May 9th, 2008

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Tonight, the stars fall. [SJ/SJM] and They sing, sing, sing. [DBSJ; Various Pairings; Drabbles]

title: Tonight, the stars fall.
author: yumeyana
fandom: super junior / super junior m
pairs: YehHae, KyuRy, RyeoMi, ShiHan
rating/genre: PG-13/ sap
summary: Most of them are white. The blue ones are missing. Donghae counts the stars in China and tells Kyuhyun that they're different.

( Tell hyung to count the ones back home, then. )

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title: They sing, sing, sing.
author: yumeyana
fandom: dong bang shin ki / super junior
pairs: various
rating/genre: PG-13--up/ sap, drama, angst, romance

o1. i just called to say--. jaejoong x yehsung.
o2. the sun shouldn't shine so bright. junsu x yunho.
o3. we're doing nothing and everything. yoochun x jaejoong.
o4. --my words are caught in this song. jaejoong x yehsung (companion to #1).
o5. no room for waiting. heechul x yunho.
o6. fall with me just in case. jaejoong x changmin.
o7. before the curtains open. leeteuk.
o8. parachutes don't work here. heechul x hangeng.
o9. disco lights blind me. yunho x junsu.
10. make me believe again. yoochun x junsu, jaejoong's pov.

o1. words are nothing but letters. hyukjae x junsu.
o2. peter pan wings and childhood dreams make us. hyukjae x junsu (companion to #1).
o3. all the right words are somewhere between here and there. jaejoong x changmin.
o4. no stage names allowed. leeteuk x yunho.
o5. memory gaps. jaejoong x yoochun.
o6. take a few steps back before you fly. jaejoong x junsu.
o7. there's goes my thief. jaejoong x yehsung.
o8. call me teddy. jaejoong x changmin.
o9. you make me wanna dance. hyukjae x junsu.
10. hypotenuse. siwon x hangeng.

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Schwein no Isu Kyo

[fic] Kawaii chapter 8 - HeeChul/Kanata

Title: Kawaii
Chapter: 8/?
Fandom: Super Junior, Hongo Kanata
Pairing: HeeChul/Kanata
Rating: PG13
Summary: HeeChul has a cute new costar (I think we've established that I suck at summaries, yes?)
WARNINGS: maybe a couple swears? *shrug*
Notes: Yeah, late again. Sorry! *bows*
About the nickname thing... for anyone who doesn't know, "kirei" means "pretty". I personally think EeTeuk hyung is very pretty, so that's the nickname Kanata gave him ^^; *lame* (it was either that or "Dimple Man" XD because that was srsly what I called EeTeuk for like two months before I finally learned his name)

( More drama this way ^^; )

Previous chapters:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 3.5
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
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Title: Relief
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Kangin / Leeteuk
Rating: PG
Summary: It was late but not too much so and he hoped he wasn’t waking anyone up. The face that greeted him at the door reassured him, though, and he knew that he’d made the right decision.
Disclaimer: Never happened, all in my head, and all that jazz.
Note: Short and maybe a bit wordy.. but it was in my head and I had to get it out. :\

( Relief )


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Title: It's a secret
Pairing: Donghae & Henry
Written for o_frick     because she is <3. Was also based from a prompt (HaeRy + Homesickness) from her.
@ o_frick: sorry I went ahead and posted this anyway.XD

Warning: Donghae speaks first, then Henry, and then Donghae and so on. It'll be clear once you read it.

"...can I ask you something strange, then?"
"Do you miss home sometimes?"
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Title: I miss you, too
Pairing: Eunhyuk & Donghae
Written for music_loner     because she is kind and so, so sweet.<3

Warning: Eunhyuk speaks first, then Donghae, and so on.

"Talk to me! What the hell is wrong with you?!"
"...I won't be able to help if you won't tell me what's wrong..."
"...when are you--" coming back home?