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Title: loosing stupid competitions
Rating: nc-17
Fandom: super junior
Pairing: kyuhyun/heechul
Word Count: 842
Theme: 5o - Lost
Warning: uhm ... smut?, cursing
Disclaimer: i don't own any of the bands i write about and everything here is fictional
Note: heechul and kyuhyun have their own little competitions // uhm fun =D me,[info]age_b and[info]reverokameorih had a writing competition. aww yeah uhm i love you both soo much ~

(heechul screamed and threw the controller away)
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[kyuchul] lost

Title: Lost
Author: age_b
Rating: G for pure boredom
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Heechul/Kyuhyun
Word Count: 542
Theme: [050] Lost
Warnings: pretty random and stupid (pseudo crossover-ish?)
Disclaimer: Do not own.
Note: another challenge this time the beloved hiromi joined us.. x3 well.. this is an interesting tail of heechul and kyuhyun being lost... check it out and enjoy it.. at least a little bit.. <3

Everything was quiet.
Ryeowook :D

[Fanfic]Centripetal: Ch 8

Title -Centripetal
Pairing -Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun
Rating -PG so far
Disclaimer - you know, i know, we all know i do not own any of the idols you are about to encounter

Forget everything you believed... The ways of our world are different than your life before...

Through what seemed to be a stroke of luck, Zhou Mi found himself accepted into SM Academy, the top training academy on the planet. Being in such close quarters to performers he not too long ago worshipped, he discovers that what the world prizes them for aren't quite what actually sets them apart from their adoring fans. No matter how dizzying Zhou Mi's new life comes to be, one thing is for sure: he will never define the word "idol" the same ever again.

sorry this took so long
and excuse any errors, i'm in a hurry

Chapter 8 - Who makes the rules???


SuJu Challenge: 077. Pass

Title: Bad Judgment
Fic: Super Junior 100 challenge # 32/100
Rating: PG
Characters: Ryeowook, SungMin
Universe: Mafia!Verse
Prompt: 077: Pass, SungMin/Ryeowook
Disclaimer: Not mine, not true.
Summary: Ryeowook goes to get information. He's never had it quite so easy, though.
Writer's note: I saw this picture and went "Super Junior mafia!" And it stuck. Hashed out some things with reader_a, and now I know what everyone does. Most of my fics will be concerned with just those in the picture (this is an exception).
Note 2: Imagine my delight when it turned out that the people involved in the fight in the Super Show (before Don't Don) were in the Mafia! Next, of course, was to figure out where KyuHyun and Ryeowook had gone. This is the outcome of that insanity.
Note 3: This is a loose sequel to Down Time?

Prompt list

Sugary Creations

Title: Sugary Creations
Pairing: TeukMin, HyukMin, QMi (on both chapters)
Rating: PG
A/N: as always, for both thepoison_sky and age_b, specially <3 And for those who don't know, Joomyuk is Zhou Mi's Korean name =)

Chapter 3
Zhou Mi, which part of ‘I need to pick up my mother’ you haven’t understood??

Chapter 4
I may catch your cold

Previous Chapters:
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

And special thanks for the people who showed support on the previous chapters *-* It means a lot x3
Random: Type of Girl

Fic: Sweets

Title: Sweets
Author: dizzy_grace
Claim: General Fandom
Prompt: 40 Cute
Fandom: Super Junior and DBSK
Characters: Changmin, Kibum
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 700
Summary: Changmin and Kibum have a relaxing time playing with their new dog.
Notes/Warnings: So one day in my boredom where I was stuck without access to anything remotely entertaining I started coming up with an AU for Super Junior and DBSK. I assigned them all mutant powers and put them in a school with LSM as director. This is that universe.
Sequel to:

Master Post with links to all the fics and a list of character powers.
CRIMMINDS * Reid * open up

Super Junior (AU); The Difference Between Pawns and Kings; [1/__ ]

Title: The Difference Between Pawns and Kings [1/__ ]
Fandom: Super Junior (cameos by Epik High, Dong Bang Shin Ki, etc.)
Chapter Pairings: ShiChul
Word Count: 1419
Rating: R
Overall Summary: The secluded world of South Korea has decayed and it's largest city, Seoul, has fractioned into two seperate halves: the kings and the pawns. Society is different; life is different. People struggle to survive in both worlds, either smothered by the rules of the city or the despair of the slums. The lucky ones managing to balance between the two extreems watch their friends suffer or survive, take or be taken. Still, life churns on, and no matter what hand you have been dealt, you must play the game.
Chapter Summary: Heechul is the one who never wants to be found. Then again, Siwon can never stay away.
Genre: AU
A/N: HAY THAR. So ive kinda been on an unofficial hiatus due to laziness lack of inspiration. It's really sad. I'm still sort of out of touch with fandom (where has my stalking prowess gone?! my mv/variety show updates?!). I swear, fandom is a frickin JOB. and...well i already have another one and that one actually gives me handfuls of cash every once in awhile (its not actually that cool, but electronic bank statements are just as good). Im sounding like a responsible college student, its bizzare, really. Well, this is just a chapter fic, i have no fuckin idea where its going (well, kinda), but i hope it doesnt suck something awful. *siiigh* lemme know if ive lost my touch, okay you guys? dont let me walk around sucking, like people who walk around with lipstick on their face. IM NOT THAT GIRL. This one is for scm0use.
also, Gee is on constant replay in my braaaaiiiin~

Why can't I touch you?
Kangin 2
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One Bed ♥!- 1

Title: One Bed
Chapters: 1/?
Pairing(s): Kangteuk
Rating(s): PG-13 - NC-17
Warnings: Future sexual content.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone.
Comment: C&C appreciated.
Summary: How long can Kangin last sleeping on different beds while being in the same room as his crush? What happens when you request for a different bed arrangement?

( One Bed: 1 )