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Title: Strawberry Shortcake
Pairings: SiHyuk and Broken!BloHyuk (more to come in future chapters)
Summary: Lee Hyukjae is an unemployed pastry chef who just got dumped by the love of his life. In comes Choi Siwon, the jerk owner of a French restaurant who provides a second chance for Hyukjae to start over. Problem is, they kinda hate each other. Based unabashedly from the Korean drama 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon'.

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eunhyuk [this is what sex is]

Itunes meme

Forgot where I stole this from :/ but I'm sure ppl know what this is.

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 10 of these, then post.

Pairing: ALL SiHan... Cause I'm too biased and uppity and in love with their marriage. xD
Rating: G-PG

( He leads you to no where. And everywhere. )

I feel my fail badly. haha. I cannot do my SiHan ship justice T^T


Title: The Pearl Diver
Author: leunah23 
Length: 3 parts
Genre: Romance, Angst
Rating: NC 17
Warning: some pretty detailed smut scenes. Unbetaed
Disclaimer: I don’t own them sadly
Summary: All he wanted was to finish his last requirement to graduate from college, get good grades and enter the med school of his choice. He didn’t expect that the island can offer something more important than algae samples.

Pre-summer fic for everyone before people start hitting the beach (summer is fast approaching in our side of the planet) This is actually a one-shot thing but it was partitioned according to the main character’s journal entries. This is my first time writing using this style so I’m sorry if it will confuse you a bit (well…I hope not)  XD. 

       For</a></b></a>silver_plane -thank you so much for the moral support *hugs you*. You know how much I struggled to finish this fic *LMAO*

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The chilly wind that the storm brought was all over us but it felt like the warm breeze of summer was right there enveloped in my arms.




Title: ‘Aladdin?

Author: Me! (2theChangmin)

Characters: Super Junior

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Summary: Super Junior has a night off and decides to watch the movie ‘Aladdin’. But something suddenly goes horribly, horribly wrong…


Starting from this part onwards, the point of view switches from those on the inside to those on the outside. The ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of what, you wonder? Ke, ke, ke… Read and find out…

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Big Bang » &lt;3

Unbelievable : Chapter One.

Title: Unbelievable.
Rating: PG-13, for now.
Pairing: Mentioned Yehsung/Kyuhyun. Kibum/Yehsung/Kyuhyun later.
Chapter: 1/? [[will probably be 5 chapters]]
Words: 1,196.
Summary: For a long moment, Kibum merely stood there rooted to the spot, watching two of his band members in a passionate, crazed show of violent pleasure.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. If I did, I would be filthy rich by now.
Warning: This contains mention of male/male relationships. If you're not into such things, I suggest you turn back now.

Chapter One : Sight.
suju fan

Like A Stab In The Heart

Title: Like A Stab In the Heart [ Multi-chaptered. ]
Pairing: Eunhae [ Eunhyuk & Donghae ]
Genre: Mix of Romance, Humor, and maybe Angst.
Status: In-Progress (8 chapters finished)

Chapter 8 is posted up. (:

If you have never read LASITH yet and you want to,
chapters one to seven are available at my page. (:
There's no need to add me or anything to read them.
It's all public for everyone's reading pleasure.

Hope you enjoy the story. <3

A Love Worth Fighting For (Chapter 6)

Title: A Love Worth Fighting For (Wo Ai Ni & Saranghae)
Main Pairings: ZhouRy, SiHan and KiHae
Side pairings: YeWook, OnKey, 2Min, KyuMin, KangTeuk, YooSu and more.
Summery: Hangeng comes back to Korea after going back to China to forget his first love, when he comes back he’s faced with adventure and a handsome stranger helping him. ZhouMi is Hangeng’s cousin fighting to keep his love with his boyfriend of two years Henry, but sometimes Henry has a plan of his own. Kibum, Henry’s friend is a intern at a well known entertainment company, he get’s on the good side of the vice-president when he shows of his sewing skills, sometimes that’s all you need to get a job.
Author: satuchomiss
Rating: PG-17
Genre: Comedy ish?
WARNING: Pure Crack
Disclaimer: I own no one
life things


Title: Lacerations
Rating: PG-13/Horror
Pairing: Undisclosed. (Whoever you want^^)
Summary: In a place with nothing but fear clawing your spine, comfort comes in the form of a phone call.

