July 27th, 2007


Fic: KRY x EunHae

Title:Ding Dong The Little One Is Dead
Summary:Kyuhyun's been discharged from the hospital..but who knew death still lurked behind the corner? However, with EunHae around...its no surprise.
Pairing: None really unless you really want them to be there. *cough* Eunhae *cough*
Warning:Bible Thumping Eunhyuk x Alien Obsessed Donghae x Mischievous Kyuhyun + An Evil Yesung = KRY/EunHae Fun!
A/N:I'm not trying to make fun of Kyuhyun's accident so i hope no one takes it the wrong way if there are any die hard Kyuhyun fans out there sorry! ^-^ but i hope you read it all the way through before you start to hate me! *crosses fingers* sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes and any comments are loved very much!

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Success chap. 6

Title: Success
Form: Series; 6/?

Rating: PG
Fandom: Super Junior
Warnings: none in this chapter, Yehsung portrayed wrong?
Pairings: YehKyu

This series will be violent so be warned. I decided to just make this YehKyu after all. No mystery person involved anymore. ^^ Sorry for slow update. More tomorrow if I dont write another chapter in an hour. Enjoy ^^ And don't worry Im hyper healthy again

Kind of pretty fluffy in this chapter

[Satisfied] Wasn't, Didn't

This is a sequel to Most of the Time, which I submitted for the last contest here (thanks to all who participated and voted, by the way—lots of fun). These are actually the first two in a series of five vignettes that I have planned looking at the relationships of each member of DBSK with a member of Super Junior. They're loosely organized around the idea of satisfaction and different conceptions of it in different circumstances, so I've decided to call the series Satisfied. The others are forthcoming; in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this one.

(01) 윤호: Most of the Time

Title: Wasn't, Didn't
Pairing: Jaejoong/Yesung
Length: ~1700 words
Notes: A bit of adult language. Concrit welcome.

"You know," he said, eyes lidded, voice rumbling, "this is bad for you."