March 8th, 2009

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Title: Love Really Hurts - Family
Author: Aura (abcangels)
Words: 1688
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Broken!Siwon x Yesung ; Kangin x Leeteuk ; Kangin + Yesung
Disclaimer: Not mine, they belong to themselves.
Summary: It's easy to break somebody and even easier to hurt the one you love. You are sad that Siwon had to learn it the hard way.
Note: This is a Kangin POV of Love Really Hurts. Well, you should read it first I guess.

{ It's easy to break somebody and even easier to hurt the one you love. You are sad that Siwon had to learn it the hard way. }

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Title: Look who’s talking ~SJ style. [Chapter 5]

Pairing(s): Kangteuk, G-TOP (for this chapter)  

Fandom: Super Junior(main), DBSK, Big Bang… still debating on SHINee…

Rating: Pg for parenting ideas that should never be conducted on actual live children!

Warning: Kid Super Junior AU, Fake parenting tips! Seriously I must stress that any kid in most of these circumstances… would probably be taken away or dead…

Genre: Comedy, a bit of angst, and a lot more sap then I had originally intended.

Disclaimer: Still don’t own them…

Summary: Kangteuk are the picture perfect couple, until Leeteuk gets them into a situation involving a few children who have minds of their own.

A/N: If you’ve ever seen the movie Look Who’s Talking or any of it’s sequels you know that you can hear the babies thoughts. Words in italics and ‘…’ marks are what the babies are thinking/ telling other babies… so yeah…

A/N II: If you haven’t read the prologue or chapter one through four,  they can be found on my profile. (I should probably work on making an archive, any tips on how to do it?)


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Title : Smile Shine Sucess
Pairing : Yewook
Rate  :  I don't know how to rate.... but definetly no BoyxBoy sex in it....
Disclaimership : I don't own any one of Super Junior
Summary : Yesung asks Ryeowook for some tips on life.
Author's Note : My first fanfic posted on Miracle, please read!

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fell in love with a starship captain

we could've been a love story

we could've been a love story
Zhou Mi, Kyumi
PG-13; 1050 words

war!AU. Zhou Mi is a dreamer. He builds sandcastles in the air and believes in Happily Ever Afters; falls in love with drawing and singing and a dozen other things he's yet to try.

( He carries a bound notebook around (the pages wrinkled from use and back cover stained from the time he'd spilt tea on it); keeps black and white photos in neatly-labeled albums on the shelf of his corner of the room he shares with his family and sticks hand-drawn images of the sky on the tattered walls. )
hungry cat, eo, heebum

Last day on Earth - Day 1 - chapter 2

Title: Last day on Earth
Chapter: Chapter 2 - Day 1
Pairing: Sichul, Sihanchul, Kihae, Kangchul, Kangteuk
Special guests: Jungmo and Jay from THE TRAX
Rating: PG-13-ish for bad language and bitchy people
Warning: Zombies
Summary: Basically, it's the story about friendship, zombies, summer break with zombies and being typical college student, so you can expect everything, I guess.
Past entries:
Day 0 - chapter 1

Day 1 - chapter 2
SleepyTeuk by inny_cent

[Series]A Story of Hurting and Healing, Chapter 14

Author : freedomthisway
Rating : Various, up to NC-17, still PG13 for now
Character/Pairing : Siwon, Hankyung, Kangin, Hyukjae, Heechul, other made up characters/SiHan, KangHyuk, very minor SiChul.
Word Count : 7691 words
Genre : AU and angst like whoa!
Warning: Underage, rape/non-con, younger!Hankyung, a lot of swearing.
Summary : When Hankyung was 7, his mother was remarried to Choi Min Woo, the head of the rich and famous Choi family. The marriage brings Hankyung to the position of Siwon's younger stepbrother.
Their closeness as child changed after they grew older and Siwon found out his feelings toward Hankyung. Not wanting to ruin the family, Siwon chose to keep his love for Hankyung inside and avoid him like crazy instead.
While Hankyung was struggling to bear his own misery, he too realized his feelings for Siwon, but didn't act on it because he assumed Siwon hated him.
After 3 years of escaping from the family, hearing Choi Min Woo's death, Hankyung decided to come back, only to face Siwon's hatred towards him.

All Hankyung wants is a happiness and love with Siwon by his side. Can he reach it eventually?

Author’s note:
I'm afraid someone's going to kill me if I don't update soon.

Very sorry for the long delay. This chapter is going to be damn long, so I hope you'll like it too.

Anyway, thank you for staying with me until now~! Love you all for the supports and the speculations~! xDD

Chapter 1 :: Chapter 2 :: Chapter 3 & 4 :: Chapter 5
Chapter 6 & 7 :: Chapter 8 :: Chapter 9 :: Chapter 10
Chapter 11 :: Chapter 12 :: Chapter 13

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You can also find my other Super Junior fanfictions here in archive post in my writing journal.

When It Rains In Saint-Anne {Preview}

Title: When It Rains In Saint-Anne
Genre: Series
Status: In Progress
Main Characters: Hangeng (One sided SiHan), Kibum (KiHae),
Park JungMin, Kim Joon, Taebin, Se7en, Calvin Chen, and most of Super Junior.
Author: satuchomiss
Rating: From PG-15 to R
Summery: I live only to do one thing and that is to do what I am told,
no questions asked, no faces seen, I get in, I get out. I am a Hired Killer.
A/N: Don't worry guys its not depressing or anything it's just sligthly

If I Kissed You

Title: If I Kissed You, Would You Be Mad?
Author: ich_heisse_kai
Pairing: Hanry
Rating: pg-15

Length: chaptered (11 of about 25)
Warning: boyxboy love, kissing, incest
Overall Summary: Henry is an average high school student with one problem: he is in love with a boy, and not just any boy at that. He is madly in love with the boy who is to become his brother.
Chapter Summary:
“Hankyung!! You can’t cook rice??"
Disclaimer: Oh, it turns out i do own characters!!!! Kuan and Yon. everyone else, though, belongs to themselves  :)

[Chapter 1]    [Chapter 2]    [Chapter 3]    [Chapter 4]    [Chapter 5]    [Chapter 6]    [Chapter 7]    [Chapter 8]

[Chapter 9]    [Chapter 10]