July 31st, 2007


Fanfic: Yah! Slave!

Title: "Yah! Slave!" 

shienri and I co-wrote again! 
Pairing: YehMin again XD 
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: Yehsung, the evil, playful one who, in reality, loves skinship far more than Shiwon. Sungmin, the one who's only affectionate to his closest friends . What happens when they make a bet with certain stakes? 
Auhtor's Notes: So here we are again, with another smutty YehMin. I guess that's what you get when two perverts whose OTP is YehMin get together. There's a plot this time though! ^__^ Hope you enjoy! =D

"Hmm. That's one punishment for getting the wrong coffee. Now another punishment for looking at your master with such a disobedient expression."