March 15th, 2009

No Heart

Title: No Heart
Chapter: 3/5?
Pairing: Yehwook
Summary: Yehsung has always been a cold person; people even say he has no heart. But with no heart, how can you love?
A/N: hehe a slight mention of HanKyu because of Sabz(bffimagine) MAJOR MR. SEN ALERT!!:D
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior but I wish I owned Yehwook :/

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Title: Eternity
Characters: Eeteuk, Kangin, Heechul, Hankyung, Shiwon
Genre: AU, Drama
Rating: Rated for cussing
Summary: In this world, objects of power exists. Among these many objects, there is a legend of one capable of giving eternal life. This object is supposedly so rare, and so powerful that it had been hidden away, meant to never be seen or used. But a thing can't be created and never be used. Everything has its purpose. And anything can be found.

In a world already brimming with supernatural forces, there are few men capable of doing just that. Gathering three men, with three different abilities, a Triune is formed. The first - is one who leads The Way. The next - a Sword, the tactician, tasked with protecting his Triune. The last - the Key, one who possess the ability to open almost anything within his power.

With the passing of time, many Triunes have been formed. Most, not quite strong or capable, but there were the rare few who had been quite exceptional, those whose names are still being revered by the new generation, a generation of new Triunes, some still hoping and seeking for that Eternity.

At present, rumors have been circulating that a Triune had finally done the impossible and managed to unearth a clue. A clue that could possibly lead to that elusive Eternity.

Chapter 1
Big Bang » <3

Replacement. One-shot.

Title: Replacement.
Author: sacryde_riots.
Rating: R to be safe.
Pairing: Heechul/Kibum. Mentioned Siwon/Hankyung.
Words: 2,250.
Status: Complete. One-shot.
Fic Challenge: 2/100
Summary: "It took you long enough," Kibum grinned, grabbing the back of Heechul's neck and bringing the older boy closer, the glint in his eyes making Heechul's breathing quicken, "Just think of me as their...replacement."
Disclaimer: I don't own them. If I did, I would be filthy rich by now.
Warning: This contains mention of male/male relationships. If you're not into such things, I suggest you turn back now. Also, beware the angst. I couldn't help it.

Fic Here.

miracles, one-shot

Pairing: Yesung/Kyuhyun, Yesung/Kibum
Word Count: 860
Genre: Angst, Drama, AU
Warning: Character Death

Author's Notes: Is it hard to believe this was supposed to be a chapter fic? I really wish I could've written the entire story, but it turned into a one-shot. This way I got to write in my detailed style~ Please enjoy, although it's rather sad. Sorry Kyu baby. TT____TT This fic is unbeta-ed.

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Haengbok High School for the Arts is an AU K-Pop RP, that focuses on the lives of High School students in a school that specializes in the arts. The school has a vast majority of clubs as well as many opportunities for other students. We started Rping on December 29th
We're currently looking for Super Junior members, such as a Kyu, a Ryeowook, Kibum, and Shindong as well as members from various other K-Pop groups, new RP'ers are embraced and welcomed.

Any questions or concerns message the mods manjoo_henli or choi_jonghoon

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winter beb

I Drew High School AU

So I love dokutoku_ai and her fabulous high school AU and I am thinking about making it into a comic (all 25 chapters of it ::dies::). This picture is me making sure I’ve got all the characters right and the uniform and all that jazz. I absolutely love how it turned out but I must say I am NEVER drawing 13 full bodies into one picture again. Coloring this thing gave me carpal tunnel :|

(My awesomeness, let me show you it)
how will it end?

[Fic] For Always - 7/?

Title: For Always
Author: Coley Merrin
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun and Siwon/Hankyung (with possible additions)
Genre: AU. Drama/Romance/Angst/Fluff/The kitchen sink

Summary: The bookstore called "Soulmate" has been the most important thing in Kyuhyun's life. With it, he has built a fortress of brick and page around himself, one that can only be brought down from the inside -- both with love and with danger.

Hankyung has built a life of meaning, but finds no substance in it and lives in dreams. Dreams that, when they materialize, make him question his ability to reach and hold on when he wants nothing less.

Chapter One

Chapter Seven - Zhou Mi moved up behind him as if ready to snatch him back from the jaws of death.

