July 21st, 2008

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Title: Secrets from Saints
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Hyukjae/Eeteuk
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 680
Summary: If he thought things would be easier for him with Eeteuk once Kangin was gone he'd been sorely mistaken.
Disclaimer: Here if it's really needed.
Notes: Idk what this is I guess I'm liking the light bondage as of late? Was written in 30 mins or so so not my best work but I was bored and had a muse. Enjoy anyway? :\

( Secrets from Saints )

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Uh, hey guys. c: I'm new. Call me Chippy.

I've been lurking/stalking this place for a while, not wanting to join until I had something to contribute. I haven't done this before, so I'm sorry if I mess up or break a rule or something.

Title: Untitled
Pairing: Kangin/Heechul
Rating: PG-13
Notes: When I started this a few hours ago, my feelings on Kangin was that if he were gay, he wouldn't really admit it. Possibly not even to himself. Then I watched something called "Super Junior Kissing Card Game" or something where the only thing stopping him from raping Eunhyuk's mouth with his own was a card. Yeah. :/

Also, I like to think of Heechul as a conceited skank. c: That's all.

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... Yeah. A disappointing ending, I'll admit. Written at four in the morning, I know this isn't my best. x) Comments or critiques would be great!

sequel & 100 fic challenge

022. Just Another Dinner
Sungmin/Kibum // diamonds // 2814 words // PG13 
( Kibum was just realizing that all of his jeans were either faded or worn. )

Sorry this took so long. So busy at work >__<;; I'm going to try to get the last installation writting by the end of tomorrow(Tues) .. Hopefully get it up on tuesday as well.

Completed: 54/100
100 SJ Fic Archive.
My Fic Archive.

Thanks to my readers for all of your continuing support =)
You guys are the reason Autumn Nights reached 10,000+ hits!

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housewarming / kang in the bastard
pairing: mostly kang in-centric, but everyone(of 13) shows up in this. hints at kangteuk, blohyuk, maybe kangkyung? and how could i forget hee chul/shi won/jesus
rating/genre: crack!fic. r for cursing, kang in's porn collection and other suggestive things
notes: WOW. i really don't know what to say about this. i couldn't sleep so i wrote crack!fic about kang in's apartment and how everyone would probably drive him crazy because he moved out. it's safe to say that my brain has imploded and i'm sorry for any other brains that are broken in the reading process of this- whatever it is.

it takes until the third kick and scream of, "KANG IN HYUNG, ARE YOU DEAD?" for him to finally open his eyes and look around as he ungracefully flips off of the couch and gets a face full of floor.
[Donghae/Eunhyuk] ¤ Sweet Nothings


Hello, Everyone! I've finally decided to contribute to this community! I hope you all enjoy what I bring ♥

TITLE: All For It
AUTHOR: inuvampy
BETA: jenluvskatloser_no_jutsu
GENRE: Humor
PAIRING: [Donghae/Eunhyuk] Featuring: Kangin/Eeteuk, Siwon/Heechul, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, and Yesung/Ryeowook
FIC BANNER: Made by me for fanfic promotion!
SUMMARY: Poor Donghae... All he wanted was a little of it.
WARNING: Donghae Abuse!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just thought I would let you all know... This is kinda my first fic EVER. Which coincidently makes this my first smut...ever. So I understand if it sucks horribly. Also. I have weird ass humor. If you read something and go "...What?" It's just me trying to be funny by useing analogies that nobody else ever dreamed of. (FYI some of the things in this fic have happened in real life... to me. Like bread catching on fire. IT'S FUNNY I MEAN COME ON.)

