January 5th, 2010

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[From Afar || Crash&Burn pt 2] Yewon angst || KangSung

Title: From Afar
Pairing: broken! YeWon; implied KangSung; Kyumin if you squint
Rating: PG- 13
Genre: Angst, romance
A/N: Sorry if this is making you mad bad. Second type at writing YeWon because... well [info]missi_mimi is introducing me to Yewon... Yeah this was written in 15 minutes, unedited (don't kill me bb... I bet there's a gazillion grammar errors), and weird. I guess it's sorta like a stream of consciousness where I just piled all of Siwon's thoughts onto paper and tried to make it work. Told in Siwon POV (as if it wasn't obvious already). Comments make me smile; no comments make me frown; I hope the Siwon fans don't kill me if he's written poorly. :)

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Title: Crash & Burn (Sequel)
Pairing: KangSung, implied KangMin, friendship! YeMin
Genre: Angst, romance
Rating: PG-13 (implications of suicide)
A/N: For [info]fallencreation  because I <3 her. Yeah the dedications are getting repititive I hope I'm not annoying you with them. *weak smile*. Continuation to part one found Collapse ) . More definitive ending even though I enjoy letting readers finish the story however they prefer. Comments make me happy; no comments make me sad. Do you want me to be happy or sad?

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Department Store Love Chapter 11!

Title: Department Store Love

Authors: Kalchan and Sheepieluv
Chapter: 11/?
Rating: R- NC-17 (This chapter)
Pairing: Qmi (Main)

Featuring: the other usual suspects Kangteuk, Eunhae, Hanchul, Yehwook, and Shimin Rating: PG Genre: Romance/Humor/Crack (Comedic good humor for all!) Summary: Kyuhyun works in a department store. His life was fine until Zhoumi came along. Now he is forced to confront his sexual tendencies in ways he’d rather not. Of course his co-workers are no help whatsoever.

Previous Chapters: One / Two / Three/ Four/ Five/ Six/ Seven/ Eight/ Nine/ Ten/

Chapter 11


Chatmates ♥ special - hanchul complete!

title: Chatmates special *edited

pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, Kyumin, EunHae, Sibum, HenChie [Henry and Christine], Rei and Minji, Tiff and Hyungjun, Tee and Wooyoung.

Special guest: Ddangkkoma for the yewook series

subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff rating: PG summary: What happened after chatmates?

a/n: after the successful chatmates series, i give you a special! comment what you want to see in the special [for each pairing] ^_^  expect a Eunhae smut [requested]


Kangteuk Yewook [a] Yewook [b] Yewook [c] Hanchul [a] Hanchul [b] Hanchul [c] Hanchul [d]

as final note..
i'm planning to do an epilogue on Angel's sacrifice or even do a little kangteuk version.. so if there are interested readers.. then i'll be happy to do so
leap of faith

fic and a baby ficlet

title/wordcount: the thing is, 345
pairing/rating: onesided hankyung/heechul, pg
summary: interpreting love in the context of a long friendship and hankyung's current situation

and this is the thing

title: first times
pairing/rating: hankyung/heechul, kindafail!NC17
summary: a series of firsts, separate and combined. I failed at porn, guys I'M SORRY. I am too immature.
A/N: written for mytigerhobbes, all other requests WIP

sugar we're going down
Joon - MBLAQ
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Family Matter [9b]

*Fic in here, but you can still read it in my journal if you prefer that.*

Family Matter
Chapter: 9b/?
Pairing: SHINee, DBSK, f(x), Hanchul, Kangteuk, Kyumin, Sibum, Eunhae, Yewook, Zhoury
Rating: PG13 - NC17
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Crack, Smut, GenderSwitch, M-preg
Warning: This is a genderswitch/m-preg fic, if you don't like these types of fics, then do not read this. You've been warned.
Summery: One innocent game leads to huge problems for Super Junior

Go to my master list here: My Master List
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The Legend of Terran General Cho Kyuhyun (and His Encounter with the Protoss Hangeng the Horrible)

Title: The Legend of Terran General Cho Kyuhyun (and His Encounter with the Protoss Hangeng the Horrible)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Qmi, Henhae
Genre: band!fic, humor, crack
Summary: Hangeng sets up group bonding time and Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi use it as an excuse to uncover the suspicious behavior of one Henry Lau.
A/N I have no idea if you can name your opponents in StarCraft. (Besides which if anyone could figure out out how to do it, impossibilities aside, it would be Kyuhyun, yes?) You can blame this entire thing on Mocha Kahlua, especially last half.

