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Author: kyouyafanatic
Title: Fixture
Pairing: You'll see in due time... but for right now, slight Eunhae
Rating: PG-13 (for members and their badmouth cussing)
Summary: In the underground world of Sport-Killing, two teams rule them all. As the moment dawns for them to meet their fates, will love and hate bring them together, or tear them apart?
Warning: AU. My shitty writng.

Here's the link... hope you like it. *whimpers pathetically and pitifully* 
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052. Cake [Donghae/Sungmin]

[Title] Pink Clothes Does not a Girl Make
[Prompt] 052. Cake (& I’m a boy, stupid!) [Donghae/Sungmin]
[Rating] G
[Words] 1271
[Summary] Donghae was not a slow person, but…how had he managed to miss this little detail?
[Disclaimer] Not mine. Seriously.
[Notes] For both 100 SuJu Fics Challenge and the random pair generator. (Killing two birds with one stone. ^^) Mini-SuJu ahead!
[Archive] here

Despite what others may believe, Lee Donghae was not a slow person. )

Searching for fics

Umm I didn't see anything saying this wasn't allowed, so I figured I'd ask. Mods, sorry if you have to delete this!! x_x

I'm looking for any Attack of the Pin Up Boys fics. I'm not asking anyone to write any, just looking for links to ones that have already been written ^^ I found one Kangin/Heechul one that was nice but it's just so bothersome to go through every single entry trying to find them, so I gave up x_x So if you have any links saved to your memories and would share, that would be so amazing!

Thank you :D
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hand in hand (ch1) : zhou mi/henry

Series/Title: Hand in Hand
Chapter: 1/?
Fandom: Super Junior - M
Pairing: Zhou Mi x Xian Hua/Henry
Rating: PG (for now?)
Genre: AU, Romance

Summary: Childhood, Zhou Mi and Liu Xian Hua were the best of friends, but under unfortunate circumstances, the two were separated: Zhou Mi staying in China and Xian Hua moving to Canada. Ten years later, Xian Hua, now named "Henry", is moving back once again to China to pursue his dream as a violinist.

However, once he arrives, he sees posters all over town of a familiar face...

( would you walk to the future with me? )

[Oneshot] You [Yehsung Centric]

Tittle: You (because I'm not imaginative)
Author: Mila (noiseless_night) ; (wordless_night)
Pairing: Yehsung centric (mention of Yehwook.)
Chapters: Oneshot
Genre: Introspective.
Rate: G
Idiom: English (Spanish version coming soon)
Warnings: I'm pissed off. So please, try to be nice with me and I will be nice too (and try to don't be a bitch because I know that you aren't the problem).

You (Yehsung centric)
Koyama & Teshi

Two Faced [Chapter 5]

Title: Two Faced
Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst (in later chapters)
Rating: 14+ for now
Pairing: KyuMin, TeukMin, KyuWook (more in later chapters)

Summary: Sungmin wakes up in a room with a man he's never seen before. He couldn't remember what happened the night before, or even before that. In fact, the last thing he could remember was breaking up with KyuHyun...last year.
Word Count: 1231

Chapter 1: No Memories
Chapter 2: The Lost Time
Chapter 3: The Lost Love
Chapter 4: What's Not Mine

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Promt 30 : Warmth Kangin/Donghae

Because I had 2 very different endings in mind for this fic prompt I just wrote 2 XDD They're the same setting but written differently ^_^

: Lazy Days
Pairing: Kangin/Donghae
Rating: PG
Warnings: PDA
Words: 667
Summary : Donghae is enjoying the weather
Comments: For the 100 SuJu fic challenge prompt 030 : Warmth (my archive)


: Ice-Cream
Pairing: Kangin/Donghae
Rating: PG
Warnings: PDA,  inappropriate ice-cream fantasies :P
Words: 649
Summary : Kangin is watching Donghae sunbathe
Comments: For the 100 SuJu fic challenge prompt 030 : Warmth (my archive)

she's a shieldkitten of Rohan [LotR]

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100 fic challenge [#016.] Quiet Places, Yehsung/Ryeowook, one-sided!Henry/Ryeowook
Title: This quiet house, part 2
Length: 1,726 words
Author: shieldkitten
Rating: PG (severe angst, character death)
Summary: Without Yehsung, Ryeowook is left alone with his thoughts and his nostalgia
Author's Note: Continuation of this fic. I didn't feel like leaving it there, without any resolution for Ryeowook. I do warn you, this made me cry writing it, so. :/

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