July 14th, 2008


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Roses of Discordia

Title: IX. No Shit, Sherlock
Summary: In which finding and fighting ensues.
Characters/Pairings: Leeteuk and Sungmin. Hankyung/Heechul. DBSK and Super Junior.
Rating: PG-13, R
Disclaimer: Don't own themmmmm
AN: Roses of Discordia is a story depicted by a series of one shots in this weird little form of writing. I like it, so I hope you do too. It's full of twists and surprises. :3
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Cavalcade of Hopes

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Title: One kiss.

Pairing : Donghae x Henry

Genre: Fluff

Rating: G

Summary: Henry just read a fanfic containing some not-for-pure-henry-like-minds content. Now he thinks he's not straight and thats where Donghae comes in...

A head and two hamster cheeks poke around Donghae’s door, dark eyes searching around the room until they finally land on the room’s occupant.

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Darkness Eyes

100 SuJu Fic Challenge//098. Soothing

Yet another 100 SJ Fic Challenge^^ I don't know why but all my stories seem to contain angst in some form or another. Oh well, maybe I was a depressed sadistic asylum resident in my past life, who knows??

Please enjoy my latest creation.

Title: Violin's Tears
Genre: Romance//Angst
Rating: PG-13?
Pairing: HanRy
Summary: Henry practices so he won't cry in front of the others.
*inspired by an interview with SJ-M where Han Geng said after they stop practicing, Henry would continue to practic for a long time afterward, until he's so exhausted he just falls asleep once he gets back*
------100 SJ Fic Challenge>>098. Soothing
------Number of Fics finished>>5/100
------My Archive
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Drabbles, one-shots

Title: Early mornings
Pairing: ShiWook
Rating: PG
Warning: None
It's just Shiwon always spend nights sleeping beside Ryeowook.

In Early mornings Ryeowook wakes up to found out that Shiwon’s arms are wrapped around him and head rested near his. )

Title: Kiss me!
Pairing: Donghae/Henry
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Donghae simply wanted to be kissed by Henry.

Whatever DongHae does that was fun or at least was close to that. )

Title: It's love
Pairings: yebum, shihan
Raiting: PG
Author's Note: Well i wrote two drabbles and both of them fall under the same title so don't get confused it's two different pieces. Pretty pointless but I wanted to post them anyways.


Fic: Family Arc II - 7

Title: Family Arc II - 7
Author: vic_sim
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot. I apologise for any incorrect portrayal of people or any inaccurate details mentioned in my story.
Pairing: None at the moment.
Category: Angst
Rating: NC-16 (just to be safe)
Summary: The phone call. Kyuhyun could not sleep.
Arc I
Arc II

in an instant, everyone was scrambling for their phones.