April 25th, 2008

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I had two ideas for this theme so I just wrote them both.

100 fic challenge [#064.] Balance, Kyuhyun/Kyuhyun, OT13
Title: Kyuhyun's new bed
Length: 518 words
Author: shieldkitten
Rating: G
Summary: Kyuhyun gets a new bed, and everyone wants on.

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100 fic challenge [#064.] Balance, Kyuhyun/Kyuhyun
Title: Self-discovery
Length: 442 words
Author: shieldkitten
Rating: G
Summary: Kyuhyun progresses from being a trainee on his own to being a part of Super Junior.

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For my de-lurker post, I bring a fic! This is the first time I've ever written one, so I hope at least some people will like it.XD
When you're reading this, just picture your favorite pairing.

Title: You made me happy everyday
Author: fifteen_half
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Anyone/Anyone
Rating: PG-13

On sleepless nights, all I have are visions of you. read more?

If anyone can figure out the song I got this from, let's be friends!XD
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Title: Dinner
Author: Redeim
Rating: PG-Suggestions and talk of sex, no actual action, sorry. ):
Prompt: ShiWon meeting Hannie's family IN CHINA for the first time since they've had sex.  I want ShiWon a little paranoid. They’ve met before, just before ShiHan started banging it.
Note: any Chinese words used were found here: http://www.zhongwen.com/
They can/most likely are wrong. I don’t know. Because I don’t speak Chinese. Any of it.
From what I gathered,
Xian: Mr.
Fu: Mrs.
Gege: (older) brother
Nihao ma: greeting, “how are you?”


Follow the fake cut to my journal! 8D : http://redeim.livejournal.com/20804.html?#cutid1 
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siwon/changmin: to ask if i could stay

title: to ask if i could stay (response to drabble challenge 11: 'deadlines', for dbsk_flashfic)
author: ianinna
word count: 200
concrit: yes, please.
characters: siwon/changmin
Come a little closer, flicker in flight / We'll have about an inch's space and I'm here / I can breathe in what you breathe out. - 'gemini', by spongecola
author's notes: because shay has complete control over my muses, and she wanted siwon/changmin, who are beautiful.  also for </a></b></a>onew</a>, because sometimes i have no words for my love.


Fanservice - SuJu M

Title: Fanservice
Rating: PG
Pairing: OT7ish. Hint at ZhouRy
Summary: Henry doesn't understand what fanservice is. He thinks it's all rather gay.
Notes: I've been sitting on this idea for a while. Finally something has come of it. A bunch of crack and the dorktasticness. Anyway, I should be heading to class. ^__^ Enjoy!

[Oneshoot] Henry Centric

Title: Suffer Well
Author: Mila (noiseless_night) ; (wordless_night)
Pairing: Henry centric (slightly KangTeuk, and some Hanchul)
Chapters: Oneshoot
Genre: CRACK! (again xD sorry!)
Idiom: English (Spanish version coming soon)
Summary: I suck in summaries. But you will get fun reading this.
Author's comments: This is dedicated to 3 persons.
1.- Jess (je_sea_kah), cause she asked this fanfic for so long time.
2.- mylittlebambi cause she wons with her KyuMinRy~!
3.- Chrys (lucid_acolyte) because she really needs her dosis of Hanchul or she will get more weird than me. X0!

"He needs Hyuk Jae dosis?" Hankyung suggested to the others.
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"There's no place like home."

Title: There’s no place like home.

Genre: Crack, and an attempt to humor? :D

Pairing: Mm. Various; EunHae, YehWook, KyuMin, ShiHanChul.

Warning: Not beta-ed. D: English is not my mother-tongue. And consider me being on a sanity-breakdown while writing this. 

Summary: Car-rides reveal a lot of desires~ *eyebrowwiggle*

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siwon/hangeng; SJM : better than yours

title: better than yours
characters: super junior m; siwon/hangeng
summary: geng's expressions are priceless.
author's notes: because this face was made for lovin'.

aoireeza gave me a boost with the prompt 'you tickle me rainbow'. for inheritable, because i fail at delivering her shihan fics. and also because i love her in my own special retarded sort of way. title stolen from that song that brings all them boys to the yard. *runs*

and in case anyone asks, the language i imagined the boys were using in this ficlet is a mix of korean and mandarin that only suju m boys can possibly pull off. LOL.