July 19th, 2007

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the End
hankyung/heechul (heechul/shiwon), angst
where there are no happy endings

they very sweetly meet at a convenience store.

a/n: based off of a moment to remember. it's also kind of long ._. i hope everyone likes it ^_^

once upon a time
between the heart and the skin is the ribs and the soul

eunhyuk traces the outlines of donghae's ribs.
i swear it's you,i swear it's you

Favorite Spot.

... first time doing SuJu fic. Uhh blame how Heechul always sits in between Shiwon's legs for this fic :|

Title: Favorite Spot
Pairing: Shichul
Warning: Hinted oral. >:
Summary: The poodle is curious as to why the princess sits with the bodyguard like that, and the fish decides to enlighten. (AKA set during Super Junior Full House.)

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kind of sort of badass car

Hello Hallyu~! (2/?)

Title: Hello Hallyu~!
Rating: PG-13
Genre: CRACK... humor.
Pairings: Akamepi
Summary: Johnny wants to make more money. So what does he do? He buys SM Entertainment! Stuff happens.
A/N: This is the second chapter, in which SuJu actually makes an appearance (but says little. I really should stop trying to call this a SuJu fic. I'm sorry.) I apologize in advance for crappy characterization.
WC: 1615

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Fanfic: Tease

Title: Tease
Rating: PG-13?
Pairing: YehMin
Genre: Flufflish? Romance? I dunno @__@
A/N: I wanted to dedicate this fic to shienribecause she inspired to me to start writing. Also, the fic turned out differently from how I imagined, but I hope that people will still like it! ^^ I might write another part to this. What do you think?

It was purely fan service. But he wanted it. And Yehsung always gets what he wants.

A kiss in the rain

Title: A kiss in the rain

Author: Mystxdeathangel (Takumi)

Who: Super Junior

Rating: PG-13

Paring(s): HyukHae

Inspiration: Rain! I want rain dammit. (It never rains in South California does it?)

Genre: Fluff

One shot/ chapters: one shot

Comments: Monkey say, monkey do. (No that is not a typo)

Summary: Hyukjae and Donghae get their first kiss and a little more on a rainy day.

Word count: 735

Dedication: evange_lynn meh, you're Miss "write more HyukHae". So here's some for you.

Previously in my first kiss section: A kiss over coffee - and - Donghae's snake

"Then I'll just have to make a believer out of you yet."