June 10th, 2008

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(suju/csjh) today it’d be nice to be with someone (smile); eunhyuk/sunday

today it’d be nice to be with someone (smile)
(SuJu/CSJH) 2357 wds. g; rpf — Hyukjae/Sunday, various ninja!pairs
I think they'd make a cute couple: together, they'd take over the world with their gullible.

a. aoimidori
s. It gets frustrating sometimes, having a thing for who seems to be the slowest idiot around.
n. Birthday fic for kikiam (chosen from the fic wishlist meme)!
d. I do not know, nor am I affiliated with, Eunhyuk, Sunday, Super Junior, Cheo Sang Ji Hee The Grace, or SM eEtertainment. None of the events depicted in this story happened.


Title: TOUCH
Author: MikkyBoom
Fandom: Super Junior
Rating: NC17 [omg, again?]
Pairing: SiHanChul<3
Warnings(?): Apparently, once you write smut you can't stop? Or rather, it's that way in my case. And omfg, I wrote a threesome?! What's next, an orgy? O_O I keep surprsing myself. Oh and also, I totally tried my best to edit this, and oh yeah, this story is totally dedicated to heythere_hannah, 'cause she came out of nowhere and gave me kind words and let herself be forced into beta-ing for me. xD



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[fic] More Time and A Short Stop

Title: More Time
Part: 2/5
Rating: G
Characters: Yesung, Hankyung
Summary: The first date. Yesung is... confused.
Author's note: This is the next part of the One Hour series, the sequel to Phantom Roommate and Just an Hour

The concert was the perfect first date.

Title: A Short Stop
Rating: G
Characters: KyuHyun, Zhou Mi
Summary: Everyone else was asleep.
Author's note: For cynicalxcharm, because she guessed correctly.

It was only a five minute stop. Really.

Suju orgy: 6 + 9 = 15

Title: 6 + 9 = 15
Pairing: Super Junior Everyone x Everyone. [pairings include Kangteuk, Eunhae, Sihanchul etc]
Rating: NC-17?
Warnings: Orgy, Suju original unit + M unit (=15)
Words: 1,709
Summary: They’d only been gone an hour, how did this happen in an hour?

Comments: Written for the '06.09 2 hour challenge' no1_jo created and coaxed me into XD
I cheated a little since this idea wouldn't leave me alone. >.<

6 + 9 = 15
柳 : not your average hime

No Show Fee: 08.d. Itinerary Receipt [JaeMin, JaeHae, YehHae; DBSJ]

title: No Show Fee : 08.d. Itinerary Receipt
author: yumeyana
fandom: dong bang shin ki / super junior
pairs: JaeMin, JaeHae, YehHae (YooSu, KangTeuk, etc.)
rating/genre: PG-13 - NC-17 / drama, angst, humor, romance
summary: They say love waits. But the question always is, until when? JaeJoong, Donghae and Yehsung bag the main roles in Heechul's drama but getting the job is just the tip of the iceberg. They will have to deal with a workshop and getting comfortable with themselves and with their characters. JaeJoong, however, has more to think about. Like the missed call on JunSu's mobile phone.

( “Is Jongwoon hyung a good kisser?” )

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crisscolfer: perfect

Fic: Shindong/Everyone, OT15

Title: Cock For Sale, or: Leeteuk Wants Everyone to Want Shindong
Author: skittles
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Shindong/everyone, OT15 (implied Kangin/Leeteuk, Siwon/Heechul/Hankyung, Yesung/Ryeowook, Donghae/Eunhyuk)
Word count: 7747
Theme: 092; Gorgeous. Written for the 100 SuJu fic challenge at miracle______. Archive can be found here.
Warnings: Crack, smut
Author's notes: For sneakersiam who inspired this whole thing with a simple comment (which coincidentally, is a line in the fic--try to guess which one it is!). It was meant to be short, sweet, and cracky but it quickly came to life on it's own and turned into something completely different (that took me nearly two months to finish T_T). Hopefully it's not 100% fail. Also, I re-worked the OT15 scene I wrote for the SuJu Kink Meme so if it looks familiar, that would be why.
Disclaimer: Do not own. Two lines from the 'Wanted' ad blatantly stolen from Margaret Cho.
Summary: Leeteuk's decides to help Shindong get laid.

Leeteuk liked to believe that he was a good leader.

Sugar is the Best Distraction - Hanhae - First Fic!

Sugar is the Best Distraction 

: oh_thexirony
Pairing: Donghae/Hankyung
Rating: G/PG
Summary: This is what happens when Lee Donghae doesn't wake up in time for breakfast
Disclamer: I wished I owned them, but I don't
Warning: first fic. interupting yesung. sugar buzzed lee donghae
A/N: Really, its my first fic after reading so much ^^ its not that good, I know, it came out in a very weird way, trust me ><'' I apologise in advance, but hey, I'm trying! (: 

Skipping breakfast is a no-no. 


some kyu some eun some hae.

Title: of late night dance practices (i'm so original. -.- bahaha)
Characters: (in order of appearance) kyuhyun, eunhyuk, donghae
Rating: PG-13 but possibly going on R. maybe R. idk. i fail at ratings.
Notes/Summary: so i wrote this like... 4-ish months ago HAHA. i was bribed into writing a sexy fic cuz i couldn't write full blown (no pun) smut. xD AND YES JILLIAN I KNOW I HAVE TO WRITE YOUR BACKSTAGE SUPER SHOW KYUTEUK AHHAHA. *hopes this distracts and buys time* 
i like how i post my writings from latest backwards xD. ...en...joy? :D

sexy sexy fake cut?

oh and btw i DID get around to writing full blown smut. xD *advertises lj*