March 6th, 2009


100 fanfics challenge - 043. Washing Machines

043. Washing Machines
Pairing: Donghae/Siwon
Rating: General
Word Count: 555 words
Description: Donghae destroys the washing machine, Siwon is left to do cleanup with him.

I haven't written in a really really long time. So anyway, i just decided to write this cause i was bored, and i needed something to do. Please do comment!
and Donghae is LOVE ♥

(... greeted with a sheepish Donghae, standing beside the washing machine with the lid open, which was spurting out water...)


TITLE: Kyuhyun’s Top 3
Pairing: Kyuwook

Length: one shot
Genre: Fluff
Rating:PG 13
Summary: Ryeowook was scared to death for accidentally destroying one of Kyu’s most prized possessions.
A/N: 2nd fic for PROJECT KYUWOOK EPIDEMIC XDDD. Please support Kyuwook love!!! Trust me their sooooo cute…

“Yeah…I guess it’s really expensive.” The younger man grinned sheepishly. “Yeah…how much do you cost Hyung?”

FIC: Against All Odds (Chapter Twenty-One)

Hello everyone, I'm back with another chapter of "AAO." I was planning this to be the last chapter, but because of all the action, I had to split it up into two chapters. Also, for those waiting for the "Big Twist" I've been talking about, the first half of it is at the end of this chapter. I hope everyone enjoys and thank you for your support!

"Against All Odds" (Sequel to "Impasse")
By: Miracle Shining

PAIRINGS: HanHae, YeTeuk. KangChun (Kangin/Yoochun), KyuMin, ShinChul, etc.
RATING: PG-13 to NC-17 (Will be notated if R to NC-17)
GENRE: Action/Romance/Angst
GROUPS/ACTORS: Super Junior/Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tackey & Tsubasa/Epik High/Rain/Lee Junki (cameo)
WARNINGS: Dark themes, Violence, Character Death, Sexual Situations
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Don't own them, just borrowing them for a bit.

SUMMARY: AU~ Two years after the events in "Impasse," Hankyung and Donghae return to Seoul for the first time to visit Kangin. However, the two soon find themselves caught up in a new problem as Hankyung has to return to underground fighting for one last time. Old and new friends unite as old and new enemies appear. Among all the chaos, will the love that Hankyung and Donghae strived to develop survive when a seeming ghost from one of their pasts appears?

Chapter Twenty-One~Rated R

Kyumin - When Life Betrays You 12/23

Title: When Life Betrays You
Pairing: Kyumin
Sub-pairing: GTOP, Yunjae, Yoosu, Kangteuk, Yewook
Genre: I dunno....suspense?
Status: Ongoing 12/23
Disclaimer: I do not own SuJu, DBSK or Big Bang. If I did you would see a hell of a lot more fanservice!
Summary: Five years after everything happened, Sungmin and Kyuhyun are happily married. But the past comes back to haunt them and it only takes one letter to turn their worlds upsidedown again and this time, they might not survive. Character deaths.

{Chapter 12}


{Prologue}{Chapter 1}{Chapter 2}{Chapter 3}{Chapter 4}{Chapter 5}{Chapter 6}{Chapter 7}{Chapter 8}{Chapter 9}{Chapter 10}{Chapter 11}


021. Park Benches, Yesung/Kyuhyun

Author: vainballerina
Title: Park Benches
Prompt: 021. Park Benches
Pairing: Yesung/Kyuhyun
Rating: PG. *this is SuJu AU. :D
Progress: 022/100
Word Count: 271
Disclaimer: The sequel to the vamp!SJ fic and maybe you guys have forgot about this already and I'm sorry XD life's been busy on me.

Sequel to Rotation.

And with that Yesung walked away – his heart shattered, his pride hang low – and didn’t looked back because he knew he faintly heard Kyuhyun say those words that could have exited Yesung’s lips too if he was the on the place to say so.