Just Keep Walking.

P.S. Don't worry! I'm still writing SHH. I just wanted to post some one-shots in the meantime. ^-^

FIC: Against All Odds (Chapter Twenty)

Hello everyone, I'm back with my next to last chapter of "AAO." I hope everyone enjoys this chapter, but I forewarn my readers that this particular chapter is heavy in violence and character death, along with the death of a major character. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

"Against All Odds" (Sequel to "Impasse")
By: Miracle Shining

PAIRINGS: HanHae, YeTeuk. KangChun (Kangin/Yoochun), KyuMin, ShinChul, etc.
RATING: PG-13 to NC-17 (Will be notated if R to NC-17)
GENRE: Action/Romance/Angst
GROUPS/ACTORS: Super Junior/Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tackey & Tsubasa/Epik High/Rain/Lee Junki (cameo)
WARNINGS: Dark themes, Violence, Character Death, Sexual Situations
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Don't own them, just borrowing them for a bit.

SUMMARY: AU~ Two years after the events in "Impasse," Hankyung and Donghae return to Seoul for the first time to visit Kangin. However, the two soon find themselves caught up in a new problem as Hankyung has to return to underground fighting for one last time. Old and new friends unite as old and new enemies appear. Among all the chaos, will the love that Hankyung and Donghae strived to develop survive when a seeming ghost from one of their pasts appears?

Chapter Twenty
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Drinking is Dangerous

Drinking is Dangerous

Title: Drinking is Dangerous
Theme: Crackle, 80/100, 100 Suju Fics Challenge
Pairing: Siwon/Eunhyuk
Rating: NC-17, Smut/Comedy
Summary: Super Junior is throwing a party to celebrate their new album. Crazy things happen when you’re in a room full of drunken people.
Status: One-shot. Complete. Winner of the Smut-Tastic Suju Fic Fest, drunken sex theme!

“Give them a break,” Kangin said as he ate his breakfast. “They weren’t the only ones who were embarrassingly loud last night.” )

100 Suju Fics Archive

Behind that 'Smile'

Title: Behind that 'Smile'
Rating:PG-13 i guess...
Side Pairings: YeWook, EunHae, KangTeuk , HanChul, ZhouRy and more!
Chapter: 5/?
Genre:Romance, Comedy(?), Sad, Drama
Summary: As a kid, Sungmin was always abused by his mother. One day Minnie's mom came home drunk nd beat him and without knowing put him for sale. A new family bought him nd he suddenly gained a young brother, Ryewook. Minnie was kind of a loner and knew how to deal while being alone. One day Minnie's parents called him up to their room nd told them a horrible news. A depressed Sungmin, ran out of the house shedding tears, un-aware of his surroundings when a car rushed by! Just when he thought he had lost his life, a super handsome male saved him. Sungmin dn the male, Kyuhyun, befriended each other. Soon enough Sungmin realised what the warm feeling he got when being with Kyuhyun was from and suddenly, things changed. For the good or the worst in still to be discovered.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own SuJu, sadly~ If i did, trust me, our OTPs would become real :3

Chapter 6!!


[Fics] Smut (ShiChul) & (JayChul) [NC-17]

Two fics that I wrote for sujukinkmeme & userdata

Title: I Just Wanted Some Workout Tips
Pairing: Heechul X Siwon
Rating: NC-17
Plot: Siwon gets horny while reading Men's Health Magazine and Heechul walks in on him jerking off.

( Leaning over, Heechul softly whispered, 'Do you feel dirty, Siwon?' )

Title: Now That I've Got Your Attention
Pairing: Heechul x Jay (TRAX)
Rating: NC-17
Plot: Jay gets revenge for Heechul's kiss with Jungmo

( 'What's wrong with me? Heechul, you just kissed Jungmo on stage! What the hell were you thinking?' )