February 24th, 2009

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Title : Love Really hurts
Author : Aura ([info]abcangels)
Words: 1679
Rating : PG-17 (for violence & soft mention of sex?)
Disclaimer : Not mine, they belong to themselves.
Summary : It’s easy to break somebody whatever the weapon is: your fists, your way to be, your words, your actions.

( It’s easy to break somebody whatever the weapon is: your fists, your way to be, your words, your actions. )
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Fic: Searching for... ... - Chapter 2 (Update!)

Title: Searching for... ... - Chapter 2

Author: vic_sim
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone, anything, except for the plot.

Characters: Super Junior + Henry, Zhou Mi, DBSK

Category: General

Rating: PG-13

Summary: AU Fic. It's set when they are in university, all doing a variety of courses. Most of them are friends beforehand, having grown up together. Life seems perfect. Life seems to be going well and they are all heading towards their own future. But something is missing. None of them really knows what is missing. They will all have to search for the missing piece in them. And that is what life is about - searching for the thing to make yourself whole.

(Don't put too much faith in the summary cos I have a feeling it may not turn out to be what people have in mind when they read the summary.)

Part A: Indeed everything was going fine until Donghae introduced one person.
Part B: Henry was glad when the end of the day came.
Part C: Hankyung! Why did you hang up on me?
Part D: Ryeowook wondered if these were his lost memories.
Ryeowook - cowboy hat
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The World Ends With You

Title: The World Ends With You
Chapter: 4/?
Pairings: ZhouRy (Main), many others
Rating: PG-16
Warning: Character Death, Angst, Apocalyptic Themes
Summary: Sequel to Till Death Do We Part. Zhou Mi had always been a failure of a necromancer. He botched up all his spells, brought back the wrong person, and the few times he had gotten it right, his ex boyfriend had taken it upon himself to send his successes back where they came from. But this didn’t stop him from trying… Until one day, the new boy next door happened to walk in on his ritual… And vanished into thin air. Determined to get Henry back, Zhou Mi set off for Korea, to find the only person he knew would be willing to help; Cho KyuHyun, his ex. But more people start disappearing, and the events set in motion would change all their lives, and the fate of the four worlds, forever.
A/N: Sorry for taking so long~! T.T *bows in apology* And it's a short update too...

Characters and Terms

Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three

Chapter Four
A weird vibe went through the air, making the imp stop in his tracks.

The alphabet essay T-U-V-W-X-Y&Z & A Love Worth Fighting For

Title: The Alphabet Essay
Pairings: Henry/changes everyday
Summery: Henry is given an assignment in school called ‘the alphabet essay’ everyday he must use the word he is given by his teacher in his home, at least three times and then he must do this for the 26 letters of the alphabet. Now can misunderstandings occurs from this seemingly innocent game?
Author: satuchomiss
Chapters: 26/26 COMPLETED
Rating: PG-17
Genre: Comedy ish?
WARNING: Pure Crack
Disclaimer: I own no one

Link to Newest-->[U]

A/N: Well that's the End of that Series I hope you enjoyed.

Title: A Love Worth Fighting For (Wo Ai Ni & Saranghae)
Main Pairings: ZhouRy, SiHan and KiHae
Side pairings: YeWook, OnKey, 2Min, KyuMin, KangTeuk, YooSu and more.
Summery: Hangeng comes back to Korea after going back to China to forget his first love, when he comes back he’s faced with adventure and a handsome stranger helping him. ZhouMi is Hangeng’s cousin fighting to keep his love with his boyfriend of two years Henry, but sometimes Henry has a plan of his own. Kibum, Henry’s friend is a intern at a well known entertainment company, he get’s on the good side of the vice-president when he shows of his sewing skills, sometimes that’s all you need to get a job.
Author: satuchomiss
Rating: PG-17
Genre: Comedy ish?
WARNING: Pure Crack
Disclaimer: I own no one

A/2N: I hope you enjoy my new series, I hope that this series will
make you laugh, cry and smile just as much.

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Melting Snowflake

Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU
Pairings: QMi, past Zhoumi/Heechul, Sihan
Disclaimer: Not mine. Yet ...

harem!verse: Emperor Zhoumi receives a gift from his former teacher, a boy named Kuixian. Can Zhoumi's passion reach the mute boy's frozen heart or will he melt the snowflake? <- so corny. <3

Author's notes: This'll be a smutfest, so either look forward to it or leave if that isn't your cup of tea. :D

The first flake
Nick DC close up

Super Junior; Happy Birthday to You

Title: Happy Birthday to You
Fandom: Super Junior
Character: Kyuhyun, Donghae, Eunhyuk
Word Count: 2,047
Rating: PG
Summary: In which SuJu crashes a party.
Genre: Action/Adventure, AU (spies)
A/N: FOR ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD, loveslipped. HAPPY really belated BIRTHDAY, BRI!!! I’m sorry this is so late TTOTT but I hope you like iiit. I just went ahead and put all three of them in there for you ;) OH YEAH. For sexiness reasons, just imagine everyone dressed in a really nice suit with skinny black ties the whole time. *nods*

“Looks like it’s gonna be one hell of a party.”

[fanfiction] Devilish Punishment

Title: Devilish Punishment
Pairing: Kangin x Eeteuk
Disclaimer: It's FICTION. And no - unfortunately I don't own SuJu.
Comment: So to free my head from troublesome thoughts I wrote another part of my Spanking/Punishment-Series ^^;;
First part was Spanking, followed by Shanghai Punishment . This one might be the most disturbing and most.... hardcore (?) one of the whole series with this time a devilish Eeteuk doing the Punishment! Yes, you heard right. So if you want to keep an angelic image of our leader better not read this one. And yes I'm weird for writing porn most of the time =___=;; SORRY~ .____.;; and pls dun kill me for bad written porn instead of "real" fiction with a plot ._.


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Title: he loves me. he loves me not.
Rating: pg
genre: Y.Y angst.
pairing:Broken! eunhae, kihae, implied kangteuk(very mild though)
chappie: 7/?
please dont hate kibum! and no i have nothing agianst him!

chappie 7 here!


Dancing mishaps!
Rating: pg
genre: fluffy cutsyness!
pairing: Hansung
for: </a></b></a>satuchomiss
thanks so much for your help unnie! i bow to you oh master of fluff!
here lies the wonderful fail.

Drabble Contest!! @ hyukhae comm.

Hello there everyone, it's me,  the hyukhae  mod, bunni102 (Stephanie)!  Iruletheworld (cindy) and I have both decided to have a drabble contest for every week. At the end of the week we will have a vote to see who wins. The winner of that week will recieve a banner! This week, the theme is 'chocolate'! (Lol, sounds a bit kinky to me.) The drabble can be 200-400 words, but it doesn't really matter, as long as it's not too long. I hope that you guys will participate a lot this week! ^_^
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taking a break :D

Hi there! I’m just taking a (very) short break from my Rosen Manor series^^


Those who are waiting from an update, I promise you, it’s coming soon^^

Just be a little patient, okie?


For now, please enjoy this little fluff fic from yours truly :3

This fic is based on a dream I had recently, which I thought was one of the best dreams I’ve had in awhile^^

So I wrote this!


Title: Lovely Day

Genre: Romance + Fluff

Rating: G

Pairing: Zhoumi + Yesung



I want to fall in love with you, on this beautiful lovely day…

—Lovely Day, Super Junior


A/N: I am aware that at this very moment, I am probably the only person here that ships Zhoumi+Yesung *much to my dismay* I’m probably the only person that writes them as well =_______=

"I wanna hold your hand, I wanna kiss to your lips..."