March 22nd, 2009

To Please Prince Hankyung

Title: To Please Prince Hankyung
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: HanChul (ZhouRy friendship)
Summary: Prince Hankyung was always a hard person to please when it comes to girls. When his mother finally gives up on finding him the perfect woman, his brother decides to set him up with a man instead.
A/N: short start, I think... and may not update :/ (My fic "The One I Love" I haven't forgotten about it, it's just that I kinda have writer's block with it D: )
Disclaimer: Don't own HanChul *_________*

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Made Of Light and Dreams 11(a,b)/?

Title: Made Of Light and Dreams 11(a,b)/?
Author: MeiMay
Pairing: Kyumin
Rating: G
Summary: Going inside the wrong room turned his world upside down.
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em

~Hello thar to all my awesome readers!

~as always, Thanks for readin' :]

Part A:

Part B:
{강특} love/wtf?

[siwon/heechul] Sin and Salvation

Title: Sin and Salvation
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 500
Notes: THIS IS BIRTHDAY!FIC FOR MY EVERY FANTASTIC AND BELOVE'D halcyon_morn. Excuse the vaguely horrible and awkward fic and may you continue on being just that fraction more awesome than all you surround ♥. 새일촉하합니다 우리 사랑한 오빠~ 행복 많이 받을 꺼야~♥♥♥

(Heechul was unselfconscious, truthful, and godless.)

O HAI miracle______, I guess it's been a long time? I will eventually pick uni!verse back up, so um. Expect more from me eventually? IDEK.


(Untitled – suggestions please?)

Lenth: One-shot

Genre: SMUT!

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: kibum/henry/donghae

Warning! My first real attempt at explicit smut~ (try to be nice?) And no beta, oh! and some bondage! and clearly it’s ot3~

Summary: Donghae cheats on Kibum with Henry in China; Henry feels guilty and HEECHUL helps him ask for Kibum’s forgiveness, thus leading to what will happen in this fic

A/N, this has been bugging me for almost a month now…. Scenes playing in my mind as I sit on the car on my way home from work….. I think it’s about time I try writing it…. (I also still think it’s waaaay hotter in my mind though)

P.S. If before I had 10000000% appreciation for smut writers…. I think it just multiplied by a gazillion times more after writing this~ *waves to my favourite smut writers* (but you don’t know who you are cuz im using a different account… geheheheh)

 Author:[info]kiirohana_16 I'll be using this account for writing now, kiirohana_16 will be for my spazzing



( off to the smut! )

To my Sea Memories readers, I think my brain turned to goo after writing this so the next part will be up tomorrow? hehehe :p

dont look at me like that. :'>

100 suju fics challenge: tattoo~

theme:024. Spotlight, 4/100, 100 suju fics challenge
pairing:kyumin, implied kyumi
warning:grammar @_@ crack! rushed TT__TT
note:yey! a fic again! i miss writing fics... T^T and sorry for not writing a fic for days and not updating my chaptered fics~ this one is a sequel for Changes~ dedicated to mysticxblu, i hope you'll like this. and im sorry in advance, i think im gonna disappoint you. D;

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"goodbye... my first love..."

Aladdin? - Part 7

Title: ‘Aladdin?

Author: Me! (2theChangmin)

Characters: Super Junior

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Summary: Super Junior has a night off and decides to watch the movie ‘Aladdin’. But something suddenly goes horribly, horribly wrong…


Ah! Sorry, I know I said I’d get this up yesterday … I failed. But here it is in all of its glorious, um, glory. XD

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[Fiction] Jigsaw Puzzles - Ryeowook/Kyuhyun (bffimagine)

Title: Jigsaw Puzzles
Author: Sabrina, bffimagine
Type: Standalone/Oneshot
Rating: 13+
Pairing: Ryeowook/Kyuhyun
Summary: Ryeowook meets someone interesting on his way to what could be the most life-changing experience he ever has--but whether that experience is the audition he's on his way to or the person he meets...
Warnings: None.
A/N: For hyuukie because she nagged me like CRAZY, because I wanted to, because it's fun, and because magnaes are just so CUTE!
Also found at: My Journal and lt_library
Disclaimer: I don't own them and I cry at night =(

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[oneshot] Slowly Fading Leaves

Title: Slowly Fading Leaves
Author: panda_wookie 
Characters: Super Junior
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Author's Note: So I posted this one late last night, but I was too tired to post it up on here. Haha, but at least I'm posting it here now? Okay, so don't ask me why I wrote this because I really do not know the reason behind all of this writing. LOL. But, I can tell you that this oneshot is really painful. I guess I was just in the mood to write something really angsty, or something like that. - -L Like I said, I'm not sure myself. It's not really my best writing because I was exhausted from such a busy day yesterday, so it was somewhat a quick write? So yea... But overall! Have a box of tissues with you!!!! And Be prepared! Oh! One more thing! Don't kill me at the end please? *runs and hides*
Summary: What happens when suddenly members begin to leave Super Junior one by one?
WARNING!: Very Heavy Angst? If You Do Not Like To Read About broken!SuJu Please Turn Around And Walk Away. Read At Your Own Risk!