Kyumin - When Life Betrays You 15/23

Title: When Life Betrays You
Pairing: Kyumin
Sub-pairing: GTOP, Yunjae, Yoosu, Kangteuk, Yewook
Genre: I dunno....suspense?
Status: Ongoing 15/23
Disclaimer: I do not own SuJu, DBSK or Big Bang. If I did you would see a hell of a lot more fanservice!
Summary: Five years after everything happened, Sungmin and Kyuhyun are happily married. But the past comes back to haunt them and it only takes one letter to turn their worlds upsidedown again and this time, they might not survive. Character deaths.

{Chapter 15}


{Prologue}{Chapter 1}{Chapter 2}{Chapter 3}{Chapter 4}{Chapter 5}{Chapter 6}{Chapter 7}{Chapter 8}{Chapter 9}{Chapter 10}{Chapter 11}{Chapter 12}{Chapter 13}{Chapter 14}

eunhae hug

One-shot; Because, I Love You…

Title; Because, I Love you…
Author; hunni23
Pairing; Broken!EunHae, KiHae, friendship HaeChul, HanBum and TeukBum
Rating; PG – NC-17
Word count; 4,031
Warning; angst, ninja!smut
Summary; Sequel to ‘The Scientist’ ‘All I Ever Wanted’ ‘To Hyukkie, Love From your Fishy’ and ‘I Never Wanted Memories.

The KiHae in this is for jennchii  and penipenpen . <i>Special</i> thanks to baby_buggs  for your help, you’re the reason this is so long, so this whole thing should most probably be dedicated to you XD</lj></lj></lj>

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oh, this is the last part in my lil series~~~

[Fiction] All the Right Words - YeWook (bffimagine)

Title: All the Right Words
Author: Sabrina, bffimagine
Type: Standalone
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook, background Eunhyuk/Donghae
Genre: Fluffy-cute
Summary: It's never been easy for Yesung to say what he felt, and now he wants to tell Ryeowook exactly what he's feeling. How do you tell someone something you don't feel like you can say? In a different language, of course!
A/N: Just for you, Tiff (hyuukie), because I wouldn't be writing this otherwise <3 FIRST SUJU FIC EVAR! ;)
Also found at: My Journal (F-locked) or lt_library
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior, or any of its members therein. The boys are also NOT GAY. Or so they say, officially.

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SHH #28 #29 & Epilogue

Title: SHH.
Rating: R
Pairing: ShiHanChul/KyuChul/KyuHae/KyuMi/KangTeuk/EunHae. *grins*
Summary: He is being kidnapped by murdering criminals. Or at least, that's what he assumes.
A/N: Roughly 96,000 words, in an alternate universe. Basically they're all themselves, but Super Junior doesn't exist. It combines all genres really. So lets see what happens when one gets kidnapped in the dead of night to meet some unexplained fate. *EVIL LAUGH*

= CHANGE IN POV. (Might be a little confusing at first, but you'll get used to it. Just feel out the situation, and it's usually pretty obvious who's brain your in when reading.) :D

Fic Directory.
1. My Eyes Were Shut.

28. It was different this time.

29.Why do I get the feeling we’re walking into a trap.


Marked Angel

Title: Marked Angel
Pairing: KangTeuk
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Beryllium is our weakness... It makes us sick until we die or it just kills us right off the bat. The only way to make us feel better is if we drink human blood...
Author's Note: Eeteuk's part of the KangTeuk background story for I'm Like This Because I Love You.... Holy crap that's a long freaking title! XD Would be wise to read I'm Like This Because I Love You, but you don't have to... It's a stand alone thing too... Will be locked in three days or when I remember to lock it

Marked Angel


Title: Northern Sky

Summary: Kibum and Donghae were two souls that were never meant to be separated. One was the emperor’s son and the other was a messenger. They became friends and eventually something else. But something will happen and their love for each other will be tested to its limits.
Genre: AU, Romance,Crack,Angst

Rating: PG to NC17
Cast: Super Junior

Pairing: Kihae, some Kangteuk
Warning: No beta. Character Death/s (?)
A/N:  LAST CHAPTER after three freaking months. FOR ALL THOSE WHO ENDURED READING THIS FIC TILL THIS CHAPTER….thank you 100x…if you didn’t read this I shouldn’t have written all my other fics…thank you XDDD


for my new KIHAE series

Title: Monster
Pairing: Kibum/Donghae, TOP (of BigBang)/ Donghae, more to come
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Smut
Summary: We all have our own monsters under our beds and inside our closets but the most dangerous ones are those inside our heads. For one Kim Kibum, mind-fucking was an entirely new thing but he found out that it was dangerously delicious if done with an equally fucked up man. 

CHAPTER 1 here!!!