January 2nd, 2010


Kyumin drabble

This was meant to be a Hanchul fic, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. So consider this as a late and rather subtle commentary on my feelings towards Hangeng's business.

Title: Value
Pairing: Kyumin (#10)
Rating: PG-13 (for language, aka one word, just to be safe)
Genre: Like hell if I know. Fluff?
Word Count: 558
Summary: Feeling valued doesn't mean you were valueless to begin with.
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[Recovered] Document 1 (one-shot)

Title: [Recovered] Document 1
Genre: Angst..
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, hinted!Kyuhyun/Zhoumi, Donghae/Sungmin [if you squint hard enough]
Rating: PG
Warnings: Err. Some weird words and non-sense things.
Word Count: MSWord says 1,617
Summary: Sungmin's last 5 birthdays.


( Saengil chukha hamnida~~ Sungmin oppa~ )



A/N:  REQUESTED FIC OF MY DAUGHTER AIRYN!! ^^ Hope you liked it Air~~ I love you!! ~ Now do you guys wonder why the title is like that???? 8DDDDDDDD First person who gets it will get a surprise from me~~ ^^ This was written yesterday so,, erm.. this is my Bday fic for Min~? but no~~ don't believe me~~ i am evil~~ >.< *dies*

Kyumin - oneshot - Would you be...?

Title : Would you be...?

lenght : One shot

pairing : Kyumin, a hint of Kyuwook

rating : PG-13

genre : Romance, Fluff, humor

disclaimer : I stole the character, but not own them, just the idea is mine >.<

summary :  kyuhyun and sungmin have a ridiculous and complicated relationships.
one is trying to get while the other playing hard to get.
who will win?

“would you be my boyfriend?” the taller between the two men asking to the point.

The shorter male with almond big doe eyes staring blankly at the confession. His cute eyes blinks rapidly as his brain digest the question. He tilted his head to the right, mouth gaping in attempt to answer but he close it quickly as pout made his way to appear upon his face.

“no.” he grin mischievously.
HP - Raven - good book is better tha

Love Bites (1/?)

Title: Love Bites (1/?)

Pairings: Heemin!friendshp, ShiMin, HanChul

Genre: AU!Vampires

Words: 2,012

Summary: Sungmin and Heechul are vampires - mortal vampires - living among humans. They blended in and acted as though they weren't different - they go to school, eat and mingle with them. They're perfectly normal as humans are. But things never remain as they are, and Sungmin and Heechul are noticing more of their differences - between the humans and between each other. They decided they have to be with their kind and have the questions about themselves be answered.


The priest was giving his usual sermon, and Heechul was dozing-offhumans were giving him disgusting look but he didn’t care, he can’t see them anyway. Usually, if he’s not dozing-off, he’d be checking out the good-looking altar boy.

Blood+Lust: Chapter Seven

Title: Blood+Lust
Chapter: Seven – Trembling to the Beat of the Heart
Pairing: KyuMin, HaeHyuk, HanChul (bits of HanWon), KangTeuk
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Genderswitch, Vampire, slightlyawkward!smut
Summary: She stared up, knowing that she was close to meeting death in the eye when she saw the most beautiful man ever. Beautiful even with teeth that were coming near her exposed neck, beautiful even with angry red eyes, simply...

Chapter Seven

Siwon UNF

Pumpkin Soup Update

Here's part 5 (this is a long one, or at least it feels long... I've been writing it for DAYS!)

Title: Pumpkin Soup: Part 5 of ..?

Pairing(s): Pairs go according to part, so in this part we have: SiHan, YeMin and KyuMin

Rating: R (cross dressing, sex(ish) and language)

Summary: Han Geng was the prime suspect of the murder of police officer, Kim Kibum. After a year incarcerated, he has been freed due to lack of evidence.
Meanwhile, Sungmin is starting life again, as Lee Sungson - a girl, but this wasn't his choice.
Why does Han Geng want Sungmin dead so badly?

PART 5: Goodnight, noona

And the rest for anyone that missed anything ^^: Pumpkin Soup: Masterlist

Please read comment and enjoy!!!~


Title: Heechurella
Genre: Fairy Tale, Romance, Smut, Drama
Main Pairing: HanChul
Side Pairings: KyuMin, YeWook, EunHae
Other Characters:
>Kangin and Teukie
>Zhou Mi
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Like the title, its adopted from Cinderella but its a 21st Century Super Junior Version.
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THEM!


| Act 1 | Act 2 | Act 3 | Act 4 | Act 5 | Act 6 |Act 7 | Act 7 | Act 8 | Act 9 | Act 10 |
| Act 11(a) | Act 11(b) | Act 12 | Act 13 | Act 14 | Act 15(a) | Act 15(b) | Act 16 |
| Act 17(a) | Act 17(b) | Act 18(a) | Act 18(b) | Act 19 | Act 20 | Act 21(a) |
| ACT 21(b)/ ACT 22 |

--------        --------      



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SMUT and ANGST - the best things for New Year!