I wish it was warm enough to rain...

Title: Umbrella
Author: cho_min
Rating: G
Paring(s): Ryeowook/Kyuhyun
Inspiration: This was written for sketchglitch, 'cause she won at the sheep guessing game and asked for a Kyuwook, possibly set on a rainy day, and I'm incapable of thinking of Ryeowook on a rainy day without thinking of the fact that he never has an umbrella (which I think is a little dumb, but there you go... no one asked me :P), and so you get this^^;;
Genre: fluff ^^ ('cause I'm aparently incapable of much else ^^;;)
Comments: um... I suck at Kyuhyun? I don't know... I don't really know much about Kyu, 'cause he hasn't cycled through being my favourite yet, and therefore he's kind of amorphous, personality-wise...
Summary: Ryeowook reveals why he never has an umbrella
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Sapphire Blue ;; 1

Title: Sapphire Blue
Chapter: 1
Pairing/Featuring: As of Chapter 1, Heechul/Siwon!bff-ery
Word Count: 1014
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Heechul's always second best. But he doesn't want to be first.
Disclaimer: This is a disclaimer. Thus, I disclaim Super Junior.

After all, when the only firsts you've experienced are the firsts that bring honor and respect, you grow immune and impenetrable to the idea that, actually, being first isn't always a good thing.
Donghae & Siwon

Can You Stay In The Game? Chapter Thirteen

Title: Can You Stay In the Game?
Length: 13/?
Main Pairing: Shiwon/Hankyung
Side Pairing: Kibum/Donghae, Junsu/Eunhyuk, Yunho/JaeJoong, Jinki/Kibum(SHINee), KangIn/Eeteuk, others to come :3
Author: Em-Uhhh-Lee
Warning: Un-betaed, but proof read by kittypoker
Summary: Siwon is a cold hearted CEO. Hankyung a fresh and out of college, going for a job at Choi Empire. Will Hankyung be able to get passed Siwon's cold exterior, or will he fall out of the game?

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7] [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10] [Chapter 11] [Chapter 12]

Chapter 13

forgive me for the really late and long wait for this chapter ToT
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Cute Angry Expression

Title: Cute Angry Expression
Theme: Set charlie # 6 Red Lights 30smiles 
Pairing/Characters: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Rating: Pg16
Dedicated to: sallysync  for her long awaited pairing~
Summary: 5th Red Light

The air condition was in full blast and yet Sungmin felt hot all over.

Link to Cute Angry Expression

Sungmin's Cuteness SeriesPairing
Cuteness AwardSungmin/Donghae
Ni Hen Ke AiSungmin/Zhoumi
Cute EarsSungmin/Eunhyuk
Cute GirlSungmin/Heechul
Cute ButtSungmin/Siwon
A Taste Of CutenessSungmin/Shindong
A Sucker For CutenessSungmin/Ryeowook
Looking Young and CuteSungmin/Eeteuk
Not Cute EnoughSungmin/Kibum
A Cute DrinkSungmin/Yesung
Cute StuffSungmin/Hankyung
Not As Cute Or Innocent As Everyone ThoughtSungmin/Kangin
Cute Angry ExpressionSungmin/Kyuhyun

The Reason Why I Love You :)

Hello There~ :)
I just joined this community... and i wanted to
start off with a fanfic :) Enjoy~ Please. :) Sorry if its horrible >< I tried ... :(

Title: The Reason Why I Love You [Reason One]
Rating: Nc-17
Summary: Kangin and Siwon are best friends, both leaders of a mafia group. They become enemies, to fight over a man they both love - Kyuhyun.
Warnings: Contains... rape.. ><  lolz 


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Title: Love/War (24/25)
Fandom: Super Junior AU (Mafia)
Pairings: Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul (Hankyung/Heechul), Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Kibum/Donghae, Yehsung/Ryeowook, Kangin/Eeteuk, Tablo/Eunhyuk
Pairings in Chapter: Kibum/Donghae, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Kangin/Eeteuk
Word Count: 4,610
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The Kim family and the Choi family are the two oldest families in Seoul: where other families have been born, grown, and then fell apart, they remain strong. Unfortunately, they are mortal enemies, and where one lives alongside the law, the other is beyond any control. It's up to the new generation of members to destroy the violence between them - even if it means destroying one family in the process.

Chapter 1 here.
Chapter 24 here.