun writing. Next ep will have more Teukie+Shindong, keke. My brains is telling me to toss another baby in soon because new kids are so much fun to write.

gd work it

Oneshot featuring most of Super Junior.

Title: Bad medicine
Pairing: HeeTeuk, WonMin, SiTeuk, HeeMin, YeHan, KangWook, and a hint of EunHae.
Genre: Crack mostly
Rating: R for mild language, and hints of situations
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but I wish I did.
Summary: Most of Super Junior go out to a club.
Word count: 1512
Notes: This is based on a song by Die Mannequin. This is unbetad for now, and written for midorihaven.

“I’ve got some bad, bad medicine.
Got some bad intention be sure, be sure.”

tags for mods;
pairing: eeteuk/heechul, pairing: heechul/sungmin, pairing: sungmin/siwon, pairing: eeteuk/siwon, pairing: hankyung/yesung, pairing: kangin/ryeowook, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

Fic Dump

Title: Sexting
Author: kayevelyn
Pairing: Yewook
Rating: +17
Summary: Ryeowook really enjoyed Yesung's performance
Notes: For thundersquall


Title: Dance Practice
Author: kayevelyn
Pairing: Qmi
Rating: +17
Summary: Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi practice.
Notes: For umberela

Dance Practice

Title: This is the One
Author: kayevelyn
Pairing: Hanchul
Rating: +17
Summary: Hankyung and Heechul try something new
Warnings: Kink
Notes: For blahnicity

This is the One
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[tutorial] posting on miracle______

I've noticed that there has been a lot of confusion due to the font rule on miracle______ . I hope this helps some of you who are fairly new to LJ and don't really understand the options, yet, but want to abide by the rules and have a pleasant experience.

To post a fic at Miracle, you have two options.
First, you can post it on your journal, and then post a link at Miracle (this is probably the simplest, if you want to find it easily in the future, or plan to edit it at all).
Alternatively, you can post it at the Miracle community, under an LJ-cut.

I will tell you how to do both.

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*posted with mod permission.

Eunhae and Yewook

Title: The Reason is Always You (3/?)
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Eunhae (main) mentions of Kyumin and Yewook
Raiting: PG13
Genre: mpreg, drama, romance, angst, AU!school
Summary: Hyukjae and Donghae had a fight back in some years making they don't talk with each other again and only one night could change this situation.

Chapters: (1) | (2)

100 SuJu Fiction Challenge - my archive

You Must Be Quiet
Theme: 016. Quiet Places, Yesung/Ryeowook
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Yewook
Raiting: NC17
Genre: smut
Summary: Quiet restaurants aren't aproppried to do such a things. But the two men weren't care.
Aphrodites Child
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A fairy? Me? No Way! Chapter 1

title: A Fairy? Me? No Way! Chapter !
pairing: Yewook? More to come
rating: Pg- Might be higher later
A/N: First Post! First fanfic..... No confidence :( Should I continue?
Genre: AU, Romance, Comedy, I don’t know?
Summary: Kim Ryeowook always knew he was not normal for his age. Despite this knowledge, he had never really known how odd he really was until he had shrunk down to 6 inches. Though, that’s getting ahead of the story.

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The Tough Life of Cho Kyuhyun

Title: The Tough Life of Cho Kyuhyun [1/13]
Author: X_sujuaddict_X
Pairing: KyuMin (main, one-sided love), Hanchul (Flirt buddies), Yewook (Sex buddies) and Eunhae (Partners in mischief)
Rating: PG
Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot: First School Day
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior or, obviously, Hongik University!
Episode Summary: It is Cho Kyuhyun’s first day as a 1st year college student at Hongik University in Central Seoul, South Korea.
Notes: This is situated as if it were a TV show.
A/N: This is my FIRST fanfic about Super Junior and Korea. I’m not that knowledgeable in the country’s history or culture, so I’m doing research as I go. I’m so sorry if you don’t like this. If enough people don’t like this, then I won’t continue…. Although that may change because I just love writing! I may not be that good at it but at least I try! :D


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Lov Bites (2/?)

Title: Love Bites (2/?)