I come bearing fics!!!!

Title: Santa Was a Voyeur ~I Know What You Did Last Summer~
EunHae, KyuMin, EunHaeKyuMin (not necessarily in that order… <3 Foursomes), mentions of later!EunMin and KyuHae, references to QMi.
Hard Smut (NC-17 – R)  -  Pure unadulterated SMUT

Donghae may be slightly OOC… just slightly… Also, unbeta-ed but I am pretty sure the spelling is okay.
Summary: In which Sungmin gets off as a voyeur, Kyuhyun is hungry, Donghae is impatient and Eunhyuk is oblivious…

A/n: This was for azukarr23 for the secret santa project.

(“What are you watching, Min?” the maknae used a mocking tone that only ever seemed to appear whenever he fought with Heechul.)

Title: Contours of Love

Author: hachi08

Pairing: KyuMin, implied!QMi, ninja!HanChul, ninja!Yewook, ninja!HenMi, ninja!SiChul.

Genre: Romance, Angst

Rating: PG

Dedication: onetruemei

Summary: “I’m not a mind-reader, Min! I don’t always know how you’re feeling! You need to spell it out!” – Oh how he wished he’d caught on sooner.

Warnings: Language, 1 kiss and Hankyung bashing (I LOVE HANNIE! DO NOT GET ME WRONG! It was needed for the story to make sense…)

A/n: Hello darlings, welcome to 2010! This is my first fic this year and it’s dedicated to my wonderful Sungmin (Yes, I asked for him for Xmas and Santa told me he’d try his hardest to come through).  I got this idea while listening to Guy Sebastian and Jordin Sparks’ duet “Art of Love”. By the way, the poem at the beginning has nothing to do with it, I just wanted to include, so sue me. Not literally.

(I saw my completed picture and realized what was missing. I almost forgot the colour of your eyes.)

Donghae &amp; Siwon

[fic] Donghae's Drug Addiction: o4

Title: Donghae’s Drug Addiction
Author: crazylilazngirl
Beta: strawberryxuyu
Chapters: o4/?
Main Paring: Donghae/Eunhyuk
Side Pairing: past!Junsu/Eunhyuk
Genre: Action/Romance
Rating: PG-R
Summary: Donghae has been a drug addiction for some time now. When he meets that special someone, he promised himself he would stop. He hasn’t met that special someone yet and it’s been four years. What happens when he meets this one?
Warning: Drug use
A/N: Yes… an author’s note. This prompt is from jumpybb . I have asked permission to use it :) and I got an approval
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but characters if I put some in

||Chapter o1||Chapter o2||Chapter o3||

He felt better already, the stress left his mind and it was relased with a gummy smile.

A/N: You don't know how beast I feel XD two stories in three days.. I think O__o
this chapter sucks.. read at own risk :)

Tags: author: crazylilazngirl, pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae
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Playing With Innocence

Title Playing with Innocence [One-Shot]
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook/Heechul (OT3)
Ratings: NC17
Warning:AU, Incest, Smut
Summary: Ryeowook and Yesung are brothers and Ryeowook's first love, Henry, has recently passed away. Yeung tries to help his brother cope by taking him out to a bar to relax and get his mind off of the situation when Ryeowook gets tangled up with the number 1 playboy in the club, Kim Heechul.

[ "Hey,come with me to celebrate the New Year. I was going to go to the bar with Junsu but hey, you need to take your mind off of this more then he needs to get drunk." ]

Our Love Story : Chapter 13

 Pairing : Eunhyuk,Donghae 

Length : 13/?

Rated : PG13?  

