July 25th, 2007


Mission Impossible

Title: Mission Impossible

Pairings: We have Kangteuk as the main course, with a side of Kichul and some Eunhae as the appetizer sprinkled with Yehwook. Oh, and a dish of Kyumin, holding the Shindong, spiced with a bit of SiHan.

Rating: PG/ PG-13 (for one comment)

Genre: For dessert we have sickly sweet fluff, with a pinch of crack.
A/N: This is dedicated to

smilex3hehe.Here's the Kangteuk that you wanted me to write like...AGES ago. I don't blame you if you don't remember, but this is dedicated to you all the same. Sorry I didn't write it faster, I was having writers block XD.

Part 1
dun dun dunnuh dun dun dunnuh dun dun...DUNNANAAA...dunnanaaa
Part 2

EDIT: I'm such an idiot. SORRY! I forgot to make them public! Sorry guys! >.<  And LJ hates me.


(no subject)

Title: Eeteuks New Pet
Pairing(s): KangTeuk, TeukMin
Summary: Kangin is the leader of Seouls most feared gang. Eeteuks his boyfriend whose tired of being ignored and so persuades Kangin to get him a new pet...
A/N: Sorry for the very long wait, I'd love to have some sort of excuse not to have updated sooner but, well...I don't. I really don't have a life outside my house *sigh* but atleast I have a title now ^^ thnx to...someone... *coughcantrememberwhocough* ^^; 

(Sungmin felt a bit like one of those pull along toys)