January 10th, 2009

Ryeowook :D

[Fanfic]Centripetal: Ch 9 + 10

Title -Centripetal
Pairing -Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun
Rating -PG so far
Disclaimer - you know, i know, we all know i do not own any of the idols you are about to encounter

Forget everything you believed... The ways of our world are different than your life before...

Through what seemed to be a stroke of luck, Zhou Mi found himself accepted into SM Academy, the top training academy on the planet. Being in such close quarters to performers he not too long ago worshipped, he discovers that what the world prizes them for aren't quite what actually sets them apart from their adoring fans. No matter how dizzying Zhou Mi's new life comes to be, one thing is for sure: he will never define the word "idol" the same ever again.

Centripetal Chapter 9- Wouldn't be surprised if they set his dorm on fire

Centripetal Chapter 10- I wrote them on my hand so I wouldn't forget!

Divine Intervention

Title: Divine Intervention
Pairing: ShiChul, HeeHyun (both are general)
Rating: PG
A/N: This goes to liangjingjing, because Altar Boy Siwon was just too good to pass up lol And because I felt inspired and will be away for the weekend >': *weeps*
Warning: Well, it's as unbeta-ed as the first piece XDD

Siwon, enough. God doesn’t allow shallow excuses

Previous Chapter:
Cartoon Time

The Same Old Thing. Rooftops. Rotation.

079. The Same Old Thing, Eeteuk/Yesung
Author: vainballerina
Title: The Same Old Thing
Prompt: 079. The Same Old Thing
Pairing: Eeteuk/Yesung
Rating: PG. *this is SuJu AU. :D
Progress: 019/100
Word Count: 313

Sequel to Sickness.

Sungmin was just a part of him he can’t let go.

011. Rooftops, Hankyung/Sungmin
Author: vainballerina
Title: Rooftops
Prompt: 011. Rooftops
Pairing: Hankyung/Sungmin
Rating: PG. *this is SuJu AU. :D
Progress: 020/100
Word Count: 393

Sequel to The Same Old Thing.

Kyuhyun isn’t the person you think he is, Sungmin-sshi - he just isn’t.

037. Rotation, Hankyung/Kyuhyun
Author: vainballerina
Title: Rotation
Prompt: 037. Rotation
Pairing: Hankyung/Kyuhyun
Rating: PG. *this is SuJu AU. :D
Progress: 021/100
Word Count: 453

Sequel to Rooftops.

“Do vampires really fall in love like this?”


SuJu Challenge: 057. Scales

Title: Repercussions
Fic: Super Junior 100 challenge # 33/100
Rating: PG
Characters: DongHae, Geng, KyuHyun, Siwon
Universe: Mafia!Verse
Prompt: 057: Scales, DongHae/KyuHyun
Disclaimer: Not mine, not true.
Summary: At the hospital.
Writer's note: I saw this picture and went "Super Junior mafia!" And it stuck. Hashed out some things with reader_a, and now I know what everyone does. Most of my fics will be concerned with just those in the picture.
Note 2: Imagine my delight when it turned out that the people involved in the fight in the Super Show (before Don't Don) were in the Mafia! Next, of course, was to figure out where KyuHyun and Ryeowook had gone. This is the outcome of that insanity.

Previously: Bad Judgment

Prompt list
Key || OH!
  • amine87

Café Cythera; Chapter 02

Chapter 00 | 01 | 02 of ?
Characters in this chapter: Jaejoong, Heechul, Han Geng, Sungmin, Changmin, Eeteuk, Yoochun, Siwon
Pairings in this chapter: implied!HoRella, HanChul, KyuMin, implied!YooMin, implied!KangTeuk, SiHan
Disclaimer: I own no one and nothing but the plot.
Summary: A story of a simple, small café. Kim Jaejoong owns it, and as guessed, Han Geng is the head chef.