Genres : Romance,drama,angst,fluff

Warning : You might find LOTSS of grammar errors and typos. English is not my first language. T_T

Disclaimer: Can I have Donghae and Eunhyuk? *get slapped in the face T_T* not mine not mine not mine T_T

Summary : Eunhyuk found a mute man and a small puppy in a big box on a rainy night then he decided to take the man to his home. *Sorry. I kinda suck in making summaries*

Note : This is not purely my idea. Got this from Madhatterinside@livejournal. She wrote a beautiful drabble with this idea and I fell in love with it ^_^ Thank you so much! ^_^

<a href="http://cherrybeylla.livejournal.com/7096.html">Read More</a>
Ryeowook - cowboy hat
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Absolute — Chapter Eight

Title: Absolute
Chapter: 8/?
Fandoms: TVXQ/DBSK, Super Junior, SS501
Pairings: Various (a LOT O.o; )
Rating: PG-16
Warning: Angst, Violence, Character Death
Summary: Seoul’s All-Boys Night School is just like any other night school in the area, but there’s one thing that sets them apart from all the others, and that is their students. Seoul has been the battleground of an underground, interspecies cold war for centuries, with populations of vampyres, lycans, and all those in between. Even so, no one saw it coming when young members from practically every division ended up in the same night class, along with several unassuming humans. How do you deal with suddenly having to play nice with those you were raised to hate? A dangerous game of cat and mouse begins, where the only rules were to get rid of the enemy, not be caught by the humans… And not to fall in love.
A/N: So, updates will be on Saturday for the next little while xD My job's been keeping me REALLY busy, but hopefully it will be done soon and I'll be able to get back to writing. Thank you to svtstarlight for betaing~~~ ^-^

Teaser Trailer | Characters and Terms | Prologue & Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight
“Well, this secret is just going down the drain, isn’t it?”

Of all heartbreaks and heartaches

Title: Of all heartbreaks and heartaches (two shot)
Author: xoxo_nat_xx
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, Donghae/Jessica
Ratings: PG
Summary: Eunhyuk never knew how a first love felt like, and he feels like he has been swept head over heels for a certain guy. He takes two whole years to experience it, and finally understands how it comes out to be like.

Part I
Part II

Eunhae Fic

Title: He Come?? From my dream??
Author: karuryn
: Eunhyuk/Donghae
: PG-13 *maybe until the next chapter*
: Humor
: Donghae's dream about hyukjae and then he finds hyukjae?
(I'm a bit sucks for making summary)
Warning: Probably some grammar/spelling errors. English is not my native language (^w^)
The boy's are MINE nope, these boys are not mine.
A/N: my first multichapter fic in livejournal,, hope I'm not fail to amuse XD

http://"Chapter 1"

http://"Chapter 2"

http://"Chapter 3"

Title: The Abnormal Show
Author: karuryn
: Eunhyuk/Donghae
: PG, One-shot
: Humor
: Some of Super Junior member are having reported by H
eechull, and the show is become weird
Warning: Probably some grammar/spelling errors. English is not my native language ^_^
The boy's are MINE nope, these boys are not mine.
A/N: I've got inspired from some interviu with my favorit Jappanese band, and from Mystery 6 parody in youtube..... XD


Title: New year's eve
Author: karuryn
: Eunhyuk/Donghae
: PG-13
: Romance
: Donghae want to spend the
New year's eve with Eunhyuk, but his schedule make he couldn't. (I know this summary is sucked)
Warning: Probably some grammar/spelling errors. English is not my native language ^_^
The boy's are MINE nope, these boys are not mine.
A/N: uwh,, this is my first fic in Livejournal, I know it sucked (_ _)" and I'm sorry,, it's too early m(_ _)m"


A Journal of Tears 2/?

Title: A Journal of Tears 2/?
Fandom: Super Junior/ K.R.Y
Pairings: KyuYeWook [K.R.Y]
Rating: NC-17
Warning: BoyxBoy, Angst, Implied Rape,
Summary:Ryeowook, was given a diary long ago by a fan and the innocent member clings to this item in a special way. One night, during Super Junior's happy times..something terrible happens and the only thing Ryeowook has to tell his story...is his Journal.

Previous Chapters:/Prologue/1/

[ ...Please tell the world our story... ]

[FIC] Where in the world is Kim Heechul?

Title: Where in the world is Kim Heechul?
Rating: PG13 for the language (and Heechul)
Genre: CRACK and weirdness(Donghae-wise)
Summary:Amidst all these chaos, where in the world is the resident princess?
Warnings: Standard disclaimers applied. The author has no intention whatsoever to raise chaos regarding the issue. In laymans term, it's fiction, it's not true. =.= Also, it was written around the time I wrote the first one but for personal reasons, did not post it..so late story is late LOL

Where in the world is Kim Heechul?
He is WHERE??? )
how will it end?

[Fic] Prerequisites - 1/?

