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Title: Five More Minutes
Author: cho_min
Rating: G
Paring(s): um... I guess Ryeowook/Henry if you want...
Inspiration: This was written for lemonadelemons (I still don't know how to make that into a link-tastic link-type thing...) because she won at the sheep guessing game, and asked for a fic with Henry. Also inspired by the interview I found on youtube, where the boys in Suju-M say that Henry is the one who likes showering the least (because he practices longer than the others, and is therefore too tired to shower after practice^^ Yay Henry!)
Genre: I'm going to say fluff. Because it's kinda like "everyone loves Henry" fluff^^
Comments: Lemonadelemons - I hope you like it^^ Let me know if you had something else in mind and I'm perfectly happy to try again (I've really got nothing better to do with my time ^^;;)
Summary: Henry asks for, and is granted, five more minutes.

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Reading Hae

[AU] In the Hands of Fate - Chapter Two

Title: In the Hands of Fate

Chapter: Two

Author: LTN

Pairing: Kyuhae, Blohyuk, Kangteuk, SJ, Epik High, etc.

Genre: Angst.Romance.AU.

Rating: (PG – NC-17) PG-13

Words: 2,387
Segregated by social class into two sectors: Elite Society and the Underground Slums. A purging of the scum from the civilized is just as the government says, “It’s like taking garbage out of the house before it rots and stinks up the whole place.”

But the Underground Slums has another name, another meaning: the Free World. Within a dark place of hate and suspicion, it is the time for heroes to emerge and inspire hope for the future. In the process, learn how to love again.

Comments: comments/criticisms = "love, love, love" x infinity! (My grateful shout-outs to those who have humored me so greatly by reading :D )

Notes on the chptr: Alley action!...and some more angst, because it's fun? :P

Chapter One
Chapter Two


[fic]The Blood Countess

Title: The Blood Countess


Pairings: SuperJunior/Shinee
Chapter: 3/?

Rating:PG13 (it might give u nightmares)

Summary: SuJu and Shinee are spending their vacation in the legendary “Castle Csejthe” which was ounce a finishing school for girls run by the blood-thirsty 17th century Countess Elizabeth Bathory,during their stay they learned the dark secrets behind the twisted witch and her horrifying history and realize they’re in for a spooky adventure.

Author’s note: its been a looooong time since I’ve been in LJ,sorry but I was really busy about skool n everything,this was inspired by that ghost story about this countess and just thought I’de try doing a horror series. If u want to avoid having nightmares I suggest not reading this and I hope u’ll enjoy this ^^

WARNING: Elizabeth Bathory and Castle Csejthe is a true story,which means it existed before so please respect the story and don’t think too much about it. You can find more information in Google.com. There is no need to do any ritual or whatever you think you need to do before reading the story.

previous chapters

1 Arrival

2 The portrait of Elizabeth

and on to chapter 3~
The torture dungeon

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Heart Problems - Part 37 (B)

Title: Heart Problems – Part 37 (B)

Author: Me! (2theChangmin)

Pairing: Heechul/Zhou Mi (hints at others)

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Summary: Heechul may have feelings for his new class mate. Either that or he has some kind of weird disease that causes random heart palpitations. Since the new class mate in question happens to be a guy, he’s hoping it’s the latter.

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Title: Faded
Genre: Series
Main Characters: Hangeng and Siwon
+ All other Super Junior members make appearances
and some other bands also.
Author: satuchomiss
Rating: From PG-15 to NC-17 (It varies)
Summery: When you leave and then come back you
realize things have changed and the people have forgotten,
it’s like you’ve faded.
A/N: Based on some weird dreams, mostly exaggerated.
MOST OF THIS IS FICTION but some of it is real.
And with Hangeng and Siwon as the main people.
[Information][Chapter 1]
CRIMMINDS * Reid * open up

Super Junior; Various Pairings; Drabbles 2

Title: Drabbles 2
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairings: QMi; HanChul
Word Count: 448-646
Ratings: PG -- PG-13
Genre: Humor; Flangst
Summary: ZhouMi causes some serious brainfuckery and Kyuhyun doesn't know what to do about it; Heechul and Hankyung face the next step called "China".
A/N: Eh, i dont even know where this QMi came from. I was bored, first chapter of DBPK wasnt getting any reads and i didnt know what else to do. I guess its okay, it couldve been better if i worked on it a little bit more but i just dont have time, and i want to get it off of my mind. i have so many unfinished fics to catch up on. blargh. The HanChul i wrote a while ago, originally titled Crossing Waters but i changed it and pretty much rewrote the whole thing, and its now a ton shorter and written a little differently but...idk. again, could be better. i wish i could work on it more but i just...idk. i like it, but i dont think its single-post worthy. again, idk. im feeling like that a lot lately. and now im really frustrated because half this A/N got deleted and it wouldnt undo and im just...*sigh*.
**for korichan because its her birthday! :D ♥ forgive me, i dont know your favorite pairings to write you a custom bday fic DX aldkjalk im such a bad friend TTOTT

(Yesung makes more sense than you)

(this isn't the time for serious)

btw, i really hate formatting drabbles.
Marital Bliss Shihan

One-shot: Austrian Cyborgs

First time posting at a community, so if there's anything wrong, please point it out to me. (and I apologize ahead of time for any troubles)  I've always had trouble with html and the likes of all computer codes... So... Yeah. Help the newbie plz. :)

Shihan's my OTP.  Fo'sho.  (And for all those Chinese people out there, Happy Chinese New Year. :D)

Title: Austrian Cyborgs
Author: flurgle45
Pairing: Shihan (ShiwonxHankyung)
Other Characters: Heechul
Rating: PG
Summary: A short, senseless day in the lives of Shihan and Heechul... But Heechul's not really into threesomes.
Disclaimer:  All situations written about are purely fictional and all just wishful thinking from a deranged fangirl.