He watches Zhou Mi spin around the kitchen, attempting to sing the entirety of Super Girl in falsetto, and Kyuhyun wonders if there’s something besides alcohol that’s made him drunk.

Lost Without You Chap 1

Title: Lost Without You
Rating: G (?) for now
Pairing(s): ?
Character(s): Hyukjae (SuJu), Tablo, ?
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Angst, AU
Summary: Hyukjae lost everything one night in a forest. He had help from a man called Tablo and he now has to rebuild everthing in life.

Chapter 1
VOLDY &lt;3

For the Record, I Never Agreed to This - Chapter 1

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: EunHae (Eunhyuk x Donghae)
Warnings: Swearing?
Genre: Fluff, Crack, Romance
Summary: Donghae kisses Hyukjae. Hyukjae is confused.
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior or SME in any way. This story is purely for entertainment purposes only.
A/N: Second installment of the series. First official chapter. Please enjoy reading this fiction. [:

"... you promise that?

From the Soul to the Song

From the Soul to the Song - Verse Eighteen

Title: From the Soul to The Song
Author: kat_elric
Chapters: 18/?
Rating: R
Genre: AU, fantasy, romance, action/adventure
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Heechul/Hankyung, Donghae/Kibum/Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun/?, Kangin/?, Yesung/Ryeowook
Summary: If performances, concerts, show recordings, radio shows, and practices weren’t enough, an invisible force sees fit to add yet another thing to their work load. It seems as though Earth itself has decided that Super Junior needs to be the latest to join the fight to defend it. If they thought that Heechul was dangerous enough as he was, they had no idea what could happen when he found he could wield fire.
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior, however all of the ideas contained within this story are purely my own and belong to me.

Verse Eighteen


Character Information

Ticket to Love

Title: Ticket to Love
Pairing: YeWon
Rating: NC-17
Genre: romance, smut
Disclaimer: Fantasy is: I own them. Reality is: Lee Soo 'Monster' does.

Summary: When Siwon hears Jongwoon sing for the first time he is enchanted. And then he meets his crush in the train again. Is there a chance to come closer. Oh yes, there is!
A/N: Unbeta-ed. Smut sequel from Siwons POV to Meet you in the train.Strongly influenced by Kangta and Vanness singing Scandal into my ears and Yesung looking like a hot girl on the lastest pic he made *swoon*

Ticket to Love )

What Medical School Doesn't Train You For

Title: What Medical School Doesn't Train You For (4/?)
Author: xoxo_nat_xx
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae (and several other ninja pairings)
Ratings: PG
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst (in the future)
Summary: Donghae's the new intern at this prestigious hospital, and he's one of the best medical students produced from his school. He thinks he is prepared for whatever that comes his way, anything, from that emergency surgical procedure to dealing with the aftermath of accidents, he has everything sailing smoothly. But Eunhyuk comes in and sticks out like a sore thumb, and disrupts Donghae's schedule, who soon falls into pieces. Does medical school really train you for everything, or is the real experience out there, after all?

You're dying.

Eunhae, Sihan

Two drabbles, one considerably longer than the other (which doesn't say much since one is under 200 words while the other is barely over a thousand). I wrote these last night, and I don't really know why it slipped my mind to post them onto Miracle until just now... sorry.

Title: Unconventional
Pairing: Eunhae (#2)
Rating: PG
Genre: It's supposed to have a happy ending?
Word Count: 1047
Summary: It was an unconventional sort of love, initiated by the lame excuse of a confession that Hyukjae regretted making. But maybe it hadn't been so bad.
Notes: Written because, though Kihae is my OTP, I still like Eunhae. And I really haven't written enough of them.

Title: Forever
Pairing: broken!Sihan (#1)
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 198
Summary: In which Siwon ponders the meaning of "Forever."
Notes: Deals with the Han Geng contract issue (very briefly of course, considering the word count). If the topic isn't to your taste, you might want to avoid this one.

