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Title: Northern Sky

Summary: Kibum and Donghae were two souls that were never meant to be separated. One was the emperor’s son and the other was a messenger. They became friends and eventually something else. But something will happen and their love for each other will be tested to its limits.

Genre: AU, Romance,Crack,Angst

Rating: PG to NC17

Cast: Super Junior

Pairing: Kihae, some Kangteuk

Warning: No beta

A/N:  To all those people who read this fic…I’m really really sorry for the ultimate late update. I hope you guys till remember the story.

CHAPTER 11 is up!!!

                       As Kibum headed back to his quarters he knew he had to take matters in his own hands.  

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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TITLE: Childishness
PAIRING: Yehwook
SUMMARY: Can you change for someone you love?
DEDICATED TO: star_strawberry
NOTE: Will be locked within 24 hours or less

Love, Soul and Heart: An Education of LOVE Series present Childishness

Title: How I met your UMMA?
Chapter: 13/?
Pairing: Hanchul
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Summary: Are you ready to open the book again and write a new story or you’ll stay it closed and let the story end and forever will be untold?
NOTE: Will be locked within 24 hours or less

Chapter 13: 3 love story

Title: When will you love?
Chapter: 3/?
Pairing: Kyumin, Kyuwook and Yehwook
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Summary: How long until you move on?
NOTE: Will be locked within 24 hours or less

Chapter 3: Love again
Henry - no hate

[fic] Unexpected Acceptance and Battered

Title: Unexpected Acceptance
Fic: Super Junior 100 challenge # 46/100
Rating: G
Characters: KyuHyun, Henry, Yesung, mention of the rest of SuJu M.
Prompt: 098: Soothing. Writer's Choice
Disclaimer: Not mine, not true.
Summary: KyuHyun wonders if Henry wishes he'd never heard of Super Junior.
Writer's note: The idea came to me after hearing about how the fans in Shanghai treated Henry and Zhou Mi there.

Prompt list

Title: Battered
Author: andersenmom
Claim: TVXQ
Prompt: Table 1: 12: Hell
Fandom: RPF
Universe Mutant!Verse
Rating: PG
Word Count: 490
Summary: It was just a fluke, right?
Notes/Warnings: My friend dizzy_grace came up with this universe, giving each of the boys from Super Junior and TVXQ mutant powers. She said I could play in it, so I am. Written for 50ficlets.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not true.
eunhyuk [this is what sex is]

037. Rotation

[037] Rotation, Hankyung/Kyuhyun (2/100)
Title: Family
Length: 1574 words
Author: wobaozhewo
Rating: PG (swearing, mild blood/death)
Genre: Experimental/Ninja/Self-Reflection/First Person
Summary: The goal is to climb ranks. And to slaughter the corrupt. What other purpose is there to life?
Author’s Note: I played around with tenses, and also is my first time doing this kind of story from first pov >_> c/c welcome x]

Collapse )
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One-shot; BloHyukHae; Satisfaction

Title; Satisfaction
Author; </a></b></a>hunni23
Rating; NC-17
Pairing; BloHyukHae (Hyukjae/Donghae/Tablo)
Warning; un-beta’d, double-penetration, strong smex scene etc etc~
Word count; 2, 331 *dances*
Summary; the two troublemakers get caught XD
Starts off in Hyukkie’s POV, but moves out of it eventually~~

For </a></b></a>jennchii , love you unnie~~~~

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Title:one secret behind the kisses
Length: oneshot
Rating:pg-13?(probably lower)
Pairing(s):Kyumin, Hanchul,and a few smaller ones
Disclaimer:i wish i own them then i can share them with other elves
Summary: A deal between Heechul and Sungmin
A/n:this is my first time ever writing a fic if you could consider it one
i don't call this a normal fiction and comment even if you don't like it tell me so i can learn
i got this idea from hanchuladay
Also the time in the pics are different in the story

It all starts with one moment in Super Junior Full house

The Alphabet Essay Q & 3 Little stories

Title: The Alphabet Essay
Pairings: Henry/changes everyday
Summery: Henry is given an assignment in school called ‘the alphabet essay’ everyday he must use the word he is given by his teacher in his home, at least three times and then he must do this for the 26 letters of the alphabet. Now can misunderstandings occurs from this seemingly innocent game?
Author: satuchomiss
Chapters: 17/26
Rating: PG-17
Genre: Comedy ish?
WARNING: Pure Crack
Disclaimer: I own no one

Link to Q-->Hey can you help me?

