May 8th, 2009

multi-pairing drabbles

--untitled, pg, kangin/leeteuk, yunho/leeteuk, 264wc--
a hug so tight it's as though he would- )

--three overused words, pg, kangin/leeteuk, 43wc--
that could mean so many things and- )

--sex, r, kibum/donghae, 67wc--
clawing his back just before he- )

--inexistent, pg, leeteuk/sungmin, 22wc--
sinks and disappears into- )

--flying is not meant to be done like that, pg, 30wc--
defies all sense of- )

--pretty hot perfect, pg, kangin/leeteuk, 112wc--
body turns still forev- )

--potential, pg, hankyung/heechul, 30wc--
something beautif- )

all here.
yesung bonamana

Touch Motion [one-shot]

Title: Touch Motion
Characters: Tablo/Hyukjae/Kibum/Donghae/Kyuhyun
Author: Linh/ElmersGlue128
Length: one-shot
Rating: PG-13   
Words: 2,760  
Summary: Domino effect. It all falls over and you pick up the pieces and fall in love again.
Dedicated: to
Madelyn93 for requesting "blohyukkihae". Ah, it didn't turn out to be some crazy, fabulous love orgy. Next time?^^
Comments: Only semi-proofread for errors because my mind is so spacey lately but I don't want to disappoint or keep delaying : ) 
Locked after 3 days, see lj for details

Random: Type of Girl

Pimping Fic Exchange


Everyone knows that there’s no short supply of the standard OTPs in the Super Junior fandom. However, the rarer pairings are, well, rare. How many times have you gotten in a mood for a specific pairing only to check the tags and come up with nothing but the SuJu100 prompts or with something other than what you were hoping for? If you’re a fan of those rare pairings, this semi-anonymous challenge is the one for you. Request rare pairings and get a rare pairing fic or art work in return.

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Permission given by hoyah
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Taking Requests

Mods, I apologize if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete it.

But lately I've been stuck in a rut with my writing and I'm willing to take some one-shot requests. My one-shots are usually short, so they don't take long to write, but I will take up to 8 requests.

Collapse )

Thank you!
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(no subject)

this means, a stream of water. :)

Pairing: Kibum x Donghae CENTRIC. Kihae Overload
Genre: Shounen-ai, Violence, Angst, Dark Comedy [AU Genre]
Summary: Kim Kibum is biology student and Hae is a primadonna.


If this is your first time to come across this fic, then you can read the past chapters here:
Hyoyeon; I'm genie for your wish

(no subject)

Title: The Game
Author: cairistiona 
Rating: R/NC-17 [nothing explicit but there is implicit rape and sex]
Pairings: Kyuhyun/Everyone, friendship!KyuTeuk, friendship!YeWook, [mostly]friendship!KyuBum, ninja!ShiHan, KangTeuk & HyukSu [matchmaker!Kyu]
Characters: Kyuhyun-centric, includes all members of SJ+M
Genre: Humour/Crack, Angst, Romance, Implicit Smut
Wordcount: Far too many [14,323!!]
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the boys but I own the story. Nothing here happened. This is probably for the best. ^^
Summary: [Semi-AU, featuring Partially-Evil!Ryeowook] Kyuhyun is bored, and a bored Kyuhyun is a dangerous one. Even more so, he's a bored Kyuhyun who's fed up with being the baby of the band. So he creates the Game, to put some amusement into his life. It causes more problems than it solves.

Link is to the first part, but there are...many, many parts, which are all linked at the top of each page for easy access.

Kyuhyun is bored, and a bored Kyuhyun is a dangerous one.

Fanfics!!!! :D

Title: Waiting Hearts
Author: </a></b></a>ai_sumairu 
Chapter: 2/?
Pairings: Hints at QMi and HenWook (Will appear in later chapters)
Genre: Romance & Friendship
Disclaimer: I own the story.
Author's Note: Here it is! Finally! XD My internet's back! :D Please do read and comment. Hope you guys like it! :D

(Chapter 1)

Well... you see everything’s a joke... )


Title: Bonding
Author: </a></b></a>ai_sumairu 
Pairings: KiSung
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I own the story.
Author's Note: This is a late gift to </a></b></a>perfectfiresky  for her birthday. Dear, I'm sorry that it's really late!!!! My internet got some major issues!!!! TT^TT Hope you'll like it! :D Please do read and comment! ^-^

This is a prequel to the KiSung part in How To Say I Miss You

I wonder if I can be Little Mermaid... )


Title: How To Say I Miss You
Author: </a></b></a>ai_sumairu 
Pairings: KangTeuk (main), hints at others.
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Disclaimer: I own the story.
Author's Note: This is a late gift to </a></b></a>sycoraxsnow  for her birthday. Dear, I'm sorry that it's really late!!!! My internet went on strike against me!!!! TT^TT This is a bit long so I split it into 2 parts. The link for the 2nd part is at the end of the story. Hope you'll like it! :D Please do read and comment! ^-^

Now read it again without including the word love... )

cho kyuhyun

(no subject)

Title: Getting our husband back
Chapter: Oneshot
Pairing: Secret
Character: Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Leeteuk, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Yesung, Donghae, Kim darkangelhate10 and Clarissa kyuhyunlover3
Rating: G
Summary: “We are getting our husband back”
NOTE: Will be locked within 72 hours


Title: Memory of you
Pairing: Kihae and Eunhae
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Forever meant nothing until I met you
NOTE: Will be locked within 72 hours

Author’s note: dedicated to my ate wi sallysync

CHapter 7
donghae - eyes to the sky

FIC: On Getting Into The Closet, And Then Coming Out (Kibum/Donghae)

Title: On Getting Into The Closet, And Then Coming Out
Author: sellmyseoul
Pairings: Kibum/Donghae
Genre: Humor/Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Summary: (2336 words) What do Donghae and puppies have in common?

It was a well-known fact that Donghae had not only the looks and temperament, but also the attention span, of an eleven month old puppy.

Hi again! Second fic from me, enjoy :)

An Adventure of Lee Brothers with KOO Girl (Part Two)

Pairings : (Love Triangle) EunHae and HyukMin

Genre : Horror

Author :</a>hyungnoona

Rate : PG

              Disclaimer : I don't own the boys.

"I was just so INSPIRED." Donghae said with shining eyes.

HyungNona: Hope you enjoy this and please do comment. If you hasn't read the part one then just click this Link. I still have many fic that I didn't put here yet, so just visit me at my journal.
; and i hang the stars for you

Looking for a Kyumin one-shot :)

I hope this is allowed :)

I'm looking for a KyuMin one-shot. It's about Kyu and Sungmin agreed to be 'fake couple' for 100 days (or was it a month? I forgot, sorry). In the end, they really fell for each other but sadly Kyu died in a car crash before telling Sungmin how he felt.

Anyone knows the fic? I'd really appreciate the help. Thank you! ^_^