Pairings: Heemin!friendshp, ShiMin, HanChul

Genre: AU!Vampires

Rating: PG13

Words: 2,389

For: hoyah because she's intimidating.. but nice... XD

It’s freaking cold and i got lazy to go and post this in naver again. lol Hankyung and Siwon finally get to appear in this chapter, though, I didn't get to write their part longer than I wanted to. I actually wanted to write a hanchul here, but since I think it's getting long(and I'm kinda getting tired) I decided to just write that on the next chapter. And you know what? There was this accident that happened yesterday in our school cafeteria and there was blood everywhere,. . .well, not actually everywhere, but there was blood and it freaked me out! Gawd. So much for dreaming of becoming a vampire. Lmao. . . I was eating and my friend was like, "How can you still eat after all those blood you saw? God, you're really a vampire." rofl 

Prolougue ; 1st bite

Sungmin's nightmare pulsed into him, shaking him out of his own dream, which had had something to do with a beach and some hot guy almost kissing him. Images--Sungmin's, not his--tumbled through Heechul's mind: fire and blood, the smell of smoke, the twisted metal of a car. The pictures wrapped around him, suffocating him, until some rational part of his brain reminded Heechul that it wasn't his dream.
Key and Taemin

When Yehsung Met Ryeowook (2/3)

Title: When Yehsung Met Ryeowook (2/3)
Author: watashi_sama
Pairing: Ultimate!YehWook ; Yehsung/others; Ryeowook/others
Rating: PG-13
Summary: a rip-off spin-off the movie When Harry Met Sally (it's, like, almost the same thing D: Except not.)... except with YehWook. Basically: Yehsung and Ryeowook meet and converse during a 20-hour car ride and establish that they can never be "just friends." They run into one another years later and... things happen. I suck at summaries? Just read to find out. Or watch the movie to get the gist... :/ Again: I suck at summaries.
A/N: Very overdue. Nearly five months, in fact. Cutting off at approx. 1600 words because 1. the third part needs major surgery and 2. x_x  I may have forgotten the ending of the movie (hence, much improv).
A/N 2: Dedicated to thundersquall (and our lovechildren) because she's an overall inspiration to my fanfic writing. :|

Part 1


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school mascot chap. 1

Title: School Mascot (temporary working title)
Chapter: 1
Genre(this chapter): Romance, CollegeAU, fluff
Rating: G(this chapter only)
Characters: SUJU, SNSD, Shinee, Younha, more (upcoming chapters)
Pairings: main!Kyuhyun/Seohyun, more
Summary: Super Generation Het series fanfic in a college setting
A/N: First attempt in a series fic., plese love it.. comments?? Genre and rating should vary in different chapters.. planned G-NC17/R..

chapter 1

(no subject)

Title: Forgotten Beautiful Things
Chapter: 9
Rating: PG-PG13
Genre: AU, Angst, Romance, Adventure
Pairings: A lot but mainly Hanchul with snippets of Henwook, Kyumi, Eunhae, Sungwon, Kangteuk, Yunjae, Yoosu, and possibly more
Disclamer: I don't own Suju, or any of the characters. I wish I did, but sadly....:tear tear:
Summary: Hangeng is a dancing boy given as a gift to Prince Heechul for his birthday. Unfortunately, there are nobles who want power and an intricate web of misunderstanding, betrayals, and heartbreak may condemn fate's original plan.


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Make you mine 4?, School Mascot

Make you mine 4? Heechul is back.

Title: Make you mine 4?

Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul [Girl!]; Eunhyuk/Donghae [Girl!]

Genre: Romance, Angst

Word Count: 1,638

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Heechul is back from Japan. Why is she at Hankyung’s shop?

A/N: Im sorry for the wait. Still have a school project. I wanted it to check over this before posting. I hope I didnt make a lot of mistakes. I also hope you like. Thank you for reading and the comments. I like them a lot.


Kyuhyun becomes the school's mascot.


Title: School Mascot

Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin [Girl!]

Genre: Romance, Humor

Word Count: 2,538

Rating: PG-13

A/N: Should I write more? Sorry to the Kyumin fans. I have a school project and I hope you like and that I didn’t make a lot of mistakes. Please tell me if I did good or not.

Summary: Kyuhyun decided to become the school’s mascot. He is a big nerd. He loves Starcraft and he is a Math Olympiad. He is in love with Lee Sungmin. She is the co-captain of the cheerleading team. He doesn’t think he could get Sungmin’s attention.


Various Pregnancy Themed Drabbles

Title: Various Pregnancy Themed Drabbles
Pairings: Hanchul, Haesica, Kyumin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Humor, Crack
Summary: In which Hanchul deals with pregnancy in several different ways.
A/N: Actually, I was watching Heechul knock up his girlfriend on his drama (as well as the resulting mess) and I wanted to write Hanchul pregnancy. I couldn’t settle on one scenario, so I decided to drabble all three of my ideas.

