July 23rd, 2007

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miracle contest 7: winners

And here is the announcement everyone's been waiting for! xD Our winners for the seventh Miracle Fanfic Contest. Based off of comments and results, it seems this was a pretty tough decision for everyone! Every fic got several votes. n.n Congratulations~ I hope we have another great turn out for the next contest!

Anyway, here are the winners for this contest.


"he's got that crooked smile" by addandsubtract


"That thing you do" by zenfu


"Most of the Time" by halcyon_morn

Mod's Choice;

"Rules" by nemesae

And now that the winners are revealed, here's who wrote what~ n.n/

"the difference between artform and reality" by leiyuzhen
"Korea's Number One Everything" by glonk
"Gone with the sin" by bulgocrazyi
"It Kills Me To Breathe You In" by revvvolution_x
"The Merging" by moumo
"What Burnt Eggs Can Lead To" by rainbowromance8
"Waiting for Pizza" by firepixie620
"Beautiful Stranger" by envoler
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Title: Breakfast~
Author: Nhi [Avirjin]
Rating: PG
Form: One-shot
Genre: Fluff~?
Fandom: DongBangJunior
Pairings: RyeoJae, SiHan, and splashes of others if you squint really, really hard~

A/N: This is for rainbowromance8 [because she's just decided that she loves RyeoJae and she's the one that even got me posting up stories in the first place], as well as for myself. Because there just isn't enough SiHan cute-ness to get me through the day. ^^

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