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[FIC] (double) No Longer Alone [30smiles] (ch3)/Return of the Dragon Kings (ch6)

Fandom: Super Junior
Title: No Longer Alone (ch3)
Author: svtstarlight
Theme: Set Alpha, #12 Fall
Pairing: Han Geng (Hankyung)/Lee Donghae
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own them. (sad, I know...) I only own the plot. Or maybe the plot owns me? ;)
Summary: Hankyung worries about his future with the twelve-year-old Donghae. Was this the start of his fall?
Ch1 // Ch2

No Longer Alone Chapter 3

Title: The Return of the Dragon Kings
Chapter: 6/?
Author: svtstarlight
Warnings: blood/fighting (possible character death; not sure yet)
Genre: adventure/drama/angst
Rating: PG13 for violence and language
Story notes // Ch1 // Ch2 // Ch3 // Ch4 // Ch5

A/N: Sorry it took so long to get out another chapter of this story; I had most of this chapter ready actually but just couldn't finish it until now. (writer's block is a bitch! *grumbles*) I hope it won't take this long again for the next one...

Return of the Dragon Kings, Chapter 6

Kyumin - When Life Repays You 18/?

Title: When Life Repays You
Main Pairing: Kyumin
Side Pairings: Eunhae, Yewook, Hanchul, Kangteuk
Status: Ongoing 18/?
Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Super Junior...when they go up for sale I'll buy them!
Summary: Sungmin hasn't contacted his friends or family in three years. His abusive boyfriend has kept him under his control and Sungmin no longer has the energy to fight back. When he meets someone who changes his life, is it for the better or for the worse? Will Sungmin break out of the vicious hold of his boyfriend or will the hold break him?

Chapter 18


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Violence Warning
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Violence Warning
Chapter 10
Chapter 11 Violence Warning
Chapter 12
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[Fanfic] A Moment In Time - Section 8 Update! - hangeng/henry

Title: A Moment In Time
Author: ai_fantasy9
Pairing: Hangeng/Henry
Rate/Genre: PG-13, AU/Time Travel
Summary: Henry Lau, an 18 year old boy, just graduated from high school. The summer before he becomes a college student, he decides, with his friends, to visit his homeland, China. He went there looking for fun and excitement, but instead he found an adventure of a lifetime and a love that transcends beyond time and space.

Note: Apologies to all my readers who have been waiting anxiously for the next chapter. I became busy and had trouble writing this LONG section in which I am about to present to you. And also, I know I promised two Chapters but I couldn't wait any longer in updating. So I just gave you guys a very long chapter...again...

I'm SORRY!! Please forgive me?

Hope you enjoy this chapter?

Section 8 - Complication & Discovery

Previous Sections
Section 0 - End One, Begin Another | Section 1 - China | Section 2 - The Jade Pendent | Section 3 - First Meetings
Section 4 - Han Geng Ge | Section 5 - Intruder | Section 6 - Uninvited | Section 7 - Stranger/s Amongst Us

[fic]The Blood Countess

Title: The Blood Countess

Pairings: SuperJunior/Shinee

Chapter: 2/?

Rating:PG13 (it might give u nightmares)

Summary: SuJu and Shinee are spending their vacation in the legendary “Castle Csejthe” which was ounce a finishing school for girls run by the blood-thirsty 17th century Countess Elizabeth Bathory,during their stay they learned the dark secrets behind the twisted witch and her horrifying history and realize they’re in for a spooky adventure.

Author’s note: its been a looooong time since I’ve been in LJ,sorry but I was really busy about skool n everything,this was inspired by that ghost story about this countess and just thought I’de try doing a horror series. If u want to avoid having nightmares I suggest not reading this and I hope u’ll enjoy this ^^

WARNING: Elizabeth Bathory and Castle Csejthe is a true story,which means it existed before so please respect the story and don’t think too much about it. You can find more information in Google.com. There is no need to do any ritual or whatever you think you need to do before reading the story.

previews chapters 1 Arrival

"well,i'm not scared of her anymore,shes beautiful"

again for the requests,um i admit that there are some prompts that i dont understand at all,can you requesters pls explain to me agian?thx u~


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Title: Support
Author: dizzy_grace
Claim: General Fandom
Prompt: 23 Mourn
Fandom: Super Junior and DBSK
Characters: Changmin, Kibum
Rating: PG
Word Count: 290
Summary: Changmin loses his beloved pet and Kibum is right there to help him get through it.
Notes/Warnings: So one day in my boredom where I was stuck without access to anything remotely entertaining I started coming up with an AU for Super Junior and DBSK. I assigned them all mutant powers and put them in a school with LSM as director. This is that universe.
Sequel to: Sweets

Master Post with links to all the fics and a list of character powers.
Kangin 2
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One Bed ♥!- 2

Title: One Bed
Chapters: 2/?
Pairing(s): Kangteuk
Rating(s): PG-13 - NC-17
Warnings: Future sexual content.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone.
Comment: C&C appreciated.
Summary: How long can Kangin last sleeping on different beds while being in the same room as his crush? What happens when you request for a different bed arrangement?

( One Bed: 2 )

Previous: 1

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(insert clever subject here)

Title: Snowman (for lack of a better title)
Author: cho_min
Rating: G (for adorableness)
Paring(s): Kid!KyuMin
Inspiration: I was sitting on my bed, trying to write a letter to the Communist Party of China, but the Christmas card from my aunt was staring at me going "Look at me! I'm an adorable snowman being hugged by a little kid! You know you want to write a kid!Kyumin fic about me." and I was all "Darn you, you're right." so then I wrote this fic.
Genre: kidfluff
Comments: So, yes, I said I wasn't going to post anything until I finished going through the archives, but this was sitting on my screen going "Post me. Post me." in a ghostly voice as I tried to write my letter, and I was all "go away!" and it was all, "if you post me, then I'll stop being such a distraction" and I was all "Can't argue with that logic." so I only post this because I'm in may of 2007, which is kinda half-way ish? (only not really, but that's okay) and because I really need to get my letter done ><
Summary: Sungmin builds a snowman ^^

Collapse )

If I Kissed You, Would You Be Mad?

Title: If I Kissed You, Would You Be Mad?
Author: ich_heisse_kai
Pairing: Hanry
Rating: pg-15

Length: chaptered (6 of about 25)
Warning: boyxboy love, kissing, incest
Overall Summary: Henry is an average high school student with one problem: he is in love with a boy, and not just any boy at that. He is madly in love with the boy who is to become his brother.
Chapter Summary:
Hankyung silenced me and my questions with a kiss. More intimate than usual, open-mouthed and slow and I felt my heart race.
Disclaimer: Oh, it turns out i do own characters!!!! Kuan and Yon. everyone else, though, belongs to themselves  :)

[Chapter 1]    [Chapter 2]    [Chapter 3]    [Chapter 4]    [Chapter 5]