Title: Click, Smells & Cupcakes
Pairings: KiHae, YeWook & KyuMin
Summery: 3 littles stories.
Author: satuchomiss
Rating: G
Genre: pointless fluff
WARNING: Pure Crack
Disclaimer: I own no one
Click, Smells & Cupcakes

A Fool for Love + ShiHan fic

HELLO! I bring to all of you two fics before I go into semi-haitus! :D

Title: A Fool for Love
Pairings: Hankyung/Kyuhyun, Slight mentions of Kyuhyun/Zhoumi
Summary: Hankyung is a fool when it comes to love.

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3


Title: Five meetings
Pairing: Hankyung/Shiwon
Summary: It takes four meetings for one of them to fall in love with the other. And the fifth meeting? It's time to confess.

You don't seem like the kind who likes porn.
Artemis fowl

[Comic] UPDATE more 7 pages more!!!

The Angel and the demon


The Angel and the demon
Genre: Yaoi/Lemon/
Pairing: KangTeuk
Summary: KangIn is a demon from the underworld with a mission in the heart... Kill LeeTeuk a pure Angel who comes from the heaven. But He don't know how smart and sly is LeeTeuk...

UPDATE!!! click here!

Comment: thank you again everybody who read my story! I really want to posted complete but I have been problems with some translation of sentenses D:



Short scenes of those lovely pairings~~ Comments are ♥

Title: Drabbles
Author: Helsic
Pairing: Henhae, Sihan and Qmi
Fandom: Super Junior M
Rating: PG

Come on *-*
mami cantik

One Last Sight

Pairing : YeWook only

Rate : It’s safe, safe! G or PG I thought

Genre : Angst/Drama

A/N : Just like a teaser trailer, in the beginning I was about to write in many chapters. But I was too lazy so I write it in trailer mode. I’m afraid if I write the 1st chap, I won’t be able to write the continuation so I made it in oneshot. May you enjoy...

( “You hide something.”, whispered Ryeowook, “tell me, hyung. I won’t be able to see with two eyes, right? Is my right eye going to be blind?" )

yesung bonamana

8, Eight [blohyuk drabble]

Title: 8, Eight

Pairing: broken blohyuk

Author: LTN/ElmersGlue128

Chapter: drabble

Genre: angst, romance

Rating: PG (1 curse word)

Words: 517
Summary: Hyukjae – the 8 motions of a broken-hearted person. Because Tablo has a gf.

Comments: Seeing how far I can push it with using “and”, “because” + abusing sentences. Written up during class.


(You dance, you dance until it f-cking hurts but it never hurts more than the pain inside your chest that’s beating, beating even though you wish it’d just stop this instant and set you free. )

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Somewhere In Your Eyes

Somewhere In Your Eyes

Title: Somewhere In Your Eyes
Theme: Blind, 35/100, 100 Suju Fics Challenge
Pairing: Heechul/Siwon
Rating: R
Summary: Heechul doesn’t expect anyone to understand, but someone does and it’s the person he least expected.
Status: One-shot. Complete.

This was inspired by my little discovery.

“You know, my religion discourages lying.” )

100 Suju Fics Archive


Hello! I have decided to organize a *drumroll plz*… SMUT-TASTIC SUJU FIC FEST!
Please click on the link to see what I have in store for YOU!

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :)


I'm also doing drabble requests for a price. XD