October 15th, 2009

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being free, kangin/leeteuk

being free / 596 words
rating: pg
pairing: kangin/leeteuk
warning: run-on sentences and complete lack of capitalization and proper punctuation, probably. i'm sick, so forgive me.
their kisses which before had been as long as possible, as romantic and good as possible were now reduced to quick pecks and barely exchanged words of 'i love you' and 'i miss you'. )

All I Wanted

Title: All I Wanted
Paring: Henry / Ryeowook, adorable and naughty Donghae...
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: Drama, Fluff... Implications of sex
Summary: When Henry goes home to Canada after Super Junior M returns from China Ryeowook does the sensible thing and tells them they should just move on. But it isn't as easy as Ryeowook thought.

Inspired by this beautiful song.

He wanted Henry to be happy. Even if he wasn't.
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The Mathematical Equation That Causes A Problem

Title: The Mathematical Equation That Causes A Problem
Author: milkubox
Pairing: QMi (of course) minor: HenKyu, HenWookHae, ShiHan
Rating: G
Summary: Seems like someone's jealous after what happened during the Dream Concert 2009. With Zhoumi hanging around with "some" of the SMTOWN girls, Kyuhyun feels a little jealous and shows Zhoumi who's boss.......with a little help from Henry.

((Vancouver?? Oh yes!!))


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Title: Smooth (Sequel to Flirt)
Pairing: Shindong/Sungmin, Kyumin
Rating: R/NC-17
Theme: 045. Smooth, Shindong/Sungmin
Summary: Sungmin needs someone to practice flirting with. Shindong happens to be the only one available...(sorry for the bad summary)

A/N: somehow i wrote smut...again...wasn't planning on it but it just happened...

100 Suju Archive or Fanfic Archive
; and i hang the stars for you

When The Morning Comes, KyuWook

Title : When The Morning Comes
Pairing : KyuWook
Genre : Angst
Rating : G
Summary : Nothing is going to be alright when the morning comes.
A/N : This fic was prompted by Super Junior M song, Blue Tomorrow. It's such a beautiful song <3 I'm sorry if this fic does not do the song justice. Just blame it on me XD I want to dedicate this to [info]xrosepetalsx who wrote me Kyuwook and Kihae fics, and [info]ha3ngbok who dedicated a Kyuwook fic for me. Ilu guys! -hugs- I hope this is good enough to pay back the awesomeness you both have given me :D
Comments and concrits are loved! Enjoy (:

I wrap my arms around you just like how I did on that faithful day, when we once sought shelter from the pouring rain.

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[fic] The Breath of Life in Me, PG, Donghae/everyone

Happy Birthday, Donghae! ♥

The Breath of Life in Me (or, 10 People Who Loved Lee Donghae)
Donghae/everyone*, PG, gen/friendship, 2525 words
It's true that everyone loves Donghae, but they each do so a little differently.

Heechul loves this boy, loves him without words and without explanation and without contention. He might never be able to explain it, but he thinks that that's all right.

*Jessica, Yunho, Hyukjae, Siwon, Kangin, Kibum, Kyuhyun, Henry, Heechul, +1
♥ sj ▬ 10/ promise to believe
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you're a cyborg(, but that's okay) {Donghae/Hyukjae ;Oneshot}

SNSD - sunny is adorable

(drabble) late night rehearsals?

drabble title: late-night rehearsals?
fandom/pairings: Super Junior; QMi
rating: PG-13
word count: 378
summary: The real reason Kyuhyun couldn't stop laughing at Zhou Mi's failure.
disclaimer: Don't own Super Junior.
notes: Inspired by this, and written in the space of 15 minutes. Forgive me.

( "But this was Kyuhyun, and everyone had come to accept the fact that he seemed to take delight in the strangest things" )

[fic] 'Cleansing'

Title: Cleansing
Fandom: RPF: Super Junior and DBSK
Characters: DongHae, Ryeowook, Zhou Mi
Prompt: 059: Fire
Word Count: 432
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He wanted to make an example, so no one would try it again.
Author's Notes: Yes, another universe. I think we've lost our minds. Coclaimed (although not really) with skyangelfics, so hopefully a decent idea of this universe is clear by the time we're done.
Note 2: In tribute to JaeBeom of 2pm.
Sequel to: Auction
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Title: Trust and Other Issues
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyuhyun comes back from China, only to find that he has a lot of convincing to do.
Disclaimer: Super Junior does not belong to me.

It all starts the day when Kyuhyun comes back home from China.

Title: Untitled
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Rating: PG-13 i think
Summary: Where Zhou Mi isn't as nice as he seems.

Kyuhyun is pushed against the wall roughly.
eunhyuk [this is what sex is]

爱情接力 (You and Me) & Arms

爱情接力 (You and Me)
Tablo/Eunhyuk, fluff/genderswitch, G, 130 words, Archive
Eunhyuk is a girl.

