July 7th, 2008

Fun with Hannie in the Kitchen

 Title: Fun with Hannie in thy Kitchen
Author: </a></a>murd3r4lyf3

Rating: NC-17
Genre: SMUT!
Pairing: Hanchul, Mentions of others
Warnings: UN-BETAED SMEX! tiny bit of blood play...and cursing
Summary: Heechul is bored. Hannie's not. But who cares. Heechul gets what he wnats anyways.
Word Count: 1208
Author’s note: this is a hanchul smut request from </a></a>kichul1106 . I can't I can't write Hanchul well..so yea. i didn't have a theme for this, so this just popped out of nowhere...bare with me. Hope you all enjoy it!
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The Sexy Lady Eunhae, Hyukkyu, Eunhaekyu???

Title: The Sexy Lady
Pair(s): Eunhae, HyukKyu, EunHaeKyu, and others if you pay attention
Rate: PG maybe…really bad at rating
Summary: Donghae finds a phone. And all isn't what it seems.
Author Notes: This is my first Suju fic….I’m sorry if the characters are out of character……^^; Well I hope you Enjoy it. BTW the video at the end is the main reason this came to life lol
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100 fic challenge/ spin-off.

When I was first asked about the Si/Hae mentioned in the Surrender Series, I knew it was coming before it was even asked. I wasn't going to do a spin-off, but then some other people commented on it & hey, persistence works. So, here it is:

058. Five Years Without a Gun // Serendipity
Shiwon/Shiwon // Lies // 5551 words // PG
(“Don’t punish me for the sins of others, Shiwon.”)

Unlike Struggle & Serenity; FYWaG can stand alone pretty well without reading the Surrender Series (that starts with Surrender). This series came out of nowhere and the spin-off was completely unplanned.

Story is dedicated to the first person to ask for it, Hokum. Especially since she won't be able to read it until after a month since she went away.

Thanks to all my readers for your support =)


The Music of Our Hearts

Title: The Music of Our Hearts
Author: demonenvy

Pairing: HanChul/HanHee, slight HanRy (Hankyung and Henry)

Warning: PG-13, FLUFF
Summary: Hankyung wants to finally tell him how he feels.

Note: This was made for one of my best friend's birthday…which eventually ended up being a Christmas present as well. I’m really horrible with fanfic deadlines ^^; It’s super late to post this but at least I finally posted it right? Alright, now on to the fic. ENJOY!

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Entry#34 : Oh...OKAY / 004 : Dorian Chou

Entry #34 : Oh...OKAY.
Narration : Henry Lau POV
Featuring : Sungmin, SJM, Taemin + Key SHINee

Beta-ed/QC-ed : virginangelic



Title : Dorian Chou - UNBETAED
Pairing : KyuHyun x Zhou Mi
Chapter : 004
Summary : For the sake of $350!

The KyuMimi series archive

001 : Can you speak Korean?
002 : He's not a Tom Cruise
003 : Feather Light ** qmibao challenge!

004 : Dorian Chou

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I give up on rish text - but I srsly hope you like this and want more *khekhekhekhe*

*** still editing here and there, sorry for the APPARENT mistakes!! XD

KYUFTW! Enjoy!

Fic: Family Arc II - 2

Title: Family Arc II - 2
Author: vic_sim
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot. I apologise for any incorrect portrayal of people or any inaccurate details mentioned in my story.
Pairing: None at the moment.
Category: pure angst
Rating: NC-16 (just to be safe)
Summary: Eeteuk is angry. Or is he? Something happens with Eunhyuk and Donghae.

Arc I
Arc II

Eeteuk stormed into the room and sat down heavily on the floor.