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[mod post] tagging - update!

So! We've already finished the initial re-tagging for the community. Here's what we did:

o1. Author/artist/creator tags have been merged together and can now be found under "author: __"
o2. Crossover fanfiction (pairings and ot3s) has been merged by artist/group and can be found under "pairing: with __"

This, however, is only a temporary fix. We went through nearly 1000 tags in a period of six months. If miracle continues to grow (and we hope it does), we'll need to change the tagging system once again. Mai, Mica, and I have already thrown around a few ideas between ourselves on how to handle things but, as always, we'd like input from everyone. If you have any ideas on how to deal with the limit on the number of tags we get, drop us a line!

And, last but not least, if you have a little time, please check over the tags we have for you. We may have labeled something incorrectly somewhere along the line. Again, drop us a line if you ever see any errors! I'm the typo queen so god knows there's probably something silly going on somewhere. :D;

Have a great day, everyone, and happy New Year!
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Oracle Chapter One

Pairing(s):eunhae, hyuksu(bff), Yunho/Ryeowook, possible others
Rating:PG13 for now
Summary:Locked away for a gift he never asked for, one boy sees the beginnings of a catastrophe that only he, his best friend, and new friends can stop. All they need to do is find one person with the power to stop it, but what if he doesn't want to have anything to do with it?
Disclaimer:::gets on hands and knees with puppy eyes and frantically wagging tail and drooping ears::Please?!?!?!?! Oh, please can I have Hyuk?? That's all!! I'll only claim 1!!!!.....::pouts::I don't own them...::cries::

I got this idea from a challenge my friend Nhi(runawayxxlovee ) started. The hyuksu prompt gave me odd ideas, and then I wrote this, so thank you, Nhi!!::hugs you:: And please vote on the challenge here!!

cut to fic

SHH. #6.

Title: SHH.
Rating: R
Pairing: ShiHanChul/KyuChul/KyuHae/KyuMi/KangTeuk. *grins*
Summary: He is being kidnapped by murdering criminals. Or at least, that's what he assumes.
A/N: Roughly 80,000 words and growing, in an alternate universe. Basically they're all themselves, but Super Junior doesn't exist. It combines all genres really. So lets see what happens when one gets kidnapped in the dead of night to meet some unexplained fate. *EVIL LAUGH*

= CHANGE IN POV. (Might be a little confusing at first, but you'll get used to it. Just feel out the situation, and it's usually pretty obvious who's brain your in when reading.) :D

1. My Eyes Were Shut.
2. Where Am I?
3. Don't Worry, It's Not Poisoned.
4. Nearing Midnight.
5. The Second Threat.

6. The Beach House.

Love is a Holiday

Title: Love is a Holiday
Author: ich_heisse_kai
Pairing: Henwook, Haery, Ryeowook/OFC, Sungmin/OFC, Kyuhyun/OFC
Rating: pg-15

Length: chaptered (1 of ~20)
Warning: homosexuality, heterosexuality (^^), kissing, hate,
Overall Summary: Ryeowook has a girlfriend. His girlfriend has a brother, and this brother has the strange ability to make his heart leap. 
Chapter Summay:
Jennifer had long curly, black hair, tan and perfect skin, and black-as-night, almond-shaped eyes. All in all, she was beautiful.
Disclaimer: I own my OCs  :)

Ryeowook - cowboy hat
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The World Ends With You

Title: The World Ends With You
Chapter: 1/?
Pairings: ZhouRy (Main), many others
Rating: PG-16
Warning: Character Death, Angst, Apocalyptic Themes
Summary: Sequel to Till Death Do We Part. Zhou Mi had always been a failure of a necromancer. He botched up all his spells, brought back the wrong person, and the few times he had gotten it right, his ex boyfriend had taken it upon himself to send his successes back where they came from. But this didn’t stop him from trying… Until one day, the new boy next door happened to walk in on his ritual… And vanished into thin air. Determined to get Henry back, Zhou Mi set off for Korea, to find the only person he knew would be willing to help; Cho KyuHyun, his ex. But more people start disappearing, and the events set in motion would change all their lives, and the fate of the four worlds, forever.
A/N: Here's the first chapter~! Hope it lives up to expectations...

Characters and Terms

Chapter One
Unfortunately, Zhou Mi was about as skilled in potion making as he was in spell casting.


Title: Beginnings: Hanchul: I’m bored.
Pairing: Hanchul (duh heehee)
Genre: Romance/Fluff

Rating: pg-13 but closer to R for sex.
Summary: Part two of my Beginnings series. How Hangeng and Heechul get together.

I'm Bored

Title: Beginnings: Eunhae: You’re late!
Pairing: Eunhae (of Course)
Genre: Fluff (and crack that snuck in while I wasn’t looking I swear!)
Rating: PG
Summary: Part of my Beginnings series. How Eunhyuk and Donghae fall in love.

You're Late!