Title: Prerequisites
Author: Coley Merrin
Rating: R overall (language, sexual situations)

Pairings: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Genre: Angst/smut/fluff, Romance (Aka...the kitchen sink)

Summary:  All Kyuhyun thinks he wants is to get into Zhou Mi's pants.  All Zhou Mi says that he wants is to protect the band.  But just one promise could undo all the secrets that they have been hiding from each other.

He wondered if his brain had manufactured that scenario, making sure that Zhou Mi of all people had seen.

It's Worth It

Title: It's Worth It

Pairing: Kyuhyun / Sungmin

 Kyuhyun gives Sungmin a homemade gift for Christmas.

Rating: PG - 13

Disclaimer: I don't own them boys. If I did, I'll live with them.

Author's Note:
 Yay. Amy-unni liked this fic, and I'm pretty proud. ^^ She's not a KyuMin fan, she's more of a KyuMi fan. XD Now you know why I'm proud. ^^ Thanks, unni for being a dear, and beta-ing this for me. ♥

Dedication: For anothersujufan . ♥♥ Merry Christmas~

After all, Sungmin was worth it.


Pairing: Hankyung/Kyuhyun (KyuHan! :D) , HanHae if you squint hard enough XD
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyuhyun remembers the times he's spend with Hankyung.
A/N: I wrote this after watching SJM's performance in China on New Year's Eve without Hankyung. I cried so hard after seeing only 6 of them on stage so i had to write this. I wanted this to be shorter but i always end up blabbing on and on and on. XD The ending is a little weird, i lost the thought just as i was about to write it and now i can't remember it anymore. D:< This is all written in Kyuhyun's POV, maybe i'll write one in Hannie's later. ^^

Because LJ won't let me post this as one post i have to put it in two posts. D:
The link to the second part is at the end of this segment. ^^
Hope you all enjoy it!!

(You remember very clearly the first time you met him.)
Random: Type of Girl

Gang!Verse RP Log: Research

Title: Research
Characters (and players): Yesung (andersenmom), Donghae (dizzy_grace) and Heechul (renichifreak)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yesung, Donghae and Heechul research why Kibum's dad attacked
Notes: Based in a universe created by andersenmom and myself. Yunho and Geng are leaders of allied gangs. They have the city divided into two sides and each run half.
Sandeul :P

[In Control] Yewon smut

Title: In Control
Pairing: Yesung/Siwon
Genre: Smut, pure smut.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yesung ties up Siwon and preys on his lover.
A/N: Dedicated to my favouritest dongsaeng everrr missi_mimi. She made me write Yewon and (following my Eunhyuk and Hankyung model) since it's my first time writing Siwon. I hope... he's okay... Comments are <333~

Collapse )

Title: After Gee
Pairing: Hankyung/Sungmin; implied Kyumin, Hanchul if you squint, Eunhae if you squint even harder
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, romance/friendship, small bits of crack
Summary: Hankyung couldn't keep his feelings for Sungmin hidden anymore... he wanted the pink prince. And to get him, he pushed away a whiny Heechul and rely on a clueless Donghae.
A/N: WHEE HANMIN SMUT. First time writing Hannie <3 (I realize I write smut for members I'm not familiar with first. I'm weird...) Special thanks to fallencreation for the pictures that prompted this fic. <333 you JenJen <33. Any comments are REALLY cherished by me... they mean a LOT to me. So thanks in advance if you drop a comment. <333

Collapse )

An Adventure of Lee Brothers with KOO Girl (Part Four)

Genre : Horror

Author :[info]hyungnoona

Rate : PG

Summary : The Lee Trio is lost in the woods, as they journey around there, a mansion with a mysterious sick girl will definitely start their ADVENTURE.

            Disclaimer : I don't own the boys.

EunHaeMin )

Hyungnoona: Hi guys! I'm back. Do you still remember this fic? I finally post it in my journal so please read it.

one thing, baby. just one. again.

Title; To Be A Rainbow Fish
Fandom/Pairing; Siwon/Hankyung/Donghae/Eunhyuk, Siwon/Eunhyuk friendship
Rating; R, maybe NC-17
Summary; To be a rainbow fish must be wonderful, right? Sometimes, I do like being a fish.
Author's Note; I love this so much. My heart hurt while writing it, though. I usually write fluffy EunHae, but this stuff is angst all over the place. I blame the random inspiration on this by theclockiswrong . And the song is so beautiful. This isn't foursome smut, although if you just look at this format, it seems like it, doesn't it? Well, it's not. My friend is coming over soon, so I have to make this fast. Excuse any mistakes and the poor execution of this idea, por favor.
Word Count; 2560, a little over 6 pages on Word