July 20th, 2008

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PAO - Chapter 8

Title: Painted as Opposites
Rating & Genre: PG-13, Drama, Romance, Slash, AU
Pairing: Shiwon/Donghae
Summary: Prince Shiwon unexpectedly finds himself obliged to fulfill a promised betrothal arranged by his grandfather and an old friend; but what is he supposed to do if there's no granddaughter for him to marry—only a grandson? (Story based loosely on the plot of kdrama Goong aka Princess Hours.)

Chapters: o1 | o2 | o3 | o4 | o5 | o6 | o7 | *new* o8

Parting Ways

Title: Parting Ways
Author: umai_jae_ai 
Pairing: Yesung / Tegoshi Yuya
Genre: Drama
Rating: Pg
Plot: Yesung and Tegoshi have trouble parting when Super Junior’s Japanese promotions end and he has to return home.
a/n: This fanfic is dedicated to

psychotk . Sorry it took so long, I had some things to take care of at my house, and then I completely lost inspiration. I hope you like it.

(“I couldn’t miss my last chance to see you.” )



Fic: Family Arc II - 11

Title: Family Arc II - 11
Author: vic_sim
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot. I apologise for any incorrect portrayal of people or any inaccurate details mentioned in my story.
Pairing: None at the moment.
Category: Angst /slight fluff
Rating: NC-16 (just to be safe)

Arc I Arc II

Part A: What are you four doing at the door?

Part B: Eeteuk looked around as he ate.


2 chapters!

yesterday was my birthday, so i'm a little late in posting i guess. anyways, here's two chapters to make up for it. thank you to all who read this fic and i hope i don't disappoint anyone.

Title: Beyond Blood and Water ~ Arc I
Author: volatileflame
Chapter(s): 2+3/8
Characters: Han Geng-centric, SuJu
Pairings: KangTeuk, YunJae, more to come
Genre: AU
Rating: G – PG (i dunno)
Disclaimers: seriously, do I really need to say it? i obviously don’t own them
Summary: Four-year-old Han Geng finds himself sold away and taken to Korea where he begins the journey to discover that there is more to family than blood. (summary sucks, i know)

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