Ok I'm done ranting. ENJOY~ ♥

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Comments are greatly looked forward to ♥~
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A word called Love

Title: A word called Love
Chapter: 4/?
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Super Junior + DBSK
Pairing: Yunho/Heechul or Horella
Summary: Love is just a word until someone gives it meaning.
For: This fan-fiction is dedicated to seaborne.
Note: I sorry if I took long to write a fic I am busy for my prelims exam this week. But I promise to write if I have time

Teuk [Angel Wings]

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Title: Jolene's Birthday Fic of Doom (aka, 12 reasons why Eunhyuk loves his job)
Authoresses: cynicalxcharm & fading_sun_sock 

Rating: R
A/N: Office!AU. Just 'cause. Happy birthday, Jolene! We love you! But we hate your demanding prompts. Kendra was not fully awake when writing this. Ciara was not fully sane when writing this. It took us 24 hours to write, and we're too lazy and tired to edit this properly, so please excuse any mistakes. ENJOY!

Eunhyuk decided it was probably best to just end things there.

"I Wanna F*** You like an Animal" 6/6 + E

 Title : "I Wanna F*** You like an Animal" 6/6 + E
Author: Murd3r4lyf3
 Nc-!7/ R
Yaoi! Smex, AU
Forest! Smex
Henry is the new kid in town. a young inspiriational violinst, who happens to get lost in the woods, and gets 'devoured'.
Word Count:
1740 + 467(E)
Author’s note: A few annocenments:
This will be the last series i write before i go back to China (which is the 29th). I hope everyone has like my mini series, and a farewell present, i will do a poll on which was your favorite pairings (among some other questions), and shall write a last one-shot of them. Also, me and Kichul are planning on a special collabration project. It shall begin when i come back from my trip (which is in about one month). I hope you all will look forward to it, for it consist of her cute little Mini!Suju, and my Slutty!Suju. Lastly, I have been thinking, and there *will* be a second round of this IWFYLAA series. AND a Halloween special. So be prepared to see Animal! Suju again. Once again, Thanks to ALL my readers and reveiwers. If not for you all and your lovely comments , i would have stopped writing. Thanks again, and i love you all *hearts*


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My First SuJu fic

Title: Family
Warnings: Honestly, not much of anything. Mostly angst and a little violence. Maybe PG-13 for language. No pairings, possible implied SiHanChul and EunHae but could also just be BFF-ery.
Summary: A major event is happening that will change Super Junior forever.
A/N: So, yeah, this is my first attempt at Super Junior ficage. It feels kinda rushed, but what are you gonna do? So, read, enjoy, comment, love. All that good stuff.

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Angel and Devil (4/10)

Title: Angel and Devil (4/10)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: KangTeuk + others
Summary: It's just a story to Vice-Captain Lee Donghae, but when Jungsu shows up, he sees that impossible love can really happen.
Notes: This is set in the Bleach!Universe, however there are only passing references to the characters from the anime. For more explanation of Bleach, go here for a vocab list. My favorite chapter by far.

Chapter Four )
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Okay, let me just say that this is NOT my official entry to the Suju challenge. I wasn't pleased with it,so I'm redrawing a better version...
So,anywho...I wanted to draw YeSung holding his mask of happiness,revealing his true self,but that isn't portrayed well in this picture in my opinion. It sucks so bad. But I just thought I'd share anyways.*headdesk*
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100 suju fics challenge

Theme:  091. Stars
Pairing: KangSung
Rating: R (a tiny bit I guess)
Warning: Really pointless and maybe confusing
Author's Note: My first entry for Suju 100 Fic challenge.

“Being at home… isn’t that a nice thing?” )

Theme:  014. Home
Pairing: HeeHae
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Author's Note:
my second entry. yay!
He sits. He sits and waits him to come back, longs to see the brown outdoors to open. )

Theme:  025. Smoke
Pairing: Shinteuk
Rating: G
a bit angsty

Fic: Family Arc II - 12

Title: Family Arc II - 12
Author: vic_sim
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot. I apologise for any incorrect portrayal of people or any inaccurate details mentioned in my story.
Pairing: None at the moment.
Category: Angst
Rating: NC-16 (just to be safe)
Summary: More about Kyuhyun's past is revealed.

Arc I Arc II

It was not the first time Kyuhyun was home alone...

i edited the link.hope it works