March 30th, 2009

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whispers of the heart chapter 2 (part 2)

Title : Whispers of the heart

Chapter : 2/? (part2/2)

Fandom: Super Junior (with vague dbsk)

Rating: This chapter - G

Pairings: QMi (main), EunHae, HenWook, KangTeuk, HanChul, WonMin, YunJae, KiSung

Warnings: Some members are still girls, shock horror

Summary : Kyuhyun has never been good with people, an antisocial teenage girl she's used to being alone, so when she meets the lively Zhou Mi in a bookstore, she can't help but lose her senses and fall for the girl who can't fail to make her smile.

chapter2 part 1

Chapter 2 Part 2
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Eternal Light - NC-17 - TeukChul

Title: Eternal Light
Author: seket_ninstuku
Pairing: TeukChul with mentions of ShiHan, KangTeuk, HanChul, and KiChul
Rating: NC-17 for Language and Sex
Genre: Romance, Smut
P.O.V.: 1st Person Heechul ♥
Summary: The dawn comes after the long night and as sun rises so do hearts in a chorus of love that buries itself deep within heart and soul.
ATTENTION!: While it is possible to read this fic on it's own, reading it after having read the first five parts of the arc will greatly clarify the situations and emotions present. This fic can be highly enjoyed without reading the other five if you just want the happy ending ^^ Thank you ♥

Special Thanks To: My Jungsoo-ah 10tookie24 ♥ I couldn't have written this without you.

1. In the Palm of My Hand - TeukChul - NC-17: Explicit Sex, Language - Heechul POV - Genre: Romance, Smut

2. The Morning After - TeukChul - PG-13: Some Language, Possible Mentions of Sex - Heechul POV - Genre: Angst, Romance

3. Burning Through You - HanChul - NC-17: Oral sex, cursing - Heechul POV - Genre: Romance, Smut

4. Late Night Walks - Kibum/Heechul, mentioned Shiwon/Hankyung and Kangin/Eeteuk(<-if you squint) - R: Language - Genre: Friendship, Romance, Light Angst

5. Happy Birthday Jungsoo-ah - Eeteuk/Heechul, mentioned Shiwon/Hankying, Eeteuk/Kangin, and Kibum/Heechul - R: Language, Sexual Situations, Sexual Implications - Genre: Romance, Angst

6. What you are about to read :3

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Fic: Searching for... ... - Chapter 3

Title: Searching for... ...

Author: vic_sim

Characters: Super Junior + Henry, Zhou Mi, DBSK (will appear I think in the next Chapter)

Category: General

Rating: PG-13

Summary: AU Fic. It's set when they are in university, all doing a variety of courses. Most of them are friends beforehand, having grown up together. Life seems perfect. Life seems to be going well and they are all heading towards their own future. But something is missing. None of them really knows what is missing. They will all have to search for the missing piece in them. And that is what life is about - searching for the thing to make yourself whole.

(Don't put too much faith in the summary cos I have a feeling it may not turn out to be what people have in mind when they read the summary.)

Part A: Zhou Mi, what's going on? 
Part B: How do you know that tune?
Part C: I want to know my past.
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100 Fan Fiction Challenge

100 Super Junior Fan Fiction Challenge
Title: Freefall [001/100 ]
Characters/Pairings: Kangin:Leeteuk/ Kangteuk
Rating: R-16 {it might come
Disclaimer: I EFFING OWN THEM. I wish I do. ;)

Word Count: 1,409
Summary: Kangin didn't do exactly what Leeteuk wanted him to do. In that case, it wasn't good. What he needs to do is get his angel back.
Author:[info] doyouknowwhy

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Dignity for Sale

Dignity for Sale

Title: Dignity for Sale
Pairing: Yehsung/Ryeowook
Rating: NC-17, Smut/Angst/AU
Summary: Everyone who tries to make it in the entertainment business are optimistic fools who only see the glitz and glamour of their idols’ lives, but not the shadows that follow those who does not shine as brightly as the stars.
Status: Part 1 of 2. Winner of the Smut-Tastic Suju Fic Fest, angst sex theme!

“Who has the right to say what we do and don’t deserve?” )


희철's Trouble

Pairings : KyuMin, HanChul, Love Triangle (YeBum and YeWook, EunHyuk, KangTeuk & lasly Heechul and Super Junior members (with Jungmo)

Genre : Romance and Comedy

Rate : PG (Probably)

              Disclaimer : I don't own the boys.

Hyungnoona: This chapter was the shortest. Do you want me to make a title on every chapter? Just leave a comment. I'll appreciate your help. The next chapter will be the last one. Please anticipate... ^_^

PHOTO CREDITS: To someone I don't know in photobucket.
If you want to read the rest of the chapter, it's here:
"KISS ONE", "KISS TWO", "KISS THREE", "KISS FOUR" & "KISS FIVE" (It's better if you know what the story flows...)
Always feel free leave a comment!


討好 (Loving U Without Flatteries): 04

Title: 討好 (Loving U Without Flatteries) 04/??
Author: sassydork
Pairing(s): Henry/Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Eunhyuk/Donghae, Yesung/Ryeowook, Shiwon/Hangeng/Heechul (and more?)
Genre: AU. Fluff, Romance, Humor?
Rating: PG13
Summary: Henry never thought that mending his broken heart would turn into something he never expected.
A/N: After writing this chapter, I am convinced that this is just stupid >.>

Chapter One
Chapter TwoChapter Three

"I officially announce that I would forget who the fuck you guys are from now on." Henry stated angrily and Hyukjae spat out a chortle as it sounded like some fucked up speech in his head, "Well, I officially announce that you'll be stuck with us for the rest of your life and you have no escape whatsoever."

Random: Type of Girl

Fic: Kiss and Make Up

Title: Kiss and Make Up
Sequel To: Teenaged Trials and Tribulations
Author: dizzy_grace
Claim: General Fandom
Prompt: 45 Baby
Fandom: Super Junior and DBSK
Characters: Zhou Mi, Ryeowook
Rating: PG
Word Count: 271
Summary: Zhou Mi tries to make up with Ryeowook after their fight
Notes/Warnings: So one day in my boredom where I was stuck without access to anything remotely entertaining I started coming up with an AU for Super Junior and DBSK. I assigned them all mutant powers and put them in a school with LSM as director. This is that universe.

Master Post with links to all the fics and a list of character powers.

Kyumin - When Life Betrays You 19/23

Title: When Life Betrays You
Pairing: Kyumin
Sub-pairing: GTOP, Yunjae, Yoosu, Kangteuk, Yewook
Genre: I dunno....suspense?
Status: Ongoing 19/23
Disclaimer: I do not own SuJu, DBSK or Big Bang. If I did you would see a hell of a lot more fanservice!
Summary: Five years after everything happened, Sungmin and Kyuhyun are happily married. But the past comes back to haunt them and it only takes one letter to turn their worlds upsidedown again and this time, they might not survive. Character deaths.

{Chapter 19} - Violence Warning


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