October 22nd, 2009

Kangin's wheezy laugh

So Scandalous Kangin (5/13)

Title: So Scandalous Kangin (5/13)
Author: Whatyoudoing09
Rating: NC+17
There is a mysterious blogger in the Super Junior dorms and they don't know who it is. Do you?

Hey people this is the 5th installment of the So Scandalous series. I am putting my all in to make it good so you will love it. I am recieving brilliant comments and please please please comment. I love your comments and I like the fact that you are trying to guess who is the mystery blogger keep guessing  hehe ! :D

So, Part 5 : Part 5! PLEASE CLICK ME!! You know you want to hehe!

And here ar the others if you missed any ;)

Part 4-Yesung

Part 3- Hankyung

Part 2-Heechul

Part 1-Leeteuk

So please do keep reading and keep guessing, thanks everyone ^^v

I would like to credit Oatmeal_peril for supplying the fanfic paragraphs inside this fic :D  Her work is awesome.
you should read her work. You will love it like I do! CLICKY CLICKLY BELOW!

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The Halloween Series, Vampire – Part 1

The Halloween Series, Vampire – Part 1

Title: The Halloween Series, Vampire - Part 1
Pairing: Jonghyun/Key
Rating: R, Horror/Action/Angst/Drama
Summary: (This is Part 1.1 of a series of AU stories that star various KPop artists as recurring mythical creatures or monsters.) Jonghyun is a vampire, dodging the watchful eyes of the Order, and ignoring the taunts of his fellow vampires. His crime? Falling in love with a human being. Now he struggles to make the right choice.
Status: Part 1 of 2.

( “The Order knows it’s hard for us to survive without human blood, and they tolerate us if we don’t fucking kill, Jonghyun. But if they find out that you’ve been telling mortals about our existence, then we have more to worry about than eternal damnation!” )

I swear, this is a Super SHINee fic, just in case people were wondering why I'm posting JongKey here. ^^; SJ members are main characters, but the main pairing is JongKey. Er... if that's not allowed, mods, please take it down. ^^;;

Things They Hate & Close-Open

Title: Things They Hate
Author: [info]ai_sumairu
Pairings: Implied KangTeuk.
Characters: Kangin (Main), A mention of Jaejoong (DBSK)
Rating: Anyone can read? (--)
Disclaimer: I own the story.
Summary: Kangin's alone in the dorms and he began to reflect on himself.
Author's Note: Because I've been depressed with Kangin and all the issues he's been involved with. Don't forget to leave comments! :)

Things that makes others hate me... )


Title: Close-Open
Author: [info]ai_sumairu
Chapters: 18/?
Pairings: KiSung, HenWook, EunHae, SiHan, HanChul, KyuMin, KangTeuk, YeWook & EunMin friendship.
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Disclaimer: I own the story.
Warning: M-Preg but it's not noticeable.
Summary: Another heart is broken...
Author's Note: Sorry if I haven't been updating!!!! T^T I know a lot of my readers has been waiting. Well, the long wait is over! Here's another chapter for you guys to read and hopefully enjoy! :) I'm really sorry, laziness has been my sickness this past few days. Please do read and comment!

Past Chapters: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7a)(7b)(8)(9)(10)(11)(12)(13)(14)(15)(16)(17)

“I still smell something fishy!” Heechul exclaimed )


A KyuWook Story - Chapters 8 & 9 (Full)

Genre: Romance, fail!Smut, Fluff
Rating: PG-13 to R
Pairings: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook, very minor!So Hee/Kyuhyun, very minor!Seoh Hyun/Ryeowook, and other minor pairings in suju.
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun. A normal high school boy, in his last year before heading off to college. He has a pretty wealthy family, an annoying unni, two loving parents, and in many of his hyung's eyes....a hot girlfriend. But what happens when his beyond beautiful of a girlfriend.....accidently introduces someone else to him ?? And what is that person is her own brother...... (FAIL! I KNOW!)
Next Post Date: October 24 ?? 23 ?? (Depends if I'm busy or not....T_T)

Okay~ so this chapter is kind of exciting ?? I really don't know. And I'm apologizing in advance if it's suck-ish !! kekeke....^_^ I am terribly sowwy for the late update.....school is being a pain, and my friends aren't helping my cause !! !! haha, anyways, ENJOY !! COMMENTS ARE DEARLY LOVED !! XD

Chapter 8&9
艺声/始源 <2>

Causes Of Misunderstandings [ONE-SHOT]

Title: Causes Of Misunderstandings
Length: One-shot
Pairings: Yesung x Siwon (YeWon)
Genre: Romance x Angst x Smut
Rated: R
Dedicated To:
Summary: Yesung starts to avoid siwon when he thought that the other had an affair outside. But is it true?