And posting for coley,

Title: Arms
Author: Coley Merrin
Rating: PG
Pairings: Tablo/Girl!Eunhyuk
Genre: AU, Genderswitch (there is never a boy Eunhyuk)

Summary: Birthday gift for wobaozhewo! Going out dancing on the whim of her friends, Eunhyuk stumbles into the man of her dreams... Literally, unfortunately for her.

In a romance novel, he’d bend her back and kiss her senseless.
me (11:11:57 PM): lol "she wanted me to post this up for her... threatening death. this is my bday present!"
me (11:12:31 PM): also. my bday was last month. XD
coley_merrin (11:12:40 PM): yes note that lol
coley_merrin (11:12:43 PM): SLOW
coley_merrin (11:12:53 PM): just extended is all
me (11:13:44 PM): "we took all month celebrating my birthday by her sending me snippets of this fic. now she's done and gone and left for shanghai. :|"
lucky girl. happy belated birthday to me~ ^^ (happy supershow-ing to coley ;ooooo;)
Gaga: Scream

Brb, Cracking the Hell Up

Title: Brb, Cracking the Hell  Up
Pairings: Implied QMi
Rating: PG for slight language
Genre: crack, humor, IRL
Word Count: 530
Summary: REALLY SHORT LITTLE DRABBLE THING. They were supposed to be trained professionals. Apparently not.
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior.
Author’s Note:
I LOVE FANCAMS. I LOVE LIFE. I LOVE QMI. <--- CLICK IT OR I WILL PUNT YOU. Dedicated to [info]orangedcgirl , cause she's always saying "brb, cracking the f**k up." ily, bb.

Zhou Mi was not amused. )
kibum 4

Just a Love Story - Prologue

Title : Just a Love Story
Disclaimer : Suju and DBSK are not mine!
Pairings : KiHae (main), later Hanchul, Kyumin, Kangteuk, and more
Genre : School Life, friendship, family, romance, angst (later)
Rating : PG-15
Warnings : OOC, character death, grammar mistakes, etc
: What will you do, when the person that changed your boring life, was already dead?

And Happy Birthday to Donghae-oppa~! Wish he have a very happy birthday this time, and I loveee youu~~

The story which revolved around Kim Donghae and Kim Kibum...
Dong Hae &lt;3


Pairing: Sunghaee [;
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sungmin just wanted to say happy birthday...
Warnings: Smutty-smut-smut
Disclaimer: *owns NOTHING*

My personal Suju - a - Day challenge #3! *cheers* if you want to read anymore of my previous ones, please check my journal out! Silent readers are great but Commenters are LOVE <3

And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Lee Donghae! ^-^ Aww, he's 22 now, isn't he? I wish him a long, happy life, and one hell of a good time with Eunhyuk, Henry, Kibum, and Sungmin! :D ( maybe even Kyu, if Sungmin begs hard enough >< )

http://azukarr23.livejournal.com/1714.html#cutid1 <<Click to read.
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Four Supposedly Happy Birthday + Donghae Fanart:)

Donghae's birthday fic^^

Title: The Four Supposedly Happy Birthday
Pairing: HaeHyuk / Eunhae
Rating: PG-13
Warning: lots of grammatical mistakes!! Cheesy-ness!! O.O
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: If I do own Suju or Donghae I'd be busy having a party with him now
Summary: Hyukjae on his boyfriend's birthday

There are 4 pts in total

First Birthday

my very first fanart^^
Donghae sketch^^

rila nomzing

Nothing Better Than That

Title: Nothing Better Than That
Pairing: Sungmin/Kyuhyun
Author: [info]teexsaurus

Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1106 words of PWP.
Summary: Sex doesn't need a reason. (An excuse for my plot-less p0rN)
A/N: Apparently, ending a relationship gives me the inspiration to write. For all the KyuMin shippers out there who have undying faith in the pairing despite the whole QMi wave and broken!KyuMin. Calling out to everyone out there, just give me more happy KyuMin, would you? Unbeta'd, please point out the mistakes if you spot any.

Btw, this is my first smut fic. So... concrit is welcomed.

P.S- top!Sungmin FTW.