SuJu Archive

Enjoy? :)

Royalty's Expectations and Revelations (7/?) part B

Title: Royalty’s Expectations and Revelations (7/?) pt. B *sequel to Revenge on Royalty*

Rating: PG - 15

Genre: implications and mentions of smut, cursing

Pairing: Hanchul, Hochul/Yunchul

Summary: Wanting to have a child, Heechul actually went to a witchdoctor without Hankyung knowing. He was given a potion and to be honest, he didn’t actually believe that it’ll work. He was just trying it out in hopes that he can really trying it out in hopes that he can really bear Hankyung a child for they both want a child of their own. However, he didn’t know the effects of the potion. To bear a child, one must be a woman. After taking the potion, Heechul slowly turned female. The only way for him *her* to get back is to give birth and that’ll take about 9 months. As that was happening, riot ensures in the Kim’s palace. However, that wasn’t the only drama that was happening. It turns out that Kibum has an identical female twin sister who was kept in his mother’s side if the family, his side of the family that he never met. Like their father though, she wants revenge on both the Kims and the Hans. Now that the kingdoms have merged though, she only has one kingdom to target instead of two. Right after Heechul conceived finally conceived a child in his….*her*….womb, her plan for revenge start.

(What have I done?)
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S-C-A-N-D-A-L-O-U-S Nine-to-Five LOVE

Two fics!!! Yay!

Title: It's a Nine-to-Five Kind of Love
Author: hachi08
Pairing: KyuMin (it's official, it is the only thing I can write successfully!)
Rating: G (warning, mentions of the word sex... multiple times)
Genre: Chessy romance with a side of freshly ground fluff
Summary: Office worker Kyuhyun could never understand why his doctor boyfriend insisted on working such strange hours. Hell, he even missed their anniversary! So for their next anniversary, he wrote his love a letter.

(As Yesung would say, it's like living with a ninja.)

Title: SCANDALOUS (Part ½)
Dedication: onetruemei

Pairing/Characters: KyuMin, HanChul, YeWook, ZhouRy (or is it HenMi?), Amber
Rating: NC-17 (contains SMUT)
Genre: Gender-bender crossdressing!AU, smut, romance and crack.
Summary: Kyuhyun’s roommate drags him to a Gay Bar where he meets a very interesting lesbian.

A/n: This is the brain child of re-watching Intimate Note and listening to “Damn You Look Good and I’m Drunk (Scandalous)” by Cobra Starship on repeat. Damn that Lee Sungmin for looking better than me in a skirt…

( “Perfect!” Zhoumi exclaimed when he saw him. “A high school slut to go with Heenim’s ‘sexy teacher’ image!”)

Without a word

Title: Without a word
Author: Me~
Pairings: HanChul <-- main, KangTeuk, EunHae (ninjas here and there)
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Genre: Angst, comedy
Summary: Heechul has loved Hangeng since pre-debut, but never said anything about it to anyone. Hiding all of his feelings is getting more and more difficult, as bad things happens and Heechul slowly starts building up a fake personality to cover up his depression. Is there a light at the end of the dark tunnel? Will there ever be a way for Heechul to be happy...
Disclaimer: Super Junior and DBSK lives in my room I do not own the boys... </3
A/N: It was difficult for me to write this chapter, but in the end it turned out ok, hehe. Something unexpected happens...and Heechul ends up in Yunho's care. Hope you'll like it~

Chapter 4

previous chapters: Chapter 1 . Chapter 2 . Chapter 3


pretty melody, baby (song drabbles)

Title; Pretty Melody, Baby
Fandom/Pairing; Super Junior, SNSD, Aragaki Yui (random, I know) -- various pairings
Rating; PG
Summary; A few drabbles based on songs.
A/N; Just a few drabbles I felt like doing, based on songs. They might not be that good, honestly, but I wanted to write something before I went to sleep tonight. And thus, I came up with these! Various pairings. I even dragged in one of my favorite Japanese actresses and paired her with Henry O_O I must be really tired to think of such a random pairing. I don't necessarily know all the lyric translations to these songs, so I just wrote based on how the song makes me feel. Stuff like that. Enjoy.

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Sweets (One Shot-KyuMin)

Title: Pumpkin Pie
Pairing: KyuMin
Genre: umm...food? LOL maybe...romance.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: definitely not mine...nuh-uh. i wish though.
Summary: Kyuhyun works at a pastry shop where the workers are all flower boys. Costumers can choose who they want to deliver their orders to them. Kyuhyun has always been most requested and is too tiring for him. One day, Sungmin ordered food from their shop but did not name anyone to deliver it so Kyuhyun volunteered to deliver it for him. Since then, Sungmin always requested for Kyuhyun to deliver whatever he orders. But, where can this closeness bring them? (hahaha! finally a proper summary...!!! atleast i think so :) )