(No matter how many times you tried calling, the other did not picked up. You continue to dial the same number numerous times and eventually, you got fed up and threw the phone onto the bed.)
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FIC : Highway of Regret [1/?]

Title : Highway of Regret
Summary : Kangin + DUI = I want to make my readers cry. As my friend once said (tweeted) , “Suffering is an integral part of learning.” This is inspired by a lot of things, ohana, adele, sad songs, regrets, the script, and an old love. OT15!
Author: pinefir
Pairings: KangTeuk! HanChul! HenMi as brothers. OT15~ What Super Junior thinks...
Warning: Cursing! Addiction! This is not yet finished, only the first part has been uploaded.
Word Count : 3671 words
Discalimer: #standbykangin forever. heechul's words here..are not really his..those are mine..this is my take on how each suju member would take the issue. no flames please. i just hope my characterizations are clear.
Author's Note:

I see Kangin as the one who feels super guilty. I see Leeteuk as the one who wants to be mad but can’t
be truly mad. I see Kyuhyun as the one who would try to be cold and unaffected when he truly is. I see
Heechul as the one who would actually be mad at Kangin but knows that he needs support as well. I
see Zhou Mi getting annoyed at Kangin but he doesn’t tell because he feels its not his place. I see
Henry feeling for Kangin because he’s been through a similar feeling.
How do we get tags? Anyways, taglist : pairing: kangteuk, pairing: hanchul, ot13 !, ot15!, bandfic
Kyu Hyun <3


Pairing: KyuMin
Summary: Sungmin hasn't had sex in weeks, and Kyuhyun's too busy playing Starcraft to notice.
Warnings: Desperate/SexuallyFrustrated!Sungmin XD, public sex (SuJu dorm), cursing :O
Disclaimer: I had a dream once that I owned SME... then I woke up and cried for a good two hours... o.o'

To the lovely [info]7thminI am sooo sorry I couldn't post this up any sooner, I was supposed to do it yesterday, but my mind just blanked, so I wrote some gay list about Heechul XD Here it is... hope 'ya love it! ;]
"Because you don't play with me anymore..."
junsu b/w looking through hands

[fanfic] Vase

Title: Vase

Pairing: HanChul

Author: dongbangsuju20

Genre: tiny lil bit drama maybe. fluff. romance.

Rating: PG-13

Words: 1 722

Warning: unbetad (like always for kit-chan, because it's okay like this <3)

Summary: There is this vase and there is this Chinese man.

Dedicated to: [info]everkitsune thanks to you I write HanChul. and idk, I have nothing more to say because I already said everything and you know what I think of you and I love you and all <33~ let us live happily ever after in kit-world ♥

Disclaimer: Don't own Super Junior or HanChul.


You know whom you have to thank for all these HanChul fics I post at the moment. They are all written because of gorgeous, amazing, awesome, too cute for her own good kit-chan <33~~ I love her prompts, sfm. This time it was 'Vase' ^-^ ♥
It's a bit cliché and everything but I hope you like it nevertheless <33

Have fun while reading XD and please leave a comment x3

“It’s Chinese.”

(no subject)

Title: Moar Random Drabbles of Humor

Rating: PG >.> Maybe T.