Okay, the sex did make it better.
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Autumn Letters and Coffee Stains [Part 1]

Title: Autumn Letters and Coffee Stains [Part 1]
Author: [info]milkubox
Pairing: Zhou Mi / Kyuhyun (implied ShiHan/HenWookHae)
Genre: G/Romance/Drama/slight-fluff *and cheeseballs~*
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun finds the new exchange student from China, quiet and gentle Zhoumi, interesting or rather...captivating. He becomes friends with him and the two always meet in the bookstore near the university where they study. Every meeting would be a rather interesting and Kyuhyun is drawn into Zhoumi's charm....will Kyuhyun realize his feelings before Zhoumi finally goes back to China?
Comments: I love QMi and the idea just came in right when I was looking for school supplies and journals in a local bookstore. ^^ This will probably just have 6-8 parts...^^ I'll try to finish this one or else I'll be eaten alive~!! XDD

{01}Yet he knew the warmth he felt in his hands was way beyond coincidence.

Mini cupcakes &amp; Tea

(2 drabbles) freezing cold darkness (au) & excessive shampoo usage (au)

Title: freezing cold darkness (au)
Author: quinnsan
Group(s): Super Junior
Pairing: TeukBum
Genre: Angst, Dark
Rating: PG
Summary: the only source of light was my cellphone, which would soon die.
Beta’d By: self-beta’d
A.N.: I don’t own any of these boys, although I know we’d all like to.
X-Posted to: N/A
---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

I found him!

Title: excessive shampoo usage (au)
Author: quinnsan
Group(s): Super Junior, Super Junior M
Pairing: QMi, KyuMin friendship
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: His new roommate is a shampoo stealer…a cute shampoo stealer.
Beta’d By: self-beta’d
A.N.: Super Junior Random Pairing Generator prompt: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi/excessive use of someone else’s shampoo. I don’t own any of these boys, although I know we’d all like to.
X-Posted to: N/A
---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

“I’m telling you Sungmin he’s a shampoo stealer.”
Giselle - in the throng
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always ryeowook, drunken escapades [yehsung x ryeowook]

Title: Drunken Escapades
Author: hoyah
Pairing: YehSung x RyeoWook
Rating: G
Word Count: 500+
Summary: On the surface, RyeoWook is a prim and proper young lady. But YehSung learns this isn't always so when he invites her over one night.
Note: Based a little off of urei_sachi's YeWook!AU if you were and if you weren’t. Except this YehSung is a lot more fail. Idek. I kind of felt I had to finish it once I reached a certain point, because I had already done so much. 8D;

( drunken RyeoWook is also full of fantastic ideas )

Title: Always RyeoWOok
Author: hoyah
Pairing: YehSung x RyeoWook
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 400+
Summary: the first time ryeowook transforms in front of him, yehsung thinks, 'oh, that explains it.' then he begins to question his sexuality.
Note: Based off my conspiracy theory and thundersquall's urging.

( the first time ryeowook transforms in front of him, yehsung thinks... )

five-time proposal; [donghae/kyuhyun]

five-time proposal
by: hyungdeul
donghae/kyuhyun, pg-13
1,847 words
Summary: 5 times Donghae asks Kyuhyun to marry him. This is like, fluff to the highest degree, no lie. YOU ARE WARNED :| I swear to god, I'll write other pairings soon. Just need to get this monster out of my system. Oh, and happy birthday, Hae! ♥

One week after Kyuhyun joins Super Junior, Donghae asks for his hand in marriage.
gd work it

54/78 Drabbles --- Part 2 of 3.

24 more drabbles. =)
I'm sorry, I cannot put more detailed summaries because I'd be giving away most punchlines. So all I've added were the prompt words.
Find my first 30 drabbles here or here.

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Comments are ♥
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To mods; the entry won't let me add the tags, so I compiled the list for later use.
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Apples, Pears or Donghae?

Title: Apples, Pears or Donghae?

Author: tewki

Paring: EunHae/HyukHae.


Genre: Humor, romance and fluff... I guess o_o''

Chapters: Oneshot.

Warning: Nudity/mention of nudity and a tiny bit of sensuality.
And probably some grammar/spelling errors. English is not my native language ^_^

Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior. The thought of it is... just way to much to handle *_* ...

Title: Alone

Author: mesmerisewithme
Pairings: Ryeowook/ Siwon 
Genre: romance, angst
Rating: G
Warning: un-beta
Disclaimer:Super Juniors belong to themselves , their friends & families
Summary: Ryeowook hates being alone, hoping death could bring him to reunite with Siwon.

Author's Note: Just an angst story with not much storyline.
So I had 3 other angsty stories that I'll post each day, each with a different pairings. Including: Yewon, Yewook, Kyuwook. 

Anyway, please enjoy some sadness now.-.-

Collapse )

Infinite {sungyeol; get out}

(no subject)

Title: Timeless (2/5)
Fandom: Super Junior (AU, !future)
Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul
Word count: 3,597
Rating: R
Summary: Heechul has just had the worst day ever, in the world. Honestly, he doesn't think that it could possibly get worse than this. That, however, is something that he'll come to regret articulating when he ends up a long way from home, in a world where life is a fight for survival.

part 1
part 2