March 2nd, 2009

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The Office and the Model, several pairings.

Title: The Office and the Model
Rating: PG13 to R.
Characters: Jongwoon, Kibum, Jungsoo, Youngwoon, Donghae, Siwon, Hankyung. (Perhaps more)
Pairing: KiSung, KangTeuk, SiHan for now.
Genre: Chaptered series, Romance.
Summary: Jongwoon works at a high end business/photography/modeling company as an accountant. He works day after day and is getting tired of his dull life. He has one thing that makes him go to work every day which is the male model, Kibum. He watches him from afar and is content until one day, fate brings him closer to what he desires most while he is being intertwined with his friends' personal problems.
Author Notes: I'm determined to make one good chaptered series, so here it is. The first chapter of probably seven to eight. I didn't want to make it super long. But I hope you enjoy chapter 1. :)

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Stars. One-shot.

Title: Stars.
Rating: R, Just to be safe.
Pairing: Yehsung/Kang-in.
Words: 1,232.
Fic Challenge: 1/100
Summary: Every nerve in his body trembled in anticipation as he stepped further into the living room, his eyes somehow just barely being able to make out a body writhing on the ground by itself, their head thrown back in pleasure as the moonlight and the stars shined in on them, giving off an air of something out of a fantasy novel.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. If I did, I would be filthy rich by now.
Warning: This contains mention of male/male relationships. If you're not into such things, I suggest you turn back now.
Dedication: starbeams


A Love Worth Fighting For (Chapter 7)

Title: A Love Worth Fighting For (Wo Ai Ni & Saranghae)
Main Pairings: ZhouRy, SiHan and KiHae
Side pairings: YeWook, OnKey, 2Min, KyuMin, KangTeuk, YooSu and more.
Summery: Hangeng comes back to Korea after going back to China to forget his first love, when he comes back he’s faced with adventure and a handsome stranger helping him. ZhouMi is Hangeng’s cousin fighting to keep his love with his boyfriend of two years Henry, but sometimes Henry has a plan of his own. Kibum, Henry’s friend is a intern at a well known entertainment company, he get’s on the good side of the vice-president when he shows of his sewing skills, sometimes that’s all you need to get a job.
Author: satuchomiss
Rating: PG-17
Genre: Comedy ish?
WARNING: Pure Crack
Disclaimer: I own no one
SleepyTeuk by inny_cent

[Series]A Story of Hurting and Healing, Chapter 13

Author : freedomthisway
Rating : Various, up to NC-17, still PG13 for now
Character/Pairing : Siwon, Hankyung, Kangin, Hyukjae, Heechul, other made up characters/SiHan, KangHyuk, very minor SiChul.
Word Count : 3082 words
Genre : AU and angst like whoa!
Warning: Underage, rape/non-con, younger!Hankyung, a lot of swearing.
Summary : When Hankyung was 7, his mother was remarried to Choi Min Woo, the head of the rich and famous Choi family. The marriage brings Hankyung to the position of Siwon's younger stepbrother.
Their closeness as child changed after they grew older and Siwon found out his feelings toward Hankyung. Not wanting to ruin the family, Siwon chose to keep his love for Hankyung inside and avoid him like crazy instead.
While Hankyung was struggling to bear his own misery, he too realized his feelings for Siwon, but didn't act on it because he assumed Siwon hated him.
After 3 years of escaping from the family, hearing Choi Min Woo's death, Hankyung decided to come back, only to face Siwon's hatred towards him.

All Hankyung wants is a happiness and love with Siwon by his side. Can he reach it eventually?

Author’s note: Sorry for the late update. Many things came up but, anyway, thank you for staying with me until now, and I hope you'll like this chapter too!

Chapter 1 :: Chapter 2 :: Chapter 3 & 4 :: Chapter 5 :: Chapter 6 & 7
Chapter 8 :: Chapter 9 :: Chapter 10 :: Chapter 11 :: Chapter 12

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You can also find my other Super Junior fanfictions here in archive post in my writing journal.