(In which Heechul is very angry at his daughter and Hangeng tries not to be)

(In which Donghae is a wild child and Hangeng makes a lot of tea)

(In which Heechul could possibly inherit Disneyland and it’s all Hangeng’s fault. Sort of)
Joon - MBLAQ
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Worried in Love

Sorry for the long wait >.< I was sick.
Worried in Love
Chapter: One-shot
Pairing: KiMin/ChangBum (Kibum and Changmin)
Genre: Fluff,
Rating: PG-13 (for swearing, and mentions of sex.)
Summery: Kibim is a workholic and work so much that he faints,leaving changmin worried.
A/N: Another request from mangalover93, this is for her ^^

Worried in Love[Kiwon] Title: Family Matter Chapter: 10/? Pairing: SHINee, DBSK, f(x), Hanchul, Kangteuk, Kyumin, Sibum, Eunhae, Yewook, Zhoury Rating: PG13 - NC17 Genre: Romance, Fluff, Crack, Smut, GenderSwitch, M-preg Warning: This is a genderswitch/m-preg fic, if you don't like these types of fics, then do not read this. You've been warned. Summery: One innocent game leads to huge problems for Super Junior A/N: I apologize for updating so late. I got busy with school and dance, then I got sick :/ Hate life at the moment. [o10]
fell in love with a starship captain
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missing: a study partner

missing: a study partner (reward if found) (1/2)
super junior: kihae
g, 1310 words
In which Donghae requires a study partner, and demonstrates his excellent persuasive skills.

a/n: what is this, I have no idea. written at 2AM last night and (very very) loosely based on rl, this is the reason I am sleep-deprived today. at any rate, this is likely to be two parts, three at most.

( missing: a study partner, preferably cute or susceptible to bribes of baked goods (fabulous if both). )

SuJu's one-shot love story

Title: SuJu’s one-shot love story
Author:   [info]youandme_94 
Characters: Super Junior (Kyuhyun‘s chapter)
Chapter: 04/13
Rating: PG
Summary: A ‘one-chapter-per-member’ fanfic, where Super Junior members’ story is explained.

AN: This is probably my longest, yet most boring chapter, so i won't be surprised if no one reads it. lol. And sorry for the big spaces, computer's stuffing up.


Looking for past chapters?

{Chapter one – Hankyung}:{Chapter two – Siwon}:{Chapter three - Yesung}


Enjoy! ^^,

(Kyuhyun's chapter)

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You Are The Moon - KiHae - 1/1

you are the moon
romance, fluff; pg; kihae
3011 words
kibum wonders what donghae's voice sounds like.
notes: x-posted at kihae_love. mods, i posted something yesterday, but the time might be conflicted because although it's two separate days in my timezone, it might be the same day in others. in my timezone, i posted at around 10:14 PM yesterday (1/17/10) PST. delete this post if it is so, and i'll just repost again at a more appropriate time. :)

( What Kibum doesn’t expect is for Donghae to be on his computer, and for him to give Kibum a smile that screams ‘I-know-something-and-I-like-it’, which naturally makes Kibum raise an eyebrow. )

Of Marriage and Broken Heart : Chapter 2

  Tittle : Of Marriage and Broken Heart.

 Pairing : Eunhyuk,Donghae[Eunhae] & Donghae,Kibum [Kihae]

Length : 2/?

Rated : G or maybe PG13

Genres : Romances,Angst & Fluff.

Warning : I am kinda sucks at English.Forgive me T_T

Disclaimer: I owned the fanfic but not the boys =/

Summary : Donghae,a son of a famous bussines man in Seoul were force to marry Hyukjae,another son of another bussines man in Seoul when he already have a lover,Kibum.They got married and their marriage live started.Hyukjae,in the other hands start to fall in love with him but hides all his feeling because of Kibum.What will happen?Are they going to be a true soulmate or got divorce? *Uhhhh.I am really sucks at summary.SORRY!! T_T *


When Suju meets JE

Title: When SUJU meets JE
Author: jhengchie
Pairing: various
Subject: crossover!, fail!, band!
Genre: Friendship, romance, fluff, crack[?]
Rating: PG-13 [just to be a little safe]
Type: multi chaptered but each chapter can stand alone
Summary: Super Junior will have a concert with some JE talents for the Japan-Korea friendship festival in Tokyo Dome. What happens behind the scenes?
A/N: about similarities between suju and JE.. as observed by me and my sisters ^_^ and part sequel to when Suju meets Arashi.

Bi Rain? NAh-ah! It's Koyama - Super Junior with Arashi and Koyama [NEWS]
qmimin meets Ohmiya - Ninomiya nad Sungmin conversation and  couple's Anniversary
hentaro [a hamster's wails] - henwook and Chiitaro
Takahae and Hikahyuk - Eunhae with the rest of HSJ
itaDaikiMAsuda - Shindong conversation with MAsuda and Daiki *newly added*

if you find other similarities with other JE and SJ, comment me ok ^_^

coffee, tea, and morning rituals; gen

title: coffee, tea, and morning rituals
fandom: super junior m
pairing: none, gen (geng-centric)
rating: G
summary: some things stay the same, even when everything changes.

by the time the first bedhead stumbles sleepily into the kitchen, ryeowook has already finished his own cup of piping hot black tea (no sugar, no milk), and has cups of coffee, oolong tea, green tea, milk, and orange juice lined up and ready to to go.

one shots

A million and one updates XD 6 total

Title: Vampire’s Boy Toy
Pairing: Kyuhae (and a surprise coupling)
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: Kyuhyun wants Donghae as his next boy toy.