Suddenly, an accented voice popped out of nowhere, stopping both Jaejoong and Heechul on track. )

Infinite {sungyeol; get out}

(no subject)

Title: The Art Of Daring ("If I'm a slut, then you're a slut.") (1/2)
Fandom: Super Junior, DBSK (AU, !girls)
Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Kibum/Donghae, Kangin/Eeteuk, Yehsung/Ryeowook, Eunhyuk/Junsu, background Yunho/Jaejoong
Word count: 5,712
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The others considered this for a few minutes; Heechul was the first to speak. "That's boring," she said, and smirked slowly, looking so devilish that Eeteuk moaned in fearful anticipation. "You know what would make it more exciting? If you had to kiss the object of your affection.

(no subject)

 Title: 10 Out Of 10 (colourful_love's idea)
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Cho Kyuhyun x Jiwoo (OC), Yewook, Eunhaemin, Kangteuk, Sihanchul, Henmi, KibumxChangmin, future Han-neul (OC) x Key
A/N: First straight story. SO NERVOUS! *bits on lower lip* sorry if there's like tons and tons of spelling/grammar error. wrote this when i was in year 7 so yes. Plot is colourful_love's. Pls tell me if i'm not allowed to post it here!


Chapter 1

That's All

100 Suju Fic Challenge

Title: That's All
Author: bluexstardust
Prompt: 054. Self-Image
Pairing: Shindong/Hankyung
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,777
Progress: 001/100 (well...it's a start? ehehe)
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own any of the boys T^T
Summary: Something's up with Shindong lately, and Hankyung can't help but wonder what it is... ( uhm... sorry for the fail summary! ^^;; )

A/N: Okay, so I'm pretty new to the whole fanfic thing, so I apologize in advance if this fic is total fail... but if it is, please feel free to leave some feedback, what you liked, what you didn't like, some advice maybe? Comments are love ^_^

To the story...away~~~~

In the end...

Title: In the End...
Chapter: 2/~
Rating PG?
Pairings: erm...hinted Siwon/minwoo, ryeowook/hankyung, eunhyuk/kibum, kyuhyun/yesung
Summary: Hankyung tries to persuade Ryeowook to go out with him, who thinks Hankyung is too much of a flirt. Yesung and Kyuhyun are close until Kyuhyun falls in love. Sungmin realises he like someone who’s already in a relationship.
Note: This is my first fanfic ever so any comment will be greatly appreciated. Also, I know Lee Minwoo [from Shinhwa] is like 30 but it’s a fanfic so I thought I might as well make him younger than Siwon [older than Ryeowook].

Collapse )

Roses of Discordia

Title: 13. Alternatives
Summary: Leeteuk and Sungmin are roommates and best friends who lead two very different lives. It's not until Leeteuk's world turns upside down, pulling Sungmin with it, that everything starts to connect—and it all points to one thing—Discordia. Add a mix of characters who all tie together, knotted into an intricate mystery that not just one can hope to figure out; it becomes a tightly woven universe that stands alone, and doesn't even know herself what is truly going on.
This chapter: Life is a casual thing on most occasions, even amidst an irreversible chaos.
Characters/Pairings: Leeteuk and Sungmin. Hankyung/Heechul. Kibum/Donghae. Yunho/Jaejoong. DBSK and Super Junior.
Rating: PG-13, R
Genre: Suspense/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Romance/Dystopia
Disclaimer: Don't own them. :3
Trailer | MV | A r c h i v e | Character Profiles | oST

i want to know how to survive in the nightlife...

untitled fic

Title: untitled
Author: volatileflame
Chapter(s): one-shot
Pairing: HanHae
Genre: AU, fluff
Rating: G
Disclaimer: as shocking as it may sound – no. i clearly do not own.
Summary: . . . don’t have one -_-

A/N I: dedicated to my awesome Oneesama, miracleshining, and to svtstarlight for the awesome little news article that inspired part of this
A/N II: one part inspired by Taiwanese drama KO One