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Title: Look who’s talking ~SJ style. [Chapter 3]

Pairing(s): Kangteuk, G-TOP, Jaeho… more to come.

Rating: PG-13 due in part to bad parenting ideas, and semi sexual themes.  

Warning: Poor grammar… still…

Genre: Comedy, angst, and sap.

Disclaimer : Not currently in ownership...

Summary: Kangteuk are the picture perfect couple, until Leeteuk gets them into a situation involving a few children who have minds of their own.

A/N: If you’ve ever seen the movie Look Who’s Talking or any of it’s sequels you know that you can hear the babies thoughts. Words in italics and ‘…’ marks are what the babies are thinking/ telling other babies… so yeah…

A/N II: If you haven’t read the prologue or chapter one,  they can be found on my profile.


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Heechul Tongue


Title: You Know You've Had Too Much To Drink When...
Pairing(s): KangHyun, KangTeuk (mentioned), KyuMin
Rating: PG-13 (for language) 
Summary: I got the idea from a fic generator a long time ago I just now got to writing it. It's a one-shot, and I have serious writers block so I thought writing this would help haha. (Sorry to those reading We Can Be Heroes, I'm trying I really am!!) Kyuhyun wakes up after a night of drinking way too much and finds himself in a very horrible predicament...

Kyuhyun blinked his eyes open...

Oh and a fanvid I made for Donghae a while ago: 

Sorry I know it's blurry, I have much more, however, on my youtube page XD
Hope it's okay to post this in here! haha
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Super Junior; When Heaven and Hell Collide

Title: When Heaven and Hell Collide
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: None in this chapter
Word Count: 2,029
Rating: PG
Summary: All in all, it’s not much like Siwon had expected it would be—dying, that is, and what comes after.
Genre: AU, humor
A/N: Okay, so I know this took like a month to post and now I’m posting and you’re probably like WTF THIS IS SO SHORT but… yeah, I don’t have an excuse. This isn’t even like… what the full part two was supposed to be, so hopefully, soon, I’ll have the part two OF part two. Shout out to holykeebler216 for beta-ing. And before you ask, Keebs, that’s why I haven’t spotted for you. Because you’ve read this like FOUR TIMES. So don’t yell at me T-T

"I brought you cake.” Zhou Mi said earnestly.

Part 1

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Title :♥ My valentine♥ 1/4
Author : HyukDim
Characters : Kim Youngwoon, Park Jung soo, Lee HyukJae, Lee Donghae, Cho Kyuhyun, Lee Sungmin, Kim Heechul, Hangeng, Kim Ryeo wook, Kim Jong woon.
Pairings : KangTeuk / EunHae / KyuMin / Gengchul / others??
Genre : Comedy Romance.. and Comedy again.. xDDDD
Rating : PG-13

my valentine 1/4

Author's note: I made this fic specially for meilhette :D
This is my valentine fic, though it's kinda late. AND owh, it has only four chapters. hope you'll like it. :D


"Did you hear? It's said that if you confess your feelings
to the person you love at the ferris wheel on Valentine's eve,
and kiss him or her, that person will definitely love you back..

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False Memories

Title: False Memories
Author: Cocosdot
Beta: Due to the long wait, I won't hold you up any longer, so this chapter is un-betaed.
Chapter: 08/??
Genre: Angst?
Pairing: Kangteuk
Rating: Uh...swearing? pg-16? I really don't know.
Warning: I warn you!
Disclaimer: Just rub it in my face won't ya!
Summary: After being out celebrating SUJU's third anniversary, Eeteuk wakes up in an alley, and nothing is how it's suppose to be.
A/N: Ooops..about 1month and a half since last update..but then, I thought it was even longer =D Anyway, I've re-written ch8 lots of time, but today I re-did it again and I'm gonna stick with this.

Finally it's here~
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