Summary: It’s like meh this time. =3=


Collapse )

the heartbreak that never happened; [yehsung/ryeowook]

the heartbreak that never happened
by: hyungdeul
yehsung/ryeowook, ninja!kyuhae, pg-13
2,117 words
Summary: Ryeowook marries Yehsung in Canada, but not without some internal conflict first. So this is all thanks to the wonderful thundersquall, without whose persuasion this would never have materialized. Please direct all complaints for the cheesiest Yehwook ever to her lj. ♥

And being that Super Junior is Super Junior, of course the preparations don't go off without a hitch
love letter

Let's Just Laugh ch. 4

Title-Let's Just Laugh
Pairing-Broken Kihae, Slight mention KiHyun, Secret Upcoming pairing!
Rating-PG-13 (for some bad words. :3)
Summary-Donghae doesn't know why he did it...
Disclaimer-Not Mine
A/N: Okay, so the secret pairing isn't revealed yet, but it will be...in the future! Enjoy this drama filled chapter.

Collapse )

yewook >w

Title: Horse riding..
Rating: NC-17/SMUT
Couple: Yewook,Sihanchul
word count: 1361 Summary: Yesung wished for God's miracle to feel Ryeowook's ball on his back.. A/N: My first challenge on Yewook~~ (only yewook~~) thou I love them fairly in amount as kyuwook.. I've never write them as the main lead (mostly KRY's, not yewook XP Dedicated to my yewook lovers friends like
urei_sachi and thundersquall .. Thou it FAILS, but at least!! I can win over myself to write yewook!! *hugs*
Gaga: Scream

Lord Q Chapter 3

Title: Lord Q
Pairings: Everything with a side of everthing.
Rating: G-NC-17, depending on the chapter
Genre: crack, adventure, smut, fluff
Word Count: 5,540
Summary: The Super Juicer gave ultimate power to whomever owned it. It was put under the care of Super Junior, but when Kyuhyun steals it....well, you'll find out what happens.
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior. I don't own a Super Juicer either.
Author’s Note: SMUT WARNING. Just so you know |D Anyways. This chapter was really painful to write, as smut is definitely not my strong point. Hopefully that fact won't be too noticeable ^^;;; Sooo I hope you all enjoi >.<

He was alone, tied up to a floatation device in the middle of Lord Q's pool, and there was nothing he could do to save himself. )

Previous Chapters
Prologue // Chapter 1 // Chapter 2

As I walk down the path I chose...

title: As I walk down the path I chose...
pairing/subject:  Ryeowook-centric [you choose the pairing..]/Romance, one shot
rating: GP
As I walk down the path I chose... what comes into your mind? What can you see with your eyes? What do you hear? What do you feel? Let Ryeowook help you find out..

Ryewook's POV

Title: Defrost (Part II)

 Title: Defrost (Part II)
Author: mesmerisewithme
Pairings: Ryeowook/ Kyuhyun , Ryewook/Yesung, Ryeowook/Sungmin, Ryeowook/Siwon
Genre: romance, angst
Rating: NC-15/16?
Warning: un-beta
Super Junior belongs to themselves and their friends & families. 

Summary: Ryeowook was heartbroken by his first love and he had changed into another person who does not believe in love anymore. He had his heart frozen, and no warmth from any relationship could melt his heart.
Most importantly, he wanted revenge. For he see that no one should be happy and felt that everyone should feel his misery.

Out came his new lover - Lee Sungmin whose caring and a great kisser, in additon there's Choi Siwon the CEO of WES Coporate that Ryeowook is having a affair with (behing Lee Sungmin). Could either be the rescuer for Kim Ryeowook? 

Yes , No ?

Then how does cheeky Cho Kyuhun fits into everything?

Author's Note: A playboy Ryeowook is awaiting for you all^^ 

Collapse )
gd work it

TeukWon Oneshot.

Title: Lusting
Pairing: TeukWon, hints at ShiHan & Kangteuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP, Smut, Angst
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except my twisted mind.
Summary: Siwon and Eeteuk have sex, secretly.
Word count: 1594 (that's right about 1500 words of smut)

Notes: Un-betad. And for those of you who don't know my style, instead of concentrating on places and times of day, I look into the feelings of the characters. Trust me, though it seems like there's no angst -- it'll hit you.

"Teuk wrapped his thighs around the younger man, leaning his feet on an extremely muscular frame."

Comments are ♥

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pairing: leeteuk/siwon
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Four HanChul Drabbles in AU