Title: Cake – Eunhae
Pairing: Eunhae
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: Eunhae sidestory to Cake

Title: Stuffed Animals
Pairing: Kangin/Eunhyuk, Kangteuk, mentioned Eunhae and Kyumin
Rating: PG
Theme: 046. Stuffed Animals Kangin/Eunhyuk
Summary: Eunhyuk gets Kangin’s help in buying presents (bad summary)

Title: Heartbroken
Pairing: Sihan, Kyuhan
Rating: PG
Summary: Hankyung’s in the hospital, unconscious, but his love hasn’t been resolved yet. Who has his heart: Siwon or Kyuhyun?

Title: Horse or Human?
Pairing: Sungmin/Siwon, Eunhae
Rating: PG
Theme: 029. Sea Sungmin/Shiwon
Summary: Siwon has a secret. He loves Sungmin but he doesn’t know if Sungmin loves him as a horse or as a human.

Title: Leeteuk: The Little Prince
Pairing: Eeteuk/Kibum
Rating: PG
Theme: 038. “I want you to stay forever.” Eeteuk/Kibum
Summary: The first night after Halloween, something strange happens to Leeteuk.

i'm a free bitch, baby [comic ver. - 03 // 04]

>> aronnax's i'm a free bitch, baby!

i'm a free bitch, baby. (comic ver.)
["gen, bandfic, ninja qmi because I can
Han Geng files a lawsuit, and it's the end of the world."

previous: part 1 // part 2

two parts in this update, since the second one is kind of short~~


(no subject)

(My Archive:: here)

So this story isn't exactly crack, but it's really rather humorous and random. It's about 2500 words, but it's hardly a heavy piece. I hope it gives a few laughs?

Title: Prohibition
Pairings: Kihae, kyumin, kangteuk, yewookkoma (o.O), henwook
Rating: PG13
Summary: Donghae implodes a television, and randomness ensues. Yes, yet another fic in which Donghae causes trouble. This should really be a series or something.

However, the most interesting claims out of the fifteen men is by far Yesung's, who is angered by the destroyed television because of the bedtime programs he won't be able to watch.
Kyuhyun - content

The Definitions of Home (and a Rainy Saturday)

Title: The Definitions of Home (and a Rainy Saturday)
Author/Artist: syusuke_kun31
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Kyuhyun/Hangeng, mentions of other members and hints of pairings
Rating: K
Warnings: hint of slash
Summary: "Home is sleeping beside you on a rainy Saturday.”

He turns around and catches the sight of a photograph showing all thirteen members of the band including Zhou Mi and Henry, Hangeng realizes that he’s made a mistake.
Hold Me

Waterbed & When Two Meet

Title: Waterbed
Rating: PG (Siwon says a swear word!)
Genre: CRACK, Romance?
Pairings: SQUINT!(Hanchul and Yewon)
Warnings: Pure stupidity. Result of too much water to drink.
Summary: Heechul gets a new water bed. Members are... excited, to say the least.


Title: When Two Meet (Prequel to THIS!)
Rating: PG-13 for sensuality and kissing!
Genre: Romance
Pairings: Eunhae!
Warnings: A prequel. Slightly irrelevant, yet not. (:
Summary: They don't remember how they meet at the bar, but I do.


9th Piece Of 8

Title: 9th piece of 8 (chapter 1)
Pairings: HanRy (main) ShiChul, Qmi, KiSung, KangTeuk, Eunhae...(minor)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Romance
Summary: A new tresure is found, but what happens when all the pirate lords want it too? 
A/N: Pirate!AU ...details about the different positions on the ships etc will be posted with the next chapter. ^^
A/N: Beta'd by siwons_dolly and special thanks to ai_sumairu who's a legend by right


you&#39;re beautiful to me
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KyuMin - File 1639. (03/07)

Title: File 1693.
Chapter: 3rd chapter. 03/07
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: +17
Summary: I remember the day when he arrived at the hospital. He was involved in a grave car accident. Apparently he was driving. Someone else was in the car too but he died in the act. SungMin’s body was full of bruises and 50% of his body was burned by fire.
 This fanfic is not mine. This is a translation from a spanish fanfic with the author's permission


KyuHyun… you should stay away from me… because I’m a monster. Stay away from me. )